Blicky Blick This May Stucky Stick!

Thanks to the comments below yesterday at my show, I was showed there was a nonsense thing and you know I had to let that fling. So here at my wing, the nonsense I will surely bring. Is that different from any other day? Probably not, but we'll pretend anyway.

I need to rest my head,
My head in the bed.
But there is a blipper bump,
Some kind of littup lump.

I guess it wants a hump,
But it says I'm a grump.
No hump for the grump,
Or a grump to hump.

The spread tulip lip,
Did a flip trip,
But I got a grip,
And threw a hip.

Grump hump throwing hips,
Can't touch lips.
Rumps round and round,
Even make a sound.

Touchy pricks slapped,
Bouncing balls all chapped.
Not a fun night,
Ho and hum can't get the height.

Knee gets a twist,
A shouting wrist.
Bouncing bed bugs,
Not content with rugs.

Bed bug hugs,
Too big for plugs.
River messy wessy flow,
Leaves evidence under glowy glow.

Sick and tickly tired,
Now just whacky wired.
Grump the hump,
Hump the grump.

Sleep with craze,
The dreaded maze.
Many a whacky way,
But only one lippy lay.

Just wanted to head,
Head to bed.
Sleep of the dittering dead.
Not warrant bed head,

There is my nonsense facts for the day. Could you tell sleep needed to be had my way? Guess I proved I'm not lazy and way more than a tad crazy. But had fun with the nonsense sass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. gosh i need dictionary for that one ... ha! from the rest that i understand it sounds like a interesting nigh ;-)) ... have a nice w-e Pat!

  2. Sure you need to rest
    Sure you need to sleep
    Take it at your best
    Don't mess up your needs


  3. Lots of pains plus a few gains
    After all is said, a person is better off in bed
    I'll be polite and say I enjoyed your site
    So much to be read now dogs must be fed.
    Have a good day in your nonsense way.

  4. you mean there is sometimes sense in your nonsense, Pat you naughty cat? :P

    1. ha this fits you well, bed bug bites make you swell, and muscles come in shells she sells along seashores, but never bore...

  5. You really do nonsense poetry like no one can. Ha..ha... Now off I go to fix my bed hair and whack some bugs in the bed~

  6. Yeah, sounds like a sleepless night...

  7. lol'd.. River messy wessy flow,
    Leaves evidence under glowy glow.

  8. "No hump for the Grump" haha! Nice poem for a tired boy!

  9. hahaha just let it flow
    As off to bed I was supposed to go

    Do I get mice

    Try not to mess them up
    With any sort of hiccup
    But you never know
    Which way the wind will blow

    I will have fun in my nonsense way
    As I spout it at my bay
    For it is fun to say
    Or at least type before my head I have to lay

    Sense in my nonsense
    Hmmm you make it sound so dense..haha

    Glad I never bore
    That would be a chore
    And I'd have to sleep forever more
    Here at my shore
    With those sea shells
    And some other dingling bells

    LOL whack those bugs
    And get the ones under the rugs
    As my nonsense flows
    And I stoop to new lows

    Sleepless indeed
    And that was just the beginning at my feed..haha

    See that makes too
    Hopefully at least you had a better view

    LOL what 12 cups a day
    But that will surely keep the sandman away
    Or maybe it's because Drazin killed him
    Things are looking grim

    haha got an lol from you
    Such fun to do

    The tired boy had some fun
    As the cat gave it a run

  10. Coffee would just make you think more clearly
    after a night like that makes you bleary.
    Drazin killed sandman?
    guess you'll have to count sheep at your land.

  11. I agree with Betsy. Coffee would deff help! lol After reading this I'm going to make my first cup.

    a lit up lump????? That scares me. Well, just a little. hahaha

  12. "Two cats and Pat reside somewhere in Nova Scotia" — that would explain why the nonsense flows so freely. Nova Scotia is a wonderful wonderland of a place!
    Now I need more coffee, after a night like that!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. yeah, Jax ~ I didn't even want to know what 'lit up lump' was. I was too scared to ask! hahaha.

  14. should ask the cat if she couldn't catch these bouncing bed bugs..i'm sure that would be lots of fun..smiles

  15. LOL I have yet to take the coffee plunge
    As if I soak that up like a sponge
    Even more hyper I will be
    And that might not cause glee..haha

    haha geez all are on a coffee run
    Sounds like it brings fun
    hahaha no idea what that even is
    I just plugged it in as my mind wanted to get to the sleeping biz

    Wonderful wonderland of a place
    I guess it can be depending on where you rest your face
    And more coffee too
    Damn I may have to see what all the fuss is over this coffee stuff stated by all of you

    LOL well that makes three
    It will always be a mystery

    hmmm both cats would take delight in that
    And squash them flat..haha

  16. Thanks for always making me smile, Pat.

  17. haha glad going the rhyming mile
    Can get a smile

  18. Either your sick.... injured.... or starting a bed bug circus in this post? Any which way... cheers buddy!

  19. Are you saying that you've NEVER had coffee???

    I'm not sure I can believe that. It's amazing!

    But if it's true, I'm mailing you a Keurig with some Starbucks coffee pods, a gallon of soy milk, a box of sugar in the raw, and a can of cinnamon. It's the first thing you should do when you wake up!! Then you can rhyme about your new state of ecstasy. :)

    ^^^See what you can type out on a caffeine high???

  20. Oh dear, sleep deprivation is never good, Pat! You should get a neck pillow so you can fall asleep whenever you want!

  21. Awesome stuff as always pat, I love this man. Amazing how you do this dail1y!

  22. Really fun, I love this. The repetition that randomly returns is awesome here. Love topics about sleep and dreams and of the sort, this, you may cite as nonsense, but I really dig it- hope that doesn't make any statements about myself lol Great piece, thanks

  23. Pat, I'm reading this and not getting seeing sleep going on here. I'm seeing the humpty-hump happening. Am I wrong?

  24. This one was really all over the place today, i guess that's what you need to do sometimes to get the creative juices flowing though!

  25. hahaha well three guesses aren't bad
    Maybe off by a tad

    I'm just naturally high and clever
    See amazing once more
    Here at my shore
    Although your caffeine high sounds fun
    With the reply you spun..haha

    Sure brah
    With a ha ha

    That might be a good idea for me
    Especially with this neck pain crap at my sea

    Daily I come out to rhyme
    At least for a time

    Yeah totally random today
    In the crap at my bay
    Just popped in last night
    Statements about you?..hmmm it just might haha

    LOL no you aren't all that wrong
    As the humpty hump was going through my mind as I play nonsense word ping pong
    Funny where each persons mind goes
    As the nonsense flows

    Yep all over the place
    Without much of a trace
    As nonsense was the name of the game
    So nonsense is to blame

  26. Fight that urge to be a big grump. Give in to smiling through rhyming, chump! :)

  27. you are tired dear Pat? you work so much and think so much the rhyms:) and almost all day thinking in rhyms ...(lol)

  28. LOL I guess I can give in
    It wouldn't be a sin
    Like maybe a hump
    In some dump...haha

    Glad the title was grand
    Here at my land

    Yeah was tired when I wrote it
    As many a things come of at my pit

  29. If I found anything remotely like a lump in my bed, it would certainly give me the hump andddd just as quickly get kicked out too! LOLOL
    You crack me up.

  30. LOL hopefully it won't be a hard kick
    Cracking you up all ready may make you shatter fully and that be an awful trick

  31. Now, a hump may be a bump
    or a lump or a clump
    or some such thing atop my head.
    But, I like to think a hump
    can sometimes happen to me, a chump
    when the lights go out, in bed.

  32. You should try being a rapper Pat. haha

  33. Haha what? Made me laugh, nice flow

  34. Glad that wasn't my imagination. Tulip lips and round rumps and slapping balls screamed "sex" to me!

  35. I won't feel bad if it sounds like nonsense this time. Woopwoop

  36. I need a dictionary. :)

  37. This was a good one to read right before bedtime ;)

  38. haha well don't just think
    Or be a fink
    Let it tickle you pink
    Or maybe give a stiff drink
    And with that bump
    You may get a hump

    haha me and rap
    That would sure fill the scary sight gap

    Hopefully not cracked like an egg though
    Then you insides might show

    A laugh is fun
    As my nonsense is spun

    Nope not your imagination at all
    Pretty spot on, as usual, at my hall

    hahaha that is what is supposed to be
    So no need to feel bad but feel glee

    With spice

    hahaha crack one open
    Don't start mopin'

    haha hopefully it doesn't make you dread
    Going to bed

  39. you got skilllsss i couldn't rhyme that many times!
    following your rhymes

  40. Maybe you should go sleep in a hospital bed now...

  41. No hump for the grump? Haha that's what my girlfriend always tell me!

  42. Heehee, you said hump... Ok, yeah, that was kind of immature of me.

  43. LOL don't feel dirty
    Go get flirty

    Well a time or two isn't bad
    If you can do that be glad

    Ewww the germs that are in there
    I'd rather stay sleepless in my lair..haha

    LOL maybe you should don a smile
    Then you can hump for a mile

    hahaha bah immature is fun
    As many a tale here has spun
    And immature indeed
    But I just let it flow at my feed

  44. Nice, I like this one . . . Very Clever you are :)

    Touchy pricks slapped,
    Bouncing balls all chapped.
    Not a fun night,

    Sounds like a fun to me hehe

  45. LOL could have been fun
    Until it was done

  46. lol...
    Mr. Cat-
    are you thinking about THAT?

  47. Mr. Cat may think about that
    But I would much rather blame dirty old Pat


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