Something Is Wrong With This Picture. The Mutts Seem To Be The Central Fixture!

No more Merry Christmas or Happy New Year cheers until next year, now it's just back to the regular, or rather crazy, rhyming gear. But here is something to change in 2012. There needs to be more cats on movie shelves.

You know us cats really get the shaft as you humans are really dafed. You give them all the lime light and leave the cats to be forgotten in the night. Once again you don't believe me? I guess I will just prove it with my facts for free.

See case and point! Two dogs and only one cat in this joint.

Same thing for number two. Wouldn't you think for two they would double the cats to view? But nooo that had to go add more dogs to it. Really makes the cat have a fit.


Dogs get to play sports like a human loon and even get to take pictures with a raccoon.

And cats get to do what? Pick their nose with some crazy mutt.

They even get to hang out with Chuck Norris who has his own chorus. He can breath fire and make a holy man a liar. Can knock down walls with a touch and yeah all that crap is a bit much.

And we get to give you the evil eye. Oh that is so scary you might die.




Dogs get to wear a table cloth, a toilet seat like some goth, go camping and dig for treasure. Plus they get to show off how they got some, more than leg humping, pleasure.

Cats once again take the back seat, sneaking out from under a mutt's feet. 

Dogs get to look all pretty and go save some old bitty.

Cats get represented by THAT! Big Momma's House beats this door mat.

Dogs get to have a ton on the poster. Whether or not I wish to use the movie for a coaster.

And we get one whole cat. They can't even say DAMN, what is up with that?

All those mutts get to go to heaven too. Or at least they want you to believe it's true.

Us cats just don't dance. I guess maybe we just prance.

Finally dogs get to solve crime.

And then lie around all sublime.

While we get our name drug through the mud as this surely came down with a thud. One of the most atrocious movies ever. Whoever made this was not at all clever.

So the cat may sound a bit bitter and may kill your babysitter with my oh so scary eye. Pffft, yeah that is a lie. But those stinkin' mutts that do nothing but sniff and lick their butt and others butts, get all the fame. Someone needs to take the blame. But then that would be a heavy load, as the blame for Catwoman would fill a whole zip code. I guess I will just have to keep on being crass and get the cats some recognition with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Cats won't be trained to hit a mark, they're to smart. Although they may prance, it's we human's that dance. Attendance on them that is. Although that cat looked silly in that hat, we all know who runs the show. Cats.

  2.'ve forgotten this movie are more cats than the average human can bear with...smiles... used to love lassie as a child and i have a stephen king on my shelf, waiting to be read...

  3. And yes Pat, I did put that last picture in my post today just to needle you a bit.

  4. haha yeah they say screw the dumb humans and their wants
    No matter their taunts
    And let the mutts act like a fool
    Thinking they are cool
    As they do run the show
    That we all know

    I didn't forget that one
    But the cats there have fun
    Just didn't work with my rant
    Neither did the one with the ant
    More than any human can bear?
    hahaha that seems to be the case everywhere

    Be there in a flash
    Hopefully it doesn't give me a bad rash

  5. I think the cats are nice, (lol) I remember a movie "Dogs and cats" and the cats were amazing but bads(: maybe you have to make a movie:)
    I love Aristocrats too:)

  6. hehe oh the inequality, we should stage a riot or picket, meow by every spigot, the cats do have Get Fuzzy which is the best comic strip ever, now there is a cat that is clever, now go get some creme so that rash wont ream you hope you had a great new years to do too

  7. Don't forget the Aristocats!

    Happy New Year!

  8. Never noticed this unfairness before. My deepest sympathies ;)

  9. I honestly don't think I should love this post as much as I do but I can't help it! You're so right man, this is something I've never noticed before. Garfield has to have precedence over his doggy friend though!

  10. Cats are the best.
    I'd take nine over one dog and all the rest.
    No leg humping or crotch sniffing,
    they even bury their mess in the yard
    instead of letting people step in it when they let down their guard.

  11. Of movies with cats we are bereft.
    But, that's fine, felines don't give an F.
    After all, they are not stupes.
    Like man's best friends,
    who eat their own poops.

  12. I love the movie Aristocats. My brother and I used to always play pretending we were that old man with the cane who came over to make the will. Ok, maybe we had issues...

    And as for the scary, staring cat in Cat's Eye...that can be true!! Some cats are VERY scary! They look right through like they are reading your mind and working on brain control.

    and pshhh, Garfield is awesome!! A cat thank eats lasagna?? Amazinggg :)

  13. hahaha maybe the cat will have to make one
    Would be interesting and maybe fun

    hahaha rioting would be interesting to see
    Might peek a cats curiosity
    But then they'd get bored with that
    And go back to chasing a rat
    Yeah comic strips the cats rule
    And the dogs drool
    But not in the movies for all to see
    As cats are way to picky

    I didn't forget that one
    Just didn't work right with my fun..haha

    Yes, see had to be viewed from a cat
    So unfair for all cats, must be a smear campaign by a rat

    Now that all have taken notice of it
    A movie will have to come that is a hit
    With cats galore
    And it's alright if you like it more..haha

    Yep they sure are way more clean
    And a lot less obscene
    They prob charge too much for movies too
    That could be a reason why you never see more than one or two
    One most always remain on their guard as well
    Stepping in poo can be quite nasty, I'm sure your twin could tell..haha

    LOL True, I have never seen a cat eat its own poo
    Unlike every single dog that does it on cue
    Yeah they already think they are all of that
    And dog movies just all flat

    Hmmm yeah maybe an issue or two
    Sad but true
    But I'm sure making a will
    Was such a thrill..haha
    Yeah they just stare at you like you are dirt
    At first you think they want to flirt
    Then they just keep staring
    Even when you start swearing
    They stare and stare and stare some more
    Then they just strut off across the floor
    hahaha I supposed Garfield is an awesome cat
    Even if he is rather fat

  14. Pat, you have to add Puss N Boots
    a movie for kids as well as old coots.
    The cat is the hero in this fine flick
    No dogs visible, so you wouldn't feel sick.
    Rush out today and rent this movie.
    Trust me, it's one you'd find super groovey!

  15. yep and dogs never got humiliated by having Halle Berry play them atrociously :(

  16. Treated my teen to the latest in the Warrior Cat series. There's been six books, so far. These cats are very clever and run in clans and can do all sorts, and some are good and some are evil. Neat stories and everyone a CAT!
    Happy New Year Pat!
    Darn, somehow I managed to make that rhyme and wasn't even trying...Hahaha

  17. Thank god for Homeward Bound. That was the beginning of the end of Roseanne Arnold's career.

  18. check the factinary, Cassie. :)

  19. Obligatory Lady and The Tramp post.
    "We are Siamese if you please."

  20. Oh man, I had forgotten how many Air Bud and Beethoven movies they ended up making ...*cringe*

  21. I'm sorry but I'm totally fixated on the fact they made a Homeward Bound sequel!! Where the hell was I when this happened? Christ I loved that first movie.

  22. Yes but that puts cats in a good light
    I was going more for a fright
    And it will be seen
    On my movie screen
    When the dvd comes out
    And about

    haha yeah dogs have surely never got that
    One of the biggest pieces of trash ever and it had to have a cat

    haha never heard of a warrior cat series my way
    Sounds delightful I have to say
    All cats all day
    Might be a scary display
    At least for mutts
    And their sniffing of butts
    See I make you rhyme
    At least some of the time

    haha I think that was another homeward bound
    But yes it wasn't too profound
    And not sad her career went down
    Surely never will make me frown

    Happy new year to you as well
    From our little crazy cell

    Just had a look a second ago
    And Cassie appreciates the well wishes from your show
    Exactly what just about any cat would do haha
    Except they'd prob eat it too
    Even though before she chewed her foot a little bit
    In some cleaning fit
    And made it bleed again
    So the cone went back on at our den

    haha I forgot all about the Siamese cats in that one
    Great comment fun

    Yeah and now they made ones that talk
    Not much of a shock
    But they are even more crap
    Makes one want to take a nap

    Yep very true
    poor cats never get a good view

    hahaha that you never knew?
    Yep there was a two
    I liked it almost as much as the first
    It is definitely worth a burst
    Not some garbage disney sequel like they make with all the old cartoons
    If you liked the first the second should be watched at your dune

    Yep homeward bound is great
    Even with one cat on its plate

  23. cats are evil and you know it, man!
    I myself have 10 of them living in my house :D

  24. Cats stay behind the scenes on purpose. It would disturb their awesome lives of sleeping all day if they kept having to pose for posters and act in movies.

  25. These bring back so many childhood memories...

  26. Those dogs are more talented than me. D:

  27. True, True, the cats do get the short stick in movies. while dog movies can sometimes be fun, the cats need more attention too, so perhaps now that the blogosphere has been put on alert, maybe, just maybe they'll be some purrfect movies displayed soon. Hmm.. Perhaps a rhyme time film, wonder how that would go, we've already seen the video, and I know that went well, so who knows. But yeah a good cat film is long overdue

  28. Ah I have seen almost all of those. Barely remember them though it has been a long time

  29. K-9 stigmatized my childhood.. Overall this could be a movies that suck list..

  30. haha yeah evil they can truly be
    Wow 10 at your sea
    That is a ton
    Cleaning litter for that many can be no fun..haha

    That would be a good reason too
    After all their all day nap has to come due
    So they can rave at night
    And behind the scenes cause a fright

    hahaha prob not all good one, at least I hope
    As some of them need to be hung from a rope

    haha or at least they make it seem so
    Mutts are attention whores you know

    Yeah some of them can be fun
    But a lot of them suck a ton
    Hmmm a rhyme time film would be something to do
    Maybe it is something the cat should persue
    Pat will have to think on that
    The cat could chase a rat

    Yeah many of them are rather old
    Can't say many, if any, are comic gold

    hahaha exclude Homeward Bound and maybe hooch
    And yeah someone surely screwed the pooch

  31. I guess cats just don't take direction well . . .

  32. I think cats may be too introverted
    therefore their fame's averted.

  33. Yeah cats listening to silly humans give direction
    Will never give them perfection

    Yeah that is true
    The cats don't like to have themselves out there to view

  34. Funny
    And maybe right on the money

  35. Freaking dogs causing all sorts of trouble however cats make it more than double.

  36. Yeah, more cat-movie solidarity! Create the movement!!!

  37. You may be onto something here. Meow.

    And, I think the kids have about 12 of the movies that you displayed.

  38. Yeah cats do it in a sneaky way
    And aren't quite as abrupt in their display

    The movement has begun
    Now we need cat movies by the ton

    Yeah I got a fair amount of them too
    But some I will prob never again view

    Yep one big Consipiracy Theory
    So the mutts can remain cheery

  39. Cats are more difficult to train
    That may have caused some restrain
    But cat hold on to your horses
    Cause you're smarter than most


  40. haha yeah they are quite picky
    And can be tricky
    Smarter than most
    Oh now I can boast

  41. Cats dont dance is a really good movie.

  42. It wasn't bad from what I can recall
    But it is one I don't have on my movie wall


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