Once Again I Go All TV Show?

I did Stargate SG1 a while back with an episode title rhyming attack and figured there had to be more. So I will once again opened that door. I thought about Monk but that idea sunk, as his name is in every one, meaning you'd guess and that be no fun. The same with Chuck. So that one had to go pluck a duck. 24 just would not do, reciting the hours of the day eight times to you.

So I just kept going down my list and this one I couldn't resist. There are plenty of movie references/titles used too. But they are direct episode titles not actual movies that came into view. Yeah, they ripped them off with a nod and a cough. Anyway, enough out of me. Can you guess the show at my sea?

Everybody Loves A Clown,
Until Something Wicked comes to town.
They may sing a Swan Song,
Exile on Main St. is just wrong.

The Real Ghostbuters show up,
Heaven and Hell have a hiccup.
The After School Special states,
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things or go on dates.

I Know What You Did Last Summer,
Criss Angel is a Douchebag, bummer.
Makes Changing Channels easier though,
Unless you like The Devil You Know.

All Hell Breaks Loose,
With a Weekend at Bobby's with Zeus.
It was probably The French Mistake,
As they began to Swap Meat at the lake.

Good god, Y'all,
The fees for a Long Distance Call.
When the Levee Breaks,
Abandon All Hope for handshakes.

Free To Be You and Me,
Caged Heat can be an opportunity.
But The Song Remains The Same,
The Third Man was lame.

Shut Up, Dr. Phil,
I'd rather watch Road Kill.
And sing the Folsom Prison Blues.
Or Sex and Violence on the news.

Clap Your Hands If You Believe,
99 Problems are a real pet peeve.
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid,
Like A Virgin lad.

You Can't Handle The Truth,
Just Wishful Thinking at your booth.
Hello Cruel World Let It Bleed,
The Girl Next Door dropped the seed.

Mommy Dearest is trying to get in touch,
With The Man Who Knew Too Much.
But The Man Who Would Be King,
Wants to have an Unforgiven fling.

Simon Said The Kids Are Alright,
After that My Bloody Valentine fright.
And still All Dogs Go To Heaven,
No matter the attempts of The Magnificent Seven.

Well Mannequin 3: The Reckoning,
Has a Fallen Idol beckoning,
It's a Bad Day At Black Rock.
Sometimes Bedtime Stories can shock.

Two Minutes To Midnight,
Two and a Half Men have to catch a flight.
Off to an Appointment In Samarra,
Taking the Hammer of the Gods from Hera.

So before I Jump The Shark,
With some Monster Movie remark.
Hitting the Point of no Return like a maroon,
Or go to the Dark Side of the Moon.

The Usual Suspects can now guess,
My Slash Fiction mess.
So Dream a Little Dream of me my friend,
And that is simply The End.

You know there can be a lot of material in episode titles as well. If you haven't surmised that from my current rhyming spell. Just find a show you like and take a title hike. There you go, you now have something else to let flow. So that's the facts on how you rhyme the episode titles of a show. Take a guess in the comments below. Or if I confused get crass. It never bothers my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Love it Pat, God bless your rhyming ass. A poem about 24 might have been good too, I wouldn't have minded some reciprocation!

  2. So good you spelled nice wrong
    Guess they were strong.haha

    Glad I can amaze
    As you gaze

    Oh I got an idea for 24
    At my shore
    It will have to be done
    I just won't use the time for my fun

  3. I have to confess, a telly I don't possess, so I'll never know which show your rhyming off. I do hoever, know Led Zeppelin and am listening to while I write this comment from me to you.

  4. I read the post about your book. That was nice and nicely done and I follwed her. By the way, I sent you a DM this a.m.

  5. Don't own a TV
    Geez that doesn't fill me with glee
    But I suppose you got your drums
    And your Led Zeppelin hums
    To keep you on the go
    Plus when no need for tv when off to the liquor cabinet you can go..haha

    Sure she will like that
    And thanks for the read as well from Pat

  6. ha nice...i recognized quite a few...dark side of the moon brought back some memories...think it was their best album..and you know what...I Know What You Did Last Summer...rhyming...smiles

  7. Woot! Nice tribute to Supernatural, which has some of the best episode titles ever (Criss Angel is a Douche Bag comes to mind). Well done!

  8. haha yeah the titles were fun
    As they came from movies or rifted off them by the ton
    Yeah I was here giving a cheer
    So you know what I did. but I have no fear..haha

    LOL look at you the first to guess
    Making out my rhyming mess
    And yep correct indeed
    Here at my feed

  9. Great stuff as usual, Pat
    You're killing these rhymes like you were in combat.

  10. Sorry I have to delete, I make other, love Pat and love this

    "Free To Be You and Me,
    Caged Heat can be an opportunity.
    But The Song Remains The Same,
    The Third Man was lame"

    you are amazing dear:)
    I how I say you never stop! never hurt tour head??

  11. Sex and violence in the news?? dude, what channel is that in?

  12. oh, Pat, I didn't guess the show, and you know me is a TV expert (if we don't count the crime procedure shows, which me avoids big time)

  13. Your words always lead me to dream some kind of dream, Pat! Especially when it is two minutes to midnight and it's been a bad day at Black Rock! Smiles.

    1. they actually made a manequin 3...wow...you know we were kids when my mom took us to the first and did not really know what it was about, being pre-net and all, depending on tv ads...a manequin that comes to life, how cute...yeah that made an impression on my baby brother...lol

  14. haha a rhyme from you as well
    But no combat for me as that be hell

    Glad it was fun
    And a delete is fine under my sun
    I will prob never stop
    Until I drop dead and can no longer hop
    Then I can't promise anything
    But my ghost can give a ring..haha

    LOL prob on all of them at some point
    Except for maybe the food network, although it does get my nose out of joint

    You didn't guess the show
    Geez Dez that's a new low
    It wasn't one of those crime crap things
    So it should have gave your brain some rings

    haha glad my words can beam
    And make you dream a little dream
    At black rock
    What a shock

    Mannequin 3 was an episode title on the show
    Where a mannaquin did flow
    So technically I guess maybe they did
    The first was great, the second shoud be rid
    And impression too
    hahaha hey who wouldn't want her to view

  15. Rhyming is not my thing,
    but when i see these,
    maybe i should give it a swing,
    But i doubt i can with equal ease... :(

    I tried!

  16. hehe great read! 99 Problems are a real pet peeve.

  17. Dear Pat
    In Rhyme times,you always be fun
    couse Pat and the Cat always will be you smile:)

    Sorry is not correct, you the hero:))) ha,ha
    and Im a little poor girl dont know rhymes (lol)

  18. Well, yay for Norah to guess first
    I haven't watched that show so was in the lurch.
    But if it has the Cat's seal
    I may have to watch with zeal.

    Nice review written about you.
    and nice to meet Jax, too!

  19. Hey you swang away
    And it come off as quite the rhyming display
    Nicely done
    Adding to the rhyming fun

    Yeah that many problems is a pet peeve
    Wish 98 of them would leave

    We will always be fun as you say
    Rhyming away at our bay
    You don't need to rhyme
    Since you are a poor little girl, but it beats a mime..haha

    Yeah she guessed first
    With her burst
    Damn spoilers gave it away
    But what they hay
    And yes was a nice review
    That came due

    Glad I get some love
    Fits just like a glove

  20. It's amazing how you string these together in such a fun and witty way.

    I LOVE "Two and a Half Men." :0)

  21. I don't watch much TV (mostly the news) since I'm usually on the Internet, so I've no idea what show(s) you on about today. I looked through the comments, and I'm guessing I'm not along.

  22. So glad that you liked the review. Thanks for the shout!!

    I know what it is!!!!! Supernaturall :) :) My favorite show!! The show titles are so creative. That Kripke is a genius.

    Whenever Madre gets annoyed, I play her Dean doing Eye of the tiger from the ghost disease episode. It cheers her right up! lol

  23. I LOVE the Resident Evil movies and The Walking Dead. Nice batch you thunk up! :)

  24. "Shut Up, Dr. Phil,
    I'd rather watch Road Kill."
    That was worthy of repeat
    Your work is such a treat!

  25. haha yep strung the episodes together easy as can be
    And being witty brings me glee

    Yes you are not alone
    So no need to groan
    I have seen way to much anyway
    So many won't get my display

    Yeah the show titles for it got really fun
    After season one
    haha eye of the tiger you say
    That was quite the display

    Yeah zombies are great
    At most any rate

    Great you say
    Here my way

    LOL yeah that can be said a hundred times
    And would still make for such fun chimes

  26. Oh man this is hilarious. I dont know how you can come up with so much rymes!

  27. *applauds* You sir, stilllll got it. ha. Your film/tv prowess makes up for your lack of retarded underground metal music trivia.

  28. Dang I really wish I had the talent to even write one stanza of pure poetry lol great poem once again.

  29. This was a trip down memory lane.
    I remember some from way back
    Which is better than today as I hardly watch
    new ones on TV ~

    See you around the bay ~

  30. haha I don't really know either I will admit
    But glad it was a hit

    Yep my film and tv knowledge will not be beat
    As I can go toe to toe and feet to feet
    So makes up for my lack of music triva from the underground
    Maybe the cat needs to go hire a music hound

    I'm sure you can write one
    And do it with such fun

    Glad it sent you for a trip
    And not a flip
    As than you could lose your grip
    And maybe slip..haha

  31. Hahaha still laughing at the Dr. Phil and road kill lines. Good stuff. Watching road kill would be better than much of what's on TV, especially network TV.

  32. haha yeah it would beat most of network tv
    All 90% of that crap doesn't cause glee
    The pay channels are where it is at
    Even though some of that still falls flat

    Glad as always it is
    With my rhyming biz

  33. Don't call me a punk
    It's a name that has a funk
    But listen, it's an impossibility
    that I can hereby decree
    I've never seen the original Stargate, you see

  34. Geez never seen the orignal Stargate
    That is such an awful fate
    Well maybe not so much
    But it isn't defintely worth a touch
    And a watch too
    At least for the view

  35. I, too, have not seen Stargate
    a sad fact that you must hate.
    But my favorite show by far:
    What else? My Mother, the Car

  36. I only see the news.

  37. How I Met your Mother, and a bit of Law and Order.
    The rest, I couldn't bother ;)

  38. Only recognized a few of them... ><

  39. You like the second worst show of all time
    Now the surely is a crime..haha

    The news you say
    Well with that most of the same is at play

    At least you got some out of it
    With my episode title fit

    Glad it was great
    Just my ate

    Least you knew a few
    As you came to view

  40. Wow, those are cool titles, I'm big on that type of thing, especially for art and song, and have always appreciated a good title. But I have to say I never heard of many of these, but then a few I read and did know, but couldn't believe they were all from the same show, so I WAS STUMPED.

    After reading the comments though all was explained, as Supernatural I never viewed, but with titles like that I now wonder if the show itself lives up to the titles too.

    Also I noticed how some episode titles seem to be used at different shows as well. Not the really obscure ones of course, which are the coolest. I know burn notice has a devil you know episode too.

    The Chuck titles are cool too, but yeah they are always Chuck Vs… which wouldn't have been difficult at all…

    Cool write, as your TV/Movie puzzles always are. Fun. Thanks

  41. Oh yeah I've seen many tv episodes named the same
    I think stargate, supernatural, smallville, the 4400, fringe, even the x-files have played that game
    The episode titles live up to the task most of the time
    Season 5 was the best by far with it's chime
    Awesome from start to finish with that one
    Great episodes by the ton
    Burn notice had a few too
    And you love the chuck titles that come due
    But that, 24 and Monk
    Kind of mess up the guessing with my tv show funk..haha


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