All Hot And Bothered Today You Could Get If You Come My Way!

So Heaven asked a while back for me to go all lovey dovey once more at my shack. I was a tad slow doing it at my show. But I always get, at least most, requests done and eventually give them a run. At least you were warned before you came. Yet if you still need to take a cold shower the cat doesn't mind taking the blame. Now here we go on with the lovey dovey show.

Souls soaking in hungers collision
Backs disclose anothers incision
Digits glide through soaked oasis
Yielding shiver exposes the basis

Thirst aroused with wonder
Igniting a desired plunder
Sweltering air thickens
Trembling passion quickens

Persistent harden stroking nourish
Ejecting whimpers flourish
Lingering outcries mesmerize
As cuddling loins tantalize

Sweltering mist rains presence
Heightened surge forbids evanescence
Divides twisted repurposed soul
Plains united celestial pole

Captivating shadows rejoice
Stifled only essence voice
Glimmering shambles irradiate orbit
Haunting linger expels submit

Enlightenment tingles bewitched grasp
Bonded entity strengthened clasp
Saturated passion urge eruption
Sustained from point seduction

Heaven's tension towers
Glistening climax showers
Ruptured arousal burst forth
Residing souls claw north

So now you want me to provide you humans with pretty pictures to fantasize about too? Does this look like playboy, playgirl, playcat, etc. to you? But I guess I can do one or two, so certain things don't get ummm blue. That goes for guys of course so I give you that Kelly Brook human without remorse. Such a nice sight. Hey, even a cat cat look right?

Don't worry lady humans the cat would never forget you. I wouldn't want to be accused of being biased or anything at my zoo. I have to admit though I don't have much taste in men. But after finding the facts from a few women, the cat came up with one that will really get your mojo going and those juices flowing. Here you go. Don't say I never did anything for you.

Now isn't he just the hottest thing you women have ever seen? Come on admit it. You've loved him ever since you were a teen. So I gave a lovey dovey rhyme and gave you some visuals with this chime. What more could you ask for lass? Don't forget to thank my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Pat, this poem is stunning. It's erotic, yes bunt tastefully done. You've penned a tribute to one of man's highest passions.

    Now onto the Boobies. She's fabulous. When I saw your post come up on my blogroll, I thought "About feckin' time someone besides me posted some Boobies!" I'm setting my watch to see how long it takes the herd to stampede over here.

    And about that guy, I'll get even with you, I'll get even.

  2. Feck, your poem had me so hot and bothered I can't spell the word but correctly. How do you spell bothered? I'm going to spend some time alone with myself now. See ya in about an hour.

  3. Yeah didn't try to go too over the top with it
    Kept it more in the realm of use your imagination a bit
    Glad it came off as a tribute too
    With the lovey doveyness that came due
    hahaha you were the inspiration behind finding some boobies to show
    After watching them on your feed flow
    LOL I laughed good at the get even part at the end
    Although I fear what might come of this revenge trend

    LOL I can excuse your but screw up today
    Now go forth and ummm play..haha

  4. I'm thanking your amazing rhyming ass......

  5. This is great, im going to be expecting a lot of good stuff coming up to valentines day! haha have to woe the ladies in style ;P

  6. Thanks for the pic. O and great Rhyme too :)

  7. Nice to be here you say
    Glad I didn't cause dismay

    hahaha I'll take your thanks indeed
    Glad you enjoyed the sights at my feed

    LOL I'll nod and agree
    Not sure many would though once they see

    A consumer day to suck people dry once more
    Hmmm I could do something interesting at my shore

    haha the pic beat the rhyme
    Well I guess she is sublime

  8. Love it Pat, it's sensual and amazing like always buddy.

  9. LOL... a nice write. Sensual without being smutty. :)

  10. Glad I can amaze
    Here at my crazy rhyming maze

    The cat didn't go all smutty
    He's not that nutty..haha

  11. ah This man have" something "Pat(lol)
    But I have to say I know better than him:))

    bad boy:))

  12. Sorry th quote is this man has something Pat (lol)

  13. Hey, how come the guys get a sexy girl to oogle, but the girls don't get a hot guy to appreciate??? :D

    My favorite line was: As cuddling loins tantalize

    I see a future in writing romance novels for cat.

  14. I took care of myself and now I'm back. I took a bath (naturally), and am now drinking a cup of coffee and plotting revenge.

  15. Great poem! Definitly lovey dovey! Put I prefer the picture of the girl! (a pictures worth a thousand words!)

  16. Pat you have strange taste in men! But billions people billion different minds :)

  17. Awesome poem! and love the blog, you're super talented!

  18. Yeah, just what I needed first thing in the morning...

  19. haha glad you think the man has something
    Maybe he'll give you a fling

    The cat just has no taste in men I guess
    Which is something I don't mind being able to confess
    Yeah the cat could do one of those too
    But not before Pat's "A Not So" series is through

    LOL you plotting revenge can't be good
    Climb in my bush with a crack and hide I should

    hahaha I'd expect nothing less of you
    Pat prefers the girl too

    hahaha I'm glad it's strange
    But definitely unique at my range

    thanks for the praise and retort
    Here at my court

    See Fox I just wanted to help you wake up
    Maybe then you'll get over your little no post hiccup..haha

  20. A beautifully written poem, some sweet eye candy, and a picture that could kill just about any boner. You, my friend, have done it all in once post. Bravo.

  21. LOL sure they will enjoy a bit
    But some seem to have a fit

    LOL you speechless hahaha love it
    Even had to give it a second hit

    All in one post
    Aren't I just a clever host
    If that couldn't kill ones boner too
    I don't know what the hell could to make it come due..haha

  22. Im not looking for a man Pat, only all people have something, silly

  23. haha it showed up twice?
    Now that's not so wise!
    good grief, you'd think my hands were shaking.
    actually I got one of those blogger 500 errors quaking.
    No really, it's true.
    You aren't going to believe me, are you!

  24. Ha, yes thanks for the photo. I mean the first one. And, you are welcome to create a tab just for Stina, but keep things they way they are for me.

  25. So silly willy will remain chilly

    Sure you just got so flustered you hit it twice
    No error 500 rolled the dice
    Actually it probably did
    As blogger lately has seemed to flip it's lid

    haha I hoped you meant the first one
    The second I might have made fun
    Yeah things will remain the same
    Here I will always play the rhyming game

  26. Wow, very well done. And then that last picture . . . Ummm what a hottie?

  27. yeah, 'oh gosh..oh gosh' could me mistaken
    for 'yes..yes...yes' and cause some shaking
    sounds like a When Harry Met Sally line
    and that's my movie reference o'pine. ha., great poem from you
    had me needing a cold shower, too
    until I got to that photo of that man
    and then the feeling left, although grand.
    Hey, he reminds me of how Lucifer looks
    in your books!

  28. That's what's good about Pat. He'll put a pic for the guys and the girls. It's only fair. Don't say he never does one for the ladies.

  29. haha glad he appealed to you
    See for some the cat has good taste in men for the women to view..haha

    Yeah that is certianly could be
    A movie reference that causes such glee
    See I got you all hot and bothered warming you up
    saving you the need of something hot in your cup
    Then the man fixed that
    And saved water also at your mat
    Isn't the cat just environmentally freidnly today
    Lucifer might take that as an act of dismay..haha

    See otter knows how it is to be
    Here at Bush number three
    Can appreciated each side
    Even a guy that can smile wide..haha

    Me mean?
    Now don't create a scene..haha

  30. Very well written. Heaven squeezed the sensuality out of you, cat. :) hahaha I really enjoyed reading that.

    As far as the girl goes...she's obviously very hot. She's a great inspriation for your poem! But that man...really?????? Did you not look at enough hot guy countdowns on my page to be an expert?? You coulda went over there and plucked one out. Or how about this motto: "When in doubt, use R-dow!"

    Sigh...I think I need to do a Sexiest Man Abs countdown now...

  31. haha yeah she squeezed it from the cat
    I now feel kind of flat
    Glad you enjoyed reading that
    Here at my mat
    And oh strat!
    More flat abs that come with a tat
    You want to blind Pat?
    Just because I was a dirty cat
    Why you rat
    Makes him go drat
    And Ironman may be where it's at
    But that helmet makes his head look fat

  32. Didn't you say you were an Aries??? You know, as in the God of War. Taking on the king of the jungle with Ironman insults and all!!

    I'm googling half naked men as we speak...I typed that with an evil smirk. You're making me mean!! haha

    Ok, let's compromise. I'll google "hot men with teeth". There we we're all happy...Us women get hotties with a full set and you don't have to see too many pecs. (Puns intended) lol!!

  33. dude what did i tell you abt using pictures of me? def got the loving feeling going on, making all the lady cats croon at the rhyming moon...

  34.'re unfair to us ladies...but on my way to a business maybe better this way...smiles

  35. Hmmm...can't say he was on my teenage bedroom wall beside that poster of Andy Gibb, but the poem was great; the photo of the man: a real mood killer.

  36. haha I guess I'm creating a war of half naked people needing to be shown
    Or men with good teeth that need to be known
    But Ironman as nothing on me
    could whoop is behind with glee..haha
    I thought you never go mean
    Or are you just fantasizing and blaming it on my scene?
    Okay teeth I guess I can take
    Make sure they're shiny so I can stay awake..haha

    LOL I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself
    I had to make it known at my shelf
    All the lady cats crooning would be hard on the ears
    Also that many surely would bring on fears

    hahaha unfair you say
    And here I was trying to be nice at my bay
    Yeah could be better this way
    Much less hot and bothered when business is at play

    You can't say or won't say?
    Hmmm those two would sure be quite the display
    I'm a mood killer
    Maybe I should write a rhyming thriller

  37. Hot and bothered for a reason
    Comes with some rueful seasons
    The boobies sure raise temperatures
    The smiley provokes certain overtures


  38. hi Pat thanks for the laugh :-) i should come here more often, you always seem to have such a nice pictures ;-) and my English could seriously improve here with all that rhyming :-)

  39. hahaha I couldn't let you get the full impact
    Depending on who's around could be a rather vile act
    So let you off with a bang
    When the smile rang

    Glad you like my see
    And english improving through the rhyming from me
    That is a new one
    But could work with each tale that is spun

  40. Hottest thing? Seriously! :P Well thank you for thinking about yes :) You should stop thinking then :P No don't do that! Your work was beautiful :) Loved it!

  41. Why is everyone hating on that old man? Look how happy he is. (didnt kill my mood if you know what im saying) Great poem.

  42. Lovey dovey time can be found all around. Seems to me one of those cats had their tails way high here, perhaps Orlin was trying to entice Cassie into some predinner catnip, and it was probably working too, until the cat had to toss in that Kelly girl…lol Really nice verse. Thanks

  43. Aww look at Pat getting all romanti- wait. Glistening climax showers? Haha.

  44. rhymes
    for the times

    LOL hey the cat doesn't have experience there
    So don't blame me for it at my lair..haha
    Glad it was loved though
    Even with mr smiley face at my show

    hahaha yeah he is rather happy
    And not at all sappy
    Even with the dude
    Look at you staying the mood..haha

    haha that Kelly girl
    Had to be given a whirl
    Even a cat
    Has to like that
    Cassie can take a back seat
    While she heals her feet

    LOL what? too much for you?
    The lovey dovey had to come due

    1. Pats, I see you haven't noticed the new REPLY button :) you can now answer each comment right underneath it and stop molesting us with counting your answers so we would know which is ours :)

  45. Classy.. nice. Also boobs. Also lol, mean!

  46. Your exciting poem makes me fear
    that Mrs. Penwasser shan't ever get here.
    But, if she can't, I think I can
    settle things with my own right hand.

  47. Ewwwwww...........gross.......

  48. Think the girl would have been better place before the rhymes

  49. I'm loving this new reply button!

  50. Yikes, Pat. That guy you found...well, no thank you. LOL.

  51. haha glad the titties are grand
    Here at my rhyming stand

    LOL it wasn't too mean
    But created quite a scene

    Just don't let your left one sit about
    It may swear and shout
    About being left out
    Then start to pout

    hahaha no smiley face man
    Maybe if he had a better tan?

    Bah then she'd give it away
    And all would drool slobbering on the screen before reading today..haha

    The reply button is meh to me
    Takes too damn long you see

    LOL awww but he really wants to play
    You know you want him sent your way

    haha hey at least that is something
    So let them fling

  52. Dez the FING reply don't work for me
    And besides it takes too damn long doing it indvidually
    And blogger is still being stupid not letting me come to your place
    Goes to blank screen when I try for a comment to show it's face
    And the stupid time is f'ed up too
    Blogger can take it's glitchy updates and shove them up its gazoo

  53. I've heard a number of people had that problem today, not just with my site, but with others too.
    But I do adore the REPLY button, and you are naughty for not using it :)

    1. Look Dez...I can reply to you
      it doesn't have to be the cat in blue.
      Wouldn't want you to not feel some love
      with your comment there lonely up above.

  54. haha yeah I've had that problem with others too
    Big fat pain in the butt as I can only view
    It WON'T let me use it
    Not that I would even if I could give it a hit..haha

  55. Yeah, the reply button!
    How did you get that?
    You don't like it
    so you surely didn't ask for that.
    Some blogger king thought you should have it
    even if it causes you to have a fit.
    I don't have one on my blog
    and still you're being the comment hog.

  56. I enjoy the eruption/seduction rhyme. They fit well together.

  57. You should have clued me earlier
    A seductive pen you write here,
    I specially swoon over these:

    Saturated passion urge eruption
    Sustained from point seduction

    Heaven's tension towers
    Glistening climax showers

    Thanks Pat ~ If you have any request you want me to write, let me know.

    Kisses ~

  58. Sweet Rhyme bro. Keep up the good work.

  59. Yeah it just appeared one day
    At my bay
    But as I said
    It causes me dread
    Because the damn thing doesn't work for me
    I click it and nothing happens at my sea
    I think it's how your comments are set up
    That you avoid this hiccup
    Plus my time is all wrong on comments too
    I say again stupid blogger needs a kick in the old gazoo

    Glad they fit
    With my lovey dovey rhyming hit

    Yeah good thing
    Those that bounce and fling

    I knew you'd get a clue
    And see what was due
    Eventually at my sea
    And I even made you swoon that causes glee
    A request you say
    Hmm may have to think of something at my bay

    if the pick was nice that could be scary
    Unless you like them happy and hairy

    Oh the work will be kept up
    With maybe only an occasional hiccup

  60. A cat that is classy
    And a tad sassy
    Works for me
    Here at bush number three

  61. It works for me here
    I gave Dez a little cheer
    since he wants someone to use it so bad
    Me hitting reply just had to be had!
    I think you like to lump them all together
    and make us count in any kind of weather.

  62. Pat HattJan 12, 2012 06:34 PM
    A cat that is classy
    And a tad sassy
    Works for me
    Here at bush number three

    WOW such a good ryme should have at least one blog dedicated to the sassy cat.

  63. Hmm.. so Pussy wants some pussy??

  64. hahaha I have to keep your math skills in good standing
    As down below at your landing
    I guess they are getting low
    So why not help out at my
    Plus it is faster and easier this way
    So it will be done the same as always at my bay

    haha yeah the comments can produce some good ones too
    A sassy cat once in a while comes for a view

    LOL hmmm just maybe the pussy does
    At least that seems to be the buzz

  65. Lots of sizzle here. Good one.

  66. Lots of sizzle
    Glad it didn't fizzle

    haha I suppose show
    But what do I know

    Glad it was fun
    As I gave the lovey dovey a run

  67. haha I knew you'd like that one
    So it had to be done


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