An Artsy Day Here At My Bay!

The cat doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds him or things could get rather grim. But Pat well this art below, maybe, sorta, probably, actually, kinda does suck, just so you know.

It says what? The title and the name and then enough to maybe please a butt sniffing mutt. You simply stole the world from above my place and slapped it on some background with some black space. Wow, you made a puzzle out of number two. That must have been hard to do. But what does any of them say with the planet they display?

You live on Earth somewhere? It takes place on an Earth like planet, proving we aren't rare? Oceans and land are pretty? Pat, your art expertise I pity. But never fear the cat is here saving you with my little rhyming rear. For from those bought, I contracted new covers out and improved them a WHOLE lot. So see below and Pat remember to feed me good at my show.

A cat time machine. Oh that just goes over so well on my screen. But it may not be just that, as something is fishy when they almost get blown up and travel away in the time traveling cat.

Oh no! There seem to be aliens on to go. The cat can fly in outerspace now to. That cat seems really cool between me and you. Plus the Earth is about to go boom. That has to bring doom.

I don't think Lucifer ever looked so good. Bet he would even scare the crap out of a piece of wood. He seems to have collected quite the amount of power, sure to make many cower. But look even closer in the back and the cat is flying away from a three headed dog attack. A mutt with three heads. Cerberus should really be locked away by the feds.

Plus even after all of that. The cat was visited by the three main characters at his mat. As they waited for the re-charge window to come to pass. The cat got some questions in, warning the germy guy is rather crass. Since the books aren't in rhyme too, just this once I won't rhyme for you.

An interview with Jack McCoy, Emily Milano and Mason.

Favorite movie line you have used?

Jack: "Do I have to pick just one? Hmm when I told Leader Clark he could go dirty dancing with Tootsie or maybe when I made twenty four people die hard because I was such a lethal weapon.

Emily: "Please, you never did that. I did all the work."

Jack: "Yeah, your kill them all plan was really a stroke of weird science."

Emily: "You're just jealous you don't know the secret of my success."

Jack: "I love it when you talk movie to me."

Mason: "Now don't start your lovey dovey mumbo strat in front of this cat. I'm sure your moans would hurt his ears, not to mention spread around unwanted germs."

Jack: "Doc,  if I recall correctly you weren't too shy either. We thought you'd have to bleach her first.

Mason: "Having an invincible wife does keep the germs away you know."

Who did/do you want dead the most?

Mason: "All of them! Hades, Drazin, whatever the hell you want to call the third person talking strat might win out though. McClane and that bitch Hera sure make it hard to pick. I say just take my trusty shotgun, add some grenades, stand them all in a nice straight row and blow them to bits."

Jack: "Doc, you clearly still have issues. Remind me to get you to that shrink when we get home."

Emily: "Don't complain, Mason going all Dirty Harry has pulled us out of many scrapes."

Jack: "That is true. But he forgot Lucy."

Emily: "Lucifer was a big omission, Mason."

Jack: "Maybe Doc just has no love for Lucy."

Mason: "That strat can go suck on his stratty pendant for all I care. Let him rot in Hell while he plays with his Leftovers and whines about His lap dogs all day long."

Why do you think everyone always wants to kill you?

Jack: "That's easy. It is because Doc always says strat and they want to shut him up. We just get caught in the cross hairs."

Mason: "Like you spouting movie references every ten seconds, that no one even gets, doesn't tick them off?"

Emily: "I agree with Mason, it's all your fault. Jack, you did get us all into this mess."

Jack: "Oh you know I Love Trouble but you read The Pelican Brief while Driving Miss Daisy and I let you Lean On Me. So don't go An Innocent Man on me now."

Emily: "That made no sense what so ever."

Mason: "Case and point. Jack is full of strat."

Jack: "Okay, we'll just blame reality tv, repeats, clip shows and bad writing."

And finally my viewers want to know, what are Critlen?

Mason: "Those stratty things that Drazin created in his sad excuse for a fraction."

Jack: "That isn't vague or anything, Doc. Basically they look like what you'd get if a Critter and a Gremlin decided to mate. So Critlen.

Emily: "And you have the nerve to complain about stupid names."

Jack: "Hey, it beats The Middle or some acryonm people or The Nothing. That one really takes the cake.

Mason: "Sure it does."

Jack: "Doc, go wash your hands again or something.

Mason: "After being cooped up in that cat of yours with you two, that's probably not a bad idea."

Emily: "Don't be so hard on Mason, Jack. He just misses that invincible, invisible, naked wife of his."

Jack: "Well I guess we better go save her from that family gathering. Dealing with Daddy and his everything happens for a reason spiel gets kind of old. Plus her step mother is a real psycho bitch and her uncle wouldn't shut up if you paid him. Not to mention Conan walking about in his Tarzan attire, shouting like George of The Jungle and firing up the power of grey skull.

Mason: "Takes an annoyance to know an annoyance."

Emily: "That was good, Mason."

Jack: "Just for that I'll be taking away your grenades, Doc."

They continued their playful banter as they climbed into their cat machine. After a few seconds they poofed from view and now I can go back to rhyming for all of you. What a bunch of windbags they were today at my bay.

Strangely none of them seemed to care about a talking, rhyming cat. I guess after, Hell, gods, The Middle, the P.A.T., the OCP, Drazin, Critlen, Leftovers and everything in between a talking cat kind of falls flat. So there we go, Pat's crappy artwork will no longer show. You can visit the tab above at my shore or go to Pat's place to find out more.

And just in case you never gave a view here is the Strat Hits The Fan, a trailer for the three that came due. Pat really owes me food in mass and that is all the plugging today from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I enjoy your differents type of world (lol) I love cat time machine:)) have a nice day Pat and enjoy your time (lol) gloria

  2. Hahaha, the robot cheetah is a definite upgrade.

  3. My head is till spinning from the interview.....

  4. Sweet! I like the new cover art! (though the old art was very nice and uniform!) The interview confused me but thats a good thing! and the song is great!
    They sound like really fun storys!

  5. Play on time look at that
    And great you like the cat

    Yeah beats the earth any day
    As the cat trumphs Pat's display

    LOL I know it could confuse
    As they tend to abuse
    And rant and rave
    Didn't want to give to much away though with what I gave

    Yeah old was uniform but never said a thing
    So I figured I'd give them a fling
    Confusing they can be
    Better when you know what the hell they are referencing at my sea..haha
    Got good reviews so far
    So guess they are fun and at least on par

  6. Yes is nice Pat and is your style (lol)

  7. I love the pictures and the sayings. No, the world isn't either new or perfect. Very clever stuff.

  8. Ah, a little trip down memory lane
    I've been missing the whole gang.
    And Cat, you never fall flat.
    And that's a Face it Fact.

  9. I'm with Lurk when it comes to the interview. Who are these people? :) And how did you manage to throw Lucifer in the mix. Hope he won't mind ....

  10. Nice ad... I mean, post. Heh.

    No, really... It was fun.

  11. Always my style
    Even when I want to run a vile mile

    Nope the world is not
    Which the books prove a whole lot

    The gang will be back soon enough
    Although things may get rough
    For there is a little twist
    With number four on the list

    hahaha those are the people from the book
    They time travelled to my nook
    Lucifer comes in the third
    But they all think he is just absurd

    hahaha what too direct?
    Bah the cat can't always show Pat neglect

  12. i like the symbolisim if thats how you spell it ^_^

  13. Awesome you say
    Here at my bay

    Yeah symbolisim is thrown in a bit
    As some points I tend to hit

  14. If Gloria read the books, it's a fact
    that she would have a crush on Jack!
    I think she'd like Conan, too
    Just between me and you.

    The one way mirror windows at a glance
    look like the lost their view blocking chance!
    Maybe your editor should have taken a look
    at the new covers of your books? ha.

  15. Not So Perfect World, Why do some people born naturally gifted and pretty, and some do not? I ask that question many times but still ain’t got answers. lol

  16. Lol I really enjoying reading this blog! You are very talented :)

  17. The interview definitely messed with my mind Pat but in a good way as usual. Great stuff buddy.

  18. haha who knows with her
    The lines may just blur
    And yeah I thought about the one way mirror thing
    But decided to give it a ring
    As it's more of a showing the viewer inside type of display
    Just to show there are people inside at play
    As they are looking at us
    And we can just see their fuss

    LOL hmmmm I guess luck of the draw maybe
    Maybe I'll shake my bush and it will give an answer to me

    Glad it is enjoyed at my bay
    As I go on a rhyming display

    LOL messing with your mind
    Is such fun to my little rhyming behind

  19. As soon as I'm done with "missing link" (I'm near the end), I'll will purchase and read one of your books!

  20. Love the new covers! Really fancy :) That's not how I pictured Lucifer at all. I pictured a legit big, round, hay in the mouth farmer. But your picture is much more lucifer-ish.

    The interview made me giggle. You really bring the charcters to life.

  21. Well, I must confess
    that I like Jack the best.
    He's witty and handsome, too
    Can't blame Hera for her crush
    even though her ways made me blush!

    shake your bush? Now this I want to see
    would you take a picture, please?

  22. Awesome thanks a ton
    Hope you find it fun

    haha I always find it fun
    How each person has their own version spun
    I gave the description and that is what I got
    Very much enjoyed by my little rhyming butt
    haha it's fun brining them to life
    And putting them through so much strife

  23. LOL yeah Hera is a bit of a leech
    Way more stalker like than being a peach
    I have fun with all three
    And in number four there is a new one that brings glee
    Well two actually
    But one is sorta umm a bit differently
    Made you blush hahaha
    Well after Santa you can now tell your blushing to shush
    And just wait another day or so
    A bush with a crack may show
    Not sure it will shake though
    But you never know

  24. Man you def have a gift here, love readin your posts

  25. Glad it's a good gift
    And doesn't cause a rift

  26. sounds like big trouble in little china but the young guns seem braveheart enough, wendy and lucy (who is lucy you ask, its a movie, cat) make quite a mess, but he wears overalls and not a dress, perhaps we need to address this...

  27. Hope my skills
    Can bring thrills

    haha look at you going all movie
    Isn't that just groovie
    haha yeah he doesn't take kindly to being called Lucy on bit
    He makes him have a fit
    Interestingly enough too
    Wendy and Lucy than Wendy, Lucy are all movie to view
    So you could have meant two films or one
    Isn't movie knowledge fun

  28. You've got the new cover art in! yinterview with the characters is a great idea as well. I'm sorry I'm late getting here, I'm taking a day off and slept in! I'll try to tweet you later today about the book review.

  29. Glad you liked the idea I had
    And bah you are only late by a tad
    And sleeping in
    Is surely not a sin
    Wish I could do that
    But have a pain in the behind cat..haha

  30. Jesus Pat - your a polymath Panther...
    An uber creative cat...

    Loving your work brother :)

  31. Those would all make great novel covers as well. :P

  32. Uber you say
    That works for my bay
    As rhyming and books come from Pat and the cat
    Here at our mat

    Sure whatever you say
    Here my way

    LOL that is what they are
    I guess it may not look like that at my bar

  33. Haha cat time machine? what did I just read lol. interesting post!

  34. I would like this in my socks, I would like this served with rocks, I would like this in a can, I would like this more than Dan. Your blog is nice oh Patrick Hat, I can not say much more than that.

  35. The interview was interesting. (:

  36. What? You never seen a cat time machine before?
    First time for everything at my shore

    Just don't eat the rocks though
    That would be a harsh way to go
    Glad the blog of pat and the cat is nice
    And fyi it has no lice

    I should do a full fledged one someday
    Here at my bay

  37. Ohh, so now I know where I've been going wrong. His name isn't Jack Sprat, it's Jack Strat! LOL
    I have no idea where you dig all this up from. Strat hits the fan... LOL

  38. hahaha Jack Sprat was too lean
    And was rather mean
    So the strat hit the fan
    And he became a whole new man

  39. Pretty sure this would've all been better fr me under different circumstances. Maybe would've really loved the post o-o

  40. I see you write Betsy I dont want any crush with anybody but I would like to read!!jack, Conan, hey Betsy stop!!What you think about me, that I crush with all men???(lol)

  41. Really nice redos on the artwork, but I guess I'm one of those butt sniffing mutts as there is something simple that I love about the originals. Although that number 2 is pretty darn cool, and the Lucifer one, with even your name in brimstone, now that was fun. Thanks

  42. What are you sick?
    If so germs ick..haha
    Hope you get your groove back
    The next time you visit my shack

    Gloria and Conan would be fun
    Although the dragon might make her run

    I guess simplicity works with the first
    But they tell nothing with this burst
    So had to go all one up on each
    And now they have far more reach

  43. No, Gloria...just the cute ones. ha.

    Tell my blushing to shush?
    Yeah, I've now been conditioned too much
    Santa did that
    here at my mat
    Nothing to embarrass me anymore
    so bring on book number four!

  44. Betsy ha,ha;(
    Wait by my revange Betsy

  45. Nice. Are these three all coming out at once?

  46. haha see Santa did the trick
    Good old saint nick
    Book number four is a little over half done
    So it will be brought on with another tale spun

    Revenge oh dear
    But could be fun to my little rhyming rear

    Yep all three are out and ready to read
    Over at pathattbooks website feed

  47. Im just kidding Im not a revenge person Pat, and Im not good to learn be bad, say thanks to the cat:)
    Im teasing betsy because she kidding me is all:)

  48. Lol cat time machine genius!

  49. That I know
    Just let it flow

    hahaha I think Pat got the idea from this cat
    Kind of a resemblence to my mat

  50. hahaha Gloria...oh dear!
    Save me, Cat!

  51. And, your cheating followers list is insane
    you should feel guilty playing that game.
    But some how I don't think you do.
    It's all fun to use and abuse.

  52. haha I don't think you need much saving from her
    You have lots of cats with fur
    That will surely protect you
    Of at least hide you in your zoo

    LOL I love being a cheat
    It can't be beat
    Over 400 so far
    Have joined by bar
    I know it's pointless to me personally
    But great perception it provides for my sea

  53. Yes, that is true
    between me and you.
    And some beg for followers as we have said
    so be careful while you lie in bed
    they may come and seek revenge
    for being on the comment binge.

  54. Sweet
    You greet

    Yeah the cat doesn't beg one bit
    The dogs might take offense to it..haha
    But why would they want revenge on a poor cat
    We can't have any of that..haha

  55. oh jealousy might be a reason
    to them you've committed treason.
    You might get to 1000 soon
    then you'll have to throw a party with balloons.
    Blue ones, of course.
    I knew that from your brain source.

  56. This is sooo awesome! I love Jack, too :0)

    The pictures look amazing.

  57. LOL but many do not know
    How many came to amass at my show
    1000 would be nice
    Even and all for my ocd vice
    Blue balloons would do well too
    Nine days left for the contest to be in view
    So you never know what could occur
    1000 could follow my behind full of fur

    Lots of love for Jack
    Glad you liked and thanks for the feedback

  58. Well, I kind of hope that happens to you!
    It certainly would be fun to view.
    1001 would also be nice and even
    to keep your OCD from up and leaving.
    Lots can happen in nine days
    Hope some stay around and join the rhyming haze. :)

  59. Yeah would be kind of fun to see
    Although no comments from many
    But that is to be expected any way
    As many can't be bothered to have their say
    What is really funny though
    As I seen some places with 14,000 followers at their show
    And 1 comment on their
    So whether one of 1001 followers I won't boast
    Too much
    Maybe just a touch haha

  60. 14,000 you say?
    Wow, they must have had a super drawing at their bay.
    Or maybe more than one
    maybe they gave away money by the ton.
    You could offer a signed photo of the bush as a prize.
    Probably get more followers than you realize.
    Or maybe not.
    But it's worth a shot.

  61. hahaha yeah I think they hosted quite a few
    Of those giveaways that come due
    A signed bush with a crack
    Might give some a heart attack..haha

  62. It's not such a perfect world...

  63. These look cool, amazing blog, good read. Following you for sure :) Check out my blog if you ever have time.

  64. Thanks for the look
    At my nook

    Nope it is not indeed
    I just planted the seed

    Glad I can amaze
    As you come to gaze

  65. I gotta agree
    It's something you gotta see
    The LA haze
    Leave you fazed
    Unwasted days
    Lookin' up at the scenery

  66. Glad they look great
    Here at my plate

    Look at you rhyming away
    Here at my bay
    A nice display
    Doesn't cause dismay
    Feel free to play
    Or go look for the needle in some hay


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