Another Reason You Humans Are Dumb! And Then Some!

Yes! I know this is old news. But LMF reminded me of it when her comments below flew. What has to be going through the mind of some moron to do this? They think it is going to bring bliss? Listen here ladies I created a glowing cat. Doesn't that make you want to come back to my mat? Pffffft you'd be better off with the Tennessee line. Or something more divine.

So what can we expect next? I would not want to leave you vexed. So I will tell you what's to come and there is no need to thank my little rhyming bum.

There will be pigs that fly,
Just so that saying will die.
A mooing dog,
With the nose of a hog.

A hybrid moose,
So just like goose,
Goes to geese,
We can use meese.

A camel with heads on both ends,
A horse with two rear ends.
A mouse with a lizard tail,
Or one that is male and female.

A grasshopper that hops in sand.
A fish that can walk on land.
A bird with fur,
Or a duck that can purr.

A croaking rabbit,
A platypus with a nasty habit.
Eating others with crocodile teeth,
With the part of a rhino down beneath.

An invisible flea,
A whale whose back can grow a tree.
A turtle that can walk,
And do the ninja rap, don't balk.

A monkey that's smarter than you,
For some that has already come due.
An elephant with a shell.
And then just what the hell?

A thing with a hairy back,
That always wants to attack.
Thinks it's above it all,
And will never fall.

Oh wait! That's just a human.
And some of his crewman.
Wait! There is Nessie and Bigfoot too.
The yeti has come into view.

I guess now the myths can be true.
Thanks to some nut with a test tube making a cat blue.
Or making it glow in the dark.
Soon it will probably bark.

Probably more being done then we'll ever know,
Especially with all the stuff the aliens show.
Little green men could have been once human too.
Until the test tubes flew.

So how did you like my facts today? Don't you just wish these animals could be on display? After all humans have such a right to make cats glow at night. There is such a point. No one should get their nose out of joint. But the cat doesn't expect much from ones that allow used underwear to be sold in a vending machine, right near where you get some caffeine. Caffeine and used underwear in mass! That has to delight all but my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The cow jumped over the moon
    Remember that or we just moan
    And the fairest of them all
    Should be exceeding 10 feet tall


  2. Wow wee..!! made it
    Being first deems fit
    My good luck has it
    I'm off my feet!


  3. blew my mind simply just divine, rhymes are sick hit me like a knowledge brick.

  4. Ten feet tall be scary
    Especailly if they weren't fair and just hairy
    Would surely moan
    Or even groan

    First you are
    Today at my bar
    Hopefully he sat and did not fall
    When you went off your feet at your hall

    A knowledge brick that didn't hurt I hope
    Would want you to have a bump and mope..haha

  5. i have heard of those with their head in their ass but what you did to the camel sounds permanent...and if your back is hairy, but some razors before you get scary...

  6. These flights of fancy set by your pen will live in the imaginings of my mind. The flea now visible atop the back of the dog who moos at the glowing cat who mourns the passing of the lizards tale, will spend the day at play inside my head while I lie abed with a cold.

  7. i think a cat which glows in the dark would be awesome and could be used instead of a torch on an evening walk..

  8. A croaking rabbit?
    That made Nugget have a fit!
    Sounds like it died.
    But I told him to take it in stride,
    that you just meant it sounded like a frog.
    Now he really looks like he's in a fog!

    A whale who's back can grow a tree
    Now this one would come in handy!
    He could float out in the ocean
    and become a island with a little motion.
    It would even have it's own geyser
    a way to make money, you couldn't be wiser!

  9. Ew, Brian. Shaving your back could cause trouble.
    Just think of all that stubble!

  10. I'm glad that my rambling comments are sometimes useful to you. lol

    I agree...glow in the dark cats are unneccessary. Why mess w/ nature??? Sigh... I mentioned this at work and the Japaense said "Well, at least you won't step on them in the dark."

    On a random note: I saw this video and thought of your blog. You might have saw it already...but it made me laugh! haha

  11. I bet you fead your cats red and green gummy bears to look like that in the dark LOL :)

  12. And again no mention of armadilos, raccoons and meercats in the ZOO talk, but I will forgive you since you mentioned my trusted allies platypuses :)

  13. I'm not as dumb
    as far as I know.
    My inside voices
    have just just told me so.

  14. I am intrigue with your blog! At the first attempt of reading, Wow! This is full of spirit! Anyway I am your new visitor, reader and follower... I am happy I stumble down here... and I am inviting you to submit your very nice blog at our New Blog Directory right there... see you soon my friend...

    Prime Aque @ SB

  15. Great post like always, pat.
    Typing this as I cares my cat.
    He is not a glowing one,
    But he's still a lot of fun!

  16. hahaha sometimes those are more permanent than the camel as well
    Living in their own homemade hell
    Nope my back is just fine
    Maybe I should make it grow a vine

    Ugg colds suck everytime
    Nothing at all sublime
    But at least I'll let your mind play
    With all the stuff I spurted out today

    haha cats don't walk well though
    At least most don't like such a flow
    Maybe you need a glow in the dark dog
    To get your through the fog

    Rhyme away
    Each and every day

    LOL poor Nugget has to deal with cats galore
    Down at your shore
    Now a croaking rabbit too
    What is he to do
    Yeah it never died
    Sorry if he cried
    Now he can get through the fog
    And visit with the crossbred rabbit/frog
    Yeah that would be a great attraction
    Would make for quite the interaction
    Maybe that is my big money venture
    Not sure the whale would appreciate such an adventure

    hahaha but it beats hair like an ape
    Maybe one should just wear a cape

    Yeah your rambling comes in handy here and there
    At my lair
    LOL those Japanese see the bright side
    Take that pun with stride
    Fox showed me that with her search for men
    SCARY is all I can say
    Nut case that I would stay far far away

    They are too chewing for them to eat
    So they just toss them around witt their feet

    A nice day
    Could happen here my way

    Playpuses made you forgive
    Awww I'm glad you can live and let live..haha

    That inside voice could be correct
    So you can stand erect
    But if another voices tends to object
    You may feel some neglect

    Intrigued you say
    Here my way
    Hope the attempt was easy to do
    With your first view

    Yeah glowing ones are dumb
    So that is my little hum
    They are just fine and fun indeed
    Especailly when one can rhyme at my feed..haha

  17. elephant with a shell sound really scary ahahah, like the oliphants from lord of the rings, or a tarrasque-like creature

  18. I stand erect.
    The girls all scream.
    That's how I envision it
    whenever I dream.

  19. Thanks to LMF! Someone did something pretty funny with the cat-lovin' lady!

  20. Heh, Pat! I just thought of a new career for you. You could write children's books. Dr. Suess came up with lots of imaginary creatures, and look at the $$ he made. He's dead now, so you could carry on his spirit. Here are the characters for your first book:

    "An invisible flea,
    A whale whose back can grow a tree.
    A turtle that can walk,
    And do the ninja rap, don't balk."

  21. Cool piece Pat, reminds me a lot of the Island of Dr. Moreau with all that mixing and matching, splicing and umm. splatching. I always say meese, it really should be allowed-lol Fun write. Thanks

  22. Man I actually read this out loud to my brother, (the whole thing), and he loved this haha. So awesome as always Pat!

  23. haha yeah could be like the lord of the rings ones
    That be scary though as there would be tons

    LOL As long as it's just a dream
    And certain things don't gain steam
    Then you could be a pest
    Being all messy to a guest

    Cat lovin lady is crazy and that is that
    Certaintly would run from her at my mat

    haha he's still making money and he's dead
    Hmmm I may have to rack my head
    As you never know
    Could make something of this rhyming show

    The Island of Dr. Moreau it could be
    Just not the god awful movie
    All that is good for is a coaster
    Or to have it put in a toaster

    LOL reading it aloud you say
    Must have made for quite the display

  24. What kind of animal kingdom is this Pat
    and where can I find them ?

    *Smiles* Happy weekend ~

  25. One of the coolest cat pictures I've ever seen, without a doubt.

  26. There is nothing that scientists will stop at now. The Genie is well and truly out of the bottle and will never be put back in it. I suspect we've been 'here' before at this level of advancement too, hence why we have all the pictographs depicting half men/ half lions, men with beards with wings and horses bodies. Men with dogs heads and such. I think if the general public knew half of what the scientists are creating in their secret and not so secret laboratories, we would be horrified. Glowing cats and ears on the back of mice, are what they tell us about, what is scary, is the stuff of horrors they are creating that don't tell us about.
    Uh huh.

  27. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I like your blog man
    Oh wait, this is a poem..

  28. That was marvelous.
    Do you think those cats would like some fish?
    I could get them a dish.

  29. Dem cats are scary.

  30. I cant figure out how to stop moles from digging holes in my yard but somehow my neighbors cat is good at that haha

  31. You take a left at Bush number 3
    And then ride the whale across the sea
    There you go
    Weird animals running to and fro

    Either way cats rule and dogs drool
    Even if glowing by some human tool

    Yep so very true
    I also agree with you
    Use that sorta in my books as well
    With the tales I tell
    God only knows what they are doing in the hideaway
    I'm sure it would cause complete and utter dismay

    haha a bit out of date
    But it works at any rate

    haha I'm sure they would like some fish
    You would grant them their wish

    Hmm not sure you should admit that
    At least to a loud mouth cat

    Scary from stupid human crap
    Who wanted to fill the glowy gap

    Yeah cats work well for that
    Those moles will be long gone at your mat

  32. Adore the post!!

  33. GMOs do turn up nasty at times, but heck, who can argue with science eh?

  34. I agree with Mary, you've definitely got the Dr. Seuss vibe going on.

  35. Experiments on animals is just plain wrong,
    The madmen ought to be poked with a prong!

  36. I'm adored how nice
    You can say that twice

    haha not that hard to argue with it
    As half the time the time it is wrong and not a hit

    The vibe is flowing
    Now if only I can get books a showing

    A prong would be a good thing to brand them with indeed
    As long as they didn't bleed
    At least on me
    Or my rhyming sea


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