I Hear A Cage Is All The Rage!

Upon being caged once more to go to that awful shore with all those cats, that scurry about like rats. The cat gave a little reflection to a thing you humans sometimes think of as protection. But guess what? You are all just as caged as my little rhyming butt.

Not not this schmuck. Who's movies always suck. Especially now a days. But I guess below is what happens when one sits around and plays, neglecting the tax man. His movies they should ban.
Because let's say you watch more than one. Let's say you watch a ton.

Then you would end up like this. At least you'd have lots of umm head to kiss.

But we won't go there any more. Could get quite scary at my shore. As I was saying before that scary sight started playing. Pat cages us to go to that awful place all those fluffy hairballs are just a disgrace.

We just smile and know, that you are just as caged at your show. What you think I goof? Well here is some proof.

Are you ready? The cage is going to drop quite steady.

And you will soon feel like this. Then all you will need to do is hiss.

Look you guys have made a condom cage. I'm sure that is just all the rage.

Such a pretty cage for your feet. I'm sure they can't be beat. Unless you break an ankle causing you to become quite rankle.

You even build cages and spend your wages to watch a guy hit a ball with a stick. Along with watching them pat butts and gives seeds a flick.

You travel in death trap cages too. But at least it's pretty to view. For you'll be well liked when you crash, just yell "eh" a thousand times as your life starts to flash.

All caged into the daily grind letting the rat race dictate your behind.

Then comes the final nail that might make some wail. For the whole world is a cage, you are stuck no matter how much you rage. Can't just hop a ship after giving your lip. Then the galaxy cages that and the universe cages that mat. And whatever comes next cages it and the next cages that with a fit. So you see, you are all caged just like me.

But the facts are we can't take the cage away. As you may become a snack in some bay. The bars may not be as apparent or generally not that inherent. Geez, who knew all could come from being stuck in a cage as Pat watched the gauge. The one for gas and I just keep growling away with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. So we're all caged here in the blogosphere today, except for the Americans who are staying offline in protest of censorship laws the Congress may pass. And if they do pass, we'll all be caged and soon. I've dual citizenship, but I never muck about in their politics, it just pisses them off when I do. That said, I hope that bill doesn't pass.

  2. no one is wearing clothes in that last cage...i dont think the shark would be bothering me....and today they vote to cage us one more way...

    1. hmmm. I'm seeing a pink bikini. Where's your mind today? lol.

  3. Cage really goes for anything that's thrown at him.

  4. I am so staying away from Nicolas Cage films for a while now, there's no way I want to end up like bird head or whoever he is haha!

  5. Excellent and you're right about poor Nicolas.....

  6. Yeah I never even planned on having it go with the censorship thing
    But worked out well as I gave the cage a ring
    I hope the bill doesn't pass
    And the ball it up and shove it right up their already overcrowded ass..lol

    You not tasty enough for the shark?
    Or did he already hit the mark
    Yeah they want to cage us so much it isn't funny
    And all about the money

    LOL yeah he does and most is crap
    But that's what happens when you are a moron and don't pay your taxes like a sap

    hahaha yeah that would be bad
    Although you'd have lots of head to spread around and be glad..haha

    Yeah he hasn't done anything but crap
    At least his films are good for a nap

  7. the penguins had to resuscitate me after I've seen the Nicolas Cage pic! I swear I'm not lying!

  8. agree with you on Nicholas Cage. his movies now a days are far worse than before.
    hmm..death trap cages. i've always felt that way about aircrafts especially when im 35,000 above the ground.

  9. LOL he's that scary to you
    Damn! What did he do?

    Yeah least you could sit through them before
    Now it's just crap forever more
    Death trap planes I must agree
    Would rather keep my behind at bush number three

  10. Not staying offline today.
    Going to surf while I can at my bay.
    Poor Orlin growling in his cage
    as you drive along to visit the maze
    of cousin cats and a weiner dog
    and Cassie thinks they're all a bunch of hogs.

  11. LOL yeah I saw pink too
    Reply button still don't work for me at my zoo

    Yeah offline I don't think will do much to it
    Not one bit
    Oh you are offline
    Whoopdi friggin doo that is all well and fine
    You think they really care
    But I'm sure they would be well aware
    If millions spammed the bejesus out of their sites
    Shutting them down for nights
    That might get their attention
    And put that damn bill in detention
    Yep Orlin growls and Cassie meows most of the way
    Not liking the drive to that bay
    But they have fun
    Orlin at least, as he howls like a beast and makes all the kitties run

  12. Can you imagine the nerve they had to consider Cage to play Supe? Brainless people everywhere, I tell you. I like that condom car, though. Makes me feel um safe. Have a nice day, Pat. Just don't check your time stamps to know what time it is!

  13. Yeah Cage as Superman would have be awful indeed
    Unless it was some bad Scary Movie 50 thing taking the lead
    It still be bad
    But better than him truly playing that superman lad
    LOL those time stamps can't be trusted one fit
    Maybe Google is trying to make time take a hit

    Glad my statements are great
    Today at my gate

  14. Hey, wait a minute, all the Americans said they were going to be offline in protest today and here they are on your page! Your harboring protesters Pat.You're going to jail....

  15. LOL I'm providing a valuable service to the public to speak there mind
    No harbouring you will find
    Talking like a lawyer too
    Oh the pain that will ensue

  16. not staying offline today, online trying to raise awareness. Contact your Congressman: http://www.house.gov/representatives/

  17. Hmmmm we don't have congressmen here
    Canadian I fear

  18. haha what a cage
    Isn't all the rage

  19. I loved the cats perspective on human interactions. And the NICK Cage haircut always makes me laugh. With all his money you would think he would just either go the whole hog and let it go bald or just go for a transplant..

  20. There are very few actors that I can't stand so bad that I refuse to watch their movies. Cage is one of them!! That VOICE...it's worse than nails going down a chalk board. Bleh...

    and aww, poor kitty in a cage! 3 years ago I rescued itty bitty, baby kittens. 2 of them were left freezing next to a dumpster! They were so young that they couldn't open their eyes or even tinkle on their own yet. Before I found a home for them, they would spend the night in a pimped out bath tub filled with towels and blankets. Is that nicer than a cage??

  21. Yeah fun to look at it as the cat
    And his haircut is really flat
    Better off with a full blown wig
    Or going bald like a pig..haha

    I refuse to watch his crap now but The Rock and Con Air
    Each have been watched multiple times at my lair
    Although Peggy Sue Got Married will give you a whole new HATE
    As his voice in that drives me completely irate
    He gets over the cage
    And makes the others kitties suffer his rage..haha
    Yes that was very nice of you
    To save the poor kitty crew
    The bath tub makes a better home
    Then some caged up dome

  22. I like my cage. (I also like girls in cages!)

  23. LOL but are they going into cages voluntarily for you
    If so that is fine let it ensue

    hahaha what don't like the cage
    Yeah to the cat they aren't all the rage

  24. once id recovered from your awesome header overhaul - i much enjoyed your construction Pat.

    i pace beside the bars - up and down

    but you give me pause to kick off that freakin frown :)

  25. what does have NC in his hair? it looks like painted bat ...
    another session of lovely pictures Pat :-)
    i love the image of our planet/us being all locked ... how true indeed ...

  26. Pretty neat look at entrapment, really well done. What kind of car is that blue condom looking thing, very interesting, I've never seen it before, and as for Nick Cage with that Squirrel on his head, well, my dogs would push and shove, just to get at it. Really neat piece. Thanks

  27. Glad you like the header overhaul
    And the cat's contructive cage call
    At least you don't have a frown
    Stuck in lockdown haha

    I think it's a hawk head of something like that
    I just know it isn't a cat
    Wouldn't condone such a thing at my sea
    Yeah being locked down is more true than sometimes thinking we are free

    I have no idea what kind of car that is
    Looks really futuristic with its biz
    LOL I think my cats would run away
    Then when he was alseep they'd attack and play

  28. If we make it past Dec 21st this year, I suspect it won't be too many more years before we are all forced to live beneath a protective shield (like a bubble dome) against higher UV rays, radiation and Pollution in the air. Who knows, science fiction seems to have a way of always becoming fact sooner or later.
    Nicely said Pat and the cats :)

  29. Great poem love the pictures to go with!!!


  30. Are you on vacation again?
    You have so many days off it's a sin!
    The cats know where they are going, I'm sure
    and curse you for taking the tour.
    So is it, WTF or strat
    when they go on the Pat attack?

  31. We're being caged up
    Against authorities
    Trying to play pucks
    With our liberties
    Do we have the luck
    Against all eventualities?


  32. Oh we will make it past Dec. 21st with ease
    But yeah science fiction does seem to tease
    As it will come to pass
    Things will amass
    And get worse before things are fixed
    To things we should have long past nixed

    No congressman here though
    As Canadian at my show
    Can I borrow yours
    I could pretend I'm from your shores

    Hmmm no vacation here
    This was just an idea I fear
    Next weekend might go to where the kitties roam
    Letting Orlins lips foam
    And I think it's a combination of the two
    That they say over and over again from their caged view

    I hope we have some luck
    But then they will just back over us with a truck
    And all we'll see is the lights
    Having to deal with their leftover frights

  33. Good topic mate, my favourite yet (and I don't even like poetry).

  34. Guess for you the cage is all the rage
    I'm more of a rhyming nut then poetic anyway at my page..haha

  35. I came back to read your response when I realized that I forgot to comment on those shoes!! They are hot!! Where did you get the picture from??? lol

    1. He probably got it from Google, which you can't use today. lol...

  36. but once you realize you're in a cage you're just a little bit less caged

  37. Some fun lines in there, for sure. Love the observation that everything is just a cage, however dark that may seem.

  38. ROFLMAO--AGAIN! You are epic. Oh and that second picture. Soo sexy :0)

  39. I'm still laughing at the bird-head one. I'm going to be laughing at that for the rest of the night. And by the end of, my family will be ready to put ME in a cage.

  40. Is that a stuffed raptor on his head? :P

    Interesting poem.

  41. So Nicolas Cage is poor?
    A fact I must abhor.
    But, didn't he find treasure using Ben Franklin's glasses?
    Well, his friend, that girl, his dad, and those criminal asses?

  42. This certainly changes my perception of things. Basically, what I'm hearing, everything is a cage.
    Like the new background, BTW.

  43. I dont like cages Pat, any type!!!

  44. LOL I guess that hair took first glance
    And you forgot about the shoes lost in a trance
    I just found them on google indeed
    As I hopped around it's feed

    You can still use it
    I have at my pit

    Hmmm that is a good way to think of it
    De-caging yourself bit by bit

    Yeah it is a little bit dark
    But it's better than getting eaten by that shark

    LOL epic and Cage
    Those to words shouldn't be on the same page..LOL

    hahaha yeah it was pretty funny
    I hope your cage doesn't cost much money..haha

    It's sure stuffed something on his head
    Would bring most people dread

    Ahhh but those criminal asses never found it
    They fell for his trick like a twit
    And off they went while he found the treasure
    I guess the tax man took it all with pleasure

    Yep everything seems to be a cage
    From this to that to being stuck in the rat race making a wage

    I don't blame you
    The cat agrees, it's true

  45. I like Nic Cage though its a pity
    he took the financial fall, a pithy
    money for all his hard earned money,
    even acting for crappy movies..hey,

    i am still thinking of rhyming words,
    practicing with words like swords,
    until i get my rhyming tongue rolling
    or rather twising all in a coaster roller~

  46. Two cats in a cage
    could enrage
    at any age
    ruffle their sage
    and cause some rage
    act it out on stage
    or write in on a page
    nothing would assuage
    the anger it would engage
    could cost you some wage
    if they got violent with their outrage!

    Better try cat nip in a box
    and feed them some lox
    as they ride and hear the tick tock
    of the clock
    as you drive around the block
    and don't forget the locks
    and maybe extra socks
    in case Cassie has a shock
    and hurts her paw and can't walk.

  47. I used to like him some
    But now is movies are quite glum
    All pretty pathetic to say the least
    That ghostrider looks like another craptastic beast
    And yeah rhyme away
    The more you do the more you'll let them play

    haha the cage does that and more
    As I take them from shore to shore
    With eight legs not four
    They surely roar
    Not wanting to take the tour
    As they have to go out the door
    Trying to avoid as they run across the floor
    Each and every time giving the same encore
    Cat nip they'd fight over though
    And that wouldn't be good if one suffered a blow
    Cassie's foot is finally good
    Knock on wood
    At least she is leaving it alone for now
    And no collar needs to be on to make her have a cow
    Now it's Pat's turn
    To feel the pain burn..haha

  48. My body is ready.

  49. Pulled something in my neck
    Could be a pinched nerve at my deck..haha
    But it is going away
    Although I have to sit or lay a certain way
    As not to strain the thing
    Guess I was due at my wing

    haha okay get ready
    And remain steady

  50. Some of these pictures are great, but Nicholas Cage? I mean, he looks like that always.

  51. Use that cone that Cassie had
    and put it around your neck, Lad.
    See if that doesn't help the pain
    at least Cassie a laugh would gain.

  52. Along with watching them pat butts


    Another great rhyme by you. Thanks :)

  53. Who do you think takes those photos of planes in flight?

  54. LOL yeah very true
    One big scary view

    hahaha I was thinking that
    It be karma from a cat

    Yeah they tend to do that a lot
    When they think they are hot

    That makes one
    He no longer makes movies that are fun

    People on other planes of course
    Or it could be aliens without remorse

  55. A gilded cage is all the rage...
    the key is...to have the key!


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