You Can No Longer See! It's Error 503!

So lately everywhere the cat goes this stupid Error 503 flows. Go to post a comment and oopsy there it is. Stupid Blogger and their glitchy biz. Not bad enough people don't show up in the blogroll thing. But now all it can do is make 503 sing. I hope you enjoy that bee sting with this tale I bring. Oh and I guess Error 1 - 502 they got fixed, 503 just can't be nixed.

Error 503,
How you haunt me.
Everywhere I see,
Error 503.

Here at my sea,
Hanging in a tree.
Attached to Bush #3,
Wailing like a banshee.

Hoping to see,
You stung by a bee.
Lost in the Black Sea,
Or choke on tea.

Take a big knee,
Right where you pee.
Earn a degree,
Or make a decree.

504 you will be,
Stopping your 503 spree.
Go make whoopee,
And leave me be.

Watch some TV,
Suck a plum tree.
Or even be gutsy,
And visit Tennessee.

If not I guaruntee,
To give you a flea,
Remove your master key,
Making you a deportee.

There will be no referee,
So become a retiree.
Or I'll make you an amputee,
As you become a 53.

Don't blame a trainee,
Yes Fox, it's free.
Don't wail like a banshee.
I semi-agree.

Error 503,
Time for you to flee.
I want to sightsee,
Without Error 503.

The facts are though that for each and every Error 503 that Blogger decides to show. It has given us the oh so nice Google +. So how can we kick up a fuss? After all the old stuff can't even work right. Google + is just shiny and keeps that out of sight. But I still see your Error 503 sass. You can't trick me and my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Don't wail like a banshee..hehe..

  2. Oh, Pat, don't you hate those computer glitches?? And you don't know if it is Blogger or your computer. I am sure you tried rebooting! (Wouldn't it be nice if we could all reboot ourselves in life if we had an 'error 503'?

  3. try signing out and dump your cookies, before your attitude gets all ookies...has yet to hit me...i use firefox as well, much better with errors than the IE hell...

  4. since it's an ERROR 503 does it mean that Blogger has 502 other kind of errors too? Isn't that something they should be hidding from us instead of naming it publicly? :)

  5. hahaha nope no banshee for me
    That would just be scary

    True it would be interesting if we could reboot
    Would be quite the hoot
    That's what I did anyway
    And it works better today

    I dump those stupid things every time
    Yet 530 still gives it's chime
    Although I agree IE is hell
    I use it because it's what I've always used to go down the internet well
    Maybe I should change
    Here at my range

    Yeah that's what I was wondering too
    You'd think they wouldn't want them to view
    Although maybe they just picked 503 out of a hat
    And said that is that
    Is 503 is all I see
    The other 502 don't bother me

  6. I didn't see this wailing banshee yet
    because I use google chrome, you see :-)

  7. I got one.. just one.. like maybe 2 weeks ago. This is common? What am I doing different? Well I use chrome with an incognito window.. maybe because I don't save the cookies? Or because all my extensions are turned off.. Dunno. That's weird.

  8. THIS needs to be an illustrated short story! I LOVE it :)

  9. Error 503,well just dismiss it
    Reboot as much and more than usual
    Just don't lament and be so upbeat
    You'll enjoy surfing just as normal


  10. Hmph I guess it's just me
    With stupid Error 503

    Yeah prob my stupid computer as it likes to taunt me
    One day I'll chuck the thing into the sea
    When I can pay the fee
    To get a new one at my tree..haha

    hahaha never thought of it like that
    Too bad drawing can't be done by Pat or the Cat
    Actually the cat could prob make better art
    Pat can't even draw a dart..haha

    Yeah I dismiss the thing
    But annoyance it does bring
    I can still be upbeat though
    As always at my show

    What? Coconut tree be better suited?
    I hear they are more polluted..haha

  11. know..i sometimes have this error whatever number myself...and usually it shows up in my eyes first..and usually it's because someone treated me the wrong try to be nice with your computer and the error will disappear...haha

  12. What a bummer not a hummer. Heck, I'm no good at rhyming. I had that pox once and don't recall how I got over it. Perhaps it just died of old age. Good Luck.

  13. Error 503? I've never heard of it!! Although Blogger does spit out a crap load of errors that I don't care enough to maybe it's the 503 haunting me too. hmmm

  14. Pat I hate whe that happens never understand what is Error 503 and what I made?? nver know, normally I have to begin all again, :)

  15. I get error 404. I must be behind.

  16. I know that feel man. Great post as usual.

  17. There are few things glitchier than blogger... but then again there are trillions of comments and posts every hour, so I guess I can cut them a little slack.

  18. 503. 503.
    Don't you piss on me.


  19. Ack! I totally agree!
    It was following me around the comment tree!
    Very irritating when a long comment you've typed
    and when you try to post it you want to gripe.
    Wonder what made them choose those numbers
    maybe they dreamed it while they slumbered.

  20. hahaha never tried being nice to it
    Maybe my computer won't have a fit
    Bah it's more fun hitting the thing
    After error 503 begins to fling
    People talk back
    The computer I can attack..haha

    Yeah it hasn't shown up in a day or so
    But sure it will again at my show
    Or maybe it did die of old age too
    That would help my view

    Sure it was there
    You were just to busy picking egg out of your hair..hahaha
    Or maybe just need to read
    But of error 503 take heed..haha

    Yeah I have to begin all again too
    Sucks when the comment you do
    Has to be all done over again
    Sometimes I miss the pen

    Damn you are a bit behind
    Got another 99 to find

    Sure you do too
    As it always comes into view

    Yeah I guess they deserve a little slack
    But trillions you say every hour at each shack
    I think that may be a bit inflated
    But blogger I can cut some slack, although I might not be nice it I have have to rate it

    haha yeah that too
    As in computer speak that is what comes due

    No idea why the numbers were chose
    I guess that's just how it goes
    Cloes their eyes and whack a button below
    Maybe they were tired of whack a mole at their show..haha
    I tend to ctr c the long comments before I post now
    Just in case blogger or error 503 has a cow

  21. I started off on Blogger but didn't really understand what I needed to do with it, then began seeing so many on Wordpress and seeing them say it was much easier and more versatile to use than Blogger, so after only one post on Blogger I went to WP. Is Google + any good? I don't want to connect everything and everywhere I go online, that's way too much. (I think)

  22. As Bono would say, from a bootleg recording in Houston during the Zooropa tour, "Operator number 503, I think you've got a crush on me" Well I played around with the wording a bit. But yeah, those 3 numbers I thought was just my burden to be "blessed," so I bought a ticket and lo and behold, not a digit answered the guess-lol But 503 probably thinks this is an ode or a ballad. 1007 would cause double the distress

  23. Yeah I hear Google + is going to screw with things in March
    Especially those full of wordpress starch
    So be on the look out for that
    And it's really just another social network thingy to Pat

    haha yes 1007 will prob make the whole thing crash
    And give me a bad rash
    I hope I don't get that high
    Then I'll wish my computer and/or blogger to die

    So annoys me

  24. Great post! Just hope they'll fix error 503 soon enough so we can get rid of this once and for all ;P

  25. Ugh, I haven't had problems with blogger but my router is being a pain. Giving me a time out error.

  26. Yeah I doubt they'll ever fully fix the thing
    It's having too much fun with the annoyance it can bring

    Yeah been there too
    Stupid router I wanted to flush down the loo

  27. Great post! Very fun!


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