Tablet Time Giveaway For A NOOK Or Some Cash. So Make A Dash And Join The Bash!

I know I know, that Raisin guy got your hopes up yesterday at my show. You thought you stood a chance at winning a million bucks. But it turns out Raisin's are such dirty lying little ummm ducks. Although the answers some of you gave did seem familiar to me. I wonder where I saw them before at my sea. Hmmm it is quite the mystery but with these facts I will try to relieve some of your misery.

For I saw these contest things here and there while visiting Elisa's lair and figured what the hell, I'd ring the bell. So the cat chimed in and threw bush number three into the contest bin. This you actually can win not like that Raisin fellow and his lying ass of sin.

Entry is free so that should cause glee. The rest is as simple as can be. Just click on each one and follow you see or whatever the other instructions say. They are below for you to display. Then Poof you are done and you never know you could get a little note saying YOU WON.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just in case for any newbies the cat has left you in disarray, speaking in rhyme all the time can do that they say. Here are the rules that are easy for the rhyme challenged to see. Isn't that just so nice of me?


Prize Details:

NOOK Option

  • 7" VividView Color Touchscreen
  • 16 million+ colors, IPS2 display
  • High resolution display (1024x600, 169 pixels per inch)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.75" x .75"
  • Rayon bookbinding cloth exterior
  • Stone faux suede interior lining
  • Interior slide pocket
  • 3-point clip device to securely hold your NOOK Tablet
  • 4 colors to choose from:  Turquoise, Tangerine, Vivid Pink, and Storm Gray

Cash Option
  • Entrants intending to select the cash option MUST have an active PayPal account.
  • $275 will be remitted to the winner as a gift via PayPal.
ENDS January 20, 2012, at 11:59 PM EST

So I guess add another thing to the list of stuff that comes out of the rhyming mist. The cat can do reviews, game shows and giveaways too. Damn, the cat is so good, get paid for this I should. But then I'd have to be more polite and less crass. That just wouldn't go over well with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The car even ryhmes for contests. Awesome! Lol

  2. I did everything but the Facebook stuff, because I don't do Facebook. I just bought my daughter a Nook for Christmas. I'll take the cash.

  3. An option, a Nook or hard cash
    Would like to join in the contest
    But it'll not work where we are
    A distance just a bit too far


  4. I'm definitely joining this. I want a tablet man, I want one badly haha! Excellent stuff, good luck to everybody.

  5. The car can rhyme too
    Hmmm that be interesting to view
    Does it need extra gas?
    hahaha I know you meant my little rhyming ass

    Yeah Facebook is a load of crap
    Wish it would take a dirt nap
    Cash is always great
    If winning is your fate

    A distance just too far
    Well it's better then getting thrown in tar..haha

    Interesting indeed
    At my feed

    A tablet you could get you never know
    Which way the winning will go

  6. The tablet can display 16 million colours? But we all know there's only red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue.

  7. What a great thing to win
    here at your comment bin
    Either would be fun to have, too
    but that you already knew.
    We got Taylor an iPad for Christmas
    then he bought the keyboard for it with his own cash.
    Quite the set up he has now
    thinks he's such a cool cow.
    So tell me Pat, which would you want to win
    wanting either isn't such a sin.
    And yeah rhyming Chistmas with cash seems a bit off
    I couldn't think of a word, so don't scoff. lol.

  8. I don't do Facebook, Twitter, or any of that crap. How am I supposed to enter?

  9. LOL you forget black and white
    They put it in a whole new light

    haha I was about to scoff
    But instead I'll just give a little cough
    I'd prob take the cash
    And make a quick dash
    After Cassie and her foot thing
    Up the vet bills seem to ring..haha
    iPad be nice too though
    But my laptop works for my show
    And see what I meant now by being a dirty cheat?
    Up 100 followers in 12 hours, what a nice
    All about perception at my bay
    Even if most never stray
    And stupid google is going to screw us in the end come march
    I'd like to shove something vile in their starch

    LOL hmmm maybe sign up for the crap
    Could fill the gap

  10. i want a nook, to read a book or play angry birds, we go to b&n to shoot those turds, read words, but i got none, but now with your contest fun it could be like supernovas obscuring the black holes, winning one of the 75 college bowls as if they mean something these days other than advertising dollars, this would be greater than that thanks to the rhyming cat

  11. haha I have never tried that angry birds game
    I heard about all its fame
    But just have too much on the go
    To get addicted to such a show
    Better then the college bowls you say
    That must be quite the display
    Never know could win
    And it be all thanks to my little rhyming bin

  12. Good grief it's like a poet on meth.....

  13. I wondered what you meant about the dirty cheat
    yes, you have no shame with the meet and greet.

  14. wow a Cat that can do reviews ? All my cat can do is poop in the corner and then look at me with a attitude. dumb cat !

  15. LOL that cat stays away from drugs though
    Although catnip is spread around at my shpw

    Nope no shame at all
    Here at my hall
    Wait until you see what is to come
    Might perchance always see a bush with a

    LOL the cats rules the roost though
    So give you a look and let the poo flow

  16. There was I thinking that a bit of nookie was something entirely different...Haha

  17. What a great contest. I love my Nook.

  18. Whoa big prizes. I'll check it out Pat. Have a good weekend.

  19. I've never won anything, except an Oscar once, but evil people say I just dreamt that one...

  20. LOL well I wouldn't be opposed to that kind of nookie either my way
    But if you win it, hmmm might not like the display..haha

    Great contest indeed
    Thanks for the read

    haha you just reminded me of a videogame with the big prizes remark
    I guess that's where my brain went to park

    The cats rule

    Hmmm I think I'd be one of those evil people too
    Errr um cats that say it isn't true

  21. when I said evil people I meant dogs.... didn't expect to be betrayed by cats in this way too .... I will now seek allies among armadilos and lemurs... they would never betray me.

  22. Sounds good to mee!! Plus, I owe Elisa my life. Ok, maybe not my life...but at least a really big hug!! Last night my blog got disabled because someone reported me. Elisa patiently walked me through my panic attack and got my blog up & running again...

    Ok, I'm rambling again. Consider me entered!

  23. You've passed up my follower number I see.
    At least I got mine honestly. lol.

    Always see a bush with a bum?
    Oh now that does not sound fun.
    Oh dear, is that becoming your header photo?
    You'll loose followers by the boat-load!
    We could always call Edward Scissorhands
    to give it a little more shape to the homeland.

  24. haha you should have been clear
    The I may not have gone all evil with my little rhyming rear
    Those Lemurs might need to be paid though
    They could bleed you dry at your show..haha

    Some nut must be going around saying blog are offensive of something of the like
    Wanting nice ones to take a hike
    You'd think google would have something better in place
    So these nuts can screw up the blog race

    Glad you are alright
    And not a fright

    LOL bah I'm a cheat
    But many won't know the cheat feat
    So hey what they hell
    It's only about perception with the follower well
    hahaha you may be on to something there
    Should be interesting sometime next week at my lair

  25. I'd love a Nook. I actually hinted at it around Christmas time, but no luck.

  26. You do love to tease with the post promos
    and cat, you have such a big ego.
    But we keep coming back
    we're addicted to your rhyme attack.

    How's my girl Cassie doing?
    hope her little paw is healing.

  27. "Enjoy your winter, smash a printer." hahah such a perfect ending!!

  28. haha maybe your hints need to be more blunt at your shack
    But either way could win one by giving this a whack

    Yes teasing is fun
    And must be done
    As my ego does flare
    At my lair
    Had to get a steroid shot yesterday
    As I guess could be some immune thing at play
    So far, knock on wood, hasn't touched the thing
    But only a day has been given a ring
    If this time next week it is the same
    Then this paw biting thing might have been tamed

    LOL yep works for me
    At my rhyming sea

  29. Yeah you can enter this one
    Since you never gave it a run..haha

  30. Nice. I need that tablet!

  31. There you go
    Could win one thanks to my show

  32. Looks like a good contest, but I don't meet the requirements! Nooooo!

  33. (also I've been following your blog for a while and I just found out you've written three books! Will you talk about them on your blog one day?)

  34. Would also be interested in hearing about your books

  35. Damn requirements screwing you up
    Stupid little hiccup

    Well I did talk about them at one point
    But you are in luck at my joint
    Because if all goes right on wednesday that's what the post will be about
    As I give some new things to do with them a shout

    Mark wednesday down then your way
    As they should be plugged damn well that day

  36. So Cassie is costing you a loonie and a toonie?
    Tell her your bank account is getting puny.
    Might have to trade her in for a bunny
    Nugget thinks that would be funny.

  37. A nook? how about a nuke?

  38. Feel as though I've been through a social networking boot camp, are indeed a little scamp!

    But I think I got some
    Had a bit of fun
    Nook would be cool
    For this reading fool

    Thinking hard, thinking fast
    and spreading just the face it facts!

  39. My luck the 275 cash will be in Pesos Lol Anyhow, cool D'versification here, changing things up, shifting gears, but tell that cat we need our rhyming fix, otherwise some of us hit the bricks with a day without our rhyming light

  40. The only tablet I need is THIS one. I would share it with you.

  41. see here's the thing about entering and signing up
    i feel like a high society party and i'm the mutt
    sometimes i get it right and glee is indeed the word
    but i have little patience and less smarts a la nerds
    so take this word on mine for it's worth
    and now i will give it a whirl
    i just might be the one to find the pearl

  42. And to think I could of been a millionaire. This is so unfair! *Insert a angry stare here*

  43. no woe is me when free stuff is free...

    I did it. I finally did a rhyming post!

  44. Woo love free stuff and I definitely need a tablet!

  45. Thanks for sharing this.

    "Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. " I'll keep that in mind ;)

  46. Man, I'd love a free Nook tablet. Thanks for sharing.


  47. Jeez, am I the only old school one who still likes paper?

  48. Heh, Pat, you wouldn't be YOU if you would be 'more polite and less crass.' Be yourself and enjoy it. We do!

  49. Yep a loonie and a toonie indeed
    Each time Miss Priss makes her foot bleed
    I think Orlin might eat the bunny though
    Would Nugget still think it was as funny at my show?

    A nuke would be scary though
    And you might get thrown in jail rom such a blow

    LOL yeah boot camp it is
    This giveaway biz
    But hey it helps a ton
    And up the perception seems to run
    Never know could get the nook your way
    To give your new book a display

    LOL hey pesos you never had before
    At your shore
    A little diversifaction is good now and then
    But I will rhyme another ten
    That is obvious though
    As I go about my show

    Nah all the more for you
    Eating those I'd turn blue

    LOL well if you a mutt
    Just refrain from sniffing a butt
    You might look rather weird doing that
    And never know the pearl could end up at your mat

    That raisin guy is such a liar
    Maybe we should set him on fire

    Glad no woe is had
    And a rhyme that's not half bad

    Free stuff is nice to see
    Can cause glee

    Hope the share can thrill
    And keep that in mind for sure at your hill

    Yeah free is always good
    Never know win you could

    Bah you could win
    Adding some money to your tin

    LOL I think you may be alone with paper
    Maybe you should start a paper caper

    haha yeah never fear
    I will still be quite crass with my little rhyming rear

  50. And where is the cat's lovely assistants (who would be kittens if you go by the Price Is Right age ratios)? :D

  51. just got a tablet, so won't be needing this!

  52. LOL yes those age ratios are quite different I will say
    Though I'm not sure I want kittens at play

    Well look at you
    A table to use and view

    Think all could use the dough
    In one way or another at their show

  53. I got a new nook for Christmas :)

  54. Hmm... still not sure whether I want a tablet or not...

  55. There you go
    Santa gave quite the show

    Interesting it can be
    Especially when it's free

    Hey there is money there too
    Sure that could be used easy enough by you

  56. Hope they cover art people aren't slack
    For my wednesday attack


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