You May Curse My Behind As I Mess With Your Mind!

So as I was going about the old rhyming tracks, once again thinking on giving the eye some whacks. I came across another type of one that just seems so fun. Never knew there was a name for the thing. Don't worry, later the facts I will sing. Right now I will just confuse and abuse. Warning! Your mind you may lose.

One day there was a man,
Who up and kicked the blender.
It seems he tripped on a crack,
When he had a heart fart.

His dog was a wonderful mutt,
Who liked to lick his eye.
Never knew that could be done,
But the dog found it rather neat.

His wife was in for a shock,
Because he was naked showing his toe.
The first she'd seen of that in some time.
The cops knew it wasn't a donut shack.

Then up his nose,
The coroner stuck a vacuum.
He went to suck,
Then thought what the baloney.

The man rose from the table,
Like he was in a children's toy.
He stood rather bold,
You could tell the room was nice.

After the coroner had a fit,
The man went and took a strat.
It seems all the gas,
Had really backed up in his stomach.

Finally he scratched an itch,
Called the corner a donkey,
Found he was still bare,
So he stole some clothes to wash.

He did get back home,
Smiling at the garden weeds.
His wife's lips were flappy,
And his kids were oh so bored.

Everyone started to cry,
As the dog licked his lip.
Then they were left in dread,
As the man really fell over tired.

So did you get all of that? Aren't I just a confusing cat. Making you want to say one thing but read another one. Hopefully I only confused a little with my fun. But if it was a whole lot. I'm sorry ummm not. As you just suffered a Mind Rhyme. Yes! That is a real life chime. Did you just give me some sass? It's so loved by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Scary thought. If anyone skimmed that, they'd think you'd finally run out of rhymes, haha!

  2. My brain began to "fill in" the words it expected to see/hear. Like an optical illusion but an aureal illusion. You created a jam in my mind.

  3. Oh yeah, it really works!
    I was thinking the cat was a sweetheart.
    Ha, you thought 'jerk' didn't you
    yeah, your mind will want to do it, also.

  4. um filled with disturbing imagery...a naked man with his toe, at the coroner with a vaccum...what trickery is this...

  5. your usage of the word fart never ceases to amaze me, now we have a heart fart too? :)

  6. Maybe he HAS run out of rhymes, he just doesn't want us to know! ;)

  7. Ha, I need to drink some more Mountain Dew and try again...

  8. You feel well today Pat??:) (lol)

  9. When I translate these sounds so crazy, but is OK:)

  10. what is this :P
    His dog was a wonderful mutt,
    Who liked to lick his eye.....

    I tried so hard to understand
    But, I failed, u succeed

  11. Okay. You're totally messing with head with this one.

    What you been smokin'? ;)

  12. Uh ok, nice rhyme as usual though I really don't understand much.

  13. Great stuff man, this is such a complete and utter melt as we say over here, I love it though, as always!

  14. oopppsssyy.. i learnt a lot of new abuses ;)

  15. Wait... there' rhyming? My brain just wrinkled.

  16. After you mind rhymed me, I went back and read it with the words that should've been there. Only you would unrhyme a rhyme. Silly cat!!! hahaha But, I secretly think it's a great idea. lol

    Happy weekend :)

  17. Me run out of rhymes?
    Pffft will never happen until at least 1000 chimes
    Things to rhyme about maybe
    But never rhymes at my sea

    Look are grammar nazi and the lingo
    Next you'll be using no insted of know..haha

    haha a jam in your mind
    Such a delight for my rhyming behind

    Using my own trick on me
    That's not nice at my see..haha
    But yes I did think jerk
    Just another rhyming umm perk

    hahaha yeah taking it literally could be a tad
    Ummm bad
    Off course the flip side could be worse
    Either way one might curse

    I can amaze with fart
    Now that's just dear to my heart..haha

    Bah I'll give a big dose tomorrow to prove
    I still am in the rhyming groove

    haha maybe you need something a tad stronger
    Or you never know could work drinking the dew longer

    Pat is quite well
    In case you couldn't tell

    hahaha sounds crazy not translated too
    So it's not just you

    haha yippe I succeed in my non-rhyming rut
    And the answer was butt

    I smoked a little catnip
    As I went on this little mind trip

    hahaha understanding could be hard
    Especally today at my yard

    A complete and utter melt
    Like the way that sounded and felt

    Happy to confuse
    And maybe mind abuse

    hahaha not sure I'd use those
    like a vacuum instead of a hose

    A wrinkled brain
    Now don't pop a vein

    hahaha unrhyme a rhyme
    That is a great way to describe my chime
    And yes only me
    That also causes such glee

  18. And Napoleon famously said: 'Not tonight Josephine, I have a Pat Hatt headache!"
    A dog who like to lick his eye.... indeed! LOLOL

  19. hahaha a Pat Hatt headache
    Those you can't fake
    I may have to coin that
    As it is liked by Pat and the cat

  20. If a Pat Hatt headache becomes really bad, we could call it Rhyme Time Syndrome. lol...
    It could be described as a rhyming affliction that causes pain but becomes obsessive to the point of being debilitating. Bloggers know they should stay away for their own mental health but continue to torture themselves. lol. Yep, I have RTS. And there is no cure. hahahaha.

  21. Im glad you are OK and happy:))

  22. That's freaking hilarious. I was just saying to myself that this is one cool puzzle, where all these seemingly out of place lines make a whole. If you can't tell by now, I love that type of stuff. But then you mentioned the Mind Rhyme and damn, I went back and laughed me, well that's not possible. Funny, Funny piece. Needed that laugh. Thanks

  23. i kept making things rhyme, then i'd read it and learn i was sadly mistaken :(

  24. hahaha that sounds like a good name
    I'm sure many inflictions it could aflame
    Sorry for it sucking you in
    Maybe to get rid of it you wear one of those alien hats made of tin

    Yes will be okay and happy
    And almost never too sappy

    Glad a laugh was given in need
    Here at my feed
    Know you like such puzzles and stuff
    But this was more fluff I puff
    As the mind rhyme came about
    And I had to give it a shout

    Confused you say
    Oh that's fun to hear at my bay

    hahaha I tricked you too
    Damn I'm good at what I do

  25. aah You make me laugh thanks for it, it was a difficukt day:)

  26. I really got confused
    and didn't know what to think.
    I fear I was being used
    and wore black pants with socks.

    Is this how it goes?

  27. Yes it went on a bit while confusing
    I thought the ends would always rhyme
    Your trademark on all of your threads
    Expected the last word not 'tired' but 'dead'


  28. Glad I gave your difficult day some fun
    As my non rhyming rhyme was spun

    Hmmm not quite sure on yours
    Unless I'm missing something here at my floors
    The second line is supposed to make the reader think about the real rhyme, like if the first ended in duck and the next line was what the you'd obviously expect **** but instead so bee or something just to mess them up
    I know one may need plenty more coffee in their cup

    Well I did the eye rhyme
    So had to give the mind rhyme a chime
    It should have been dead
    But the mind rhyme changed it to tired instead

    Hey the dog could lick his eye
    And that's no lie

  29. When Im sad (like yesterday) I appreciate so much when a friend make me smile:))

  30. The cat can usually get a smile
    Even tho sometimes he goes vile haha

  31. A smile once more
    Here at my shore

  32. He was naked showing his toe
    Needless to say, he was ready to go...

  33. Yep ready indeed
    Or at least he planted the seed


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