Still In My Prime With This dVerse Rhyme Chime!

Yeah I know I've rhymed every word sounding a tad absurd. But I always did it in a row going down with each chime. It's time I did an all across rhyme. This could get quite dVerse today and it could cause dismay. Yet it may also be such fun to say. So the all across rhyme has come due at my bay. Yeah, that name does kind of suck but what the truck. That's right if you don't like it I'll run you down, stealing Grammar Nazi's crown.

Boss Ross sauce lacrosse toss crossed Boss Gloss Moss.
Dear queer deer, steer clear near Beer Sphere frontier.
Lou threw you new blue glue to glue stew fondue.
Obey May delay. Bombay grey hay spray display astray.

Chuck duck's Muck struck Canuck Buck's truck.
Sass class harass mass glass grass passing brass gas.
Ditch Stitch Witch, pitch rich Stitch, switch bitch.
Split Brit fit wit get lit grit spit.

Spot's hot plot got bought.
Clown Brown frowned down town.
Freed greed keyed feed need.
Dale whales exhale frail ale.

Go throw crow glow snow though know.
Although Oh so slow Moe tows.
Below grows pro Moe flowing foe.
So show snow, pro Moe blows slow Moe.

Fat Cat spat rat scat at that gnat Pat brat.
Redact intact contract enacting cracked impact.
Pollution dilution solution, dissolution evolution.
Nurse, observing perverse verse, curse dVerse.

Substitute Nurse with your name and then if you need someone to blame, you can blame dVerse. Hell, after reading this I needed to curse. So hopefully I left your brain a little intact today going a tad overboard with the rhymes I display. But oh well what can you do? Go poo in my shoe? That was a rhetorical question you know. No back talk at my show. I better run before I get more sass. Bah, no matter the sass you are still liked by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I'm entering someone's name now.....

    1. will smashing my printer help...ha, my brains a welp as you smash it like playdough with all the rhymes to go, think you could pull off a whole verse with just one rhyme, might have stumped you this time, that might be a poetic crime though...poo in your shoes, hmmm...keep those rhymes a spinning pat/cat/hat what---ever, peace....smiles.

  2. Heaven seven even
    stucking plucking
    no cursing of Dverse ever
    just smash your printer ~

  3. Grammar Nazi's hate Yahtzee, but they love Scrabble where they don't really babble.
    Okay back to my beer,and the blog where I can be jeered !
    Have a good one. :-)

  4. That was intense, but still made some kind of sense!

  5. Thanks for the visit and the rhyming comment.
    Much appreciated.

  6. I didn't expect you to pull this off when you began to rhyme but damn you did and you did it well, awesome stuff Pat!

  7. Hahaha - wow, holy cow, take a bow now!

  8. hahaha hope it's none mine
    But if it is it would be funny and just fine

    LOL might help a bit
    To end your brain fit
    A whole verse you say
    I will have to see about that my way
    I'm sure I could do it easily with the "tion" ones
    As there are tones
    So no crime will be had
    As I'm sure it can be done at my pad

    haha but I'm all out of printers to smash
    Doing it to anothers might cause a clash
    Being so brash
    My life could flash

    So very true
    Scrabble they like to view
    As they can have fun
    With their word run
    Enjoy your beer
    Thanks for the cheer

    Even made you rhyme
    So it can't be a crime

    No problem at all
    Will rhyme at any hall

    hahaha you doubt me?
    I thought you knew better at me sea

  9. hahaha I guess I can take a bow
    Just not in front of any Holy Cow.

  10. Blessed guest fessed nest test pressed less stressed rest.


  11. Sight might light plight tonight wrtie bite might fright

    Love that rhymes
    Those are grammar crimes

  12. oh, Pats, how much coffee did you drink while coming up with this one? :) And is your rhyming dictionary falling apart by now?

  13. Replies
    1. oh, Betsy, you naughtiness, you didn't just say "slime" in the prime time :)

    2. Looky looky it works for me
      Yeah Betsy is sliming the prime time today for all to see
      Plus if it's a reality show
      Deserves such a flow

    3. Yep, Dez I really did
      prime time makes me flip my lid.

      Hey look at you
      stealing the reply link, too
      looks like it forgave me
      and decided to let me be.

    4. Now if they'd just fix the time
      I'd no longer go all Back to The Future when I rhyme

    5. And if I showed up in your email
      Well, not me, but my comments that sail.

    6. Yep you, you're twin and Jax all don't shot up
      Blogger seems to have a slight hiccup

    7. Jax and my twin.
      Well, I'm in good company, then!

    8. I suppose so
      If only the damn email would show

  14. Intense you say
    Good thing I didn't make it as immense as my usual rhyming at my bay

    No coffee for Pat at all
    Just naturally hyper at my hall
    The dictionary is wearing thin
    Have to soon throw it in the garbage bin

    Goats wrote oat float boats

  15. you know, I've never even knew there is such a thing as rhyming dictionaries, until Shakira mentioned she likes making love to rhyming dictionaries LOL :) That was her metaphor for writing songs :) We don't have them here...

  16. If I substituted my name for "Nurse," it'd mess up the rhymes.

  17. LOL I never knew there was such a thing
    Until I heard you gave it a ring
    So that was what an hour ago?
    I just go with the flow

    Then you'd have to create a whole new rhyme
    I know you may not have the time..haha

  18. My brain is intact. Want to know why? Because reading your rhymes everyday is like a brain excercise. The past couple of months visiting you has made it stronger than ever. It rarely ever twitches when coming to your page now. hahaha

    and poo in a shoe? I've never seen that one before (Thank God), but I did witness my friend puke in his show once. TMI? Maybe...

  19. There are three kinds of people in this world, those who can rhyme, and those who can't do math, which one are you lol? BTW totally rhetorical, obviously you can rhyme.

  20. I exercise your brain
    Well I suppose now you can scratch some diseases off your hypocondracte train
    For the more you use it
    Supposedly, the less likely you are to lose it
    See helping you once more
    Here at my shore
    I've seen poo in a shoe
    A cat, not mine, made it come due
    Bah never TMI here
    But that would curl up my ocd I fear

    Three kinds of people and you only named two?
    What is the third that comes do?
    As I can rhyme and I can count
    To a very high amount..haha

  21. My brain is unable to process this without more coffee!!!

  22. hahaha need the caffiene
    When you come to my scene

  23. I loved this! Everything was rhyming! So many levels! Great! The depth of your rhymes knows no bounds!

  24. Well b/w your blog and the massive amount of blueberries I eat, I should be good. **Knocks on Wood**

    and cat poo in your shoe? He must've heard that you would sacrifice him to a hawk in a selfish attempt to save your own life!!!!! hahahaha What's fair is fair.

  25. I feel like I'm back in english class

  26. brain's a mess after reading this..full of stress...think i need a curse though..ha

  27. My head is spinning ..... :) you never fail to rhyme every time.... :)

  28. I know no bounds
    In plenty of other stuff too at my grounds

    hahaha well glad I could help
    So don't give no more hypy(whatever) yelps..haha
    LOL that was a while ago
    There was no hawk on the go
    But I suppose maybe he had esp
    And at least it was poo not pee

    Back in english class
    Thanks to my little rhyming ass

    No curse
    Come on just once for dverse
    Can blame it on your brain being a mess
    And nothing less

    Yep I never fail
    To rhyme off my tail

  29. Depends on how you go about saying it
    But it can be rhymed a little bit

    Oranges = Forages, storages
    Orange = Lozenge

    More like half rhymes really though
    But all that will flow
    Yep had the question before
    At my shore

  30. I have vertigo right now. Give me a minute. Okay...the question is: why did Clown Brown frown down town? He's supposed to be happy. No? It's another kids' party, isn't it?

  31. That was a rhyming overload, my head is about to explode!
    I have nothing more to add to this post, just passing through like a ghost!

  32. That was quite the feat!
    I now know defeat!

  33. Yeah one too many drooling kids whipped booger on him
    So now he is no longer happy and a bit dim

    LOL well if your head explodes you might be a ghost
    Then you'd sure be an even more unique host

    I defeated the great Bersercules
    That surely does please..haha

  34. Blue bamboo blew dew through Peru. Who knew?!

  35. Bumming Plumbing Strumming Drumming Humming Unbecoming

    1. That's not a coherant sentence!

    2. Splitting hairs on me now
      It's all semantics some how..haha

  36. Fun piece, actually thought of something like this before but after a couple minutes I figured it couldn't be done and actually resemble a poem. Well, I was wrong, you just proved that, awesome job with this, and if this one doesn't get the masses rhyming I don't know what will.

  37. "Fat Cat spat rat scat at that gnat Pat brat."

    you are a master. caster faster blaster.

    and there is always a smile.

  38. Here we go again, making me wrack my wrecked brain to to what rhymes with Pat the Hatt and his cats... Oh, I know. I think I'll go and have a coffee while I think it over slooooooooowly.....LOL

  39. Your poem is so specific, I think it's terrific.

    Well, guess I'd never get too far with rhymes.

    Not only is your poem incredible, but all the comments are mind boggling too. I love visiting here.

  40. I couldn't read it. D:

  41. Were you attempting to make some of us say we reached rhyme overload? Try again my friend. Try again. :P Great poem!

  42. I have a friend who write contemporary classical music--his name id Mark Winges--and your piece would so appeal to him---It is the sounds of the words that are so fascinating--


  43. I tried to get my rhyme in gear
    but failed completely, I fear.
    Just want to say your page is a gas
    and I adore your rhyming ass.

  44. Wink, think, drink!

    After reading Brian Miller I made a beeline to you Pat as your words never fail to put a smile on my face.


    Mark Butkus

  45. clown brown frowned downt town - sheesh pat, you kill me man :)

  46. Why does the cat have rat poop in its mouth to begin with...

  47. So witty! I bet you're the best at scrabble and boggle. Do you ever play those games?

  48. I wonder if they do have gambling style online scrabble. I'd be scared if I started playing and I saw baur LvL.5 VS LvL.150 Pat Hatt

  49. Still trying to get my head round it
    though it's getting a pounding
    how do you hack it
    and not jack it
    it's a sin
    cause it's never been
    but cool
    Ok you can drool
    over your own cool:)

  50. I can not rhyme like that. Very impressive. It read well, too.

  51. "Shakes head" You know Fred just when you think it can't be done
    The cat goes and gives it a run
    Guess that means I get another point
    Here at my joint..haha
    Got to get those masses rhyming
    Looks like it worked with their chiming

    A master yippee
    Glad I could make you all smiley at my sea

    I have to make you wrack your brain a little bit
    It's so fun picking on the Brit
    Then I might get a Bloody Hell
    If you have no coffee and I make you yell..haha

    Hey it worked just fine
    As you rhyme divine
    The comments can come out of left field
    But they are grand and never yeild

    haha made your eyes go back into your head
    Sorry for the bit of dread

    LOL I never fear you in rhyme overload
    I'd have better luck with a toad
    But maybe one day
    When I want to scare everybody away

    I can appeal
    To more than a seel
    And some old eel
    That's a great deal
    Glad I can fascinate too
    Here at my zoo..haha

    My little rhyming ass likes to be adored
    And beats being abhored
    But that will come in a day or two
    From a Turkey that came to view
    Damn fowl
    Have to give a

    Give yourself time to blink
    Yeah Brian got all dreary at his sink
    So I upped the fun
    As I knew to me you'd run..haha

    hahaha glad I can kill
    I hope at least you got a thrill

    Well eating rats you know they have stuff
    Inside and go damn kind of rough

    Boggle I think I played once if I recall
    Correctly at my hall
    But yeah scrabble played that a ton
    And I usually won

    If you find a gambling style one
    Be sure and tell me where it is run
    I'd gamble away at that
    And be such a rich cat

    Your head might not be able to get around it
    As it may be a tad crazy I admit
    The rhyme not you
    And yes that causes no dread
    For this rhyming fool
    Will drool over being cool

    Some rhyme that is serious
    Could leave many delirious

    Glad I can impress
    It raises the ego I will confess

  52. Glad I can impress
    With my rhyming mess


  54. Check out Das Racist. they do this kind of shit.

  55. LOL just don't go and let the cat near him
    May pop him on a whim

    Here at my keep

    They do do they
    What the hay

    Crazy indeed
    As most times at my feed

    LOL whoops did not mean to wear your out
    Hope you don't pout
    I'll give your brain a rest next time
    Then again who knows about my next chime

  56. your post.. thn all comments
    this tiny rhyming world is such a fun

    loved it.. :)

  57. Don Juan
    You trying to run a long con

    In my prime
    Most of the time

    Cluck's Buck's truck
    What the ummm fluck

    Glad it can be such fun
    As I go an a rhyming run

  58. Loved the last stanza especially!

    " Nurse, observing perverse verse, curse dVerse. " LOL

  59. hahaha yeah that one was fun
    As I knew dVerse had to be added to the tail I spun

  60. Well, Pat, imagine that:
    rhymed across without a loss.
    The cat could have done so much worse
    than strut his stuff here at dVerse...

  61. The cat will strut his stuff
    With each huff and puff
    Whether across or down
    Here in rhyme time town

  62. Laugh Out Loud!
    Oh man I'm proud
    to escape! Allowed
    to be free, brain all mushy
    after reading this, 'tis all POW!ed

  63. Glad your brain never got mushy
    I sure wasn't gushy
    And you got a good laugh at me sea
    So fun to hear at bush number three

    Talent sounds good
    Hopefully it stays, knock on wood

  64. wow...that made my head spin
    and I had to grab hold of my chin.

  65. Well at least you were able to stop the spinning by doing that
    But head spinning is fun to watch for the cat..haha

  66. Another triumph of rhyme over reason.

  67. Glad it didn't commit treason
    And it was umm pleasin'


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