Spreading Some More Hate! Just Blogger's Fate!

You know if you are going to change something the least you can do is make sure the strat works before giving it a ring. I don't give a strat if the thing is free. You change it, you make damn sure it works before spreading your so called updated glee.

Don't send me to another browser for this blog,
Make me go back to the other in a fog.
No matter how I change the time,
You still have me in the pacific with each comment chime.

Can't even use reply at ones own place,
That is just a disgrace.
Then to top it all off it's only just begun,
As we are in for SO MUCH more fun.

Because what bright idea do they have now?
To make blogger have a complete and utter cow.
If adding a reply does this,
Wait until their next bit of bliss.

Come March 1st GFC goes poof!
And no, this isn't a goof.
For those with no blogger blog,
Guess you are out in the fog.

Then it will be gone altogether,
At least rumored to be come summer weather.
But never fear,
Give a cheer.

For we have the grand Google + to use,
Much more tacky and seems to confuse.
Plus it doesn't have the ease,
So that surely doesn't please.

Nothing like taking away what people like,
Telling it to take a hike.
Then making them go to your big bad Facebook rip off.
Which both should drown in a trough.

Garbage is all I can say,
And I guaruntee dismay.
Since a simple reply addition ****ed it up.
Prepare for one big hiccup.

Google needs to get a grip,
Stop trying to give us crap they want to be hip,
And leave well enough alone.
Because it's only busted when they decide to make an update go prone.

Trying to be better than the rest,
Refusing to test.
Yet still thinking they are the best.
Google is just becoming a nagging pest.

Sadly the facts of GFC going poof are true. Which will probably turn some blue. No idea how them taking away GFC is going to work for blog rolls and such. But you can bet there will glitches more than a touch. So there is some more blogger sass, which I'm sure they are getting from more than my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Haha, some of these rhymes were pretty good. Keep them comin`, mate!

  2. Gotta love it when Google/Blogger tries to improve something they only make it worse.

  3. They do like their little jokes and teases, great rhymes again and so true....

  4. I hear you with your complaints, Pat. I have been fighting against the new and improved! I just what to use the old, unimproved, that works! A well-rhymed, well timed VENT! Maybe if we all screamed at the same time, Google would hear. LOL.

  5. it's always like that ... once something works/is nice they take it away ... blogger is not the only one :-(

    1. yeah it kinda stinks...luckily my wife is home today so i can skate at your rink cause i cant when i have to go the library route so i am early once more on your shore and pondering what to do to break the blogger flu...

  6. Wasn't it last year they 'improved' something here
    and messed us all up for days and days, I fear.
    And GFC isn't even that old
    wonder why they would do something so bold.
    Yes, just leave us alone and let us be
    We need a germ orb to cover Blogland, you see!

  7. I Brian, dear
    It's your twin here
    I guess I'm the only one brave enough to say
    that I think it's time for some bifocals your way.
    You can't seem to read the links
    and click reply to the last comment brink
    Need to do a little shopping on your toes
    get some readers to set on your nose.
    or if you're too vain like me
    get some contacts so you can see.
    (ducks. lol.)

  8. hope Blogger won't punish your little rhyming ass for this rebellion :)

  9. I've been playing around with Google+ for two whole days now. I give up and refuse to go on it anymore. It's super confusing and pointless!!! I'm on bloglovin.com and GFC. If someone other than a "blogger.com" user wants to follow me, they can use bloglovin or bookmark me. lol Plus, WTH are these circles?!?!?!

    Grant rant. Maybe if we keep ranting blogger will keep GFC. Either that or TheHater may come for a visit.

    Plus, I'm sure someone will create a widget where everyone can follow everyone. If not...Facebook fan page it is!

  10. The comments timestamps are sometimes before the actual post's timestamp with the new reply feature... they'll figure it out, sometime, I guess.

    What is GFC, though?

  11. I think Google should try to remember the principles it was founded upon, that is to keep things simple and clean. Too many sites have gotten so fancy that they've become a pain to surf and use.

  12. I have avoided the circles fad, but I tend to be conservative with new stuff.

    And perhaps I set my comment time on Pacific time just so that I can wish that I don't have to stay up until 1 am to watch sporting events--the East Coast curse.

  13. Hm. I don't use GFC, or Facebook. If I understand this change correctly, my followers list shouldn't be affected, right? Not that it really matters. So many of us have "followers" that signed up but never visit our blogs. The public followers lists are so misleading.

    Anyway, my real friends know how to contact me. And my real readers will always find my blog.

  14. What is this GFC you speak of?
    Sounds like bloggers will get no love!
    Why must they change things and confuse us all?
    I fear change, therefore I'm appalled!

    Just leave my blog be, leave it as it is.
    You don't know what's best for me, you stupid computer whiz!
    Updates are stupid, they make no sense.
    We don't want your change, can't you see the hints?

  15. nice...unique blog ...great rhymes! you seem to be very creative...so you have a new follower... :) If you feel the same do follow back :)

  16. They will keep on coming
    As I keep on strumming

    Yep that is all they do
    Is make it worse for me and you

    Yep they like to screw things up
    Thinking it's a big joke with their hiccup

    Oh I know they aren't the only one
    But still it's a pain and no fun

    haha sounds like you have quite the pain
    Would make many pop a vein
    This computer works and that one does not
    Would make me curse a whole lot

    Yeah they did that and messed it up beyond belief
    Causing many lots of grief
    I guess I better get the germ orb made
    So bloggers crap will surely fade..haha

    Brian does it because he has too
    When he comes to view
    All it says as reply
    And not a new comment, no lie
    As I've had to do the same thing on some
    So it is bloggers fault why he has to hit reply for his comment hum

    Freedom of speech
    Is what some preach
    So if they punish me
    I will sue them you see..haha

    I AGREE it is a load of crap
    I played with it and want to take a nap
    Only reason I signed up for the thing
    Was because they were going to give GFC the fling
    Never tried bloglovin though
    May have to check that out if GFC doesn't show
    Hopefully a widget will get made in the least
    To stop this stupid FAcebook rip off beast

    Yeah they are too busy putting in more useless crap
    To even fix the stuff they already screwed up like some sap
    GFC is the thingy on the side
    That say how many followers you have far and wide

    That would be nice if they remembered that
    EVER FRIGGIN site starts out nice at their mat
    To suck people in to their shit
    And then they screw it up bit by bit
    By adding all kind of junk
    Thinking it adds spunk

    Avoid it I will say
    It's a huge hunk of junk and then some at play
    LOL I suppose that is a good excuse
    For the time stamp thing hanging loose

    Yeah the public follower list is misleading indeed
    The only thing with that is it's good for PERCEPTION at your feed
    I don't know if they are going to cut off non blogger blogs that already follow
    And suck them away like a cat downs a swallow
    Or just starting from march first
    Until GFC decides to full burst
    Making people switch to that load of crap
    Google + that needs to take a nap
    My main gripe is I use the blogroll to see new posts and such
    IF I can't add non blogger blogs then I'd be out of touch
    Plus with Google + you have to automatically go in and add each post
    Doesn't just appear like it does now in the blogroll host
    God only knows
    It is surely going to cause woes

    LOL change when needed is fine
    But I'm with you and the blog is mine
    So stupid google should leave it be
    Giving a choose for all at their sea
    If they want to use dumb google + let them do it
    If not because it is dumb and causes a fit
    Let them ignore the piece of trash
    And GFC is the thingy that lets you see the news flash
    By adding new blogs and seeing new posts
    From all the hosts
    They aren't much of a computer whize either though
    As errors upon errors tend to show

    Surely unique at my sea
    And creative I can be

  17. Oh, so Brian's problem is bloggers fault, too?
    Just add that to the list of gripes from you.
    And I did notice that your time is different.
    You're now further west than me, as you lament!

  18. LOL yeah in my settings it says the correct time
    But here it says I'm far far west in it's time chime
    And you twin is another victim of blogger too
    Just another error that came due

  19. Hope you guys aren't contagious
    this is outrageous!

  20. I am comfy with the old settings. So all these new interfaces are confusing me. I even get emails that people can't reply anymore so I had to allow anon comments.

    I wanted to say also - you might want to check out this prompt over at Real Toads:


  21. Oh what a rhyme.
    I stood my time.
    But all that was left.
    Was a single dime.
    I took that coin.
    To the store.
    Left the money.
    with the whore.
    Sat up straight.
    but could not wait.
    then I accidentally the whole thing

  22. You can't use the reply button either?
    I wish there was an alternitive blogging site! The way google/blogger is they don't have compitition to make them care! I wish that that would change!

    Loved your rhyming post! You convade the message well while constantly rhyming! You are a rhyming master!

  23. Pat, This is brilliant! I was just thinking earlier today what a waste Google + is. It is not user-friendly (to me) at all. FB ripoff :-) Love it!

  24. Agree so much of this down to every word Pat, what's going on with Blogger really sucks, I mean if it's not broken then don't fix it!

  25. A bloggers fate
    That's the debate
    I like cake
    Fish with bait
    Swim with fate

    lol idk

  26. This is just perfect timing actually, I just signed up for Google + yesterday and spent half hour or so realizing that it is pretty much worthless, a few posters had been emailing me to sign up for months but never bothered until now, but it's a pain, makes you switch your profile around and all sorts of things, also says that by switching blog to g+ you get additional options- ??? couldn't find them. Anyhow, it seems those with blogger blogs will be able to keep their GFC as "Following" but those not on blogger will have to do something else. Google does play games it seems, but at least for me, all my pains seem to get cured whenever you write an anti-google piece- so that's one benefit I guess lol

    Very informative as before your piece here I had no idea about GFC getting knocked out. But yeah, that G+ does seem like a knockoff of a few different social media venues, but the community video chat thing looks kinda neat, not sure if it will work or not and they'll probably screw things up as well--

    Yep, all because of reply button, only imagine the pains the rest of their "updates" will cause lol

    Great write

  27. Excuse me, whats this Google+ you speakth of? :P

  28. LOL it seems to be catching all over
    You better teach your cats to be a gaurd dogs like rover

    Yeah it seems everyone is fine with the old
    But oh nooo blogger has to be so bold
    And give use worthless crap
    The reply thing has made many take a death lap
    Real toads you say
    Will give it a look today

    Hmmm whores and money
    Aren't you quite funny
    Did she call you honey
    And pet your umm bunny

    Nope can't use the stupid thing
    To give many a ring
    There is wordpress I guess
    But I looked at it and it looked like a mess
    So yeah doesn't seem to be much competition to it
    So they can't screw us around and not give a shit
    A rhyming master too
    That is nice of you

    No it is not user friendly at all
    Yet they are trying to force it on everyone with their stupid call
    Saying it's better than Facebook and what not
    Trying to get people all hot to trot
    But it's a load of bull
    Just google trying to excert their pull

    Exactly leave it the hell alone
    Maybe everyone needs to send them a groan

    LOL fish and cake
    Quite the plate you make

    hahaha yeah I got a bunch telling me to sign up
    Then when I saw GFC was going to suffer a hiccup
    I did too
    But I just stick in there in case GFC screws up my view
    If all is well
    I'll send that thing straight to hell
    But somehow I doubt it
    As bugs will surely be found with the next hit
    They do seem to be keeping the GFC on the down low too
    Probably so no one will tell them how stupid they are until it's due

    The google rip off of facebook
    Just type google + in a search engine and have a look

  29. I started off on Blogger, on it for 1 week and switched over to Wordpress. What is GFC?
    Ya'll have my sympathy. I see that b/c of Google Youtube is going down the tube with the way you have no option with their new 'look' it sucks!

  30. Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Pat. Don't hold anything back. lol Yes, it's frustrating.

  31. But I'm addicted to my GFC!
    I stare at that number and lil faces with glee
    So they're trying to force us to use Google plus?
    That shitty idea makes me want to cuss.
    I'm with you, Pat Hatt. For this rant, I applaud.
    Wake up o'er there, Google! You're not better than God.
    Why mess with what works? Have you too much time?
    Do something productive: volunteer, write a rhyme...
    But please let us be. I'll be nice and won't curse.
    Because blogger provides a great universe.
    We'll give you the credit, don't sweat it.
    Just leave us alone.
    Cuz I'm nicer when not ranting in poem.

  32. I definitely agree that google+ really didn't turn out the way I thought it would.

  33. Like others, what is GFC? Am I out of the loop?

  34. They will make an update go prone in you clone that will cause it to destroy your home.

  35. Only one whole week
    Wow guess it really curled your umm beak
    Yeah they screwed up youtube too
    But not as bad as what they are about to do

    LOL well I was being nice
    I could have added a bit more spice

    hahaha that was well done
    And quite a bit of fun
    Google should wise the hell up
    And pretend this was a hiccup
    Leave us all the hell alone
    And then I also won't groan

    Yeah it is one big load of crap
    To use it you need a damn map

    haha I told them I hope
    Let's see if they can cope

    So surprising no one knows what GFC is
    It the connecting biz
    Says how many followers you have on the side
    Near and wide

    Great Forest Crocodiles see I can do it too
    Can do many to view..haha

    My rage
    Jumps off the page

    Yeah it is stupid by more than a tad
    And I'm more mad than sad

    Oh no that is too much
    Google should not touch
    Or I will blow hot air
    And destroy their lair

    Yep bub
    Rub a dub dub

  36. Adorable you say
    Pffft more like cause tons of dismay

  37. There are so many things to be angry about right now Pat and I'm glad you wrote about one of them. We're all ticked off. A lot of bad mojo going around and schisms between bloggers of different countries are starting to erupt. I'm trying to keep my mouth shut. It's not easy.

  38. LOL you keep your mouth shut?
    Bah let it flow from the pit of your gut
    Let the hate for all this crap come out
    Make poor blogger pout
    After all the the crap they pull
    With their sutpid bunch of bull

  39. They did the same with youtube. Everyone is being forced to adopt their new 'look'in March. Great poem as ever

  40. Definitely following this blog! :D

  41. ive been having some problems in leaving comments on other blogs. its so frustrating. hope they can iron that out.

  42. Yep screwed us there too
    With the crap they mine us all adapt to use and view

    I guess that is good
    knock on wood

    Yeah it is a big pain
    Makes one want to pop a vein

  43. I must be livin' in BFE... what the hell is GFC?

  44. The thingy that adds friends
    Google friend connect, geesh lots are up on the trends


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