A Little Late On The dVerse Order. But Will Surely Stretch The Border!


Have you gone blind yet? Now don't go blaming this pet. This makes me look like a word hoarder but dVerse wanted people to go all border. So they are to blame but I did take border to a whole new game. For the cat or Pat has not crossed a border, at least a literal one, so that was taken off the order. Yet what else needs one? Why a puzzle, which brought about this fun. So off I went and stole headlines from the news and then used them for a puzzle to confuse. And if the piece don't fit, feel free to jam it, damn it! Now lets search for the border and hopefully they come in short order.

Future cows fight fraud.
A Canadian puppy does applaud.
Buy this strange Blackberry card,
Pounds the rich hard.

Snuggle agreement extended to most,
Credit bad injuries to a ghost.
Resident pirate stabbed by angry birds.
Evil kittens said unwanted words.

Curious lions dress four kids,
Dog man said to be taking bids.
Should blame the mom today,
Online lumber love was at play.

Coffee extinct they greet,
In Florida causing aggressive defeat.
Twenty two species fail,
At the definition of stale.

Car stocks shakeup world’s thinner web.
Fraud delivery questions want richer celeb.
Why are home videos bad?
A plane facing a truck, it’s sad.

Home playing with your Softwood at three?
Years of good gossip crashed recently.
Buy ten homes for your life,
Look how you’re able to get clear of the wife.

Watch top death trailer of week,
We help new job you seek.
Weren’t you really about to ask,
How I saw without the help of a mask?

Every word was used, which yeah could leave some confused. The true border facts are, that the border can be different for any bar. Depending on how you pick and if you are rather slick. But the ending border was a bit tough, getting it to rhyme can be rough. But I made it fit and there is my border hit. If only the cat could afford gas then maybe once more he'd try to get across the border with his little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. If Lewis Carroll were alive today he might have written something like this. You aren't Lewis Carroll are you?

  2. No seriously I am blind, is that a white light?

  3. Yeah, that was a pain to get through, don't think blindness was the only thing I contracted.

  4. you're like a rhyming genius.
    good one :)

  5. I went through that whole word and I'm very proud of myself but ouch, ouch my eyes!

  6. I was blind but now i see. yay i can see !!

  7. You know, the National Post would be way more fun to read with headings like these. :D

  8. I read the first two lines
    then said "Strat, Pat! Be kind!"

    I don't think of you as 'on the border'.
    You aren't even a germ hoarder.
    Maybe you're more like 'on the edge'
    of the insanity ledge. ha.
    Or 'on the brink'
    making us all think.

  9. I'm blind whenever I visit, Pat you naughty Cat, since you have white letters on black background.... a big visual NO NO at Blogger :)

  10. Dez ~ is that a visual no-no? I have it, too. It doesn't hurt my eyes. The one that bothers me is red letters on a black background.
    That one you need your sunglasses on to read. ha.

    1. it is :) It doesn't bother everyone, but it is difficult for the eyes of about 80% people if not more (especially the ones wearing glasses of lenses). They usually have the feeling of floating letters and double lines when white letters are on the black or very dark background. This is why most people choose not to use it, in order not to put off too many readers, because I know a lot of them who won't even read the blog if it has that kind of design.

  11. You lost me on this one. My poor brain is twitching from that unnaturally long word!!!

    Did lions really dress a child??? Sigh...What kind of news is this?! Soundss like it's from the newstands within a Wardrobe. hahaha

  12. My head hurts. This is a hell of a thing to do to someone who hasn't finished his first cup of coffee yet.

  13. Ok Im confuss, sorry:(
    anyway have a nice day!

  14. Maybe he jumps into my skin When I write
    Helping me day or night
    Or maybe it's a whole Elvis type deal
    And he's alive and here for real...hmmmm

    LOL don't go towards the light
    Stay and fight

    Sure whatever you say
    Here at my bay

    haha you contracted something else too
    That wasn't supposed to come due

    What a word
    It truly is absurd

    A rhyming genius you say
    That makes my day

    LOL glad you got through
    Didn't expect anyone too
    Sorry for the eye pain
    And the added strain

    I can cure the blind
    Aren't I a great little rhyming behind

    Maybe I should send them in
    Who knows I could get my own column in their bin..haha

    We have to keep you on your toes
    So Pat and the cat caused a few woes
    Yeah no germ hoarder at all
    Not even a bit at my hall
    But on the crazy train
    That I can take as I'm a tad insane..haha

    A big visual no no you say
    Well there are like 50 who do it at their bay
    So here it will stay
    As it looks fine to me my way

    Most letter besides black or white bother me
    As they are very annoying matching in or too bright to see

    Very neat
    To it's own beat

    Your poor brain had a twitch
    Maybe you need to scratch an itch
    Yeah lions dressed that child
    He looked rather wild
    The newstands don't carry it though
    Such news is only availble at my show

    LOL well don't you know to finish first
    At least I may have helped and increased your thirst
    Then you can suck it down
    And be on your way to run someone over across town

    I confused you
    hahaha so fun to do

    I have to be mean a little bit
    Too nice and everyone would have a fit

  15. dude, def a border i never want to cross again, my eyes my eyes the light is dim, and then coffee extinct about gave my heart an attack, i need it in the morning to get awake, after reading i feel like a half bake, so put some spaces for heavens sake...and mine too...smiles.

  16. the crazy train...
    not to be confused with gravy train.

  17. lol but a puzzle is a jumble
    Need to give the box a rumble
    So they all move about
    At first they are all one big shout
    Sorry about the almost heart attack and half bake
    This once the spaces were drowned in a lake

    Nope gravy is nasty to the cat and Pat
    So crazy it is at our flat..haha

  18. Plain amazing to get the links
    Headlines galore I can't fathom
    To catch each one and make them sing
    Nicely did it with all the rhythms


  19. Great rhyme, albeit seems like you're a bit off the rocker, which is OK, being crazy's fine. :P

  20. If coffee ever becomes extinct, then so will I and millions more addicts like me LOL And yes, your no borders made my eyes>>>> HURT!

  21. Yeah they were surely caught
    Even if they make ones eyes rot
    Out the came
    With my border game

    Did mean for you not to think
    That might bring you to the brink

    LOL yep way way off my rocker
    But I'm sure that's not a shocker

    hahaha poor coffee addict
    Sorry for the conflict
    And for the eye pain
    As you went about the crazy train

    A cool idea you say
    I guess that's one that it didn't cause dismay

  22. It's just not right, I can't say this is bright. No way to like.....

  23. Your abilities never cease to amaze me!

  24. Your poor eyes
    Only won the booby prize

    Glad I can never cease to amaze
    Hope I didn't screw up your gaze..haha

  25. i don't know what to say
    so i just greet you for today :-)

  26. hahaha I'll take a greet too
    As I know it could blind you

    A double wow
    Now I want to take a bow..lol

  27. haha...great you joined the border crowd...smiles...and you're surely crossing the rhyme borders several times a day...and they should at least check your passport and observe the cat's fur closely for hidden rhyming weapons..smiles

  28. I read through that twice and got it, despite the headache I now have. Very clever this one. But you're never less than clever Pat.

  29. The cat doesn't have a passport
    He just gives a rhyming retort
    And they are so confused
    And feel a tad abused
    That they let me through
    It's so easy to do..haha

    Pop a pill
    That should fit the bill
    So the headaches goes away
    I try to be clever my way..haha

  30. damn,I really spent a while trying to read that massive word jumble and yes, damn near went blind!

  31. LOL I never meant for anyone to read the thing
    So funny how everyone did and is feeling the sting...hahaha

    Your eyes?
    Reading that was no wise..haha

  32. That's it.... I need a drink. Or a new brain, whichever is available.

  33. haha well if you get good and drunk
    Your state of mind and brain may catch up no longer being in a funk..lol

  34. Pat, well done, I can only imagine how difficult that must have been, using every word alone, yet making them rhyme in tow- wow, quite the feet, er feat. Anyhow, no problem with the eyesight, as this site is now zoom I fill like i'm right there in the room. Great job. Thanks

  35. pat your a word smith locomotive - crazy train pilot... off the hook and brought to book - on gas is where your wods doth cook!:)

  36. You cross every rhyming border
    Are not a word hoarder
    You keep words in good order
    Without brick and mortar.

  37. this is curious, could mean so many thing

    Watch top death trailer of week,

  38. Yeah getting them to make sense and rhyme was fun
    As it took a while to get done
    But it came about
    With this shout
    Glad you can zoom
    And it didn't bring gloom

    A locomotive on the crazy tracks
    I'd probably be on the roof racks
    With a little gas
    Coming out my rhyming ass..haha

    LOL no brick and mortar needed
    As the rhymes are seeded
    And your teehee
    Just causes glee

    Yep many a thing it could mean
    some might even seem obscene

  39. Eh I'm not good at picking out the message of these things but I'll read it over a few times lol

  40. lol not much message to be had
    Just me being a crazy lad
    Errr ummm cat
    At my mat

  41. I don't want to cuddle with aggressive kittens.

  42. But they are so fun
    And may even scratch you a ton..haha

    Cool and great
    What a fate

  43. sounds like those parrots had enough "polly want a cracker" jokes

  44. LOL I guess they were up in arms
    And wanting to cause harm, raising some alarms

  45. I'm just gonna come out and say it, Pat. The evil kittens to which you refer...it's a vague reference to your own cat here, isn't it? Is this a plea for help? The cat was the one that really stabbed the pirate, wasn't he? Just blink once if the cat's listening...

    Heh, another fun write though, man.

  46. Pat- I'd love to read that top portion, but I just got off the phone with the cable people b/c of internet probs... it took 3 people... an hour... needless to say, I'm seeing double, oh! That's your intention... hehehe.

  47. The curious lions and dog man are the best--so awesome!

  48. Did you see that blink
    It was more of a wink
    Or maybe there was just something in his eye
    I guees will never if it was a cry for help or a lie..haha

    LOL yep that is my intention
    Glad your out of internet detention
    Those nuts
    Usually talk out their butts

    Curious lions and the dog were at play
    In the title I used from the news at first at my bay

  49. you rule. i don't know how you do it.
    i have an evil kitten sitting right next to me here, nodding his head right along...

  50. Well, that was super fun. My eyes are still crossing . .


  51. You are one unique dude and never fail to entertain with your creative expression. Hey, I also love the look of the warm and cozy library you have here.

  52. the whole world is in it.great work.Like the occupy reference.

  53. Yet another skilfully rhymed piece. There's no-one in the pub quite like you Pat. Always an education to visit.

  54. back to my box of crayons I'm afraid
    As I attempt to come to terms with this headline tirade
    This word weaving cat has but himself on parade
    And i've yet to send the pictures I've made!
    I'm not really happy, of this I confess
    as what I've come up with is not my best
    back to the drawing board, no pun intended
    to bleed some more color and see if I can mend it
    Just wanted to say thank you to you,
    to the face it facts, and all you do
    I'll be in touch, of this I am certain
    Wouldn't wait too long, lest we be hurtin'

  55. always something new at your place

  56. haha I will rally all the evil kittens
    And we will rid the world of mittens

    Crossed eyes are too fun though
    Read it backwards and they will uncross just so you know

    Glad you like the new look
    And I try to never fail at my nook

    Yeah through that occupy part in
    As it came about as I searched to make words out of that jumbled bin

    No one quite like me
    So I'm the only one who's crazy..haha

    Don't bother coming to terms with it
    As not even I can to it one bit
    Sure you will get it down soon
    As you go all cartoon
    And the face it facts will shine
    With one that looks just fine

    Something new indeed
    Tends to show up at my feed

  57. Pat,
    I'm late from the gate,
    but your writing's still great--
    you managed the border,
    er, well at least, sorta,
    and dealt with the lines
    with your consummate rhymes......

  58. haha yeah went all sorta indeed
    As I gave the border a go at my feed
    And if late is your fate
    Doesn't bother me at any rate

  59. well that was a straight trip...made my eyes and mind spin! ~ Rose

  60. haha hopefully it was a good spin
    And not a sin


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