Tarsier Man Gets His Day For Some dVerse Play!

So Pat was a computer hog going at book number four and keeping the cat from the blog. Yet the cat still have to give dVerse a ring about that superhero thing. Could do this in one of fifty different ways but I will save those for other days. I guess that Tarsier Man nut wants to shine so I let him on instead of listening to him whine.

But back story is what you all want right? So I won't fail this time in that plight. I will give you the facts of how Tarsier Man came to be. Warning! He is one ugly sight to see. Just look! With that face one could write a book.

How Tarsier Man Came to Be,
Told by, well umm me.

There was no spider bite,
Or ooze on that dark night.
No magic ring,
Or gamma radiation thing.

The Tarsier simply turned its head.
A whole 360 degrees. Yeah, that's what I said.
He kept turning and turning it around,
Finding himself rising off the ground.

Before long he was six feet tall,
Delighted and yelling out his Tarsier call.
He knew other Tarsiers jealousy would rise,
So he went out and got a disguise.

He tried the red and blue,
But they just would not do.
The yellow and blue were nice,
But feared the adamantium slice.

The ripped shorts were too purple and bright.
He feared the plastic nipples of the dark knight.
And he knew glasses,
Should only fool dumb asses.

So he dawned a full face ninja mask,
Leaving his eyes free for the task.
He made some ear holes too,
Making it all the better to hear you.

Next he scrapped some bark from a tree,
And glued together a suit for free.
With his mask and bark,
He made his way through the dark.

A dastardly Hippo was eating a plant,
And did not notice the scurrying ant.
So he sprang into action,
Sensing an attraction.

He grabbed the ant gaining much praise.
Then he ate the ant thinking how saving pays.
He continued his force for good.
Reaching higher heights than any normal Tarsier could.

Finally moving up from insect to human saving.
He just loved their appreciative waving.
Then he came across two cats,
Yes! They were those of Pat's.

They were doing battle with Drazin the mook.
So he crept in like a ghostly spook.
But Drazin would have none of him,
And choked him until his lights went dim.

WHAMMO! His eyes popped from his head.
Hitting Drazin in the face causing him dread.
He now had a new superpower.
While Drazin felt disgusted and had to shower.

So with his 360 degree head twist,
Eyes popping from his skull for the assist,
And big ears that hear all.
Tarsier Man awaits your call.

He travels the sands,
Searching the lands.
For all in need.
Trying to do a good deed.

So crooks beware!
He will find your secret lair.
And with his popping eyes,
Find the truth through the lies.

The Tarsier Man will save the day.
He's only a phone call away.
P.S. Long distance charges apply.
Even if he can't make it and you die.

Now was that not fun? Just looking at Tarsier Man will make the bad guys run. Those eyes are just scary. Maybe he ate too much dairy? Either way with him I'll take a pass. I think I could do much better saving my own little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Whoa! He's had too much coffee!

  2. You know it's got to be bad
    when Drazin thought a shower had to be had!

  3. He grabbed the ant gaining much praise.
    Then he ate the ant thinking how saving pays.

    best lines ever, har har, love the eye popping need of a shower, tarsier man is awesome, heroic deeds for friends and family wholesome, give us some more,this sure doesnt bore you old rhyming who-- woops almost forgot this is a family blog, well we kinda are see so i will keep it PG, but this was a gas, so i will leave it on your ass

  4. haha..beat Brian by a whole seventeen minutes!
    Being third is the worst, innit?

  5. oh, my, Pats how did you know Tarsier is my favourite animal beside raccoons and cats? /don'tletthepenguinsknow/

  6. hahaha see that's what happens when you have a coffee maker by your bed
    Your eyes may one day pop out of your head..hahaha

    Yeah that is really bad
    Drazin felt sickened just a tad
    Making a so called god feel sick
    That is quite the trick

    Yes it is mostly PG
    Is ass is all one really does see
    Maybe a strat here and there
    But that word no ones seems to care
    Tarsier Man might one day give an encore
    Call me a whore and I'll send him to your shore..hahaha

    haha yeah you made Brian third
    Couldn't even be second as you had another word
    Oh the shame
    Making Brian third in the comment game

    Damn! Those penguins looked at the screen
    They seem to be getting mean
    They never want to come back to you now
    They say you can get your movie news from a cow..haha

  7. Thanks for the boost of self-confidence Pat. Tarsier's looks make me feel better about myself.

  8. cows are tricky for getting news, it seems you have to milk them to get the best movie blues :)

  9. Cool. :) A new superhero. Delightful to read. :)

  10. aah! he is ...awesome (I think) specially his eyes:)

  11. I like it! (not christmasy at all) but very heroy! (which can be better!)

  12. hahaha I think that would work for just about everyone
    But I'm sure Tarsier Man just thinks it's fun

    Yeah I wouldn't want to do that
    Milking a cow would just stir up the ocd of Pat

    Maybe not too super though
    But he pretends to be at his show

    He's pretty much all eyes
    Peering through you and detecting the lies

    Heroy and Christmasy
    Together they may be a sight to see
    Hmmm now there is an idea
    May have to give such a thing a cheer

  13. LMAO I don't think he's scary looking at all. He's adorable and I want one.

    I cracked up with the plastic nipple Dark Knight reference. LMAO

    He needs to learn that you don't eat what you save. So on top of long distance phone call charges, one would also need to risk being devoured alive??? Sigh...

  14. hahaha he might mess up your nice clean apartment though
    As I hear his waste he tends to throw
    He only eats insects alive or dead
    So don't worry your pretty little head
    Oh wait!
    You might get confused for one being so short and being devoured alive could be your fate..hahahaha

  15. realllll funny!! Well since he can't tell the difference b/w someone that is PETITE and a bug, he can throw poo in someone else's apartment instead.


  16. I think this is excellent Pat. You rarely fall flat!

  17. He doesn't sound very reliable, though. I dunno.

  18. Comical last lines!

    Erick Flores

  19. This whole thing is epic. I could picture it vividly, especially how he grew to be six feet tall LOL!

  20. I'm going to have nightmares from that pic. I couldn't look away for several seconds. It was looking into my soul. NoooOOOOooOOOoooooo.

  21. Pat: En este blog tĂș puedes pasar un buen rato,
    lo malo es que nunca sabes si hablas con Pat o con el gato:)

    In spanish is nice but in english is not the same if you want I translate(lol)
    Finally I make a rhyme:)

  22. Oh geez, the tarsier... it's staring... into my soul...

  23. You know, Pat, I have a gigantic "crush" on Tarsier Man. I love penetrating eyes and little bony fingers. What a fine post. :)

  24. Pat, how do you do it? week after week...impressive :)

  25. hahahaha it just worked so well
    Now don't go damning the Tarsier and his flinging poo to hell..hahaha

    I fall round
    Just not on dirty ground

    Yeah I wouldn't want him to save me
    Plus he's a scary sight to see

    Had to add the P.S.
    The cat needed to confess

    hahaha yeah I think he drank way way too much
    Maybe he wanted to promote Starksy and Hutch

    You liked the whole 360 head turn
    As he grew like a fern
    Tarsier's origins are epic yippeee
    But he is nothing of the short, at least to me..haha

    hahaha he stole your soul
    Maybe he's a bad guy out for a superhero stroll

    Well I can at least see how the last two words rhyme
    With your spanish chime..hahaha

    Another soul sucked dry
    I think he really might be a bad guy

    Ewwww you like eyes bigger than his whole face
    Those tiny fingers can't even give you a nice embrace
    But to each their own I guess
    Scary he is I must confess

    Week after week, day after day
    I rhyme just to have my say

    Unexpected to say the least
    This all eyes beast

  26. i think i felt in love ...no not with you Pat ... with the Tarsier Man of course! look at those eyes!!!
    thank you for visiting with me today ... & to answer your question: you need to try yourself to ask the forest for a permission - you will get the answer :-) happy days!

  27. And so on the sixth day He made Man...or was it Tarsier-Man?

    Good story, wouldn't have wanted to miss it. You are one prolific poet, man! Thank you.
    Steve E

  28. Another in love with Tarsier Man
    Damn maybe I need bug eyes and a furry tan...haha
    Okay I will ask
    But if I don't get an answer I'm blaming you for the task..haha

    hahaha hmmm could be a toss up
    Or just a little hiccup
    Not even He is perfect I guess
    Tarsier Man is just a mess
    Prolific too your say
    Doesn't that just make my day

  29. Reminding us
    yet one more time
    why you are
    the King Of Rhyme!

  30. You mean you need a reminder for such a thing
    Sigh, I guess that's just one other thing old age seems to bring..hahahaha
    Sorry you stepped into that one
    Had to have my fun

  31. Hahaha what a great ditty full of humour ~ and rhyme!! Poetryman http://apoetryman.blogspot.com/

  32. Pat - you provide some zanily crafted crazy my friend - and i love eating it UP^^^

    this is a effin riot man - i ended up looking like you buddy up top hahaha

    You keep it coming
    ill keep on reading

    in my book of nuts
    its your ryhme that head butts
    Pats a gut Dat dont play


  33. your not a gut pat - i mispelled GUY lol

  34. This was so good I read it twice. The way you opened it with references to spider man was great and the dastardly hippo slayed me. And then you got to the battle between Drazin the mook and Tarsier man and end it with a laugh. And I read the comments, you managed to make people love Tarsier man. I will call on him in time of need myself, and will even pay the toll charges. Great job.

  35. haha yes my ditty will be full of rhyme
    After all I'm not a mime..haha

    hahaha you went right to town
    Surely you comments never make me frown
    Well my buddy does seem to be getting lots of love from the female side
    So looking like him should give you some pride
    There is a book of nuts
    Wow many must be stuck in ruts
    I have some guts
    And can give head butts
    Especially with all those A's
    My rhyming transcript should amaze..haha

    hahaha gut or guy
    Bah you got it right on the second try

  36. hahaha even pay the toll
    Damn I'm on a roll
    Yes with all the useless crap in my head
    Some superhero references needed to be fed
    The Drazin mook also hasn't been in play
    So I added him, I'm sure to his dismay
    And you read it twice
    Damn, I hope Tarsier man doesn't have lice..haha

  37. i think he is really cute and i won't mind the long distance charges..smiles

  38. Awww he is cute. My mini monster looks like that first thing in the morning. (She kill me if she read this....) LOLOL "Look into my eyes...you are feeling sleeepyyyy...Look into my eyes" And little Red riding hood said "What big eyes you've got "... Haha

  39. the end cracked me up!...and I , too, think he is cute.

  40. Tarsiers, eh? I love that you made him a superhero. This was a fun read!

  41. Geez another with the cute
    Tarsier is quite the hit, makes up for not being a brute

    hahahahaha better block that comment from ever seeing the light of day
    She may not take too kindly to what you say
    haha suppose he beats a big bad wolf though
    So no big teeth will show

    Cute too
    Geez maybe I can make a lot of dough with the long distance charges that ensue

    Glad it was fun
    A tarsier superhero just had to be done

  42. Tarsier man needs his own cartoon strip--just hi-larious!

  43. haha if only the cat could draw
    Maybe it's because I have a second left paw
    Or would that be third?
    Heck! I'll go eat a bird.

  44. so Pat you understand "rato" y gato" that I said is " This is a nice blog but you never know if you talk with Pat or the cat":)

  45. nice opener on this one...

  46. haha or I may use Miss Priss or Drazin to talk
    Then one would really balk

    Was fun to play with already super ones
    Hopefully it gave Tarsier Man the runs

  47. That's what I look like from too much coffee.
    Or could it be...toffee?

    Hey, it rhymes. Don't judge.

  48. I think he's cute.
    Even if he's not a beaut.

    Fun post, Pat.

  49. After a hectic day at work, I am happy to be reading and laughing at the travails of the tarsier guy. What a riot and adventure he had or should I say your cats had....happy OLN ~

  50. ohh man this tarsier guy looks very dansgerous :D
    I don't wanna imagine him with popped eye :P

    Fun read !!

  51. Awesome Origin story, great tale worthy of Graphic Novel lore. So ugly, yet so cute. Great piece here, perhaps the Tarsier Man shall spin off after book 13. Thanks

  52. That WAS fun! Tarsier Man to the rescue!! LOL

  53. I always know I'm in for some fun when I visit here. Love the photo to go with this too. What big eyes you have, Mr. Tarsier Man!

  54. Don't mess around with one a Tasier
    Not something to hold on to so dear
    Drazin knows that, a 360 head twist
    Will certainly make everyone wish
    Cute or ugly if looked in the eye
    Just scoot Baby with a quick good-bye!


  55. Oh dear! I'm very worried about those long distance charges! Maybe I could try Skype? K.

  56. hahaha I won't judge your rhyme
    But looking like that could be considered a crime..haha

    Another with the cute
    Maybe I should have made him mute

    haha yeah he the cats and Drazin had a blast
    Although Drazin wanted to put him in a cast
    Glad I could make you laugh after a hectic day
    Even with ugly Tarsier Man on display..haha

    hahaha yeah with those eyes popping from sockets
    Like a pair of rockets
    That would look insane
    Especailly as he popped an eye vein

    hahahaha Tarsier man will have to be book number ummm 36
    As after the "A Not So" ones Pat still has many more ideas to get his writing fix

    Tarsier Man to the rescue would be scary
    He's all eyes and needs to be more hairy

    hahaha what big eyes indeed
    Glad you have fun at my feed

    Yeah Drazin found out the hard way
    Did not make his day
    hahaha yep you see that eye
    Run away and that's no lie

    Tarsier might have to look into Skype
    Let's just hop he can live up to the hype

  57. He'll also make all the good guys run too. If I saw that face in the middle of the night I'd soil my pants.

  58. I'm down with anything tarsier related.

  59. hahaha yeah he'd be really scary to wake up too
    Thinking a crazy dream did ensue

    Glad your down
    Even if his looks does make on frown

  60. Yes, those eyes are haunting... nightmares beware!

  61. Ha, this is awesome! I just love "The ripped shorts were too purple and bright.
    He feared the plastic nipples of the dark knight.
    And he knew glasses,
    Should only fool dumb asses."
    Great job keeping up the momentum throughout.

  62. Never disappointed when I visit....fantastical journey!! ~ Rose

  63. haha nightmares he could cause
    Giving the bad guys some pause

    haha yeah those glasses still get me
    Like who would fall for that really?

    Glad I did not dissapoint
    Here at my rhyming joint

  64. I kinda think he's cute...loved the story very much enjoyed!

  65. haha geeez too many think he's cute and adorable and such
    This is just too much..haha

  66. Keep it coming, Pat. I sure hope I don't see Tarsier Man in my dreams tonight. if I do, I will know who to blame. LOL.

  67. I had to go fast
    so I could get past.
    Those eyes, those eyes
    caught me by surprise.
    You've outdone yourself
    with this Tarsier elf!

  68. hahaha Pat and the cat can take the blame
    If your bad dreams have you playing a Tarsier Man game

    hahaha see that's more like it
    Getting past that eye bit
    And not playing the flute
    Staying how his is cute..haha

  69. LOL!! Now, that was funny.

    Lady Nyo

  70. hahaha yes the Tarsier Man is funny
    Even if he charges long distance and steals your money..haha

  71. You are the cat in the hat, Pat.

  72. haha with a bit of attitude too
    As this cat can make people turn blue

  73. I wonder how wide those pupils dilate at night

  74. playful play on the character.
    always a heavy dose of wit and rhyming here.

  75. haha they are already wide enough
    But sure even more they tend to puff

    Yes a heavy dose of rhyme indeed
    Some wit follows at my feed..haha

  76. That was great! The last stanza was my favorite, though! Dynamite!

  77. haha the P.S. had to occur
    After all he needs the fees to buy drops, preventing those big eyes any blur


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