It's A Brand New Dawn But The Bush With The Tush Is Still Displayed On The Lawn!

So without even reading this little bit of bliss, I'm sure you've seen the brand new header across your screen. I figured it was time for something new and something a bit more homey when you come to view. But I still want you to go away, no loitering allowed at my bay. On second thought why not? Then I could write tickets up and use the fines to fill my tin cup. But either way, what do you think about the new one I had commissioned for my bay?

As now when I abuse,
I will not confuse.
The bush with the crack,
Is right up top at my shack.

The stupid hat is gone from my head,
So I don't suffer the dread.
Of being compared to that other one,
With his stripped hat of fun.

For I have more attitude,
And I'm a tad more rude.
As you can't tell what I'm thinking as I pose,
So I could bite your nose.

No longer do I have the world in my hands,
As I am king of it and rule the sands.
It deserves to be sat on by me,
Only getting the ass end you see.

Since I am king,
I surely had to be front and center of the thing.
But Cassie is lying on the floor,
Sucking back the warmth as the fire continues to roar.

And Pat is just sitting there,
Pretending to stare.
As some subliminal advertising is at play,
With his first book on display.

Look at how sneaky I can be,
Here at Bush #3.
Which is also named all well and good.
With a plaque made of gold not wood.

Oh and look! There is an empty chair,
Maybe I should charge a fair.
Then one person can sit and view,
Until their time is up and payment is due.

Then plenty of books to add to the background,
As already here many are found.
And I stare out with my yellow eyes,
Ruling the world because I'm so wise.

Giving a sly little smirk,
To all of those that come to lurk.
For you just never know.
What will happen at my show.

So there are the facts on the new art. Doesn't it beat yesterdays fart? Big thanks to astro_art too. For the new header that came due. Now you can stare at the cat, Pat and Cass, as I cover the world with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Pat,
    Is it true? Hoping for first!


  2. header is cool.
    is that how your study looks like ?

  3. Wow..wee! Did it again!
    Went through some pains
    To welcome in the new header
    The cat is forlorn brother
    Cassie is now seen as one
    Looking forward for lots of fun


  4. First you were
    As you visit my fur

    haha yeah right
    I'm stuck in a crummy apartment day and night
    So no study like that here
    I fear..haha

    Yeah Cassie is now seen
    Instead of missing on the scroll down screen
    Hopefully your pains were too tough
    And me giving lots of fun shouldn't be rough

  5. The cat has new digs and Pat has just shat (sat) in a chair, where he lives in his head. And while ruling the world from the sand, the cat makes a mock out of me, while I lurk where the blind can see, a fool on the hill in the rain. Nice banner Pat!

  6. I love the new header Pat, it's actually awesome. That cat really wants world domination doesn't it? All while you, blissfully ignorant read your book by the fire, great stuff!

  7. LOL the cat makes you look like a fool
    That is just so uncool
    But then he likes to think everyone is one
    So it's not just you he decides to shun..haha

    Glad it can amaze
    Now each time as you gaze

    LOL yep he wants to rule the world a little too much
    Kind of like a bad saturday morning cartoon villian, just a touch

  8. I'm loving the cunning plan of charging for sitting in the chair, the cat is wise as a raccoon!

  9. Love your new header Pat (lol)

  10. I like the new header, but it's still too damned big, haha! That's just a personal gripe with your site and a few others.

  11. Nice refurb....good rhymes also.......

  12. haha what are you trying to be nice for a discount?
    I might take a penny off the amount

    Glad you like the new me
    As the cat is there for all to see

    LOL but the small ones can't capture the cat
    So I need them larger at my mat

    So you say
    At my bay

    A little refurb never hurt
    Glad you liked the rhymes that spurt

    Nice new banner you say
    Glad it caused no dismay

  13. Yes I think the cat is the important here (lol but you look nice in your coach)

  14. I do like your new header, Pat
    Nice picture of you and cat
    Bush #3 is a fine touch
    Your slippers fit the scene very much
    The books with envy make me green
    The eyes of cat are the focus of scene
    Your blog is always a delight to read
    Your words do my sense of humor feed.

  15. The cat runs the show though
    Just so you know

    Bush #3 had to be done
    As a bush with a crack is such fun
    The cat has to be the main attraction
    While the others only take up a fraction
    Glad you sense of humor can arise
    At my crazy hole that may not be always wise

  16. So the other day when I mentioned you in your slippers
    did your brain do a little flipper?
    Thinking that I'd taken another tour
    or at least had a camera rolling for sure?
    Love the new look for all three of you
    and yes, good idea to explain the bush for the new.
    Looks very cozy indeed
    as the winter months take lead.
    I'd pay a small fare
    to sit in the other chair
    and count all those DVD's on the shelves
    yeah, I know they aren't books, WTH!
    You would rather watch than read
    unless you're luring buyers to your books three.

  17. and...when I grow up
    I want to be able to comment with any luck
    like dear R there
    his words so thoughtful at your lair.
    Sorry, couldn't be helped
    at least you make me laugh here at Pat's shelf.

  18. Change is good. I like the header. Its different but there' still continuity that people can relate to. Wish I could make this rhyme.

  19. Bush with a tush... *snort* But I like your new banner! You look a bit like Capt. Kirk there reading your book. And yes. Pat is very... ominous. :D

  20. haha my brain did do a little spin
    As I looked around my bin
    To make sure no cameras were around
    And thankfully none were found
    Had to explain the bush
    As the cat hides in it's tush
    Yeah they'd all be dvds I will admit
    But putting all of them in would have taken way more than a bit
    The watch and read remark is true
    As Pat usually would rather view

    Yep kept a little bit of what came before
    Here at more shore
    So people won't get confused
    And feel abused
    If they see the new one
    Couldn't make it rhyme with your comment run?..haha

    LOL never thought at Capt. Kirk
    But yeah I guess Pat looks like him as the cat sits and gives a smirk
    Very ominous indeed
    So all better take heed

  21. Not enough cat. Needs more cat. :(

  22. You look a little like Elijah Wood in the new header, which only adds awesomeness if the cat is like a sort of Wilfred-ish friend.

    Also, ending a poem by smashing a printer is like a rock star ending a song by smashing his guitar. I am in awe.

  23. haha the cat's ego does rise
    But we need to keep it under a bit of a disguise

    LOL there we go
    You know that may be a good comparision for my show
    Except the cat is more real
    But then reality can be a fickle deal
    I think everyone should smash a printer
    And I'll compile a post sometime before the end of winter..haha

  24. Nice new header, I would LOVE a cat that looked just like that on top of the world. Wouldn't mind sitting by that fire, too! :) Now, don't be rude just cos you got a new look!

  25. Why is Pat wearing a Star Trek uniform in the new header?

  26. haha yeah he sure looks like that in real life when he sits for all to see
    Thinking he is quite the sight at our sea
    The cat is always rude
    Sometimes even crude..haha

    LOL that is just what came due
    When Pat was drawn, so no clue

    1. dude nice new header...very is warm even with the cat on the world plotting domination, and if you cant see i am throwing you the vulcan gang sign, peace man...haha

  27. I love the new header Pat, it's actually awesome, amaizing man.. bdw come back to my blog and follow back like u said u would moths ago :(

  28. The new header looks great! And I'm glad to see you advertising your new book!

  29. haha yeah he plots a little quieter than say Drazin or the like
    And doesn't stick a head on a pike
    LOL guess I'm in for Star Trek mentions galore now
    Oh well I won't have a cow

    I advertise it on the side too
    But yeah a little slack as I have writing on number four to do

  30. Oh and chulala never said such a thing
    In any comment sthat ring
    As this is your first time here
    So not gonna fall for that I fear

  31. Really nice work there, Astro_art did a great job. Too bad Tarsier's not on display, though-lol I've actually been thinking on some art up top at my show, but cheap as I am I thought I'd give it a go myself, but no luck yet. Really like the look, with the cat front and center too.

  32. lol love the kitty at the top :)

  33. haha yeah I thought about Drazin and Tarsier and such
    But then that would just be too much
    So just the normal three
    Along with Bush #3
    And of course Orlin front and center too
    Sure some luck for you will come due

    Can you say it twice

    Yeah he is quite proud
    And seems to draw the crowd

  34. Can I coerce you to join in on the new poetry prompt I've started? I think you'd do a brilliant job with it. :)

  35. New header's cool, loving the cat . . . World Domination hehe :)

  36. I love the new header!!! I cracked up once I noticed the lovely bush hanging above. Too funny!! And an empty chair?? Shouldn't the Zebra be there?? (I so did not rhyme on purpose. Sigh...Sorry, don't mean to show you up when that happens...)

  37. I like the new look!

  38. I like the new header. And the rhymey poem.

  39. I for one like the new header.... its much more murder mystery!

  40. I like the new look, as you sit and read your book. The fire looks cozy, it surely does. A much better header than the one that was!

  41. i also like the header a lot, too. i want to sit down and listen to stories and sip on hot chocolate.

  42. Nice header...but why did you have Captain James T. Kirk there???

  43. One thing that's hard with prompts for me
    Is I'm always thinking ten posts ahead at my sea

    World domination for a cat
    Now how about that

    LOL have to love the pretty bush
    Provides a great place to hide in it's tush..haha
    Yeah you show me up sooo bad
    You make the cat seem like that Pat lad..haha
    The zebra is under Pat's pants
    I guess it scares away the ants?..LOL

    Glad you like the new me
    Here at bush number three

    The rhyming poem had to be done
    As the new header brought on the fun

    Is my fate

    Glad it is neat mate
    And no hate

    It beat the one that was
    That's nice to hear and adds some buzz
    The fire is always on too
    For all of those that come to view

    Geez guess I've created a loitering place
    But it's bring you own food if you want to stuff your face..haha

    Glad you like
    And prob beats a head on a pike

    LOL I guess he just wanted to see
    What it is like at Bush number three

  44. last night I had this weird dream that I was dancing naked behind a waterfall...

  45. Nice new pic! You used to rule the world? :)

  46. I like the new header. And like always nice rhyming poems. Keep it up!

  47. A wiser cat that sits on the Arctic and reads books, uummh...I like! Less scary.

  48. I gotta say the old one wasn't bad at all but this new banner is even better! love it

  49. Your new header looks great, Pat. You're bound to get a few unwanted tenants. I'd like to burn a printer now... you know, to stay warm.

  50. The new header looks great,
    Sure gives the eyes a treat.

  51. LOL okay you felt you had to share
    I can't say I want to see you bare

    Bah the cat rules all now
    The universe is next some how

    Glad you like the header too
    Seems to be a hit with each view

    Less scary is the way to be
    Then no one will be the wiser when they are struck by me

    Yeah I liked the old one too
    But it's time was due

    LOL burn a printer
    Hmmmm good idea could keep me warm this winter
    But do they burn very well
    Fire would have to be hot as hell

    Look at eye rhyme from you
    Nice pun and thanks too

  52. It does look cozy. The front cat is beautiful. And the other looks comfy.

  53. Yep the front likes to show off quite a bit
    Thinking he is quite the hit


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