Tarsier With The Save Sending One To An Early Grave!

 This bug eyed creep just couldn't stay away. Now he wants his own theme song to display. You know one only he will sing or like. Everyone else will tell him to take a hike. Kind of like Joxer The Mighty I guess. This pest is just copying the cat but still I guess it's semi-interesting none the less.

I don't know how I get sucked into telling his tales.
But it's once again told by me as Tarsier Man goes off the rails.

After saving poor Know Everything Eel,
From a snack attack ordeal.
And eating his last saved bug,
Which he stored under his rug.

Tarsier still wanted to up his game,
Saving animals was just lame.
Humans were where the money was at,
Not to mention the glory and all of that.

So he stalked a jingle man,
And rigged his office private can.
"Boom You're Dead"
I think Lethal Weapon 2 went to his head.

The jingle man just wanted some relief,
As he muttered "Good Grief."
Thinking it was J-Lo getting payback,
For the commercial showing her butt and not her rack.

But in came Tarsier with his suit of bark,
Acting all brave as his fake bomb started to spark.
He yanked it out and cut a wire,
Ensuring the jingle man things were no longer dire.

Just as he predicted the jingle man fell for his scheme,
And he was delighted to get his dream.
The jingle man went straight to work,
And within a few hours Tarsier Man's ears began to perk.

For his theme song had been done,
And he found it so fun.
He grabbed the master copy,
Dashing away with glee being forgetful and sloppy.

As he strutted down the street,
Listening to the mp3 of his new beat.
A huge explosion was heard from behind,
To which he paid no mind.

Turns out the bomb was real,
Because he had used the right kind of steel.
The wire he cut was a fraud,
And wow his brain is flawed.

Dedicating his new theme to the jingle man,
Ignoring the notion he did this by rigging the can.
As his bomb was only for show,
And besides the FBI thought it was J-Lo.

I know I leave you in some misery,
As the song remains a mystery.
But know to avoid Tarsier Man for the save,
As he'll send you to an early grave.

A Tarsier Man tale has spun and now off I will run. I have to track down that theme song. Not to for all to view would just be wrong. I'll find it and write it up as I pick my toe jam. As I'm not sure either Tarsier Man or it will be worth a damn. With him killing his saves and all. But the facts are simply Tarsier Man is off the wall. He also has no class and that is all on this bug eyed creep from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Need more of these Tarsiers, they are like cats only not really!

  2. my fav 'man' is back ... haha ... "But know to avoid Tarsier Man for the save, As he'll send you to an early grave" - oh but thanks for the advice i see i was setting myself for a trouble ;-)

  3. haha Don't compare Mr. Ugly to a cat
    We just can't have that

    I'll send him to you if your want
    Those bugs eyes tend to taunt

    So cute
    But watch out he will toot

    LOL yes you better watch out for him
    His saving tactics are rather dim
    So you might find trouble
    And get buried in rubble

  4. Wow, what a scheme
    yeah he's like a bad dream
    Besides with eyes that large in his head
    there's no room for brains, not a shred!

  5. Tarsiers are smallest wide eye monkey primate primates in the world can be found in BOHOL Philippine

  6. This one is one of your best in recent memory. I'm so bad with rhymes but wonderful with vocabulary.

  7. LOL maybe he's like a dinosaur
    As some of lore
    Had their brains in their butt
    Either way he still his a nut

    This one skipped the pond
    And is fighting crime in the great beyond

    Hey the rhyme worked there
    Yeah Tarsier is always a fun time at my lair

  8. Im sure I saw this face HERE a time ago!!(lol)

  9. Tarsier Man, Tarsier Man,
    Does whatever a tarsier can.


  10. oh, how could you call that utterly and overly cute charmer a creep, Cat?

  11. haha yeah how could you forget that face
    Once shown at the cat's place

    Hmmm he might get sued for that
    Or webbed up but it wouldn't bother the cat

    Because he is rather creepy with those eyes
    Plus it seems each save dies

  12. I still think that's the most adorable animal ever!!! I'm going to look into getting one. You always have the best timing w/ ur posts. Cages for SOPA...cute, furry things during my pet hunt...hahaha

    Unless, of course, like a monkey that critter flings poop. I only want CLEAN animals, not poop flinging ones. Just sayin...haha

  13. I was all prepared with a clever comment like Silver Fox's but he stole my thunder.

    Guess I'll go see if Wikipedia is up to read about those Tarsiers.

  14. tarsier man is quite hero, j-lo pissed at her butt oh...haha, and boom like mel gibson, that nail gun scene perhaps in lethal weapon...far from this cute bug eyed creatures thanks to you for giving him his feature...

  15. Ok, so the Tarsier is from the Phillipines. Lucky for me, the guy who's cubicle across from me is from the Phillipines. He says they are endangered and we can't get them as pets...but, to make them even cuter, they are about 10-15cm big!!

    He also mentioned that he's not getting arrested for smuggling a small monkey into the US. Sigh...

    1. Jax, if you find a way to get one, I'll take one, too. My zoo needs a Tarsier! :)

  16. haha with it's creepy eyes and all
    I'm sure it would have a ball

    The monkey
    Is kind of funky

    Yeah I guess my psychic powers are at play
    As I got good timing today and yesterday
    I don't think it is clean either though
    As some poo it may throw

    LOL the poor Fox stole your thunder
    What a blunder
    He had to go plunder
    Oh well Wikipedia can at least cure your wonder

    Yeah that nail gun would be scare
    I doubt he'd save you from your lair
    If Gibson was coming after you
    With a nail gun in view
    But the bug eyed thing can have a feature
    As it is an interesting creature

    LOL geez you are well connected with those Japanese
    I'm sure if you gave enough money in one of their bags they could squeeze
    Something that small
    But then you and they could go to kail for such a haul
    Too bad for you
    I guess something less big eyed is due..haha

  17. Yeah she had Enough
    And those Angel Eyes got rough
    As she went Out of Sight
    Riding the Money Train one night

  18. @Betsy...Blogger doesn't let me hit "Reply".

    My whole office is in shambles right now figuring it out. It's actually kind of funny. The best idea going around now is to start a charity to conserve the animal. LOL! If we get a few of those cuties, I got you girl. lol

    1. Oh, yay! lol. Now all I need is a penguin and I'm set. hahaha.

  19. Replies
    1. Bug-eyed creep????? I love that Bug-eyed creep. That theme song calls for motion. On mah way to put on "mah jazz shoes."
      I also like the header. Speaks loudly.


  21. That photo is amazing, damn that thing looks so creepy!

  22. Blogger doesn't like my reply either, stupid thing
    But tomorrow I give that a ring
    If they don't throw poo
    I want one too..haha
    Just to scare, well everything away
    As those eyes will cause dismay

    A penguin too
    Nah you need that camel between me and you

    Soo cute
    Bah he's an ugly brute

    The theme song will get a motion
    And it will surely cause a commotion
    The header speaks loudly too
    I hope ear plugs aren't need by you

    LOL it has a mind of its own
    The way to stop its staring is unknown

    haha yep creepy indeed
    Would sure scare the rats away at my feed

  23. I actually think it looks kinda cute ;D in a weird way ;DD

    funny post :)

  24. Some think he's cute some think he's creepy, on cute's side am I and love the little guy. And so he's a danger to jingle man with his can of steel, but I am off too read a book with speed and write, if can, a review for a man.

  25. hahaha I suppose in a weird way maybe he might
    But at first glance he truly is a fright

    Well with that troll of yours I would suspect your to fall on the cute side
    That guy will surely smile wide
    With the review
    That comes due

  26. Between Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon 2) and J-Lo and her end table of an ass... is there anything they can't ruin?

  27. hahaha I would suspect not
    Throw in Cage with his bad hair and we'll the media drowning on like some dumb robot

  28. I'm glad I've found this blog, its quite funny! +following

  29. Haha, tarsier's got himself a theme song, that's great, can't wait for it's release. The bomb bit was classic-loved that and the Tarsier pics never get old. It was mighty nice of the cat to spin another Tarsier tale, hope that little guy offers the cat something nice for his time.

  30. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if there is an actual comic book superhero named Tarsier Man.

    But no way will his theme be as awesome as this.

  31. Funny
    And hopefully right on the money

    Yeah Drazin comes into play
    When the theme song has it's day..haha
    That cat does it so he doesn't go for the save
    And put me in an early grave

    Hmmm I don't think there is one that I can recall
    That would be the speciality of Grammar Nazi's hall
    Theme song should be fun
    When his next tale is spun

  32. haha...the FBI isn't always as smart as they seem to be..smiles...and i just love this little creature..

  33. haha yeah they do seem easy to fool
    As the Tarsier Man walks away thinking he's so cool

  34. We just spent an hour brainstorming on how to get the monkey here! Those Japanese are creative.

    1. Put him in a can and label it anchovies. (I'm not a fan of this idea.)

    2. Sedate him and put him in a suitcase filled with stuffed animals. (LOL!!!!)

    3. Send him to Mexico and then drive to NY.

    Moral of the story: I don't think it's happening. Sorry guys!!

  35. I admire your rhyming skills
    you're a master of words.
    Me? When I try MY rhyming skills,
    it's like buckets of turds.

  36. "and wow his brain is flawed" --that was hilarious ;)

  37. Outside of a guy in the Philippines that's called Tarsier Man for his conservation efforts, I don't believe there's ever been a superhero or super-villain with that name.

    Better trademark it!

  38. They are an engendered species and kept in a conservation area. But anyway your rhyming post is fun...another adventure I see ~

  39. Yikes, maybe I am the only one who hasn't a clue what a "Tarsier man" is. I could perhaps live behind the moon. LOL.

  40. LOL that first idea might suffocate the poor thing
    The second you should give a ring
    It might actually work
    Unless the tarsier wakes up and goes berserk
    For the third you should add an addition
    As send him to Canada for admission
    It's easy as hell to cross the border up here
    The mexicans are getting clamped down on I fear
    Where there is a will there's a way
    So maybe one day

    LOL that was the a bad visual for me
    Buckets of turds I don't want to see
    But your skills
    Can still give chilling thrills

    LOL well it is true
    Has to be flawed to do what he makes come due

    Good to know
    Now if someone uses it I can sue at my show..lol
    I might have to make a kiddie book out of him
    And make him a tad less dim

    Creepy indeed
    Better take heed

    Yep an adventure with Tarsier Man
    Causing the poor jingle guy to kick the can

    Don't make me use the claw

    LOL Tarsier Man is the superhero around here
    But not very super I fear

  41. i am blown away by the xena: warrior princess reference.

  42. I was about to say that too. Xena: Warrior Princess is one of my most fav TV shows. Joxer the mighty song was hilarious, especially when he sang about 'Gabby and her little stick never does she miss a ...."And Xena slapped him... loved how she would call him an idiot! LOL How can you tell I know each one almost by heart ...Hehe
    Thanks for the smiles.

  43. Sweet rhyme bro! Keep up the good work!

  44. haha Oh I could reference Xena and Hercule galore
    Here at my shore

    LOL I love the joxer the mighty song too
    Such fun to hear him do
    I have all the Xena and Hercules seasons dvds on my shelf
    And like them much myself
    Except season four of Hercules though
    That season tended to blow
    Yeah I can tell too
    Take it you watched them more than one view..haha

    Oh it will be kept up
    Without a hiccup

  45. Love this poem! Happy thursday

  46. Yep thursday is very nice for me
    As work is over for the week, yippeee

  47. Tarsier Man, heard about you, elf
    Bloated eyes looking utterly shocked
    But that's your fluffy self
    Care for my being your mascot?


  48. His eyes are just as big and wide
    As J-Lo's very thick backside
    Then again, n'er mind, I lied.
    They aren't that big. For a rhyme, I tried.

  49. blah those creatures freak me out

  50. Tarsier man is so cute, . Your poems are always hilarous and clever.

  51. Yeah the eyes are sure him
    And can never say he looks dim
    Just creepy and them some
    You can have him if you want a mascot, as he's not the mascot for my little rhyming bum

    Mighty cool
    But watch out he may drool

    LOL yeah they may need to double in size
    Then they can equal J-Lo's prize
    To all that comes a calling
    For some it may start stalling

    hahaha yep they are freaky indeed
    But so fun to use at my feed

    Another one that thinks he's cute
    I need to get cute to hit mute

    Thanks for that
    From the cat

  52. so cute and so nice <3 loved this one!!

  53. Not sure he is cute
    But sure is a hoot


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