Some Monkey Play Prompted This dVerse Display!

So this popped in and I had to give it a go at my bin. After Brian's son had a little monkey space play, I just let the rhymes fall where they lay. And of course I guess the is an under current to it, meaning it can work for a dVerse fit.

Use an animal for the save,
To prevent an early grave.
It is for your own good,
We can rid you of xtueolmophia in your hood.

Let the monkey go first.
That 2-2.5% difference burst,
In their DNA,
Makes it all seem okay.

After all the other 97.5-98 percent,
Is human so don't get bent.
We are here to save,
To prevent an early grave.

Forget the protests,
And other fan fests.
Yell and scream,
Let those hateful eyes beam.

A new path we pave,
One where we save.
So we can march and kill,
Just for a thrill.

Hop a countries fence,
Because we think their dense.
Forget the grey matter,
Our wallets must get fatter.

The research takes form,
Even if things stay the norm.
Can't screw with those,
Who a new way would bring woes.

But we are still here to save,
Even if we are greeds slave.
With this path we pave,
We prevent an early grave.

Maybe for you grandkids kids,
If we aren't in 1984 grids.
So why rant and rave?
As through the animal we will save.

Not going all activist or anything crazy like that. Just giving you the facts from the view of the cat. As for all the saving to prevent mass graving, claiming animal research does such a thing to some may have a nice ring. But does it really work? When up your ears perk and you see what goes on around. Seems things just go round and round. Probably still be the same when we are all in the grass and that is all today from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Animal research always reminds me of Pinky and the Brain... lol...

  2. Animal research and monkey business
    Were the craze not too long ago
    'Inhuman' but it was then the best recourse
    I thought there isn't any, anymore


  3. Maybe the 97.5-98% in us is actually monkey and not the other way around!

  4. nice 1984 ref there, animal research is quite the scare, yes if you dont like the laws go across the boarder to abuse your animals by messing with natures son will be excited for now it is three poems he has incited with his little monkey business, p.s. did not see this on the list at dverse, was your sign in a miss?

  5.'s not for the's for science... ugh... does it make a difference...? not sure...

  6. I love the anti animal abuse and unhumanitarian ethos you portray in this man, I agree this animal research thing really irritates and irks me buddy, I hate that kind of thing so much, it's not right.

    Hop a countries fence,
    Because we think their dense.
    Forget the grey matter,
    Our wallets must get fatter.

    Amazing verse, on both an anti war and animal friendly level.

  7. haha Pinky and the Brain
    His head was so big he had to have popped a vein

    Once more
    At my shore

    Yeah a while ago they were
    As they messed with their fur
    But I just gave it a spin
    For the win

    Hmmm maybe it is
    Who give a whole new meaning to monkey biz

    Yep, just have to jump some border and all will be good
    Treat everything like it's a piece of wood
    Glad I could be number three
    Here at my rhyming sea
    And wasn't a miss
    Just was a tad slow with my hiss

  8. Not sure it does at all
    As nothing changes at any hall
    Because no matter what they find
    The money hoarders don't want them to change the grind

    Yeah they make up excuse after excuse
    For all of their abuse
    And say they save lives
    From this that and hives
    And then we kill each other anyway
    And yeah that part of the verse was fun display

  9. Though your rhyming words were spot on
    the message i couldn't missed were right on
    target as this monkey business is a sordid
    mess, one where i can't even imagine we
    would be heartless and stone cold to do.

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

  10. You've captured some sad truths in your rhyme today, Pat. Can't imagine what some poor animals are put through. There has to be a humane way to do medical research though......... somehow.

  11. You should have added...

    No monkeys were injured in the writing of this rhyme.


  12. nice rhymes with a message, very good stuff, keep it up man!

  13. Hi Pat, I agree with the cat. It's so painful to think of all of this stuff--not in your poem exactly, which is always injected with great humor. K.

  14. Animal research kills me. First off, no one should mess with nature. I think everyones getting sick and what not simply because we did mess w/ nature in the first place. Have you ever heard of the Montauk Monster? There's an island not too far off from Montauk, NY. It's where they perform all sorts of funky animals testings and what not. And every once in a while some WEIRD creature will wash up on shore. It's scary and sad at the same time.

  15. I absolutely love this post! A rhyming take on activism- especially when its in regards to animals! Such a good post Pat!

  16. I care more for animals then I do for people. And I can't stand when people hurt them.

    Good post :) very meaningful rhymes :)

  17. as you know I'm one of the biggest fighters for the rights of animals, I've even had PETA posters in my sidebar throughout the first year of HOLLYWOOD SPY. All people who wear fur, hunt or use animals in a violent way are evil, pure evil, evil I say!

  18. Nice post Pat, have a nice day!

  19. Yeah but to many it does not matter
    Just making their wallets get fatter
    That is all it is about
    Letting the animals pout
    While they increase the bottom line
    Thinking it's just all fine

    Some are humane I think
    But many just go to the brink
    Plus all the crap we don't know
    I'm sure would ruffle anyones flow

    LOL maybe just Tarsier man
    Of him I'm not a fan

    It will be kept up for a while
    In my usual rhyming style

    Yeah many don't stop to think
    As it will bring them to the brink
    But I have to make it fun
    As that just must be done

    Glad it is rightly so
    I wouldn't want you to go
    This is dumb
    And curse my rhyming

    No never heard of that
    Peeked the interest of the cat
    Idiots are probably trying to create bigfoot of something
    Just so they can give it a ring
    And get some fame
    Messing with nature is not only lame
    But it will be the end of us one day
    Who knows, could come from that Montauk bay

    Glad it was grand
    As I gave the activism a hand

    Yep me too
    I'll take animals over people any day that comes due

    Yeah Dez I know
    You have so many animals at your show
    Those lemurs and penguins are there
    Plus I'm sure you have lots of cat hair
    Many of those people are stupid to say the least
    And they are the ones who become the beast

    Say how you really feel
    Let it out so your wounds will heal..haha

    I guess I can have a nice day
    Here my way


    I had to google it because I forgot the name of the place, but it's called Plum Island. Actually, it's up for sale now. Would you want that place?! lol

    This is why I only drink bottled water. LOL With all the chemicals surrounding Long Island, I'm bound to have six head babies!!! lol

  21. Wow they are realling screwing with things there
    Or at least were until they decided to sell their evil lair
    LOL nope wouldn't go near it
    Not one bit
    God only knows what they polluted it with and all
    LOL yeah that would be wise at your hall
    I won't drink water from any tap
    Not that water ever does, much, go into my trap
    All nasty what they could put in it
    And yeah any body of water near NY could make your have six headed oompa loompa babies, wouldn't that be a hit..haha

  22. Sad way the way things are working.. but I have hopes for the future. Hopes.

  23. yes only is like your way Pat!

  24. Totally agree with you here. I'm not an activist per se either but some things are just right and other's just wrong. Sure, there's a grey area in there someplace, but anyhow. Just the other day I found out about a Vet program that actually euthanizes living dogs and cats to show how to euthanize, so I thought it was repulsive and looked a bit into it and this is common practice, absolutely despicable. I realize these doctors to be have to learn how to do it, but really on innocent healthy animals, like they couldn't find the right vein on an animal that was already dead or about to die. Anyhow, rant over. Excellent job here, thanks

  25. great write with great points. especiall like - Forget the grey matter,
    Our wallets must get fatter.

    just one question - what in the heck is xtueolmophia

  26. Yeah but I guess why be a dope
    And as you say have a little hope

    Sure I guess so
    Here at my show

    Damn never knew that
    How hard is it indeed to find the vein on a dog or cat
    That is pathetic and despicable for sure
    Should smack those idiots upside the head good and pure

    Yeah a little serious my way
    Once in a while it comes to my bay

    LOL it is what happens when you hit a bunch of keys
    And then freeze
    Slap phia on the end
    And let it become a trend

  27. I've noticed that my shampoo bottle boasts
    no animal testing to it's folks
    So I guess I can wash with ease
    and know my hair the monkeys will please.

  28. LOL but what if they lie
    And made the poor monkeys cry
    They wouldn't be able to tell you
    I guess we just have to believe it's true..haha

  29. I guess we could show them a bottle of it.
    If they scream, run and have a fit
    We'll know that they really were tested with it,
    and can sue the company for lying there.
    want to sue with me and the money I'll share?
    But if they take the bottle and lather up
    then we'll know that it's all good and such.

  30. I hate to say it, but *some* of the testing done really is necessary for research, learning, and medical advancement. Some of it boils down to basically: you can either test something intended for eventual human use/application on a human, or on something else The ethical conundrum becomes is the end result of the research worth the costs incurred along the way. I'd like to think that in most cases it would be. Unfortunately the current state of the pharmaceutical industry is profit driven, especially in the US where prescription medications are marketed directly to consumers. As such, we have to question whether the research being done is concerned more with profits than ethics.

  31. Sounds like a plan to me
    We first have to find a monkey
    And then go for the money
    If it's nose gets all runny
    And it starts to screech
    Then we'll need a lawyer with some reach
    To go and impeech
    After that it be time to retire to some beach

    Yeah there is a purpose to some of it
    But making cats glow in the dark and become lit
    Mixing and matching dna
    And all that other crap at their bay
    Is a tad out to lunch most any day
    But it is what you say
    Profits and ethics it all boils down too
    And it's usually the $$$$ that takes presence in their view

  32. Next time a monkey stops by the zoo
    I'll catch him and give a call to you.
    Then we can do the shampoo test
    and see if we have a lawsuit mess.
    Then we can take the cash and run
    and retire to the beach for fun.

  33. I think if we knew even half of what they get up to in secret laboratories, we'd freak. If they can 'clone' you can bet they have tried all sorts of things with putting animals heads on different things and such like, and even creating humans from stuff too, and even bringing prehistoric creatures back through their DNA, who knows. I don't want to know for sure. ;)

  34. great word...nice blog....following

  35. Loved the new header of the blog :)
    these days ppl r hurting/hunting animals more n more in the name of science n what not.

    fantastic read :)
    missed it so much !!!

  36. Good response to Brian's monkeys in space. But, better than cats, right?

  37. I wish they'd test drugs, cosmetics, and the like on humans, to determine if it's safe to use them on animals!

  38. haha sounds like a plan
    Of that I am a fan
    We'll be sure and get the monkey a nice tree too
    As a way of saying thank you..haha

    Yeah the prehistoric creature thing I'm sure they tried
    Just to up their foolish pride
    When one get loose and goes all Godzilla on us
    Then they'll pin on some poor nobody named Gus

    Yeah I'm great
    Just my fate

    Been a while since you have been about
    Awww you missed me in your shout..haha
    Glad you like the header too
    And yeah in the name of science if a bunch of bull between me and you

    I suppose it's better than cat's from a cat perspective
    I guess each animal is selective

    LOL yeah funny how they don't do that
    Yeah they use their silly shampoo and stuff for a cat
    And it's all nice and safe to use
    Yet for humans they animal abuse

  39. OK Silver, I'm volunteering you for a flea collar test
    before we use it on Orlin and Cass.

  40. Sorry, doll, there are no fleas in this white beard!

  41. I love dem animals.

  42. LOL we could try some form of animal hair clipper on him
    Whenever he needs a trim..haha

    Yeah you can't have fleas around
    Or Orson might throw you in the pound..haha

    There is the love
    Fits you like a glove

  43. It's to prevent fleas, dear.
    you don't have to already have them in your beard!

  44. Well, since I never get them, doll, how would we know if the collar worked?

    I think I'll let Orson do the honors of testing cat stuff. Heh.

  45. Well, I don't know if Orson will like that
    if it hasn't been tested on a human and all that strat.

  46. Yeah that would be kind of strange
    If he had no fleas at his range
    How would we know if it was to work
    Still doing it I'd surely give a smirk

    Poor Orson being having to do a test
    I'm sure he'll do his best

    We cats like the human getting tested first idea very much
    Let them see if they end up on a crutch

  47. Silver ~ It's not if the collar worked
    it's if you fell dead with a jerk
    or got some kind of sickness
    from their yucky ingredients.

  48. OK, sorry. I was just teasing you know,
    since you said humans should be tested on the go.

  49. LOL ohhh I get it now
    Don't worry I'm sure if you dropped dead there would be a cure there to save you some how..haha

  50. Or they would say you signed a clause
    that said if you died it wasn't their fault
    then they would announce the product was bad for felines
    since the humans using it did die.

  51. Man I love your posts! Keep those rhymes flowing.

  52. Very nice! This is one is my favourite of all your works I´ve read before.

  53. haha yeah that would be the case
    Then they'd throw a lawyer or 50 in your face
    And nothing one could do
    But at least he saved the feline crew..haha

    The rhymes will keep flowing
    And surely keep showing

    A favorite you say
    Guess a little serious works my way

  54. whats ur sign off going to be for spring ?? any sneak peaks ?:D

  55. haha I got it all in my head
    Come March 21st the sign off will be read

  56. It's always fun to visit here and see the places your mind has been. :)

  57. Yeah what comes from my mind
    Gets sent out each day by my little rhyming behind

  58. i had a great laugh at your rhyming with Betsy :-)
    & i think animal testing stinks!!!

  59. hahaha yeah it was quite fun
    And animal testing stinks under any sun


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