These Will Cheer You Right Up! Curing Any Bah Humbug Hiccup!

Need to get in the Christmas spirit you say? I guess it's good you came my way. As follow these steps and you will be out of your humbug rut. Or more than likely just think I am a nut.

That's right go out and trade places with someone. It can be lots of fun. It could lead to all kinds of things. Just watch out for rings and flings. Or you could end up going through this for your little extra bit of bliss.

From tongue tied to crazy bank robber to making bullet and head collide. The spirit might officially be dead. Oh the dread.

Start telling everyone "I'm too old for this shit." Then they will get sick of your fit and do all the work for you. Wrapping and decorating and all that other stuff that needs to come due.

And demonstrate for Santa how no chimney doesn't mean no presents. Just avoid the cars below as you might leave dents.

Even your enemies deserve a special love letter. It will make you feel so much better.

That's right you won't just die one day. But you will Die Hard in complete dismay. Doesn't that make you want to spread the cheer and forget that fear?

Especially knowing you'll come back to life and Die Harder for some added strife.

And if there is no chimney to use. Swing through the window, you can't lose.

You'll also know what it feels like to be wrapped and maybe won't feel so trapped.

A bat, a penguin and a cat. How can that not get you in the mood? Now don't be a prude.

You could get this.
But instead you get this nice bit of bliss.

Don't worry kiddies I didn't forget you. With the first a white Christmas will surely come due. Although those black spots may ruin your day. So a dog popping out of a present might be your way. There does seem to be lots of mutts around. I need a fox at least with my hound.

I know I cheat a little bit so don't have a fit. But this one is Christmas close. Letting New Years ring through the house. I just have to ask. How could you not think of Santa after this great mask?

What that's his face? Oops! May seem a tad out of place.

Give a cat a break. Does that make up for my mistake?

Awww look he's pretending to be Brian. Isn't that mohawk really stylin'?

Doesn't he look sooo cute? Even if you watch on mute. He'll surely get you in the spirit. But if you feed him after midnight you may fear it.

What? Now you have too much spirit you say. I can also correct that my way.

See I told you. That is scary for anyone to view. What it isn't enough? Okay, time I got rough.

Almost there you say? Okay, I've got one more for display.

There we go. Killer candy cane Santa at my show. I had to get all drastic with that candy cane made of plastic.

Now the facts are simple you see. Thanks to little old me. You now have to perfect blend of Christmas spirit your way. Not too little and not too much leading up to Christmas day. Now Betsy you have to have the spirit after that? Don't go and disappoint the cat. So enough of my Christmas sass. I will got and hide the scary candy canes with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Hey, I AM too old for this shit!

  2. It's funny, but this stuff actually really did cheer me up. Great stuff as always Pat! It's not fall any more though so maybe you should make a new Winter sign off? Later splinters... Have a nice Winters? :P

  3. We just bought "Trading Places"--seriously LOL! I'm so excited to see it now.

    P. S. I'm a die hard for "Die Hard." ;)

  4. Thanks for the holiday pep talk. In honor of Bruce, I am now going to go break some glass and walk barefoot through it.

  5. I love Lady and the Tramp, thanks:)(lol)
    but love others you show,I remember gremlins and how really cute were at BEGIN and after.......

  6. Hulk Hogan played Santa? I think I'm in an alternate dimension.

  7. Now that was fun! I thought it was gonna be another "listy" poem, haha!

  8. hahaha say it a couple hundred times and no work for you
    Of course you might find a bomb under your loo..haha

    Nope it is still fall
    Until Dec 21 when winter offically gives a call
    Glad I could spread cheer
    And not Hulk Hogan as Santa fear

    Trading Places is a good one
    Definitely tons of fun
    Before Murphy went all kiddie
    Which is a pity
    Yes Die Hard best christmas movie ever
    Or best non-christmas movie, whatever..haha

    Damn that would hurt
    Blood might spurt
    Well then you could walk funny too
    Might help your seniors discount even more come due..hahaha

    The ugly Gremlins still liked snow white
    So they weren't that much of a fright..haha

    Yes! He truly did play Santa Claus of sorts
    Mr. Nanny was better and that is really saying something at my courts

    Nope no listy today
    Just some fun christmas movie play

  9. Well, I don't know if I feel like Santa's elf yet
    but I'm laughing anyway, on that you can bet.
    I'd love to see the look on my family's face
    if I said forget it, I'm not decorating this place.
    Or in other words, "I'm too old for this shit"
    I think they'd watch for an oncoming fit.

  10. haha well at least I'm ridding the scrooge a bit
    I'd pay to watch you tell them "I'm too old for this shit"
    That be funny indeed
    Although maybe it would plant a seed
    And you'd wake up with all the decorating done
    Wouldn't that be fun

  11. Bahhhhh humbug!~! Hulk Hogan as Santa, now that's a scary thought indeed!

  12. Thanks for the post...might will check it out soon..:)

    Take care

  13. I think you have more Christmas sprit than many of is:)lol

  14. and Im sure my teens (he) will begin to dressed the tree soon and garnish with Christmas, I only said not yet, but they begin the same...

  15. what a huge post about big deal movies :)

  16. Hmm, it's kinda early to be thinking about Christmas don't ya think? One shop in our area is stocking up on their Easter eggs.

  17. i might dress up as the bat this christmas, i will take a pic so you wont miss it...bruce willis makes me not want to travel because guys with guns might make it unravel, or get wet with gremlins as they multiply, buy no bb guns as you may shoot out your eye...hohoho

  18. Great list of movies, some of my personal favorites in there. Alicia SIlverstone will always be catwoman in my eyes, but we'll have to see how well Hathaway does before I truly make up my mind.

  19. Nice write. I've actually seen all of those except for the Hulk Hogan one and I don't know where the medieval guy is from, thinking princess bride but don't know, and the candy cane guy can't place him in any film either- the gizmo santa claus is a great pic.

  20. my hubby would love this post as much as i enjoyed it. :) have a great wknd!

  21. i totally forgot about santa with muscles, lol

  22. Man batman and robin was such an awful movie

  23. "Trading Places" made my day!
    Looking good, Louis! Feeling good, Billy Ray!
    Okay, I don't have your rhyming skills.....
    Die Harder-Grampa KNEW he shouldn't have taken that Viagra before running the marathon.
    "Batman and Robin" sucked like a nuclear-powered vacuum cleaner.
    Dear Lord in Heaven, there's a "Christmas Vacation 2"?????
    God, I hope the Mayans were right.

  24. You had me at 'bliss' and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. <3

  25. I've seen quite a few of those. Really funny.

    Love the Santa Hulk :)


  26. I actually adored the old Batman movies :)
    Can't stand this new Dark Crap
    And I also adored The Gremlins
    especially the adorable Gizmo chap :)

  27. Oooh I do like Bruce Willis what a mighty fine man. Willis and Batman together.... Now I'm in the spirit. If Santa could put that under my tree. You've put a smile on my face after a dreary day.

  28. You still off shouting bah humbug you old grouch
    Maybe you need to sit on the couch
    And watch a movie or two
    Hulk Hogan as Santa should NEVER come into view..haha

    Sure whatever you say
    Here at my way

    I have a little bit every now and again
    At least it flows out of my pen
    Or umm keyboard
    Or my brain where it's stored

    hahaha just like teens not to listen as well
    Oh well nice of them to ring the Christmas bell

    Santa with Muscles was not a big deal
    As it was a tad unreal..haha

    23 days is early you say?
    Geez and I thought four months was early at my bay
    I can see the easter eggs thing
    As after Valentine's day those the stores will sing

    Okay I want the pic if you do that
    That would be very very amusing to the cat
    Just stay away from tall buildings when your travel
    And keep shoes on so not to be pricked by glass or gravel
    Yeah those bb guns could really make you go blind
    Then I would not be able to type with my little rhyming behind

    Alicia Silverstone was bat girl
    Michelle Pfieffer gave catwoman a whirl
    But I know that is what you meant
    I don't think Hathaway will be able to beat her but Halle Berry surely will get bent

    NO you NEVER EVER want to see the Hogan one
    That is just no fun
    You mean you saw ghostbuster 2
    And don't know the guy is the painting that none should view
    Geez forgetful aren't you Fred
    Is that cold clogging up your head
    And candy can guy is hogan too
    Shame on you..haha

    Glad it was enjoyed by you
    Have a great weekend too

    haha not a hard thing to do
    And prob better off forgetting are you

    Yes a HUGE piece of crap
    Made me want to take a nap

    hahaha hey your rhyme and movie reference worked well
    As you rang the movie comment bell
    Yes Batman and Robin was nuclear crap
    Wish it was blown off the movie map
    Yep a Christmas Vacation 2
    Definitely NOT worth a view
    Those Mayans better be wrong
    Or we don't have long..haha

    hahaha yes that is true bliss
    Sure won't make the cat hiss

    Love making fun of the Santa Hulk
    But watching it will make you sulk

    The first two batman movies were great
    Third was okay at any rate
    Fourth was a total piece of junk
    Batman was in a funk
    Yes the Gremlins are fun
    I hope they don't ruin it with another one

    Willis made tons of good flicks
    Now most of them are crap for money tricks
    Then again most are crap
    As they go about their usual lap
    Hopefully Santa will hear your call
    And give you Batman and Willis at your hall
    Glad I could give a smile
    And made your dready day not so vile

  29. I've seen other posts about Christmas movies, but this has to be the most unique of all of them. :)

  30. This post cracked me up!! The sad part is, out of all those movies, I've only seen two!!

    um, where is Friends & Lovers or Home for the Holidays?? No R-dow? Sigh...

  31. Would you believe I've never seen Ghostbusters or Gremlins?
    I must have been too busy working or having children.
    And never a Hulk Hogan at my call
    But you don't have to tell me I missed nothing at all.

  32. hahaha I'll take it
    The most unique really makes me seem like a hit

    That is very very sad
    If the last two are ones be very very glad
    Didn't use actual Christmas themed movies though
    And R-dow didn't really have one to show..haha

    NEVER seen either of those
    Oh that just brings woes
    Especailly Ghostbusters one
    That just has to be done
    Geez you are so out of the loop
    Yeah with the Hulk Hogan one you're better off cleaning a chicken coup

  33. OK..just to please you
    a Ghostbusters tour I will do.

  34. hahaha that is good
    Watched by everybody once it should

  35. I have seen all the Batman movies though
    just so you know.

  36. No Ghostbusters but Batman & Robin geez
    That just does not please..haha

  37. I like that movie, Trading Places,
    and yes, I have watched all the Batman movies
    Thanks for the shopping list ~

    Happy weekend ~

  38. haha geez I guess we all got sucked into that Batman and Robin thing
    I guess it beats that movie where the Spice Girls sing

  39. My not seeing Ghostbustsers
    really has you flustered!
    I'll have to take care of that right away
    so you can get through your day!
    Hope it's all you're making it out to be
    if I hate it, you'd better flee.

  40. I've seen them all, except Santa with Muscles... But if it's worthy of a list with so many great titles... It's probably worth watching...

  41. lol K this made me giggle pretty hard.

  42. I've barely seen any of these movies... :(

    I think I have some sort of a goal this holiday season.

  43. Heard of them but only seen a couple
    Good Christmas cheer and good offering
    The kids may with PS2 and X-Box juggle
    Folks grateful for a peek at what's coming


  44. Trading places is by far one of my favorite movies!!!!

  45. Well we do all have our own taste
    So if you don't like it don't tunr me to paste
    I'll hid in my bush
    If you come to give me a push
    Sending me flying through the air
    I don't want to turn into a ghost at my lair..haha

    NOOOOO that last one just ignore
    Total and utter bore
    Watch Mr. Nanny instead
    Although that will still hurt your head

    haha I got a hard giggle
    With my christmas jiggle

    Geez so sad you have barely seen
    Need to get to viewing on your screen

    Yeah with the xbox and ps2
    Doesn't leave much tv time for you
    Games take up a bit of my time
    But I still find time to rhyme and chime

    Yes it is a very good one
    And oh such fun

  46. That was a trip down memory lane!

  47. Hopefully not a bad trip
    That made you do a flip


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