A Magic Movie Seat? Does Seem Kind Of Neat!

So I went to the mall the other day and the cat really doesn't have much else to say. If you believe that you are crazier than I. Oh come now, don't cry. For there will be more movie fun as I run down a ton. It seems they installed a new chair. It said to sit on it if you dare. Yeah, you had to pay a dollar for it to work. So I stuck in a loonie and gave a smirk. I had no idea what to expect. But I should have read the fine print I suspect.

It said for the next hour movies references galore would shower. This was for Pat not the cat, but I felt a quick jolt as I sat down and it was too late, I was now wearing the movie crown. Every person that came into view, keep in mind the mall was packed too, I gave a movie shout. The facts are they thought I was crazy, no doubt.

He seems quite Careless,
Nothing to Lose and quite the mess.
Chowing down on his Good Burger snack.
Soon he'll have a Gross Anatomy attack.

A Eulogy will be given,
As he remains Hiding Out from the livin'.
What PIGS!
Those Twins have wigs.

Maybe they have a Tootsie complex,
Or need to pay Friday respects.
Would Sorority Boys be a better one?
Those Varsity Blues are just no fun.

The Secret of My Success?
Just Add Water I confess.
Don't eat those Mixed Nuts.
You're already Big with two butts.

Could take up all of Arlington Road.
With your Fast Food Nation load.
Put away your Radio.
It's not good to go Stir Crazy you know.

You sure are one Twisted rat,
Paying 300 for that.
The price was Sky High,
Now don't Breakdown and cry.

My ears may go Numb.
And Red Eye just looks dumb.
Enough with your White Noise.
Be the Worlds Greatest Dad and go buy some toys.

She sure has A Few Good Men.
Rumor Has It she has ten.
She must certainly Score.
With such Fanboys galore.

I'm flaring up your Heart Condition?
Liar Liar, now go see a physician.
A rhyming cat is an Urban Legend you say.
Hmmm guess Evolution truly came my way.

Look at that Desperado go.
With quite the Exitspeed as he stoops low.
Probably will be joining Con Air.
Eye See You stealing what is rare.

Strat! That was the Kiss of Death.
He's going Commando and has bad breath.
Truly a Fright Night.
Some Signs should say keep out of the light.

She has Snake Eyes,
I guess The Mummy is wise.
Or had a Blow Out.
Thanks to some Bottleshock bout.

Here come the Primary Colors at me.
I guess the Mannequin didn't agree.
These Toy Soldiers are throwing me out.
Something Charlie Bartlett will hear about.

It will lower your Career Opportunies bud.
You'll be in the sewers with the CHUD.
Straight up Wolf Creek.
I'm just Unstoppable with my movie speak.

Damn, you have Alien hands,
And Predator glands.
I'll gladly go into Maximum Overdrive.
So Bye Bye Birdie I made it out alive.

I was quickly thrown out as my hour was up. I guess I made too many spit their coffee back in their cup. It seems that hurt sales. But what does one expect as I'm off the rails. There we go another movie tale at my show has come to pass. I bet you are now just all movied out thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. This chair sounds so awesome and I love the movie references man, awesome stuff as always Pat!

  2. i can't help but feel that there is a hidden message behind these

  3. I want to try that chair out, too!

  4. You sat in their chair and they grabbed your hair to scream down your throat a score of movie motes. Which you spat back like a Pat in a hat and in droves they ran from your movie rant. Serves 'em right for tying you down Pat.

  5. i had a good laugh
    but here life is tough
    bye bye you say?
    off i fly back to my bay :-)

  6. you are our generation's shakespeare

  7. You are most definitely the rhyme master.
    Snoop Dogg ain't got nothin' on you!

  8. That's a lot of movie rhyming, good movie rhyming as well......

  9. Haha, neat! Good stuff like always. Thank you, mate!

  10. Clever fare,
    coming up for air.
    I thought you did movies another time
    actually I'll bet you an American dime.Tthat must have been quite a fine chair,
    find it again if you dare!

  11. hahaha.
    talking about mixed nuts...i ODed on cashews last month and all of that has now gone to my butt !

  12. Wow, I'm out of the loop with movies. I remember some of them, but many others I couldn't remember.

  13. they let cats in the mall? What country is this? It's a shame, shame I say and by I me means us raccoons!

  14. Hm. You've just been compared to Shakespeare and Snoop Dogg. I'm trying to picture the "look" of that combination. Scary!

  15. I just love how all the movie names fit into the rhyme. Great stuff! :)

  16. With rhymes like that people may go to "Love and Other Drugs"
    However, for the average joe you probably get a passing shrug.

    Just be careful you dont put "A Man on a Ledge"
    I am sure that is something you would truly dread!

    Great poem as usual Pat!

  17. Clever to plug in movie names to the rhyme
    It seems you get better each time
    A movie chair inside a mall?
    I have never seen one, not at all

  18. This post made me realize that there are many movies out there that I need to sit my little butt down and watch. Apparently my wide array of Robert Downey Jr. flicks isn't going to get me far.

    Good Burger!!! I lovedddd that movie! I went to the All That Music & More Festival just to see Keenan and Kel live. Did you ever see the movie Two Heads are Better Than None with Keenan and Kel? Brother and I still crack up from imitating lines from that movie :P

  19. You sit it out in the movies
    The array of titles make me wonder
    I'd missed all those very many
    I need not go to see them though


  20. Yeah the chair was fun
    As it let movie references once more be spun

    A hidden message you say
    Hmm maybe but it could cause many dismay

    Go to the mall
    And follow the long rainbow hall
    There it will be
    And you can try it with glee

    Yeah serves them right indeed
    But I guess I did make their ears bleed
    With all my movie speak
    So they banned me from the mall for a week

    Hopefully not too tough
    To cause a huff and puff
    That would be rough
    And could make one have Enough

    Shakespeare you say
    Hmmm I guess I can speak in tongues my way..haha

    Yeah you know anybody with a dog in their name
    Can't keep up with the cat's rhyming game

    Bah that is nothing for my movie rhymes
    Could have tripled that and then some which I've done a few times

    Good stuff
    As movies come from this buff

    Oh yeah I've done movies a time of ten
    But they have to be done once in a while at my pen
    All that pent up movie speak
    Just has to leak

    LOL oh those mixed nuts can be a plight
    But I'm sure they make your butt ummm quite the sight..haha

    Out of the loop
    Well there is a lot there at my coup
    So at least you got a few
    As many don't have time to view

    Cats can trot right into the mall
    And have quite the ball
    I guess we pay more
    So they let us in the door
    Damn the raccoons
    And those baboons

    LOL yeah that look would be quite scary indeed
    The cat would surely have to hide behind a blog feed
    Or at most go on radio
    As my face I would not want to show

    The movie names will always fit
    As I give them a go at my pit

    Look at you throwing some in
    To your comment at my bin
    Yeah that I would dread
    If he fell off and was dead
    But if he went back inside
    It might be a fun ride

    Better each time
    Bah, I just pretend to, is that a crime?
    Yeah there are the latest fad
    Try one and you'l be glad

    Yes you need to see more than RDJ flicks
    Preferably not ones with naked Bates trying for umm licks
    As they will get you far with him
    But with all other movies you might sound a bit dim
    Although I am dim with Two Heads are Better Than None
    Have not seen that one
    Will give it a look now though
    And add it to the shelf at my show
    Never knew of such a festival either my way
    I guess I need to watch less movies at my bay..lol

    Is just my fate

    Some aren't worth seeing I will say
    I just used them to rhyme away
    So you haven't missed out
    Maybe just a few that I gave a shout

    1. OMG, we raccoons hate baboons too, those monkeys never wear underwear in public places, so I'm not surprised they are not allowed in the malls, but we raccoons are polite, we even wash our food before eating you know... you cats don't do that, you eat dead mice...

  21. Well done getting Arlington Road in there, great movie. Predator glands, I like the sound of them.

  22. Yeah Arlington Road was a damn good one
    And yeah Predator glands sound like fun

  23. Pat these movie runs are always fun, love how the blogpost becomes entitled by all those movie umm titles lol Seen most of these yes indeed, and i laughed pretty hard with sewers with C.H.U.D, I don't dig the horror but saw that one way back way back when and actually remembering laughing at the scary scary I was watching. Actually Good Burger wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but probably wouldn't recommend it to a tree, but if it's on and nothing to do, heck what's the worse that can happen to you, perhaps fall asleep a bit and snooze. Fun piece as are all the movie bits. Thanks

  24. Yeah CHUD was more funny than scary
    I think I seen a more frightening berry
    Good Burger is good for some fun
    Been a while since I gave it a spun
    And yeah have to give the moves a run once in a while
    As they come out in my rhyming style
    Or they'd get bunched in my head
    And that would cause dread

  25. Chairs and watching movies for a buck?
    I don't understand this I guess I'm out of luck!

    I was finally able to make a line rhyme!
    now I must keep doing it... time!

  26. lol there you go
    You've caught on to the rhyming flow
    Now you have to rhyme
    With each and every chime..haha

    Yep I'm sure crazy
    At least today your eyes didn't go hazy

  27. red eye did look dumb
    i'd rather have a sliver of fun
    a few good men is old
    how about a military movie that even attempts to break the mold?
    yes, the mummy had a blow out
    and let's throw those toy soldiers out
    i liked fast food nation, but if it's arlington road i'll bow out
    although i have heard good things
    so basically i'll settle for nothing less here than pigs with wings

  28. "Alien hands and Predator glands"? I love this line, it makes me dance. :)

    Keep the posts going and I'll keep the comments flowing!

  29. commando is the only way to go..unless of course you have those gastric attacks, ack that can be quite a mess inside your jeans or dress...nice refs throughout cat, you know how to chase the movie mouse...sorry i am late, the calendar fell off the wall and lost the date...but here i am at your rhyming can

  30. aww did I really just find a movie that you don't own?? And never seen?! AND never even heard of?! I deserve severe bonus points for that. I hope you're keep track of these wins and points b/c I haven't been. lol

    Well, you have to watch it and then let me know. If you like stupid funny like Good Burger, you'll be rolling. And if all else fails, it's on youtube. That is if you don't mind watching a movie in 10min clips. lol

  31. Career Opportunities = young/busty Jennifer Connelly! Mmmmmmmmmm.

  32. Yeah was rather dumb
    And would make you glum
    Does any military movie break the mold
    It all the same crap being told
    We good, you bad
    Our ideals are rad
    Pigs with wings you say
    Hmmm that be quite the display

    A line that can make you dance
    Now I need one that gets a prance
    Then we'll be all set
    The posts will keep coming you can bet

    LOL those gastric attacks could be bad
    And run down the leg of some gal or lad
    Now that would be ack indeed
    So no commando if one does such a deed
    Bah only a little late
    With 1000 or so to go through sometimes it has to be your fate

    Yep you found one I don't have on my shelf
    But my points are still higher, if I do say so myself
    Nice when you let me keep count
    Then I can fudge the amount
    Stupid funny are okay from time to time
    And stupid youtube full movie watching is a crime
    Need a dvd
    And a big tv

  33. If it's like the chair in Total Recall, I would love one, especially if I can go to a warmer climate but then, we ain't doing so bad (so far, so good) here in our little spot of Atlantic Canada, are we! Buttttt..... Don't speak too soooooon!

  34. haha yeah that was Mmmmmmm indeed
    Although now she surely can't take such a lead

    Yeah it would be nice to go some place warm
    Especailly if there was a snow storm
    And we aren't doing bad so far as you say
    Another month or two and snow should pretty much go away

  35. Something about "Predator glands" just makes me giggle!

  36. hahaha Predator glands giggling would be a sight
    May not make them seem like such a fright

  37. LOL
    Nice movie rhyming!

  38. Now, now...no cheating with the points!

  39. Ahh, I've missed Patt Hatt since my computer went splat. Nice to have it back when I can relax my sack.

  40. Movie rhyming is fun
    And must be done

    LOL but you said you don't know
    So how do you know I'm cheating for sure, as I do take my shoe off and count with my toe

    I hate when ones computer goes splat
    We just can't have that
    But relax your sack?
    LOL gutter moment there, might give one a heart attack

  41. aahh Pat!! what can I say? (lol)

  42. The Secret of My Success? What success? I am getting by, at best. But you good sir, are ahead of the rest in this game of chess. I am just a pawn while your rhymes are kings. Your rhymes are on another level while mine are spread thin. Fin.

  43. haha nothing to say
    Geez I stumped you at my bay
    Bravo for me

    Yeah I'm with you there
    Getting by at my lair
    But at least I can play chess well
    Being a king is fun I must tell
    But those pawns below can be hell
    They are sneaky and I need to attached a bell

  44. Last time I watched a movie it was called Hugo more so a kids movie but still pretty neat but some guy kept whipping out his phone :/

  45. What a cool chair and neat how you wrote about it too! ;)

  46. haha I have yet to watch that one
    Sure I will get it done
    When it comes out on DVD
    To add to my collection at my sea

    hahaha yeah had to write about the chair
    It is real, I swear.

  47. I go to the movies
    whenever I'm able.
    But with prices outrageous
    I'll wait for it on cable.

  48. By the way, I admire you for writing full-fledged poems in your comments.
    Wish I had that kind of talent.

  49. LOL Dez still won't let me reply on mine
    That hunk of junk just isn't fine
    Sorry you don't liek the baboon
    Maybe they'll be nice to the raccoon
    But at least cat buries their shit
    Raccoons leave it lying about with all the garbage they open up and leave sit..haha

    I never go to the movies at all
    As it is as expensive as some ball
    So I wait for the dvd
    Sometimes even the bargain bin, which takes a while, if I don't want to see immediately

    Let me practice more too I guess
    Even if they are a bit of a mess
    But you admire
    Damn, I'm on fire

    Glad it's good
    Let's hope it stays that way knock on wood

  50. Clever poem, with all the movie titles!

  51. That was very clever man. You named a ton of movies!

  52. some truly great bad movies in there.

  53. So I was wondering... Who would win in a fight?
    A navy seal?
    A real seal?
    or the singer Seal?

    and the fight takes place underwater...

  54. Haha, quite a bit of movies in there.

  55. Your movie references are really groovy
    and maybe a little looney.
    I wonder how many movies you've actually seen
    the number would be obscene!
    Still, nobody does them like Jack
    when he goes on the attack.

  56. This was a great read, I enjoyed this so much!


  57. The movie titles just come out
    As I try to remain clever with my shout

    Not that many were grand though
    But I had to give some I haven't before at my show

    Yeah I went with bad ones more so than not this time
    For my movie rhyme

    The actual seal would win of course
    Just run away with no remorse
    The others would run out of air
    And either die or give up and head back to their lair

    That was nothing though
    I tripled that before with my movie flow

    Some are great
    Others are crap at any rate

    Yep a little looney indeed
    But that abounds at my feed
    God, I've seen way way way to many I will say
    If you count me watching some over again then that number quadruples at my bay
    But yeah Jack weaves them in so well
    Neck is almost better so book four I can get done soon and a few more he can tell
    Well maybe
    Guess we'll just have to see

    Glad it was enjoyed a ton
    As I went on another movie run

  58. Yeah, this is definitely your thing.

  59. With my vast knowledge of each one
    I would say it is my thing and I have to give it a run

  60. Just rest your neck
    what the heck!
    The book can wait
    as your muse grows great!

  61. I guess that's true
    My muse has written a kiddie book or two
    Inbetween as well
    Get those done and see how they sell..haha

  62. Just a busy day...but glad to drop by to giggle and read the posts and comments here ~ he..he...

  63. haha yeah the comments can sure get a giggle
    Sometimes they make the cat's butt wiggle
    Wait, they may just be something else though
    That's quite smelly at my show..haha

  64. the kiddie book
    like the one you gave me a look?
    I think that's just great
    I know some will take the bait!

  65. This is easily the most confusing post I've read from you so far. :P I couldn't keep up.

  66. Another brilliant albiet random rhyme. Keep posting them :D

  67. Very clever I must say...all those movies...some I haven't seen I must confess and one I had trouble with...that Wolf Creek...that was a creepy one!

  68. Yeah like that one
    As I gave another a run
    Got ideas for at least four more already
    As they are coming steady

    This one was the most confusing
    haha I find that rather amusing

    A littler random indeed
    But that happens time and time again at my feed

    The movies come and go
    As I let them show
    And rhyme away
    Yeah Wolf Creek was a bit creepy but meh in its overall display


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