Flying The Flag For Anne's Torture Tag!

The cat got tagged for one of those question thingy magiggy things. I do usually ignore them at my wings. But these ones are kind of fun. So the cat couldn't help but give them a run. Even if Anne was too fecking drunk to make them rhyme I'll still give them a chime.

1.  What celebrity would you most like to shag and why?

So even though the cat is fixed I guess I can still be transfixed or at least make the motion. Would that cause a commotion? I at least wouldn't hump your leg like some mutt at your rag. I'm giving you the run around you say? Alright, here is the cat's big secret celebrity crush since last May.

That's right the cat would shag a mouse. Feel free to share the fact with your spouse. How could you pass her up? At least I'm not in lust with a pup.

See she can pull off the geek and look rather sleek. Now you have to agree that she is really one to shag with glee.

This surely will get you in the mood. Of course it may seem rather crude. But after I was done giving it a go, even with nothing down below, I could eat her all intact and that is a fact. For she would be in the buff and there would be no clothes to eat around, even if she was kind of tough. What? Cats eat mice. Is it a problem before that I want to shag her maybe twice?

2.  In the event of a zombie attack, what politician would you be willing to use as a human shield?

I think with the picture enough is said, he even looks like the undead. So if I hid behind him the zombies are quite dim and would think they are one in the same. I just hope he's tame.

3.  Rate the survivability of at least 3 fellow bloggers if they are attacked by zombies.

Hmmm this one is rather unique who should I give a peek.

Silver Fox, The = 6/10 because even with limited brain cells the zombies would get confused as his name rings the "the" filing bells. But it is a little low because I think Orson would sacrifice him if the zombies were to show.
Fred = 5/10 because his chances are slim considering he has to protect mutts and we cats know they are dim. But he has all those books he could throw, so either way it could go.
Jax = 8/10 because she could go between their legs as she ran away plus they'd only see her as an appetizer on the food tray.
Brian = 9/10 because he is such a gawker. I know such a shocker. But since he sees all he would probably avoid Davy Jones Locker or use some old lady with a walker as a good blocker.
Betsy = 9/10 because she has so many animals at her place that the zombies could never keep pace. They'd be full by the time they got to her and choking on fur.
Mama Zen = 9/10 because she has tons of critters as well. Plus her and her daughter prepare daily for such a zombie living hell.
Besercules = 8/10 because he has that special helmet on his shelf and sometimes he's just not himself. He splits into two and that would corrupt the zombies view.
Al = 8/10 because his has the experience swabbing the decks and causing ship wrecks. He'll make those zombies walk the plank mate, giving him a favorable fate. But if there is some alarm installing to do it might end up upside down and then he may be through.
Waffles = 3/10 because he has to go search for a job, causing him to be out and about with zombie Bob. So depends on how fast he can run if he ends up zombie chow time fun.
Elisa = 5/10 because she always has to be part of the story no matter how gory. But then her kids could save the day or watch her get eaten as they play. Her chances are up in the air but I'd say they are fair.
DWei = 2/10 because when the zombies give a peep they'll see him fast asleep, with that apparatus sleeping thing. But he has an ace in the hole at his wing. If his gf is around she might get eaten first and she could quench their thirst.
Dezmond = 1/10 because Dez is just to nice as those lovey dovey movies tend to entice. Zombies are anything but that plus sadly you have penguins under your hat. They would give you up in second to save their own skin. Get rid of them and maybe you will up your chances at a win.
Hank = 7/10 because he can weave his words around and the zombies wouldn't know where they were found. Plus a catchy limerick or two and they may use him when entertainment comes due.
Sub Radar = 5/10 because he could also go either way with all the tunes at his bay. If the zombies hate the ones he lets loose they will ignore his caboose. But if they like Radar will soon take a hike.
Daydreamer = 2/10 because her little dog wouldn't be much of a threat and with a Bloody Hell she might make them sweat. But then sadly she'd become chow ummm ciao.
Slamdunk - 8/10 because he knows all the crime and won't let those zombies get the time, to catch up to him one bit, unless they come in hoardes taking a big fit.
Anne = 1/10 because after a good meal the zombies would want to seal the deal. They'd want to go on a binge and bottles make them cringe. But Anne is so full of liquor and they'd surely hear her bicker. That they would chase her down wanting to throw a party on the town.

And as for me, I wouldn't even have to flee. Just hop in my bush with a crack and they'd never find me at my shack. So 10/10 as I wave bye to most of you human men and women.

4.  If you could reanimate just one dead person from history, who would it be?

Wouldn't this start the zombie craze? Since you would be bringing a dead guy back in a daze. But I suppose if you shoot them in the head after you're done, you can still have your fun. I still would not want them too close because they'd probably look rather gross. Then I am going to cheat and use two, then again that may not be true. Since one is a god I guess, he might have avoided that death mess. I admit I had no idea what so ever. But searched around and found a couple that were clever.

To prove cats rule and dogs, no matter how godly, drool!

I'd bring him back because his commercials didn't lack. With over 800 of them to see. The same damn one didn't play ten times in an hour at ones tree. Plus you have to like the evil version up there, just look at all the red he decided to wear. It might attract a bull but at least of it, unlike now a days, he wasn't full.

5.  Would you be willing to take this person out to a pub? Why or why not?

Sure they could come with me. I could get a good seat because everyone would find them scary. Their dead stench would clear the place out as people scream and shout. When they finally run away. I won't even have to pay. Free liquor for many could make this idea a tad less sicker.

6.  In the event of a nuclear holocaust, would you be willing to eat cockroaches to survive?

Sure they are yummy, they go well with rat in the tummy. As for Pat I don't know. But if he's starving I would be far away from our show. I wouldn't want him to eat me. But maybe I could lend him a flea. Sure he would though if he had to. They are quite crunchy between me and you.

So there are some fun facts from her torture tag here at my rhyming rag. I think I just proved once more I am a loon but damn wasn't that a real sexy mouse cartoon? Anyway, that is all my question answering sass and off I go to hide from those zombies with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. poor gadget.
    don't shag her too much, willya?
    actually don't do this to my childhood no more ahahaha

  2. Awesome answers to Anne's questions, I knew you'd do a great job Pat! I can't believe you managed to rhyme all your answers too (well actually I can because you're awesome but yeah), great stuff as always Pat, your answers are interesting to say the very least.

  3. You crack me up, cat. Even those pictures are incredible.

  4. LOL the cat apologizes for any childhood memories he destroyed for you
    But I was just stating what was true..haha

    Yeah I can rhyme anything given I guess
    Even if it is one big mess
    Glad they were interesting too
    As I went about the questions that were due

    LOL incredible pics they were
    That mouse one some may want me to blur

  5. So thats what an animated mouse looks like naked! No wonder that other mouse would go crazy for cheese!

    8/10? Sweet! And thanks for the addvice! I will use that helmet in case of a zombie invasion!

    Great answers by the way!

  6. I knew you'd rhyme your way through this and I'm so glad you did. Those are some sexy mice up there cat. Great pic of Obama, good thing you're in Canada. I wonder how many Americans will agree with you. We'll know by the end of the day. Bersercules is definately a contender against zombies. He's smart, he's big, he's Canadian and he has a beard. Al definately would clean their clocks. Never mess with ane ex military man. And me a 1 out of 10. I'll remember that when I do your book review hahaha.

  7. Gadget sure is fine, maybe I should take her out for some wine!

  8. haha so me betsy and mama z on the 9 surviviability trees...and me bumping old ladies...yeah i skipped the first question as it made me feel a bit creepy...hehe...but you are a cat, but that just makes it all the more disturbing...smiles.

  9. Six? A lousy six? At least toss me a bone here and say I would have had a higher score if I could get behind the steering wheel of a car, fer cryin' out loud! Or maybe I could go into Grammar Nazi mode, and make the zombies' heads explode?

  10. 7/10! gosh, that’s respectability
    Them zombies ought to see
    The cat’s great at guessing
    Ought to make it pleasing
    Will keep on following
    2012 sure is fulfilling
    Pat, search your cat’s essentials
    May not have maximized its potential
    May get onto something valuable
    Would cut off any squabbles


  11. hey, I don't see the Obama pic!
    And how on Earth could you rate my zombie survivability that low??? Everybody knows I'm actually the only one who has the plan for a zombie outbreak, and who already has all the equipment ready. Now I will use you as a human shield against zombies, Cat you naughty Pat, and let me see you smash a printer and have a nice winter then!

  12. hahaha yeah he had to have that cheese
    Maybe she was really just a tease
    That helmet should protect your neck too
    So survivability it high for you

    hahaha oh the one out of ten was just so fun
    As once the zombies want a drink you're done
    Yeah Canadians can get away with that
    Some Americans might hate the cat
    But oh well
    What the hell
    Was fun to rhyme my way through
    Uh oh, either way though should be an interesting review

    wouldn't take much to get her drunk
    One drop and she'd fall over, kerplunk

    LOL it's only a piece of paper
    So shouldn't feel creepy by my caper
    haha although you disturbing it can be
    Although I was going for that which you can see
    And those zombies would have to be sneaky to get you guys
    But maybe after multiple tries

    LOL Orson would throw you to the wolves I have to say
    That's what lowered your score at my bay
    Plus the car wouldn't work
    Because no gas would lurk
    It would be all gone
    So you'd have to sprint across the lawn

    Respectible works for me
    As you surely can be
    When those zombies come
    Looking to fill their tum tum
    Searching the essentials for something valuable be great
    The cat would love extra food or dough on his plate..haha

    You don't see it
    I guess blogger has a fit
    Or it's just your eyes
    Spreading such lies
    LOL but you couldn't handle a fake dead easter bunny
    So I wouldn't bet on you with my money
    Those zombies are extra mean
    And it seems you like things rather clean
    You have to drag me out of my bush crack first
    In order to use me for a shield to their thirst
    I may have to smash a printer one day
    Would be quite fun to use at my bay

  13. We could all dance with the zombies like in Thriller.
    Oh, now that youtube clip would be a killer!
    Yes, I think I could survive
    fighting zombies at my hive.
    But I would protect my kittens dear
    of that you should have no fear.
    Love the human shield!
    We could ship him up there if your customs laws would yield.

  14. nice quotes?
    Is that a joke?

  15. nice jokes?
    Is that a stroke?

    Oddly enough, Mythbusters proved that cockroaches won't be able to survive high amounts of radiation as originally though. I hope you like fruit flys.

    Also, my printer doesn't need to be smashed, it's dead Jim.

  16. You've got good taste, when it comes to mice. As far as Pat, it would surely be a waste. If Pat let's the penguins live under his hat, there's food tastier than a rat.

    This one was a masterpiece. Like a theater masterpiece. :)

  17. hahaha I would just make the camera go
    You could all dance to the flow
    Nine kitties would be a lot to protect though
    May have to get that skunk to give the zombies an evil blow
    LOL well he'd prob spend a good year in customs limbo
    Could be better for you guys down below

    Shows your a nut
    Talking out your butt

    Just wanting to comment so I would come his way
    With the stupid things he has to say

    Someone is having a stroke
    Make sure they don't choke
    Those coackroaches wouldn't be around
    Hmph I guess fruit flies it is at my ground
    They are fun to chase for the cat
    So he's not too dismayed by that

    Yeah Pat would find it quite the waste
    Under his foot she'd be paste
    I suppose Penguins might taste better than rat
    But neither will be tried by Pat..haha

  18. Interesting post (lol) and the comments too :)

  19. No, no,'d have to dance, too
    Right in between Gloria and Tashtoo.
    I'll man the camera for that shot
    because it's one that's got to be got.

    Have to also say I miss Dave, too!
    I lived near the very first Wendy's before it grew
    to a world wide chain worth some buckaroos.
    And yes, that was in Ohio, where all good things are.
    People admire us from near and far.

  20. haha comments are always fun
    As some go on a rhyming run

    What a stuff
    Glad a not tough

    hahaha no thanks the cat doesn't do well with a crowd
    He'll just just upon high looking proud
    So no shots other than that
    Maybe the Zebra will play instead of the
    Geez Ohio makes everythig it seems to me
    Yet it doesn't seem to get the publicity
    Of some other states down there
    At least from what I get at my lair

  21. First off, when I saw the Wendy's man I bursted out laughing. Please stop doing that to me at work!!! The Japanese don't know who the wendy's man is. LOL!! Out of all the people to come back alive...Not Elvis, or Marilyn Monroe..The wendy's man!

    Second, did I really just look at naughty mice pictures???? I guess that's what happens when you ask a cat who they would like to shag. hahaha (Who took time to put pasties on a mouse anyways????)

    Third, an 8/10! Not bad!! See, I should add that to my list of reason why it's good to be petite. Who would want to be a hearty main course anyways? Not mee...

    P.S. Props for being so quick with the name change :)

  22. I will never look at Gadget the same way again. Her cheesy bits... oh my.

    Also, fun fact, I have a dog named Anubis, because he looks exactly like the god of the underworld. However, rather than usher souls to the other side, he chews on his own ass and runs into walls.

  23. The zebra you say?
    Maybe Santa will also come and play.
    Might scare away some
    when that time comes.

  24. Great answers and rhyming.....amazing!

  25. LOL, your playfulness ever amazes me, Pat. I think if I were attacked by said Zombie I'd be a goner.

  26. LOL but it is fun having you laugh and startle the Japanese
    Would you rather the cat sends you fleas?..haha
    hahaha I had no idea who
    I did think Elvis like you
    But then I saw him pop up as I looked about
    And that did it perfectly for my shout
    There was only one naughty mice picture though
    The rest nothing seemed to show
    Some one obviously likes pasties on a mouse
    The cat would spit them out, finding them gross..haha
    There you go another reason for the list at your show
    And sub zero made me change the name on the go
    He threatened to freeze me if I did not
    Liu Kang needs to scream and then hurt him a lot

    LOL cheesy bits ruined your view
    Of Gadget, but at least there are the rest of the rescue ranger crew
    Zipper didn't come into play
    But I'm sure with him I could have had some fun at my bay
    Maybe he's trying to get back to the underworld but can't find the door
    So he checks the walls and his ass for a way to get back to the place of lore..haha

    Now that would be a video for the ages
    Would sure fill a few comment pages
    And by the end
    Surely some we'd offend

    Glad I can amaze
    With my question answering maze

    Playful I can always be
    Here at my rhyming sea

  27. Next Christmas season you could use
    that wrapping paper as your blog page background views.
    Might make some blush
    and others would tell you to 'hush'.

  28. Liu Kang and his high pitched hi-yass make me twitch! I like jaaaxxx for obvious reasons. I also like Kung Lao b/c he has a sharp hat.

    LOL Peaches just called me from across the room asking me what I was giggling at! I just had to explain to her how you want to meet the Wendy's man. Now my office thinks I'm a little wacked tyyy :)

  29. Biden looks more like a zombie. I'd use him.

  30. I knitted a cockroach skin coat to help me survive the impending nuclear war.

  31. My favorite stop in my day always a outstanding use of vocab :D

  32. lol if i was attacked by Zombies Clinton as a human shield as he would warn them off by having sex with them.

  33. Whoa, I tied LMF/Jax and only am one point behind Brian? You made my day.

  34. hahaha now that is surely something to do
    Would be fun watching many come to view

    Liu Kang was great though
    He could jumpkick over and over again with his high pitched flow
    Cyrax was the man as well
    Sending bombs out that blew people to hell..haha
    hahaha well if they didn't think you were whacked before
    I'm sure I helped them along at your shore..haha

    haha there you go
    Could help if zombies decided to show

    Hmmm that's a good idea too
    Spread it around for people to view
    And you could make lots of cash
    Just make sure the coat doesn't cause a rash

    Favorite stop of the day you say
    That is nice to hear at my bay

    LOL I guess that could work
    Unless they thought he was a jerk
    Or if certain things got bit off
    Then the zombies might scoff

    I made your day
    Glad I could do so at my bay

  35. Ha, my cats love their spiders and beetles and even the orange one once ate a ladybug, but roaches, I'll let them know, but hopefully those pests don't show up at their house upstairs--yep, you heard me right, we have a vacant apartment upstairs and the cats use it to their glee, it's their home and if they are hanging out downstairs and see up the stairs going your feet, they'll follow you back up, and make sure you don't misplace any of our, er..their stuff.

    Dave Thomas commercials were fun.

    Don't do the egypt thing, it didn't work well for what's his face

    The ratings thing was quite the fun. I thank you for the 5 rating, but with my herniated discs I doubt I'd outrun the slowest ones. I'd probably be ok until all the books were thrown, but knowing me I'd probably be turned or eaten, when I held onto one and said "no, not that one.-lol

    The cartoon bit was beyond funny.

    Great fun, outstanding piece.

  36. Lmao! You're awesome. I think you were spot on with my chances of survival. I guess the best thing I have going for me is that I always live to blog about it ;)

  37. dude, I'm totally down for gadget too!

  38. hahaha you know the cats rule the roast when they have their very own room
    You mess it up and they will bring about doom
    Don't like that Egypt place
    And that half dog Anubis with his ugly face?..haha
    Well if they had no legs you could outrun them pretty good
    Or even if they had legs made of wood
    LOL the mouse just had to be done
    As rescue rangers never looked so fun

    haha spot on will all the cats spots I guess
    And true no matter the mess
    You live to blog about it
    Unless the internet takes a hit
    Then the zombies might win
    That just be a sin

    LOL see I'm not the only one
    That wants some Gadget fun

    And another who wants more
    I'll have to do a Gadget encore

  39. Cockroaches are very tasty. :P

  40. That's an attractive mouse.. Is that the Wendy's guy?! Man!!

  41. Dez and Anne stand no chance when the Zombies Arrive.... Sad story... Sad Sad Story...

  42. I say get a big yacht and sit in the middle of the ocean during a zombie apoc

  43. Sounds like you know
    Crunch crunch and down they go

    haha yep the Wendy's guy
    The mouse is attractive no lie

    Liked my pick you say
    Maybe you can take her and roll in the hay..haha

    Yep oh so sad
    But the zombies are quite glad

    haha yeah but you need food too
    No matter what you will run out eventually, plus you need some sort of crew

  44. Pat, you make me laugh
    Cat, you make me smile
    Combined you are deadly
    Under wicked your filed!
    So just slow your roll
    No need for speed
    Upon these dark shelves
    Your rhymes will still bleed
    Once again, with rhyme up to bat
    You have taken home the Just Face it Facts

  45. Glad Pat and the cat can come across as quite the pair
    Even if we ruffle each others hair
    It is quite fun to do
    Rhyming and ranting for all to view
    And never fear
    Fast or slow, something will always be on the go

  46. I'm not sure if I should be scared that you know how many Wendy commercials have been made. :)

    Good choice as to who to hide behind in case of a zombie attack. I have a few celebrity choices of my own: spouse cheaters beware!!!! [insert evil cackle here]

  47. haha I read that fact a long time ago
    That he did a little over 800 for his Wendy's show
    LOL yeah there are plenty of choices to use
    When those zombies come and try to abuse

  48. well i imagined Jessica Rabbit but then you cant eat her afterwards can you?

  49. haha yeah no human eating here
    Not that cannablistic I fear

    Glad they were fun
    As I went on a rhyming run

    A laugh was had
    That is rad

  50. D: So much for using the sleeping device to save both of us.

  51. haha you might want to re-think that
    Zombies could chow down while you sleep at your mat

  52. It will keep coming indeed
    Here at my feed


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