You Know You're Super When! You Have At Least, Let's Say, Three of Ten!

So the Grammar Nazi won the draw that the cat picked out with his claw. So today in honor of him and his Comical whenever he feels like posting it Wednesday, the cat is going all superhero at his bay. For the cat will let you know what it takes to be a real hero. Stick with me and you will never become a zero.

#10 - You need some get up and go power for the good deeds to shower. Plus you have to get some PR going. So hand out some cupcakes while being super and lawn mowing.

#9 - You can't be super without some soup. You need a great meal or things may droop. Trust me I know! Remember Green Suit Man at my show? He made many shiver and probably sent some packing up river.

#8 - You need your own towel to sell. So you will no longer have to promote by ringing the doorbell. Now every time people wipe themselves clean. All over their body your face will be seen.

#7 - You need a stamp too. So everyone can get their licks in on you. Seeing that you are rather sticky. Come now! Don't be picky.

#6 - You need your own game. Which is usually based off a movie and lame. So it gives people something to stick on their wall. You are really really super now letting people decorate their hall.

#5 - You need your own bed wear. It may get full of hair. But you can save people from bad dreams. And for those grown ups still using them it seems, maybe you can join in. On something that might be considered a sin.

#4 - Get a tattoo. Heck! Why not get two. Yeah, that blinking syndrome you may get, could be a safe bet. But with a tramp pretty stamp of your own, some serious calls may start lighting up your phone.

#3 - Now no self respecting Superhero would be caught dead. Not having pretty undies they can wear below or even on their head. You must have these done. Maybe even pose on a billboard for fun.

#2 - What's the first thing everyone thinks about in the loo? Who cares! Because from now on it will be you. Just make sure it isn't rough and can avoid ripping easily, meaning it needs to be a tad tough.

#1 - The number one way to ensure your superhero status among the best and pass the superpower test, is to simply build a shrine all your own. Warning! To do so you may have to take out a sizable loan.

Honorable mentions for a try at being a superhero thing umm I mean guy!

Sorry mutt! You seem to be stuck in a rut. A hotdog can't be a hotdog. It makes no sense and will not leave anyone in the fog. You need a secret identity. One no one can guess easily.

See this guy has it down. His secret identity would never be spotted in any town. As long as it did not rain. Then it would reveal he was a crazy person from Maine. A good try and will work as long as it stays dry. He saves you from forgetting each day. Just use a post it and when it's time, your note he will relay.

So there are the facts you need, all thanks to the cat's feed, to become super duper above all the rest. Did you pass the cat's superhero test? Remember that it's cheaper to produce things in mass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I want all those cupcakes man, they look pure delicious. Great guide as well for becoming a superhero, I love this post man!

  2. Grammar Nazi sez: Oh, that was great, especially your reference to my Comical Wednesdays. And I loved that "shrine" photo, too. Gotta love a shrine, right?

  3. I have lobbying for a self shrine here for years. I better not let the Mrs. see your post or she may suggest a towel or tattoo.

  4. Congratulations to you, Silver
    Cant wait to see the video you deliver.

    The undies are cute, too.
    Didn't you tell me you wear blue?

    And that and oh dear.
    That gave me goosebumps, I fear!


  5. there are Batman undies? Where can I get me some?
    And the body of the guy in blue shorts behind the crazy pink man in the park is droolworthy :)

  6. A superhero you want to be
    Is not really a big problem
    Dress up as one in a jiffy
    Not one dressed as a hoodlum
    Only a problem if put to test
    Crooks see you weak or strong
    They are definitely at their best
    Can they just get away with it
    If a fake you are done for
    Wishful thinking without meat
    Is not advisable therefore


  7. haha well find a superhero and some cupcakes won't be far behind
    If the superhero is kind

    Yeah you can't beat a shrine
    To bad I can't have one of mine
    My bush with the crack won't hold much at all
    I need to get a bigger hall

    At least with the towel you can get dry
    Or give hanging it on the wall a try
    Then you can show the Mrs. what the shrine could look like
    Although I'm pretty sure she'd still tell you to take a hike..haha

    I have a blue pair somewhere
    But no pictures on the ones I wear
    Maybe I should get some
    For my little rhyming bum
    Then shrine gave you goosebumps in a good way
    Or a scary, "oh that is nuts" kind of display..haha

    Only you would notice those guys in the background
    Batman undies can easily be found
    Just go to walmart and there you go
    You now have batman undies to umm put on a show

    Yes without meat or tons of gadgets on you
    That can be very true
    The crooks would shoot you and be done
    Still going about their law breaking fun
    Wear a bulletproof vest too
    Just in case bad things happen to you

  8. dude i need to find out who designed that room, um my kids might want one..hehe...and those underwear for adults is scary, i keep seeing them at target and just wont go there...and the tramp stamp, eww...

  9. i need this cup cake recip !!!!!

  10. so what happens if everyone takes a post-it? :D As for how to be a superhero, my three are brought to you by the letter S: Soup, stamp, and shrine. ;p

  11. I have none of those things! Dang! I guess I'm a villian.

  12. The room is from some hotel in Taiwan or something I think
    They have all kinds of rooms with even a superhero kitchen sink
    Yep truly scary indeed
    Didn't like the tramp stamp at my feed?..hahaha

    God know where that might be
    Certainly not at my sea

    Hmmmm good question
    Although I'll reframe from my intial suggestion
    Let's just hope he has clothes on under there
    Or at least some underwear
    Great play on the S too
    Glad it's not the tp of the loo

    With that helmet you have to be a villian
    Plus that stache you sport when your chillin'

  13. I love this post but specially these cute cupcakes and....the really nice undies(lol)

  14. haha yeah I knew you'd like the cupcake part
    As you take cooking to heart
    lol the undies aren't mine
    But if I really had to wear a pair that be fine

  15. Love so much and Patt maybe I can make these cupcakes (lol) maybe I make a cook comical post maybe, really love:)

  16. but maybe granmmar nazi dont like(:

  17. I love the post, but being the typical female that I am, I have a few things to say about it. Lol!

    1. I’m a little angry because you made me burst out in laughter. That post it man is hysterical!! Hahahaha The Japanese looked at me like the crazy American girl again.

    2. I don’t see Iron Man anywhere in this entire post?!!?!? So now I’m upset x2. (Oh, and if I wasn’t anti tattoos, I would so get an Iron man one…but not in the tramp stamp area like above.)

    (and LTM? Too close to LMF. It confused me! hahaha)

  18. @Betsy: Thanks for the congratulations. And were you asking Orlin about his underwear, or was that directed at me, too? And you don't think shrines are nice?

    @Brian: Yeah, surrrrre it's for the kids. Not for you, right?

    @Gloria: Maybe the Grammar Nazi doesn't like what?

  19. haha grammar nazi can't have sweets
    So he may not like seeing such cupcake beats

    hahahahaha I sooo love getting those Japanese going
    Making their "wtf" faces begin showing
    Maybe you should laugh on the inside
    Or duck down and hide..haha
    Which wouldn't be to far
    Oh look another short crack at my bar..haha
    I think you were laughing to hard and became blind
    As Ironman does show his behind
    He helps dry one off after a shower
    He really does have such super power
    Anti-tattoos too
    Are they also scary to you?..haha
    Yeah I have to double glance sometimes with LTM and LMF when the email pops up
    But gotten used to it so not much of a hiccup

    hahaha I think Brian is busted there
    Betsy must have a thing for underwear
    After all she see many out on the neighbors line
    With marks that aren't so divine..haha

  20. ROFL that last picture! Sooo funny.

    P. S. I love this line: "You are really really super now letting people decorate their hall."

  21. That little shout out on the bottom of a towel is all that Iron Man gets? Wait until I tell him, he's gonna be pissed!

    And no, I'm not afraid of tattoos! Just the diseases that you could get from coloring yourself with needles. Bleh!

    Look at you with the short jokes. At least here in my little piece of Japan, I'm considered average height :P

  22. You had me at Batman Soup!

    Also, I'm no fan of back tats, but that design is clever enough to warrant an exception from me.

  23. What about courage, values, common sense?!

    I guess I'm stuck in the 50's :/

  24. Great picture of Post-it Man! Thanks for reminding me to ask Santa to give me some super underwear. I'm currently running out of lucky underwear... Would you believe me if I told you I used to run around in a superman outfit? Don't tell anyone, okay? Have nice day, Pat!!

  25. My favorite...#7 - You need a stamp too. So everyone can get their licks in on you. Seeing that you are rather sticky. Come now! Don't be picky.

    HA! I'd totally get my licks in on him!

    If I saw someone or something that looked like a man with post it notes all over it...I'd totally take them all off to see what was beneath!

  26. People already think of me when they're naked in the shower and when they're in bed, so I've got that covered. But I see by looking at this that I need an emblem of some sort so I can break out in the major markets. I'll put my best people on that. The idea of people eating me then wiping their arse with me in the loo later on is an appealing one.

  27. I look at me when naked in the shower.
    It is then when I most cower.
    So unless I cover up.
    It is then when I must throw up.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, chum
    with Spiderman I must wipe my bum.

  28. Silver, who said I didn't like shrines?
    Aren't goosebumps divine? :)
    And no, the underwear Q wasn't for a cat
    as they don't need to wear this and that.
    But, just so you know if you buy blue,
    put them through the laundry before they go on you!

    And Pat,
    so nice of you to devote a post to this!
    we can tease Silver and Orson until they hiss.

  29. @ Giggling Betsy: Goosebumps can be a good or bad thing, I guess. Anyway, I like the Batman shrine, but I might design one featuring a Zorro motif. And yes, I can see how navy blue underwear could be a problem, if they aren't washed before their first wearing, haha!

  30. I have Thumper tattooed on my butt. Does that count? He could totally be a super hero, right?

    Yum on those cupcakes!!!

  31. Haha, pink post-it guy is classic. I have to admit I love and at one time (cough cough yesterday) would've loved that bat cave. Lots of fun, never saw the soup before, pretty cool memorabilia here, really pulled out the nostalgia gear. Thanks

  32. Super duper pink...I fell out of my chair laughing...and that poor dog looks cute..he..he...

    Made my night Pat....thanks for the smiles ~

  33. You make me laugh... I love coming here.

  34. hahaha yes I couldn't resist the last one
    See being super gives people some decorating fun

    Bah what's old Ironman gonna do?
    Without his gadgets he'd be through
    Yeah that is what gets me too
    I never trust that crap as many diseases they could give you
    So is that why you work there?
    So no high shoes you have to wear?..haha

    Yeah not a fan of those either at my show
    But it was pretty clever though

    Bah the 50's have come and gone
    Now all it takes is mowing a lawn

    Popping those pills
    And super underwear are sure to bring thrills
    Your secret identity is safe with me
    At least until someone offers me some money..haha

    Got to get your licking on
    From dusk to dawn
    That sounded so wrong
    Better watch out those post its stick could be extra strong

    hahaha I guess you have two down already
    But to remain steady
    That is a good idea to use
    Then you won't confuse
    As people will get to see you at both ends
    Could earn you a lot of friends..haha

    hahaha I wouldn't want to deprieve you of a Spiderman bum wipe
    As I hear he has quite the hype
    That could be a super power too
    Making people throw up at the sight of you..hahaha

    hahaha yeah we can sure give those two some teasing
    It is so very pleasing
    Grammar Nazi hasn't Orson taught you anything yet
    Or he's pissed because I bet
    You try and put underwear on him
    No wonder he thinks you're so dim..haha

    Be sure to send pictures with your Zorro motif
    I promise not to cause you too much grief..haha

    Everyone likes the cupcakes
    Maybe I should advertise like that Tiger from those flakes

    Hmmmm maybe if you wanted to save Bambi or that skunk
    But never know he could help you stop the crime of some punk

    hahaha the bat cave would be great
    Especially with all the toys and gear on your plate
    But that would cost a bundle I bet
    It seems you aren't the only one so don't fret
    Gave the nostalgia a go
    Figured what the heck at my show

    hahaha hopefully it didn't hurt when you fell out
    I won't want you to curse and shout
    Yeah the dog is kind of cute
    The cat just hopes he remains a mute

    Glad you love to visit the cat
    And maybe even stupid old Pat

  35. Is the Spiderman bedroom yours? Or is it found behind other doors? And how about the tramp stamp? Is that your back? You have me all curious now. Give me the lowdown.


  36. Love the bat cave! Great superhero stuff, even the yukky underpants!

  37. Damn! Meant to say - "Holy Christmas Countdowns" in true Robin style!

  38. hahaha the secrets of a true hero are never told
    So you will just have to let your imagination take hold
    Wait! That could be bad.
    I'm not a tattooed lad..haha

    hahaha even like the yukky underpants
    You sometimes powers it grants

    hahaha yes sounds like a Robin shout
    Half the time I'm sure he's the only one that knows what half of those things he spouts are about

  39. hahaha yep it's out there
    I hope it's good and doesn't tear

  40. You, Pat Hatt, are a hero in a half shell
    you follow my blog and others so well
    thanks, you're a pal
    and that makes me a happy gal!

  41. Hero worship I might do
    For a cupcake, some bat soup,
    And spider undies in blue.

    Fun post through and through.

  42. How long did it take that man to do the Post-Its? And how many pads of Post-Its did he go through!

  43. No mention of Iron Man? :(


  44. Love the post and even love the post-it guy photo even more!!!! Cause that was awesome!!!! and slightly O.C.D.!!

  45. Gotta love it when people go completely hardcore with comic book characters.

  46. I'm a ninja turtle yippee
    That ooze sure did change me
    Glad I can follow well
    Even though some might find that a hard sell..haha

    There you go you found your three
    Now you are a super sight to see..haha

    Must have taken quite the while to do
    Prob a good 50 post it pads too
    Also I doubt he did it himself
    Someone had to help him at his shelf

    He was on the towel
    So now now don't howl

    Never thought of it being OCD
    But very true, either way he is a sight to see

    Some people go a tad more than hardcore
    I think their brain might have walked out the door

  47. Those cakes look awesome, and the post-it note guy is absolutely terrifying.

  48. hahaha so you saying he is a villian and not a hero
    He'd probably be more scary if his post-its reach zero

  49. Pass on the undies but I'll take the shrine.

  50. I think just about every male, and some females, would take that
    Although some would be less inclined to admit it, unlike you or the cat

  51. holy crap that tramp stamp of the DC hero emblems is HORRIBLE! I kind of want that Avengers towel though.

    Also, yeah...YOU WON THE CHALLENGE! Thanks for keeping the answer sort of secret too.

  52. hahaha at least they can say the tramp stamp is super in theory
    And act all cheery
    Yipeee I was right
    See even with older ones I, usually, can't be beat come movie night..haha


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