The Fire Is Lit And The Eyes Have It!

The cat seems to have something in his eye today. It is really causing me some dismay. Wait! Didn't this happen once before at my shore? Oh no! You have to know the upcoming flow. The eye crap will be taking another lap. Damn this dust getting in my eye. After this your eyes may water and you may want to cry.

This may confuse a ton.
Yet it isn't a con.
So no whacking me with a hoe,
Or throwing your shoe.

Please contain your fury,
And don't threaten to bury.
The cat is still your friend,
Even if you are a fiend.

And you should go suck a lemon.
Aren't I a little demon?
Let's pretend I ate an orange,
And my stomach acted strange.

Wait! Maybe I ate some bad crow,
Or it could have been that cow.
But it tasted so good,
And I need food.

Especially that protein,
Wouldn't want to pop a vein.
That could really cost,
If a vet I have to host.

Smacking my bone,
And before he's done.
Sticking a thing up my butt,
I'd like to tell him where it can be put.

Even tries to make me cough,
Isn't going to happen though.
For I am tough,
And his head is made of dough.

Plus I have no wound,
So shake that belly that's oh so round.
I'll blow more than wind,
If you don't get that thing out of my behind.

Go and bother some wolf,
Or better yet play golf.
Probably takes you an hour,
To get to hole number four.

You are such an elite,
Oops! Yes, I bite.
Did it hurt? Good!
Don't try and take my blood.

I will show you no love,
No matter how you move.
So leave me alone,
As we are quite done.

I want to go home and feast.
While you touch that tech's breast.
I know you were in the mood,
But I don't think she understood.

You may get your own wanted poster,
Or join the orange jumpsuit roster.
Don't take a certain tour,
It may leave your sore and sour.

Next up is some ragdoll,
As off I stroll.
With my great height,
Stuck in a cage like freight.

Just thinking of that nasty old vet probably brought this eye rhyme on. I guess I will avoid such thoughts further down the road at my lawn. Then maybe we can avoid these confusing rhymes. But don't we still have such fun times?

So just in case you did not know from my previous show, that is an eye rhyme. Not to be confused with my mind rhyme chime. The facts of this one are they look the same but thanks to some historic vowel changing game, they no longer sound the same. This means dead people are to blame. Have fun sending them your sass or feel free to give it to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. yeah not a big fan of the procto check, they seem to have the largest fingers what the heck...and of thank goodness i am not the tech....

    1. woop to doo i came in first
      with my little comment burst
      i am the best and not the worst

  2. one & two...lets make it three
    before someone comes & stops me

  3. I swear Pat I was reading this thinking to myself "does Pat realise that first verse doesn't rhyme if you read it out loud," then I slowly began to see that that was in fact the point. Any time I doubt that you're a genius I quickly realise that I was wrong, these rhyming skills make for an amazing song.

  4. And with each rhyme you make me see
    Patt Hatt can always make a fool outta me
    I searched for a rhyme like a Wheres Waldo Game
    Only to find that theres no rhyme to gain.

    Awesome job Patt! Loved the "go suck a lemon" line!

  5. You're a beast, man. This is great!

  6. Yikes, it's true.
    My eye IS watering
    and I will blame you!

    Have a good day, Pat.

  7. I learned something new today. Thanks. :)

  8. haha yeah the cat fights will all his might
    Whether day or night
    Not a fan of that
    Would rather eat a rat

    Replying to yourself
    Here at my shelf
    Hmmm is that like answering yourself back
    Have you gone crazy thanks to my shack?.lol

    Three with glee
    Looks like fun was had by thee

    hahaha see never doubt me
    I was letting the rhymes come so you could see
    Not hear this time
    With my chime

    hahaha made a fool out of you
    Hmm that is fun to hear, sorry it's true
    As gives Pat and the cat delight
    Go suck a lemon would be an awful plight

    I'm a beast
    Do I get a feast
    Wait don't want that
    Picky eating cat

    LOL yippeee
    Your eye is watering from me
    That gives me glee
    I better go hide in case you sick you dogs on me

    Learning at my bay
    Oh that truly causes dismay..haha

  9. That irked my OCD. I didn't get it at first...LOL I re-read the first Shoe and Hoe line about 4 times trying to make it rhyme. Then I made a mental note to tell u that hoe isn't pronounced HOO. hahahaha

    and you ate a crow?? a CROW??! :(

  10. nice, i like your style ;)


  11. we always learn something new here:) sigh!

  12. LOL yippee I irked your OCD
    That just delights me
    Made you read it over too
    hahaha guess the eye rhymes surely obstructed your view
    The cat ate the crow
    Just so you know..haha

    Like my style
    Not too vile

    Always learn something new you say
    Even thought most times it causes dismay..haha

  13. I was trying to imagine "orange jumpsuit roster."

    Mmm...Have a nice Sunday Pat ~

  14. You have a things for criminals do you?
    Are you a pen pal to those locked down in scary town saying their crime was untrue..haha

  15. I sure hope that vet doesn't read this blog. lol Poor eye.

  16. "suck a lemon"
    that sounds promising :))

  17. suck a lemon and smash a printer lol nice

  18. Aw, another trip to the vet
    with growling and crying on the way, I bet.
    My cats hated it, too
    As soon as they were in the car, they knew!
    It was the only place they were taken to!
    They would shiver and cry
    and think they were going to die.
    Hope yours are fine now
    and didn't retaliate on you some how.
    Very nice rhyme
    at what goes through their mind.

  19. Love the play, it's fun to see. Love the use of words and how someone not familiar could try to rhyme when they rhyme is not there, it's great to sit and rhyme with only a stare. Enjoyed this very much.

  20. Silly cat, cats can't rap
    Nor are they supposed to rhyme
    Go out and chase a rat
    Instead of sticking around getting fat
    Chasing verses to pass the time

  21. Yes yes, I noticed the eye rhyme. It's pretty intriguing here.

  22. stepping out with the eye rhyme. nice, keeping it fresh.

  23. haha don't think the vet knows it exists at all
    So safe as can be at my hall

    If you say so
    Suck a lemon and let me know..haha

    haha do both at once and have some fun
    Be sure to take pictures by the ton

    Yeah it was the last one when I did this
    Orlin truly does growl and hiss
    Cassie just curls up in the back
    And won't come out unless you give the cage a good whack
    But all done with that
    As once again not a paw chewing cat
    Now just Pat and the pain in the neck
    Needs to take the healing trek..haha

    haha yeah some not so familiar can easily be confused
    And I love making them feel so abused
    With only a stare
    Is all I did I swear

    Cat's can do whatever they please
    While the mutts go pee on trees
    I run a whole bunch
    Right after lunch
    So this rhyming cat
    Will never get fat

    Pretty intriguing I can be
    At least sometimes at my sea

    Stepped on out or in
    Hope the eye rhyme wasn't a sin

  24. I've had a painful neck
    for months and it's heck!
    I keep thinking it will get better on it's own
    but so far it won't leave me alone!
    Maybe it's contagious, too
    and I gave it to you.
    Were you serious about a ragdoll cat?
    I have never seen one and that's a face it fact.
    They look really pretty
    a unique kind of kitty.
    Do they really go floppy
    not to be confused with flappy?

  25. hmm going to the vet is not much fun ... still remember the time we took my aunts black cat to the vet, as soon as he was in the car he turned from a friendly fellow to a MAD cat, jumping all over (yeah, we had him just in a basket - i know! ...) & i had scratches for weeks to come ... dogs cooperate so much better for that :-)

  26. In the last verse, each 1st letter from each line, bottom to top, spells SWAN!

    I've found the secret message!

  27. I'm going for a lemon.

  28. Yeah, I remember having to explain sight rhymes to some folks quite a while back...

  29. I'm with the cat about going to the vet.

  30. hey... wait a minute... you rhymed orange with strange... and orange doesn't rhyme with anything... :)

    1. Bones, Bones.
      you didn't read to the end
      before that comment you did send.

  31. Smacking my bone,
    And before he's done.
    Love that line :D

  32. Yep had it for three damn weeks
    It really reeks
    My damn finger started to twitch too
    As I over strained it working out and/or writing book #4 to get due
    Arm got all tingly and shit
    Having it's own kind of fit
    Now not doing a thing
    Hopefully that pain will fling
    As it has begun to subside
    No more twitching far and wide..haha
    So I can blame you
    For sending this crap to my zoo..haha
    Oh yeah ragdolls flop right in your hands with ease
    You pick them up and they stretch out to please
    All upside down and inside out
    Savannahs cat do it too, but they would rather tense up and shout
    Ragdolls just flop
    And let everything drop

    Yeah dogs cooperate way better in the car
    But once they see the vet bar
    Some have to be dragged in
    Especially when you are going to choppy choppy poor rin tin tin..haha

    Wow you are good finding that
    It even eluded the cat..haha

    Just don't suck to hard on it
    Could cause a fit

    Nice you say
    At my bay

    Yeah you got me on to them way back
    As I had no idea they existed until then at my shack

    LOL yep Betsy was right
    But I fooled you on this night

    haha that sounds so bad when just seeing it alone
    But glad you liked its tone

  33. Oh yeah and the cat is glad you are with him
    As going to the vet is quite dim
    Yeah I missed one
    During my reply run

  34. Too much typing or lifting weights
    caused your finger to twitch and quake!?
    Yep, sounds like you need to rest
    being lazy is sometimes best!
    Although the weights help loosen up my neck
    so when your finger is better, what the heck!
    Twitching is kind of weird
    my eye does that when I'm really tired.
    Might be mistaken for winking
    instead of merely blinking.
    So, I hope it isn't your middle finger
    could cause you trouble at work when you linger
    and some think you've flipped them the bird
    and think you're really absurd.
    Unless it's Flappy
    being all yappy
    then it might be worth a twitch
    to get rid of the little...
    oh dear! hahaha.

  35. Purrrfect :) My cat had to go to the vet not long ago, and she wasn't as conversant. Whine, whine, wine (on my part).

    Thanks for consistently showing up at my blog Pat, even though I've been scarse here. I'll be back at my regular posting game soon, I'm sure.


  36. Yet another entertaining poem.

    And thanks for your fun Limerick-Off contribution!

  37. I don't know how you're able to keep up these crazy rhymes all the time. Well done though.

  38. Yeah my desk is to short or chair is too tall
    So it gives me a damn neck cramp at my hall
    Sitting on it for 6 hours at a time
    Doesn't help such a chime
    So not doing a thing as much as I can at least
    So the there is no return of the twitching beast
    Had to have pinched a nerve or something like that
    LOL Flappy comes in tomorrow at my work mat
    So maybe I'll get the odd twitch
    And flip off the umm person pretending it's an itch

    LOL disconcerting is fun
    Had to give it a run

    Super witty
    From the kitty

    haha whine whine just isn't fine
    But ad a growl and a howl and you get mine..haha
    Pat is consistent
    At least until when this dumb neck isn't resistent

    Hurt your brain..haha
    Beats popping a vein

    Crazy rhymes just have to be done
    So I can have some crazy fun


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