With Seven Billion Do You Think You Are A dVerse Civilian?

So today as we go down the dVerse path we are going to do a little math. Damn! It looks like that word just cut my views in half. You'd think I was going to ask you to plot a graph. For those that remain find the value of X and then the value of Y and use that to find Z on the first try. Yes! I kid. Don't go and flip your lid. But I read a phrase the other day and it brought on this little diddy at my bay. So without further delay I will shut up and let you solve the problem of the day.

Great Job! Well Done!
All you hear as their lips run.
You so feel the love,
Whack! Across your face goes the glove.

You are "One In a Million,"
Hell, why not just call you reptilian?
No longer are you proud,
Looking on at the cheering crowd.

For you just felt the burn,
And in one quick turn,
Learn there are 6999 more,
Who get your score.

You begin to freak,
No longer are you unique.
7000 of you are walking around,
Across the globe they can be found.

They could be tall,
Don colors and spray paint a wall.
They could be fat,
Or get shown up by a rhyming cat.

They could live in Chile,
Constantly playing with Wet Willy.
Even Paris Hilton could be in your batch,
Someone needs to strike a match.

Thoughts burned into your mind,
Searching the daily grind.
Things are becoming dire,
Wanting to set yourself on fire.

Wait! A new thought springs,
As your radio sings.
Wanted Dead or Alive,
Hey! Beats I Will Survive.

What about the dead?
Those billions hurt your head.
Another 15,000 of you are toast.
In bliss or having a weanie roast.

Your collar is getting hot,
As you park in the lot.
How could they call you that?
Scoffing at a shredded hat.

Quickly eyeballing the sign,
Continuing your whine.
No longer able to detach,
He could be in your 7000 batch.

"Fallen on hard times,"
Jiggling for dollars and dimes.
Adding to the shredded vermillion,
"You are truly one in a zillion."

Zillion, a fake, a fraud, a phoney.
The number is total baloney.
Finally you get a clue,
Through eyes big and blue.

Comparisions come and go,
Down river the sewage will flow.
The bridge will lapse,
Or completely collapse.

But that which is true,
Is enlightened from within you.,
Deadly sin cower,
As knowledge you devour

Hmph, did I just go all moral of the story? I didn't even get gory. That is where the cat's mind went as I saw the phrase and used it against what "math wise" it truly meant. So now you know the facts and with the million phrase there are 7000 acts. But let the shock pass and know you are almost as unique as my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I always thought your little rhyming ass was unique!

  2. Wow... First again. And all I have to do is deprive myself of sleep!

  3. So... I was first!
    And the rest of you are cursed.
    I also placed second.
    With me, you never reckoned.
    And now, will I be third,
    And flip you all the bird?

  4. I guess I do think I'm DVerse, it's certainly very thought provoking Pat, thanks for this buddy.

  5. Oh the math!!! lol Loved the zillion mark, that was truly a spark, as you uncovered the baloney behind the phony term. Your opening stanza is quite, quite true. The discussion on uniqueness is a good one and I bet the cat(s) were stretching their necks when you brought up reptilian- as mine would love to get all cute with a tiny newt. Yep, yes indeed, unique, unique, unique as weeds, each of us are, yet D'Verse we can still be too. Anyhow, it's early, well not really, but early for me to go online, but a good rhyme kickstarts the day, so I was thrilled to see Blogger send this rhyme my way.

  6. there is just something about thinking the dead are sitting around a weanie roast, drinking a toast to the 7000 still living that is a little chilling, but as you surely guessed, there is only one that rhymes the best, for if there were 7000 cats, i might dislocate that thing that holds my hats

  7. hahaha pretty hard not to be
    As it's out there to see
    Spotted too
    That has to impress you..haha

    A little sleep deprivation never hurt anyone
    It those around you that might not find it fun..haha

    Geez flipping people off now
    Maybe the cat was wrong some how
    Go take a nap
    So your one finger doesn't flap...haha

    I made you think
    For some that might bring them to the brink
    Yeah we all are dVerse
    Especailly some ladies and the crap they keep in their purse

    Yep one big phoney term
    Prob spread around by a worm
    Now if the cat ever wants to spread wrath
    He'll just use math..haha
    Yeah the cats like to play with reptiles too
    Except maybe big ones that go snap and chew
    Unique as weeds hahaha that was good
    Use that one days I should
    Yeah very early for you
    Hopefully the rhyme that was due
    Gives you a big jolt
    And you don't umm get tired and molt..haha

  8. hahaha I guess 7000 rhyming cats
    Would kind of sink the sales of hats
    Could even beat the guillotine
    It might be a nasty scene
    A little chilling it does become when thought like that
    Guess I was a bit of a gory cat..haha

  9. Nice. :) I really love dVerse, OLN especially, there's not a linked post that will disappoint. Always some new insight or view to discover. Unique and d'verse indeed.

  10. PAris Hilton? Really, Pat you naughty Cat, you shouldn't scare me like that... I might get serious traumas when I grow up.....

  11. Except for the odd spammer I came across
    Those links you can toss..haha
    But yeah dVerse is fun
    The cat would never shun
    Unless they took away my stool
    Or didn't let me play pool..haha

  12. Playing with Wet Willy?? hey you are nice!:) ha.ha thanks by mention Chile, but we not play with Willy all the time Pat:)lol
    Nice rhymes:))

    here is not the paradise (lol)

  13. hahaha I think the trauma's have already occured a bit
    But you can easily take the hit
    After all I sent those penguins back
    Let them defend and attack
    What? You haven't got them yet?
    All those christmas parcels I bet.

  14. What? you don't always play Wet Willy?
    At least Chile is never chilly
    At least like this crappy Canadian winter is
    Don't worry I can be sorta nice with my rhyming biz..haha

  15. I know Pat:) Well is true we are in summer, but I love winter you know:)))
    The best of the summer is the berries:)

    But Paris Hilton here? ha,ha I know some people would be happy:))

  16. I think you earned the right to use the Chile and willy rhyme--since you are suffering through snow shoveling this time of year up there in the North.

    Have you seen the humorous t-shirt poking fun at geometry that shows a triangle with a bunch of geometric notations and a problem that asks one to "find x"? It then shows a circle around the letter "x" with the text: "here."

  17. I think it's a people with no harsh winther thing
    That's why they like it when the snow flings
    Because they don't get it all the time
    haha yeah with her some people would have a grand time

    Actually I only suffered through sno shoveling once so far
    Has just been rain so far at our bar
    Which I can't say I mind
    Less stupid drivers to annoy my behind
    Never saw that one that I can recall
    Sounds like some math hater had a ball..haha

  18. Ok Pat, I'm going to disagree!
    I think you've misinterpreted that phrase, you see!
    If someone says you're One in a Million there,
    it means you are extraordinary and rare.
    That out of one million people, you would stand out
    and not blend in with the others about.

  19. We have some snow in winter but not all years, is true!but Imagine all your Chrismats buy with so hot days (about 32 or 34°C) a lot of people, full malls (hated) and try to have a Christmas Spirit ha! anyway I love Christmas with hot and all:))

  20. hahaha but I want to take it literally
    It's that damn accounting side you see
    But standing out of a million people I could do
    Just step away from the gathering crew
    See all done
    Wasn't that an easy one?..hahaha

    Never had christmas with tons of heat
    That might not be a treat
    Especailly with the crowded malls
    And sweaty people walking the halls
    I guess the cold isn't that bad
    Maybe just a tad

  21. maybe "one OF a million" would do
    Oh, look..I typed like you-know-who! ha.

  22. Everyones pretty much the same. If you prick us do we not bleed? If you starve us do we not die? If you stick us in a room with video games do we not play them for endless hours!

  23. Didn't Dr. Evil use the word zillion? Hey, he had a pretty good rap in Goldfinger. Helped get him out of prison.

  24. You see?? all depends! believe when you are in a mall with hot time in Christmas you really dont love it!!All I think :This will be finish soon, calm, will be finish! lol :)
    Nice post Pat

  25. Very true! One in a million might be rare, but it's not an original. :) No worries, I'm sure that a rhyming cat is more like one in a billion.

    Oh, and love your Bon Jovi reference. Dead or Alive makes me tear up everytime. It reminds me of poor Dean selling his sole to the devil and getting ripped apart by those invisible dogs. Sam and Dean singing that together is still a soft spot. Sigh...idk if you even watch Supernatural, so what the hell am I rambling about...

  26. hahaha oh no bringing the OF back
    That hasn't been seen in a good long while at my rack

    hahaha depends on the prick
    Surely one will bleed if using a brick
    Yes the videogames are a good point
    As they surely will be played at my joint

    Dr. Evil was just soo evil and quirky
    That he got away with a zillion by being perky..haha

    Yep the mall would stink
    And bring me to the brink

    One in a billion yippee
    That means there are only seven like me
    At least alive
    Dead there may be another five
    Oh you mean when they sucked him down the well
    And tortured him in Hell
    Then he got out thanks to "Him"
    With some angels that were quite dim
    Lucifer had his way
    Wanting to take over Sam and play
    Along with some writer guy who went Poof
    Under his roof
    Also enjoyed the future with no tp
    Can you tell it is watched by me?..haha

  27. ?!?! What a wonderful Supernatural rhyme! Ok, you just redeemed yourself for only watching one episode of Once Upon a Time. Supernatural will forever be my favorite show :) I get the Supernatural magazines too! ok, now I'm revealing too much information...

  28. so did drazin help you a bit with the math...? smiles...dunno..but you definitely seem to be unique..not sure about the cat though...haha

  29. hahaha even magazines too
    Yeah I watched every episode to the end of season 6, it's true
    The rest I'll watch when the dvd set comes out
    So I don't have to wait with stupid cliffhangers for months to find out what it's all about
    Once upon a time will be the same
    I just have to play the wait for the dvd game

    hahaha yeah Drazin took off his shoes and helped a bit
    haha the cat took offense to that ego hit
    He'll get payback on you
    And your dVerse crew..hahaha

  30. Well I think your little ass is unique! Bad day Pat? lol

  31. And this piece in and of itself is so unique :0)

  32. I really like this post as sometimes
    this one in a million is just a tad
    overplayed...or overstated.

    Hope you are keeping warm ~

  33. I'm unique, there's no one like me. Ahhh shit, I just remembered my sisters. And then there's my kids, nieces and nephews... Bloody hell Pat you really effed up my day. hahaha

    I'm loving the book. The Middle is just about to be attacked and Jack and Emily just had their first kiss (steamy hot). I think Carter is going to turn out to be a good guy though. I'm planning on mentioning the book in tomorrows post if that's okay with you. It'll be tastefully done. I read a lot of science fiction and this is as good as Heinlen.

  34. this morning a arab who was convinced of rape have shoot on people with a FAL in dowtown...

    i lost 1 friends...

    i think that live is so short that people should always say goodbye with smile !!!

  35. haha nope not a bad day haha
    Just had to have my say

    Unique, hmm that could be good or bad
    Depending upon how it's used on this lad..haha

    Yeah it is overstated quite a bit
    I think it has taken a hit
    For the meaning has been lost in it
    But still had fun with it for my fit

    hahaha oh bloody hell is such fun to say
    Sorry about ruining your day
    I won't say one thing or another to it
    But if the kiss was a hot bit
    Just wait a little while
    Sure, go about it in any style
    Feedback is always great
    And Heinlen you say? Damn my ego just started to inflate..hahaha

    hahaha I'll have to do more
    Maybe a complete math encore

    That sucks completely about your friend
    Yes a smile should be used for every end

  36. So much for being unique!!! Fun rhyme.

  37. 7 billion .. can hardly get the head around that number but that would be a dollar per person that The Donald owns for every person in this whole world ... Good Grief!

  38. haha yeah so much for it
    So I had a little fit

    haha he can truly take the "if I had a dollar" saying to heart
    The old ummm fart

  39. I wish I knew,
    but never have a clue
    what you're up to.
    I do admire
    how you must perspire
    to make these rhymes
    so many times.
    My head does spin
    I'll never win.
    So "By for tonight,
    I'm slipping..out...of...........

  40. I think about the varied and diverse life forms that we share this planet with every time I see that globe at the top of your page. Great rhyming as usual.

  41. I'm one in a kajillion, and you know it's true. Bring your little ass in close and I'll whisper a clue. I make no sense, just like more than a few. My kids are smart, but I'm just a tart. Strawberry.


  42. Very cool write! You have a great way with rhymes!


  43. Not even gory...indeed, well done.

    So much for individuality if we're going by the numbers I suppose...but hey, Pat, anybody who says you and your cat aren't unique clearly doesn't know unique!

  44. Sorry, I had a spelling error, which made my response look foolish. What I wanted to say that "That which is true is enlightened from within" is the point the poem made for me. Pure Jade.

  45. Never fear
    I never have a clue with my cheer
    Just go and rhyme away
    Each and every day
    I don't perspire much though
    Not even when active does it flow
    Which is nice to be
    So not always so stinky..haha

    Yeah so many diverse life forms out there
    To bad stupid humans are wiping out their lair
    The globe reminds you, you say
    I guess there it will stay

    Sureeee, you can be a kajillion if you want
    I won't taunt
    My little ass fears you
    You can write down the clue..haha

    Great way I guess I do
    As my rhyming comes due

    Yeah none of that gory stuff
    With my huff and puff
    hahaha I guess I can be the meaning of the word
    Or many just the meaning of absurd..haha

    hahaha didn't want to be foolish like me?
    It would have been fun to see
    So true as well
    We are truly that ones that can ring of own enlightened bell

  46. My dear friend lets get this straight
    2+2 must equal eight
    Silly me, I must be wrong
    Caught up in this sweet sing song.
    dVerse and real, I fear I feel
    That the Facts are more the steal
    and I assume that river must be brown
    Dear cat, you been sneaking through MY town?
    I am glad you strayed from gory
    makes for a much much sweeter story
    But I must go and pay my dues
    Now that I have rhymed on you.
    And another ad I need
    From your Face it facts super feed
    Drop me a line so I won't forget
    And I promise you'll get a tip!

  47. If you say so and are persistent enough
    2+2=8 could work, but might be tough
    Then you can sell houses everyday
    So I'm sure you can make people believe such a display
    Throw in some facts
    Do some fancy acts
    And poof there you go
    Now 2+2=8 at each show....haha
    You have a brown river too?
    That is a bit ummm ewww
    That cat rarely gets to gory
    But he likes going for the glory
    Face it Facts still draws a crowd
    Each and every day to Pat's cloud
    Much more lookers then buyers though
    But oh well least their face they show

  48. We get all tied up in maths
    But it is't fair
    We need numbers to relate
    Numbers are everywhere
    So quit complaining
    Or we are kept waiting
    For things to happen
    For many it is often
    Live life as it is
    And enjoy the peace


  49. Lemme go brush up on my cat in the hat and I'll be right back.

  50. Pat, you are one of a kind :) nicely done!

  51. Million is a fun word to rhyme.

  52. Grande rhyme. ;)
    I'm one in 192 million (BR)

  53. you are so much more than the sum of your total...
    always making me smile.

  54. But I want to complain
    It is so fun to board that train..haha
    Yeah they are everywhere indeed
    Can find whatever you need
    All you have to do is look
    And there they are at your nook

    haha read it twice just in case
    This can be quite the confusing place

    One of a kind
    That works better than one in a million for my little behind

    Million can be rhymed with many things
    Mostly numbers with a "llion" it gives rings

    Clever with my endeavor
    Will try and be unclever never

    One in a 192 million you say
    Well at least you are exact your way..haha

    I depressed you
    Damn! The things I do

    The sum of your total works too
    Glad I can get a smile out of you

  55. You are very ckever with rhythmn and rhyme. At the end, perhaps, the rhymes seem to come for themselves, which detracts from the fun but serious direction of much of the poem. All in all enjoyable.

  56. Hah, I'm live in Hong Kong, 1 in a billion. Yay!

  57. These poems seem to be getting better and better! Nice job man!

  58. great work with the phrase
    one in a million is unique always.

  59. Once again, Pat
    a tip of the hat:
    a treatise on numbers
    that didn't bring slumbers....

  60. Glad it was an enjoyable read
    And yeah it's mostly fun at my feed
    Serious once in a blue moon
    For mostly I'm just a loon

    hahaha yeah 1 in a billion indeed
    Too many, space I need..haha

    Better and better you say
    I guess some do my way

    Yeah, heard the phrase and took off
    Glad it didn't make you scoff

    Didn't make you fall asleep yippeee
    That's always nice to see..haha

  61. @Pat Hatt Yay! Playing videogames is great!

  62. haha yep have played a ton in my time
    May not want to admit that in my chime..haha


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