The Godly One Wanted Me To Poke Fun!

Drazin thinks his cat fur slippers are great and won't stop wearing them at any rate. But I guess he isn't getting the villian respect he'd like. As if losing to two cats wouldn't make the villian society tell him to take a hike. So he wanted to prove he is really bad and sent the cat a list of villains that are just sad.

He expected me to make fun of his list but I'll make him shake is fist. Instead I am going to use them to show all of you how to be a great villian for all to view.

#10 - The Point. You have to make ones nose go out of joint. Making you seem so scary and not like some nice woodland fairy. So get to pointing at your bay. But I'd throw the rats away.

#9 - The Cigar! You have to butch up at your bar. So stick the thing in your yap and munch on it before you flap. That will make you seem scary too. Although it may kill you.

#8 - Dress to Impress. What is a villain without someone to watch their back? You need back up when you go on the attack. But don't settle for a poor color scheme. With the matching wear you will all gleam.

#7 - Use the Bad Breath. You want to bring death. So use it and open that trap, sporting a great big gap. If you look like a booger though, you may be scary enough and no bad breath needs to flow.

#6 - Sport the Tie. Go ahead and give it a try. A pretty bow tie will have your foes trembling in their shoes. You will even look good on the news.

#5 - Work Those Facial Features. Those nice people have to see your from the bleachers. You don't just want to scare those close to you. You have to scare them all at once when you get bug eyes or turn blue.
#4 - Use Your Brain. Or it might get old and wrinkly causing you to pop a vein. Or a couple dozen in this case. Isn't that one ugly face?

#3 - Drink Plenty of Fluids. Maybe even dress like some scary druids. But watch your health because even if you steal wealth, you can't get the chicks if you are held together by sticks.

#2 - See Here is Proof! The cat doesn't goof. You can water your brain and make those muscles grow from all the pain. Making those goody goody people suffer actually makes you buffer.

#1 - The Name! You don't want to sound lame. So you really need to get a scary name for when you reach bad guy fame. These guys have it down. Their names are spoke all over town. Screw Loose and Wingnut. Now with that kind of name you sure can strut. But beware! Wing a nut and the owner may care. And if you screw loose a disease it may produce.

Now aren't you a proud bad guy. You will soon look like this, no lie!

Tons of gold to take hold and flashy fingers making you seem so bold. Plus the nice whiskers that threaten your foe and the bad breath to let flow. You'll soon be villian number one and make all the little kiddies run.

Think Drazin meant for all of that? Either way you know no one is more evil then a cat. So think about that before you humans cross one. Isn't being a villian fun? That is all the villian Face it Facts for today class. I have to go scare some people with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Excellent retro bad guys and smells....

  2. "If you look like a booger though, you may be scary enough and no bad breath needs to flow." This line made me laugh so much Pat, I thought it was line of the week until I saw the line about not being able to pull chicks if you're held together by sticks which is incredibly true as well. Awesome stuff Pat, great villain countdown to say the least.

  3. No cat is complete without Kitten Mittens!

  4. hahaha awesome
    ! i can do a GREAT Krang impression and a great Cedrick Snear one.

    protip: Shredder's voice was done by Uncle Phil from fresh prince of bel-air

  5. This was great, no debate! Including all my favorite cartoons, a nice touch for all us goons!

  6. nice...what does it say that i knew everyone of these...and bad guys must consider what they wear or even how to comb their hair, do they want the hero to stop and stare?

  7. I love this Patt, especially dress to impress, always remember these villans!!:)

  8. You have described these bad guys well;
    even down to their awful smell
    but I wouldn't care to meet
    any one of them on the street!

  9. these were some super cute villains from our childhoods!
    And I like the new pic at the banner, Cat the Pat :)

  10. So when did Drazin get his cat slippers to wear
    Did I miss that episode from you there?
    I know he's always threatened and warned
    but didn't know the reality was born.
    I always thought he'd never win!
    So what two cats did he catch and skin?

  11. Retro bad guys can smell
    So added them both together at my well..haha

    haha well you can get the gold digger ones
    Who want to off you and/or steal your money my the tons
    But bad guys never get rich
    As they always have to give their last rant out in such a high pitch

    Kitten Mittens are all the rage
    Drazin's slippers must have cost a mighty fine wage

    Do you drool?

    Shredder's voice changed like 5 times though
    As it did go back and forth on the show
    But Uncle Phil never knew
    You can do a brain impression too
    hahaha I won't touch that
    Impersinating brains might scare the cat

    Glad I could appease the goons
    With all the cartoons
    From this rhyming loon
    Maybe their secret weapon should be a shiny spoon

    Says you watched some of the better shows
    And not the ones today that reach new lows
    Yeah they have to get the hero's attention
    Other wise they'd have no one to give their final rant too before ending up in detention

    Dress it impress
    Just popped in I will confess
    As these villians are fun
    And not some over the top crap ones like today's that are done

    Yeah they may raise your neck hair
    As they could give quite a scare
    Or make you stop and stare
    Maybe even run and swear

    Yep villians that abounds from back when
    We were like ten
    Just noticed the new pic too
    Kind of slow of you..haha

    That was way back at christmas time
    With the fake Santa elf troll thing crime
    He caught a magic elf and made him make the shoes
    So no cats had to sing the blues
    As the elf just pulled them out of thin air
    So that's how Drazin got his slipper pair

  12. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Gotta love a good villain, except for the guy with rats. What's up with that? Hey, I just realized. Even your name rhymes.

  13. I must admit to only knowing a couple of those ole gits. So thanks for the intro to all the evil foe. Happy rainy Monday to you :)

  14. haha he is the Rat King
    So rats by the hundreds he does bring
    Really nasty I will agree
    And yep Pat Hatt rhymes, don't worry it also takes a while to be seen by many

    Nice and sunny here
    But cold I fear
    At least you knew one or two
    And now many more with a view

  15. Oh, well that's a relief!
    I must have read that one half asleep!
    Thank God for "fake Santa elf troll things"!
    Without them, who knows what dread Drazin would bring.

  16. haha you were just too caught up in your santa to notice everything
    As he flapped away at your wing..LOL
    Drazin still wants his hat
    But the cat will never allow that

    1. Oh yes, that's true
      Santa was distracting me for sure.
      How could I forget?
      The image is forever in my brain, I bet.

  17. That big green mouth thing scares me. Forget the bad breath, it looks like a turd with arms!! hahaha

    and I get the whole pointing thing (pointing at someone in the midst of a battle can be both intimidating and confusing LOL), but how does having a bandage on your nose stop you from looking like a woodland fairy? I guarantee you that if tinkerbell put a bandaid on her nose, she will STILL look like a fairy. Silly villians...

  18. LOL but never fear
    The ghostbusters will make sure the big green mouth thing doesn't slime your rear
    Yeah the pointing is intsramental to their rant
    But then they waste too much energy and start to pant
    So it's off to jail they go
    But tinker bell would need a big image change to get the bad guy flow
    The rat king has his rats
    And those things chew up your mats..haha

  19. You got me thinking with your #6. How many antagonists sport something similar? I think I'll have my work cut out for me in finding another few examples.

  20. haha yeah there aren't that many, if any, I can recall
    That sport a bow tie and go all bad guy at their hall

  21. Villains from the days of childhood.

  22. I knew bowties were evil. I just knew it. But did my wife believe me? No, she didn't. She bought me a bowtie, I wore it for a day, and now that schoolbus full of children is down at the bottom of the ocean. Really, she has no one to blame but herself.

  23. Awww, I was hoping for a shot of Drazin himself!

  24. Is that the Brain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I think it is!

  25. What a great walk down memeory lane! Thanks for posting this great list! Wait! Smoking a cigar is evil? Hey! I'm a villian and didn't know it!

  26. number 6 and number 5 - obviously i have a thing for a big bug eye :-)

  27. Drazin is the worst of all, that villian he should really fall up the steps and into a vat of his own excrement and that for skinning cats. I know all of these except for the bad breath guy. What's he from? He's drawn like something from "The Wall", but this isn't from there.

  28. Yep those were the days
    With villians had quite the displays

    LOL wow I never knew a bowtie was evil like that
    It really turned you into one mean dirty rat

    Drazin already had is mug at my bay
    Once is enough for his godly display..haha

    You are right
    The brain from tmnt is what came into your sight

    LOL well you are beserk after all
    Plus with that helmet you could go either way at your hall
    Over to the dark side
    The cigar would just butch up your stride..haha

    Obviously you liked the bug eyed guy
    When he goes 88 mph I do too, no lie

    Geez Drazin in a face full of shit
    Now that would be a hit
    Technically he never skinned the cats though
    As the magic shoe elf just poofed the slippers into existence with a glow
    The bad breath guy is slimer from ghostbusters
    As they run around and try to catch him with those over grown dusters

  29. Kind of makes you wonder if their parents knew their kids were going to be bad guys and gave them appropriate names or if by giving them bad-guy names, they helped turn them bad.

    Love the pictures.

  30. Hmmm a case of nature vs nurture type deal
    Making them become bad guys for real
    Just by their name
    I know in the family photo one the mother is to blame..haha

  31. Could it be that I'm too good?
    I don't know one villain in this hood.
    Nah, I'm not too good, even I must say.
    Just "special" in a short-bus way.
    Thanks for the animated lessons today.
    It's always fun to stop your way.

  32. Oh boy are you going to get the Godly one really ticked off here, definitely not what he had in store, so to the cat score one more. It's funny when I used to read every comic that would come out, way back when you could afford to, I used to like a lot of the villains in the books, some are just classic cool, but of course the heroes, most anyhow, were just as cool, anyhow can't beat those old marvel villains, hobgoblin is still one of my faves, and juggernaut to just name two. But I was stunned how I couldn't guess many of these, I know the skeletor one for sure, the ghostbuster ectoplasmic ghoul is cool and those Uncle Scrooge disney troop I think I know, but the rest, without popping a vein, I have to say for most of these villainous bunch I had no hunch. Cartoons and comic-like discussions are always fun, especially when I rhyme is spun.

  33. Bad guy fame... nice I like the pic that goes with it

  34. Not a single one
    Hmm maybe a chocolate bad guy had to be spun
    Then you could have got him
    Even though a chocolate bad guy might be dim
    But glad it is always fun
    Here under my rhyming sun

    Yeah I strayed away from the marvel guys
    As they are way more wise
    Then this troop I picked out
    But yeah Juggernaut and Apocolypse were great no doubt
    And you didn't get them all
    Geez you need to add a villian reference book at your hall..haha

    Bad guy fame
    So the bad guys won't turn out lame

  35. Remember Betsy reply don't work
    Here where I lurk
    And the image forever in your brain
    LOL ohh the pain

  36. We've seen Drazin? Damn, can't remember that post!

  37. I know you can't use reply here
    but I can, obviously, dear.
    Or would you rather I didn't?
    I'll comment how ever you want it.
    Yes, the things you've planted in my memory
    will be with me 'til eternity.

  38. Hey! Re: #6 - Dr. Who wears a bow tie. Bow ties are cool!

  39. I don't think I'll ever need this list... But then again..

  40. haha Drazin's bald head was there for show
    With his eyes all aglow

    Doesn't matter to me
    But sometimes replies I do not see
    As I don't look that far up
    So one might get by me and suffer a hiccup

    LOL bow ties are for evil bug people guys
    The cool fade is nothing but lies

    Hey you never know
    Someone may force you to go all villian at your show

  41. know what...? my kids think i'm scary enough...even without a cigar...smiles

  42. holy crap man! SO much nostalgia! I suddenly need to watch Rescue Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and Duck Tales! My eyes literally lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw this post.

  43. Whoa, a huge blast from the past in this post! great stuff man.

  44. LOL well if you are scary enough
    Than I'm sure you have the villian stuff

    LOL lit your eyes up that is fun
    Yeah those three shows right there are so well done
    Have em all on dvd
    Sitting at the shelf at my sea

    Glad it was a good blast from the past
    Is 20 years or so that vast?..haha

  45. I enjoyed the whole post, so I apologize if it bugs you I'm focusing on the final words... but I laughed my ass off at "Enjoy your winter. Smash a printer." LOL. I need to go watch Office Space again now... and I need a printer to smash! :)

  46. omg! I love all the classic comics! Skeletor? the blob thingie? Great stuff. Ahh... I remember those cartoons well~ <3

  47. Looks like your reply button still doesn't work, but is there to cause fits and spurts, oh google won't you ever learn, not to piss of a cat who can rhyme like that… But seriously, It's funny, I actually have 2 encyclopedias coming in the mail, just ordered them the other day, one's a complete history of all the characters of the DC universe and the other is Marvel, humongous books, totally looking forward to that- If they had one for cartoon super villains I would probably sign up for that as well lol

  48. If you've no skin o'er the bones that you're in
    you'd better be scary and more.
    So, instead of Lou, Laurie, or Lynn,
    'tis best to be known as Skeletor.

  49. I didn't notice that your blog has a library background--I really like the old library, man by the fire, and the emperor cat.

    Villains need all of that, including a cool name. Which you have found.

  50. I remember those villains..ha..ha...though
    it was so long ago..does this mean we belong
    to the same generation...mmm... ???

    Nice day to you ~

  51. LOL it doesn't bother me
    As smashing a printer is fun to see
    Let me know if you get it done
    I want to see you have that kind of fun

    That would be the real ghostbusters indeed
    Hard to believe so many missed that one at their feed

    Slimer turns to the Blob thingy
    Sure he'll like that little ringy..haha

    Nostalgia abounds
    Today at my grounds

    Yeah the dumb reply button is a huge piece of trash
    That I just want to bash
    LOL damn my psychic powers at play once more
    Down at your shore
    Those would be cool too
    The Marvel one be right up my alley it's true
    DC was never as big for me
    But still liked it at my sea

    True I guess if the shoe fits
    May as well use Skeletor down in the the pits
    Just don't cackle
    Your bones may crackle

    The emperor cat rules all
    As he stands upon the world all tall
    Glad you like
    And yeah a cool name they need or they may as well take a hike

    I've watched things from way way back
    So generation gap with tv is kind of null at my shack
    Oh happy day
    Hopefully yours was good also at your bay

    The raccoons guy is kind of out there
    Compared to the rest at my lair

  52. Except for bug eyes, I don't know any of these guys. Either you are too young, or I'm too...oh well.

  53. LOL too oh well
    Never heard that one before, care to elaborate, do tell..haha

  54. you know, for a guy named skeletor, he's pretty buff in that pic.

  55. BragonDorns name will only come to fame. Never to shame. Cus that would be lame.

  56. haha must be all the hot air he tends to huff
    So he inhales and looks all buff

    I hope the cat you do not blame
    If your name remains tame
    Or doesn't reach fame
    In the villain game

    Sure you say
    With what you display

  57. Oh my gosh--this brings back so many fun memories ;)

  58. I recognized a lot of these. I feel old now.

  59. Let's see... Duck Tales... Ghostbusters... Roger Rabbit... Rescue Rangers.... Those were the only ones I recognized.

  60. #3 is the boss
    But skin wise he's at a loss

    Bringing back memories at my sea
    How nice of me

    LOL bah don't feel so old
    Maybe just a bit more bold

    Missed TMNT how dare you
    That one you should have knew..haha

  61. You're right.... bad breath ALWAYS works. I sometimes feel like I'm a cat with nine lives myself. Lots of bad-breath villains trying t kill me lately. Remember THIS fellow?

  62. LOL those bad breathe villians you have to watch out for
    And yeah I remember that fellow well at my shore

    And FYI besercules I just deleted it
    Just in case you wanted to keep that oh so great email secret a


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