Spice Girls, Furbies, No Sex and Pogs. I Think I'd Rather Go To The Dogs!

Can these things really co-exist? Just typing the names of this stuff could hurt my wrist. But I guess the cat gave a throwback of sorts. It was in part thanks to a Dingbat for any official reports. So here we go. A time when no blogs were around to show.

Boy, the way those pogs could flip.
Revealing bands that were still hip.
The Spice Girls radar actually showed a blip.
Those were the days!

Didn't need no guts to spill.
Slow motion Baywatch was a thrill.
Clinton spent his days shagging on the hill.
Those were the days!

Emelio Estevez was a household name.
The Ninja Rap was still quite lame.
A macarana dance could ignite ones flame.

Furbies seemed to be in.
The Blue Jays could actually win.
To watch again rewind needed to spin.
Those were the days!

We were saved by the bell.
Shows didn't need sex to sell.
And there was no reality tv hell.

Goosebumps were all the rage.
You actually had to turn a page.
The web was still in the stoneage.
Those were the days!

 That was some 90's crap that came to mind as I hit the Those Were The Days grind. Sure many have many other things too. As the internet wasn't around much to view. At least until later on, so one had to occupy themselves with other things at their lawn. But then what would one do without the sass? I guess it's good it came about and let me rhyme off my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Those glasses of rose are tainted it shows. When one with longing backwards looks at Saving Bells and Spicy Girls and the Fool On The Hill whose wicked ways a nations name was shamed. The here and now is better still, for cats that are a' rhyiming.

  2. I was never as keen on a lot of this 90s stuff as most people were, nowhere near it. I think because the past seems better than the present people long for it more but the fact is that when the past was actually the present it was just as bad, maybe worse in fact.

  3. Yep the here and now is better to live in
    Instead of looking back at the past bin
    Just having the cat that rhymes
    Makes on forget all those 90's crimes

    Yeah a lot of it was crap
    Made me want to take a nap
    Very true people always long for the past
    And it has been quite vast
    Want the 90's now
    Then there want to 80's and they keep going on some how
    Even though 2011 supposedly sucked for many as well
    In ten years they say I wish it were 2011 because it wasn't hell

  4. hahaha. brings back memories :)
    but i do like some reality tv shows.

  5. oh, do you remember when Emilio Estevez was married to Paula Abdul and Charlie Sheen was actually her brother in law? :)

  6. This made me giggle. I have a confession . . . I still love pogs. I make my kids play too lol. I'm such a dork. ;)

  7. I guess a few is okay
    Still all for me cause dismay

    Yeah I remember that vaguely as I saw it on tv
    But wasn't that old then, now it's just funny..haha

    LOL you still love those pogs you say
    Making your poor kids play..haha
    I still have a good few hundred somewhere
    At my mothers lair
    Haven't played in years upon years though
    So not as big of a dork that way at my show..haha

  8. But now the world's filled with greed,
    As fat cats plant their seed,
    the fact i realised as your post i read,
    Yes, those were the days indeed!

  9. Ah HAhahaha! :D I was hearing "All in the Family" in my head, and then I got to the end where you confessed that's what you were thinking.

    Great one. But I confess... I don't miss the spinning rewind. :p Here's to progress! Sort of.

  10. Those were good days indeed. A simplier time where people still called each other on the phone and didn't text message. I still prefer a phone call any day.

  11. The Spice Girls were it!!! OMG! Me and my 5 best friends used to dress up and pretend to be them. Sooo fun. I still rock out to there music when I'm cleaning. The vacuum instantly becomes a microphone.

    Furbies were annoying. Pogs were kind of cool. It was all about the trading!!! What are the Blue Jays and who is Emilio Estevez??

    Great post :)

  12. Yeah greed is surely on the rise
    Without a single disguise
    Just plain out there this day in age
    Can see it on every page

    haha the spinning rewind
    Is one thing surely not missed by my behind
    I guess here's to progress
    Even if some of it is a mess

    It depends on who it is for me
    Most of them I just want to flee
    So a text works easily
    Then I don't have to speak to them forever in a day at my sea

  13. hahaha you go from will makers to the spice girls with your pretend
    At least you have no common trend
    Rocking out to then with the vacuum cleaner too
    Might want to keep that on the down low between me and you..lol
    Yeah trading was the main part for me
    When I used them at my sea
    Geez the one canadian baseball team you don't know
    And the couch of the Mighty Ducks is who Emilio Estevez is, yeah those ones could be considered a new low..haha

  14. We must have been raised during the same time period. lol Those were the days!

  15. I actually had to do a google search for pogs!
    I know, I know, I was in a grog
    Those days I had 4 babies under 2 years old.
    I didn't know if the sun was up or if it was cold.
    It was Brio at our house then
    Richard Scarry and Thomas the Tank Engine.
    We completely missed out on all the pog fun
    Maybe I'll find some at one of my auctions!

  16. hahaha yeah they sure were the days
    Although not sure why such things were all the craze at many bays

    Well they didn't really last all that long
    Seemed to come and go at the beat of a gong
    Yeah I can see why you missed out
    With the baby stuff all about
    Be surprised if you knew which way was up
    But then you prob always had a full coffee cup..haha
    Never know
    Could find some at your auction show

  17. dude you are giving me flash backs, like when mars attacks, rockem sockem robots was hot and we spun vinyl...oh maybe too far back on that final, spice girls never did it for me, even those in recent history

  18. Wow, that took me back. And when you mentioned "Those Were the Days" my mind continued with "my friend. We thought they'd never end . . ."

    lol Happy New Year!

  19. Sigh. Now I need to watch the Mighty Ducks. I googled him. He doesn't even look a little familiar.

    There's nothing wrong with having fun w/ ur vacuum! Ever see Mrs. Doubtfire? My point exactly....Just b/c he's yelling Dude, look like a lady & I'm yelling Spice up your life doesn't mean anything...lol!!

  20. when I think about the nineties, I can remember great nintendo games and GREAT music! smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, oasis, radiohead...

  21. Eh.. it all seems better.. unless you were older. These same feelings will be had 10 years from now, full of people wondering where reality tv went and seeing an excess of sex in tv that won't make sense to them.

  22. Nice little nostalgic flow, I have to admit that Ninja Rap I don't recall to ever know. Yeah, I guess that's right, the Blue Jays did actually have a few good seasons in the 90's- wow that's some Nostalgia right there-lol I actually used to go see a game or two way back when, as TO is not that far a jump for me to take, used to stop by Ed's for some spaghetti too- those were the days, yep, but I guess now, memories will have to do. Nice write and I think I actually have a furbie somewhere. Little purple and white with a spiked mohawk thing. Pretty fun, and quite the rage, I remember it caused riots at the stores like way back in the initial cabbage patch days.

  23. Ah those WERE the days..... and someday down the line with flying cars and virtual vacations we will feel the same about today! Happy New Years Pat!

  24. haha yeah those rockem sockem robots were fun
    Not sure vinyl was still spun
    Well it probably was here and there
    But becoming more rare
    Yeah the Spice Girls were crap
    It just came to my mind as I took the lap

    hahaha at least you honest in a way
    With your display

    Made you mind continue too
    That is fun to do

    Geez not familiar at all
    Stakeout is the one movie of his that needs a call
    Forget the rest
    That one is his best
    Mrs. Doubtfire did it with style and to a better song
    The spice girls just seems so wrong..haha

    Yeah there were tons of great nintendo games each week
    Now they seem to play hide and seek

    I will never wonder where Reality tv went
    I home to mars that gets sent
    But I doubt it ever will
    And in ten years I'll do another at my hill..haha

    Those furbies were the things to be had
    Everyone had to have one so bad
    Then they went by the wayside rather fast
    I guess there stay wasn't too vast
    Yeah they had 2 good seasons there
    Then poof nothing else at their lair
    Bringing back memories of Ed
    And it just rhymes with Fred..haha

    Flying cars I doubt we will ever see
    Virtual vacations though yeah that will prob be a reality

  25. I'm always looking at future games I do enjoy the classics though

  26. Vile Nostalgia for sure with this post. Although I detest aging and growing into a bitter old fart, I'm glad I lived through the 90's and remember the awesomeness of pre-internet society. Plus Homeward Bound.

  27. Those were the days...I enjoyed the flashbacks though I never did like the Spice girls songs. I still like turning the page though despite our getting a Kobo. See you ~

  28. I remember when I didn't have the internet. Like back in high school I rewrote an entire paper 12 times on a typewriter. It was like 17 pages...

  29. some of this brings me right back to my youth! others are a little before my time ha - either way, as I told you before, your rhyming is damn infectious, by the end I'm thinking in rhyme all Seuss-monologue-like haha another enjoyable read!

  30. YaY i love Baywatch. especially in slow moe.

  31. Future games tend to suck more often then not though
    At least many do that come out for show
    But then many don't as well
    Sometimes it's hard to tell

    But growing into a bitter old fart can be fun
    And for most it has to be done
    Yeah pre-internet wasn't bad
    And Homeward Bound needs at watch at every pad

    Yeah spice girls can kiss my bum
    As they were kind of umm dumb
    Turning the page has to come
    So may as well not be glum

    hahaha yeah that was a pain in the ass
    Rewriting is so much easier with a computer pass

    haha making you go all rhyming in your head
    After you have read
    Is just so fun to do
    Yep, it's true

    hahaha yeah that slow mo bouncing can't be beat
    With all that sand beneath their feet

  32. I dont remember specially the 90's also I know all you name but maybe was the time the kids borned, maybe I dont whatch so much TV (lol) but the kids love the 90's:)

  33. haha maybe this maybe that
    But at least you understand the rhyming cat..haha

  34. I do remember Furbies
    But didn't own one of these
    Had two cats about that time
    that was enough fur for this home of mine.
    So is a Furbie a hamster or an owl?
    kind of like both, but they don't howl.
    So, confess, Pat dear
    how many Furbies did you have to hold near?
    And did you name them
    names like Mike and Jim
    or maybe Furbert and Herbert
    Herbie and Kerbie
    Kermit and Sherbert?
    ok, I'll stop
    before you flip your top.

  35. I love this! Times were certainly different back then. I learned to use a computer in the late 80s or early 90s. I typed all my HS papers on a typewriter (with lots of correction ribbon).

  36. those are some awesome ryhmes dude, happy new year

  37. Nope never had a one
    Would have killed it with my ninja turtles before I was done
    Don't think I ever gave things names
    Used the actual ones for all my games
    Me, flip my top
    Only if you try and make the rhyme stop..haha

    I wrote them all out
    That was a pain to go about
    Especially with my crappy hand writing
    Had the teachers eyes fighting...haha

    Happy new year as well
    From our little rhyming cell

  38. Nija Turtle
    Named Myrtle
    leaping over hurdles
    dressed in a purple
    O boy,
    wrong toy.

  39. haha yeah off by just a tad
    Oh well I'm sure to some that toy be rad
    But not this lad
    My turtles always made the shredder mad

  40. yeah, yeah, I know...

    They're the world's most fearsome fighting team (We're really hip!)
    They're heroes in a half-shell and they're green (Hey - get a grip!)
    When the evil Shredder attacks
    These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack


  41. If that was from memory you impress
    But I bet it was from online, come on now confess

  42. I will confess it was a cut and paste
    I don't even know the tune in this case!
    My boys were too young to care
    I guess we were teaching how to wear underwear! ha.

  43. OH this stanza was even funnier...

    Splinter taught them to be ninja teens (He's a radical rat!)
    Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines (That's a fact, Jack!)
    Raphael is cool but crude (Gimme a break!)
    Michaelangelo is a party dude (Party!)

    Which was your favorite?
    Or didn't any get that merit?

  44. haha I had a feeling it was too
    As it was a bit before the time of your crew
    And yeah all that underwear learning would take time
    Avoiding the turtles fighting crime

    hahaha yeah and it rhymes well through and through
    Maybe it was that turtle crew
    That started this rhyming stuff
    Leading to my huff and puff
    And the last was my favorite of course
    But I liked them all without remorse

  45. The party dude was your fave?
    For Michaelangelo you did rave?
    Weren't there any girls
    in the crime fighting whirls?

  46. Ninja Turtles were such a blast. Ah, I remember these shows and stuff. I read on my kindle but sometimes I just have to read a real book. I love the feel of the pages turning :)


  47. lol.. I love your blog. you put i can tell you put lots of effort in..

    Your talented too! :D

  48. Too many good memories.

  49. Me and my friends used to pretend to be the Spice Girls in elementary school. :/

  50. My printer has already bit the dust.

  51. A good round up for the year
    Clinton on the Hill was not spared
    Enjoyed them for sure
    Notable ones had been had
    2012 would certainly be good
    Looking forward for lots of fun, dude!

  52. There was a girl one time
    But she left somewhere not wanting to fight crime
    Plus girl humans around
    But they always had to be saved in some way that was profound

    Yeah sometimes it is just better to have a book
    Others it's easier on kindle or nook
    TMNT were fun
    Even though some episodes now aren't so fun

    Yeah I guess effort goes into it
    With each little rhyming fit

    Good memories you say
    Hopefully the spice girls wasn't one that began to display

    hahaha everybody wanted to be those things
    No wonder their music had wings

    Smash it you must
    Right to dust

    2012 should be fun
    As more rhymes are spun
    And that Mayan crap dies off
    And I can laugh while they scoff

  53. Initially I read it yesterday
    But without commenting, had to go away
    Now I'm back to complete the job
    Man, your rhymes make my heart throb
    But this in particular was nostalgic as well
    Back in the past, me, the words did propel
    And like every time, it did make me smile
    "Those were the days!"

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