Such A Truly dVerse Chime For It's ALL OF YOU Slogan Time!

The cat was going to look at slogans and put them into a dVerse little piece but when something caught my eye that idea started to decrease. For it turns out there is a slogan generator out there and why should you care? Well let's just say that those who left a comment to display, that was more then two whole words for a previous dVerse, could be about to curse. I took the very first one that came in when I stuck your name into the generator bin. So the facts are don't blame me or on second thought, go for it, as it will be such fun to see.

A slogan can make you glad,
Can make you seem rad,
Can also seem so bad.
Like the one I got for that Pat lad.

I'll show you my Pat Hatt if you show me yours.
Promise to keep everyone in their drawers.
Interweb Fails... yep, that's it.
See go have a failing fit.

Our My Five Men Is Bigger.
Oh the thoughts this could trigger.
Low Frequency Therapy the river of life.
No loud sounds to cause strife.

WaystationOne will get you more girls.
Really? Does Brian give out free pearls?
Live High is going places.
It's off to the races.

Raviolis and Waterworks Keeps Them Coming Back.
Hmmm maybe she owns the love shack.
The Tashtoo Parlour, gets the juices flowing.
You'll come away simply glowing.

The Berserk Herc have another serving.
But only if you are deserving.
Anne's Attic one size fits all.
I thought Anne said she didn't like them small?

Wanna Buy A Duck gives that warm feeling.
And there is no ceiling.
The Crazy Life Of a Writing Mom will solve all of your troubles.
Yeah, and seconds later the trouble doubles.

I want my Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares.
This could raise some neck hairs. Blog is the word.
You can even flip a bird.

Penwasser Place soothes the nerves.
Or at least gives you some of those French preserves.
Poetical Psyche opens the flood gates.
Watch out for his shipping rates.

Our Matthew's Blog beats last years Matthew's Blog.
Last year's was ran by a real dog.
Shine The Divine sees all, knows all.
Disturbing if you listen in on my cat call.

Sweet Lust... get your Sweet Lust here.
Could be taken so wrong I fear.
Jay Walking The Moon eclipses the competition.
Mooning you into submission.

The more Rainbow the better.
Except if it's an ugly sweater.
The best darn A Sun Kissed Life you can get.
But with all that kissing you might rack up debt.

Zero Summer the sign of success.
Or that your brain is a complete mess.
A most excellent In The Corner of My Eye.
All that cornering may make you cry.

The Lair of The Silver Fox enjoy when no-ones around.
Perfect for Grammar Nazi's mound.
Canela Kitchen one new status symbol.
May even get a free thimble.

D4 and Music: Music to the ears.
Hits all the right gears.
Night Tracks will brighten your day.
With another music buffet.

Get Hollywood Spy before your friend does.
Yeah, get Dezmond for all the rumor mill buzz.
Knot In The Line for people who want more.
Watch out for the swinging door.

Daydreamer Too, how did you live without it?
Bloody Hell, I'm expanding the ego of the Brit.
I need I Am Such A Derp right now.
That also sounds so wrong some how.

Crazy Old Heroes gets you goin'.
With all those games a showin'.
To Tipota stays on track.
If at first you give your brain a whack.

Carte Blanche always the right choice.
With words to rejoice.
Zongrik when you need results.
With very few insults.

Get Wolfsrosebud's Blog, forget the rest.
Hmm doesn't someone think she's the best.
Mrs Mediocrity the top of the heap.
Another taking an ego leap.

Moonlight and Dreamz, fun for the whole family.
Even if the moon might make your hands clammy.
Free Turtle Memoirs with your purchase.
And they are ageless.

dVerse for when it's quitting time.
Or lurk at work checking out each chime.
And what perfectly ends this slogan hit?
Put It's Rhyme Time in your pipe and smoke it!

This one truly came out of the blue. But then it was so fun using it on all of you. Now I should probably go hide in my bush with a crack just in case anyone decides to attack. And I wasn't going to get stretched to the brink, as there were too many to link. So smoke on that. Oh that is so enjoyed by the cat. There you go for today at my show, you got some rhyming slogan sass, from my always versatile little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Now this was a brilliant idea. One day I'm going to open up your head and peak inside just to say hello to the hamster on the wheel running around in there. Seriously though, a neuroscientist would love to put you in an fMRI and see what parts of your brain light up when you do this.

  2. Slogan times was fun
    And had to be done

    Glad it was great
    At any rate

    You with a knife trying to open my up
    Scary, especailly when you prob have liquor in your cup..LOL
    Those scientist are scary too
    Although I might take their MRI over a knife and you..haha

  3. hey pat, you woulb be a brilliant rapper, but somehow i'm thankful that you prefer to write instead! not a rap fan, actually ahahah

  4. Absolutely nice Pat but, " a free thimble" I have to ask Grandma nazi help me, sometimes I dont unserstand but you always make me smile:)))have a nice fall and enjoy your winter ha,ha

  5. So good once again, love some of these lines.

  6. I love this so much man especially the verse about myself since I'm such an egoist, just kidding, last year's blog definitely was written by a dog, there's no doubt about that! Great writing as usual my friend.

    Since I'm here as well I was wondering if you could maybe post a link to your Twitter under my most recent blog post or something. You don't have to follow me but I for one would love to follow you so get back to me on that buddy!

  7. Brillant works for me
    Gives the cat such glee

    hahaha Pat would look funny as a rapper
    And prob go down the crapper
    So yeah I'll stick to writing never fear
    No bling or any other gear

    hahaha that just popped in as I went along
    Sure the Grandma(Oh silver she is making fun of you Nazi will help you explain I'm a ding dong

    Glad it is good once more
    At my shore

    hahaha glad the dog comment was taken in stride
    As it just flowed with my rhyming tide
    And yeah I twitter here and there
    Also always follow back at my lair
    Unless you are an egg spammer guy
    Then I boil them up, no lie..haha

  8. Yay! I like this! You made little rhyming slogans for our blogs! Thats awesome! (glad I got paired up with Anne!)

    And since you, a rhyming guy, wrote a rhyme for me, a non rhyming guy, heres a non rhyme for you:

    Pat Hatt's blog is really great!

    (I'm such a word smith!)

  9. Also YeamieWaffles one is my favorite!

  10. Yep some slogan fun
    From the comment below of a dVerse other one

    haha actually a slogan generator did that
    I just shoved the name in and out they came for the cat
    LOL yes you are a word smith indeed
    You certainly give He-man a run for his money, he better take heed

    Waffles is the favorite you say
    Sure to make his day

  11. Hm. Less than thrilled with the slogan generator, but of course, I liked what you did with it!

  12. Yours and mine seem to go together
    in any kind of weather.
    a-hem. Not sure if that's good or not
    might make some jaws drop.

    Need to speak with Anne since I've taken the tour
    and I could spare you that knife of hers. ha.

  13. "I'll show you my Pat Hatt if you show me yours."

    you call it a Pat Hatt? How very interesting LOL :pp

  14. haha yeah I took what came first
    With each and every burst
    Then gave it a go
    It typical fashion at my show

    LOL we can just nod and agree
    That they work and leave it be
    Even if jaws drop
    And ears flop
    Eyes pop
    And legs hop
    Yeah save me from that knife
    Surely causes strife

    haha see anything I will share
    So some prude types better beware

  15. ears flop
    and eyes pop?
    thanks for not including things that wag
    some one might report you with a flag.

    Did Cassie behave while you were at work?
    Didn't chew her paw and make you go berserk?

  16. Rhymes every time
    With each chime

    LOL you all ready have that
    Thanks to a naughty Santa at your mat
    I put the cone on her all day yesterday while at work
    And she left it be while I'm sure Orlin decided to lurk
    So far so good
    Knock on wood
    Let's see if she lets it be for four full days
    Even if she gives me a hateful gaze..haha

  17. I'm sure you're getting the evil eye
    putting that thing on her and saying good bye!
    I wonder if cats say "strat you"
    might make your ears turn blue!

  18. LOL!! Love the slogans!! I do own the love shack. How'd you know?? Bow chicaa bow wowww!! Seriously tho..The love shack is so my go to karakoee song choice! You really must be pyschic ;)

    and LOL @ the Put the Rhyme Time in your pipe and smoke it! I surprisingly use that expression often. haha

  19. The more Rainbow the better
    Reliving moments below the udder
    A calf innocent as one crying
    Working up itself for the milking
    What a woman has 2 that a cow has 4?
    It's quite quick to give an answer
    No necessity to scratch the head
    The answer is plainly, yes, legs!


  20. haha oh she is definitely swearing at me
    That I can tell easily
    6 hours a night and 9 a day
    Would put anyone is dismay

    Yeah I have my psychic moments here and there
    They really do seem to crop up at my lair
    There is a blog post for you to do
    Going all karakoee for all the view..LOL
    Smoking if bad for your health though
    Shouldn't use it so often at your show

    hahaha wow that came out of the blue
    I did get your clue
    As I never figured you for the gutter type
    Even though that's where I went too with your cow hype haha

    Glad it was fun
    The tale I spun

  21. These shout-out posts are awesome, I almost missed the mentioning of my blog though. Forgot that I changed the name of it a while back.

  22. These are so fun. I'm glad I try to solve the troubles LMAO! Things always do seem to end up right where we started around here, though *still giggling*

  23. haha forgot the name of your own blog
    Geez must have been a bit of brain fog haha
    But it is fun doing them too
    As I get to poke fun at all of you

    hahaha but hey they make for a good blog post
    So you can spread your fun from coast to coast

  24. If I post a video of me rocking out to The Love Shack, then the world gets to hear your infamous "NEIGH". It's a fair trade! Just sayin...

    And for that, I may be willing to actually figure out how to work the video feature of my Mac Book. hahahaha

  25. Ahhh, such a great tribute, Pat. really? Brian gets people more girls? He IS truly amazing in each and every way.

    Love your talent, as always.

    And I have a very bright button up for YOU in my sidebar, you would even say it glows.


  26. haha..i'm not going to attack...just mooning you into submission..smiles

  27. lol...i need to figure out that girls bit, kinda makes me sound like a pimp, but i go no dough to show for my efforts, guess that is just desserts...smiles.

  28. hahaha hmmm that might get me to do it
    And let the neighing have a fit
    But that would still scare
    Not sure the trade is fair..haha

    Yeah Brian can do it all
    Over at his hall
    But don't up is ego too much
    His head may get too big and need a crutch..haha
    Invisible Flea fell into the sand.
    A button too
    How nice of you
    Will be over to view
    The shiny one that came due

    LOL mooning one into submission
    Is something on a resume that deserves an omission..haha

    Hey that is what popped up when I stuck it in
    I guess it thinks the girls are all about at your bin
    LOL the desserts are okay too though
    Still for some might rather the dough

  29. what a useful summary of the world
    balled up, packaged and hurled
    in school i used cliff notes
    now i kin just go see what patt wrote
    but if i'm listening to you i'd go through a printer a day
    that kind of stress relief just doesn't pay

  30. LMAO!!! You still don't think it's fair?

    Ok, then send me the Neigh-er, and I'll make the neigh video. I'll even do the dance to your wiggle theme song...but then you have to sing your little heart out to The Love Shack for all to see. I actually like this plan better! lol

  31. Yeah gave Globland a run
    As I went about my slogan fun
    hahaha that could get expensive indeed
    I wouldn't want you breaking so many printers at your feed

    LOL no way hosa
    No love shack will play
    I'd rather neigh
    But that wiggle stuff just causes dismay
    Plus the cat would try and swat it with a wiggle
    And if he hit a certain part I surely wouldn't

  32. "Music to the ears". Can it even get more simple than that?

  33. haha music in your mind
    To your behind?
    I think ear works best
    But that is what popped in when I gave your title a test

  34. LOL!! You're cracking me up. Now my office deffinately thinks I'm whacked. Ok, I'll stop blowing up your comment feed even tho it's a great distraction from all these awful numbers... zzz

  35. LOLOL I wondered what Brian would say about him getting you more girls. LOL Did sound a bit like what a pimp does... and we all know he does not pimp anyone's rides. Giggling here.

  36. haha I think your office has thought that already
    As from what you say you've got "she's crazy" looks steady
    The numbers I ignore as well
    Here in my little work cell

    LOL Brian the pimp
    Has so many he walks with a limp

  37. Loving these poems Pat! Great job!

  38. Is not but be crazy but the people dont understand Jax and Pat, but is not the important how you feel:)

  39. Great idea and nice execution.
    You've put 'em all in
    with no dilution.

  40. Pat I need some lessons from the cat to be bad:) can you tell him?

  41. LOL
    These slogans are great!

  42. Pat are you working:)
    send me the cat please

  43. I know you are thinking but Im not drinking:)

  44. Glad I get some love
    And you don't tell me what to shove..haha

    I think you are a little crazy
    As my eyes just got hazy..haha

    No diltution was the goal
    As I took a slogan stroll

    He did it because blogger prob messed up
    In some crappy hiccup

    LOL the cat can be bad with ease
    Giving lessons might even please

    Glad they are great
    With no hate

    Yeah you sound like you are drunk
    Or in a funk..haha

  45. Finally who is more bad you or the cat! I need some fast lessons (lol)

  46. You try to be bad but you are nice:)))

  47. Depends on the task
    Who wears the bad mask
    Put away that flask
    Come on now I had to ask

  48. Gloria wants the cat to teach her how to be bad.
    Oh, this will be a 'must see' to be had.
    We can't see her eyes now
    it's flowers she has allowed.
    Gloria, you are a hoot
    and really funny to boot.

  49. Betsy Pat think Im drunk but not:)

  50. The funny thing about rhyming is that you can make it go on forever! I enjoy my own personal flavor of poetics, however. ;)

    Btw, -B-ook of The End is finished!

  51. A slogan can make you glad,
    Can make you seem rad,
    Can also seem so bad.
    Like the one I got for that Pat lad.

    Fun, fun, fun!

  52. Pat you are so nice
    but you always tray to be bad:))

  53. Pat is much better
    than the cat Im sure
    but dont say to nobody
    in the bloggerland:) ha!

  54. Your creativity with all these blognames rocks my socks! Amazing work once again.

  55. Nice
    Maybe twice

    hahaha you can't really teach how to be bad
    Maybe just a tad
    But you have to have some of it in you
    Or all you'll do is turn blue
    Making the thing moot
    But it still be a hoot

    Yeah I can make it go on forever indeed
    Here at my rhyming feed
    At least it can still bring joy
    Whether or not that is my ploy

    hahaha a little bad never bothered me
    Any slogan for my rhyming sea
    Will be had with fun
    No matter if some bad is done

    The cat is both sometimes
    With his rhymes
    But oh well that main thing to see
    Is whether or not he causes glee

    I can rock your socks
    Maybe they could need new shocks..haha

  56. One a day tech, I've been swimming in Quebec

    lol that's horrible

  57. You are so creative to weave all these again. Because I recall you did the same with all our names.

    "Sweet Lust... get your Sweet Lust here." Sure ~

    (aka Heaven)

  58. Wow! I'll have what he's having!

  59. hahaha hey at least you tried
    Better than your tech getting fried

    Yeah the names were weaved a while ago
    This time I let the slogans flow
    Glad you will obligue such a ring
    Although that might not be a good thing

    hahaha mine make you go crazy
    That catnip can make your eyes kind of hazy

  60. Ha! Both clever and generous, you are never ever timorous. K.

  61. Well done just as always,
    Your words yet again amaze,
    Those bloggers all sound better,
    When put in a rhyming phrase....

  62. Genoristy at my see
    Something could be wrong with me..haha

    I can make them all better with rhyme
    Wow I really am in my prime

  63. This is hilarious, Pat! My favorites are the one about Brian giving out free pearls and the one about Mrs. M:

    "Mrs Mediocrity the top of the heap.
    Another taking an ego leap."

    You are so funny. :)

  64. Hahaha - you're the best slogan generator on the net!

  65. Good grief! I am laughing my proverbial a** off!
    Thanks for visiting me and commenting.


  66. haha Mrs Mediocrity will like that
    If she likes the slogan generated for the cat
    Glad fun was had
    As slogans came out at my pad

    LOL I'll take all the credit if you wish
    Then go eat some fish

    My little rhyming ass made you laugh your ass off
    That works well and you can say it I'll never scoff..haha

  67. You are so much fun to read. I must make you a habit. I really enjoyed this.

  68. I've got blogs to hunt down and many, I see
    A charming collection you wrote with such glee.
    While slogans in general are stupid and bore
    Here at Rhyme Time it's fun times galore.


  69. Wow, slogan man. Just never know what I'll find here. =D

  70. Wow! Thanks for dropping by, some of it broughy a joyous tear to my eye, may your pen always be full of the right kind of thing, Mr Ever-rhyming! That's all for now.

  71. haha yeah I have many I go about at my sea
    Hopping here and there through each tree
    Glad they didn't bore
    As you took the slogan tour

    haha nope you just never know
    Especailly when I have no idea what will show

    Brought a tear to your eye
    I guess I made the dust fly..haha
    Yep rhyming every damn thing
    With each rant or tale I bring

  72. It's a smoke that always pulls the spirits high, Pat. Got to admit, was having a pretty off day - but stopping by hear pulled that smile right back. A slogan generator eh?...they seem to have a generator for everything these days...but then, what doesn't the net have?

  73. Yeah I never knew about the slogan generator until I went to browse
    And there is was some site seemed to house
    Glad I could make your off day have less dismay
    With my slogan display

  74. Ok, not gonna cry me a river,

    What am I, "chopped liver?!!!!"

    That's okay my young friend,
    just remember what goes around comes around
    in the end!!

    Very clever Pat, as always!
    Best to the cat >^..^<

  75. i dont undrstand-

    Low Frequency Therapy the river of life.

    i like the pun in missed periods

    i love what you wrote about Brian (i like to pick on brian too)

    thanks for including me...and it sounds cool what you said, that i give results, i try :0 as for the insults...mmmm....maybe we should talk about that offline (have you been reading my comments)

    smash a printer...i like that too

  76. too fun! definitely hitting brian up for some pearls next time i see him...


    thanks for the smiles, Pat!

  77. haha...what a great idea...who knew?

  78. Wow, Pat! We need to get you a billboard in Times Square..lots a work went into this! Good stuff, fun reading..:))

  79. Cheers! Also, printer truly smashed.

  80. Thanks for coming around for a visit.
    I hope it was fun. Tell me. Was it?
    Maybe I'll be included next time,
    The novice producer of Rumours in Rhyme.

  81. As soon as I had begun,
    I knew this would be fun,
    I wasn't disappointed,
    no sentiments assaulted,
    I'm Leaving happy not glum

  82. LOL chooped liver you are not
    But with the slogans that are all hot to trot
    I took the comments from another post
    And in that one you were a ghost..haha

    Yep fun to pick on Brian indeed
    Never know where that will lead
    Yes you give results
    haha insults just rhymed better than pole vaults

    haha Brian may find this an expensive endeavor
    And curse the cat not thinking him clever

    Glad it was liked at my sea
    Causes such glee

    Yeah who knew indeed
    Just sorta formed at my feed

    A billboard would be fun
    Then I could rhyme a ton

    haha did you video the smashing
    Would be fun to see you bashing

    Yes it was fun indeed
    And thanks for the retort at my feed
    A novice producer you say
    Well we'll have to fix that at my bay

    Glad it was fun from the start
    And no disappointment was had on any part
    And happy not glum
    Works for my little rhyming bum

  83. you would be a great schoolteacher..i can see the young people now writing and rhyming away..
    you do this so well..
    much enjoyed!!

  84. haha summers off be great too
    Yeah I'd make them rhyme everything that came due
    That be so fun
    But stuck with numbers by the ton

  85. Myrna went to spam at my fort
    With your comment retort
    But making me a habit
    Is fun yet could cause a fit..haha

  86. "Rhyming Time is no crime
    Worth more than just a dime
    Glad we all took the time
    Isn't Pat Hatt the prime!"

    You're too funny. Must have taken you a day to write this piece. I think you need a girl friend. Thanks for the all the encouragement you gave everyone!

  87. haha a great rhyme from you
    Pat and the cat agree too
    Like being the prime
    Each and every time
    I think you are right
    But all the ones I find leave me with a fright..haha

  88. Pat, you are a crazy man, but a lot of fun and a lot of work.


    Lady Nyo..wishing she could see this morning.

  89. haha it looks like more work than it is
    I'm good at such a biz
    Crazy I am as well
    Such fun I have to tell

  90. too cute! Love that I recognize most of them.

  91. Glad you can give some recognition
    For this dVerse addition

  92. Haha slogans. Love this. Flood Gates are open….Shipping rates are high aren't they lol Really fun piece. Thanks

  93. haha the flood gates sure opened up wide
    And gave for a great slogan ride

  94. This is brilliantly done! Such a fun piece with a great beat all the way through. You carried it right the way down such ease, it really brought a smile to my face!

  95. LOL! This is so much fun! You certainly have a way with the words. ;-)

  96. Glad I brought a smile
    And yeah I rhymed a good mile
    But it just kept coming
    So I kept strumming

    A way with words
    While I eat some birds
    Isn't life grand
    Thanks for the hand

  97. Wow, very cool. I recognized many blog fun!

  98. Glad it was fun
    As the slogan tale I gave a run

  99. A fine poetic tribute to so many of the pub's regulars.

  100. Glad the tribute was fine
    As I rang up the blogland line


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