What To Do About The Power Going Out!

So some stupid storm came about at your sea, like it recently did to me and poof goes the power. But never fear you can still take a cold shower. Doesn't that just please? You can now stay inside and freeze. Then poof could go the heat, depending upon how you warm your feet. Now comes the worst part and remember not to throw a dart.

For the boredom can set in, especially since it is too cold to leave your bin. Yeah, that could just be me but I would rather hibernate at my sea, avoiding all that snow. That just has to go. So what do you do when the power goes out on you?

What to do, What to do
When The Power Poofs Out On You!

What to do?
The lights have blew.
Oh wait!
Was the power bill late?

Nope! Some stupid storm,
Has ruined the norm.
No computer games or anything tech wise,
I know most would send out cries.

Their world has come crashing down.
No longer can they attain the king ding a ling crown.
A generator would come in handy,
Those things can be quite dandy.

But usually bye bye goes the crap.
So now is as good a time as any for a nap.
Could take a cleaning lap,
But if you have any OCD you already filled that gap.

And of course you want to keep warm,
So do what may or may not be the norm.
Cuddle up and get all sweet,
For that one Fox might give me heat.

Then you could stack pringle cans,
And blow them over with fans.
Of course you'd have to twirl the thing,
Or let your breath fling.

Giving it a good blow,
To bring about its spinning flow.
Then you get rid of some hot air,
Which, for some, probably isn't rare.

Of course you complain,
Joining the whining train.
Sitting and moaning for a while,
Letting them compile.

That sure would waste time,
Until the clocks once again give their chime.
Then you have to redo each one.
For some that could be a ton.

Could take something apart,
Like a tea cart.
Then put it back together,
Making it not strong enough to hold a feather.

If all else fails,
Grab some nails,
And take a hammer to the thing.
Warning! Swear words you may sing.

Hammering in the dark,
Could make you give off quite the bark.
If you hit your thumb,
You'll be saying more than bum.

So you've had some whine,
Thought about what you heard through the grapevine.
And wrote this rubbish in your head,
Oops, was that just said.

See what comes from no power,
This has to make you cower.
For you could go insane and chime,
Every single thing in rhyme.

So there are some strange and weird facts to do if the power goes out on you. Sure each can create a crazy theory to keep themselves cheery and not at all dreary, when the lights go out and things get eerie. At least now you can't sit and stew and have plenty to do. Until the power outage comes to pass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. When the wires go down, it blacks out the town and with a windy howl complaints are heard as feet grow cold and minds grow dim as night sets in. I just turn on a torch and play my drums, it keeps me warm and only my neighbors whine.

  2. You just lost power cowering in the dark
    Hissing,swearing angry just what luck
    Time for a nap so says the cat
    Easy for the cat but not for Mr Hatt


  3. Power outages gives me massive shoutage. That's not a word but I can't see with no electricity so flip me the bird.

  4. I would complain and moan too...no, i don't like to go back to the dark ages...

    Happy Saturday Pat ~

  5. I think that eveyone did that out here in Connecticut last October when the entire state lost power for two weeks because of a snowstorm.

    Smashed printers, computers, phones, televisions, etc. etc. etc.

  6. and you made it Pat! ;-)
    once i was cutting off my husband's hair with a hair-cutting machine (how do you call that in English?) and i did cut about half of the hair from his head (he likes to wear it kind of like a monk :-) when the power went off for about an hour ... ha! i couldn't help but to laugh ... he didn't really think it was that funny ... :-)

  7. "Sweet." There's that damned word again... Strat!

  8. I've told you, Cat, many times not to mess with the intergalactic powers because they can send solar storms to destroy your electricity, but you just ain't the one to listen to my refined wisdom....

  9. So frustrating when the power goes down. No internet, no television, no lights, and you can't even cook a meal.

  10. If you're in the middle of something
    like have a cake in the oven
    it can really make you say strat
    and things like that.
    Drives my boys crazy
    they think the electronics are being lazy
    or need to be fixed
    and ask me to do the trick.
    I usually forget a million times and flip light switches on
    and then say "duh! you knew that all along!"

    You made Silver say strat. ha.

  11. Plus you are helping your neighbors too
    For they forget about the power loss and yell at you
    So you take their mind off of it
    And keep them warm by increasing their fit..haha

    Yeah the cat doesn't care one bit
    To him it's just the same old same old at our pit
    But after just getting up
    It can really give Pat a hiccup

    So if you can't see I can flip you the bird
    If I can't see too I may just say the word..haha

    Once more
    Same encore

    Yeah those dark ages are scary
    They may think I'm a witch that's hairy
    And decide to make me sink or swim
    Boy, were they quite dim

    LOL smashing all of that
    Would be quite fun to the cat

    As always you say
    The rhymes come out at my bay

    Yeah I made it through
    The power outage that came due
    LOL that would be quite funny to see
    Sure it wouldn't cause him glee

    LOL made you steal my word
    Knew you'd think sweet was absurd

    You and those damn elven powers things
    Why don't you grow a pair of wings
    Fly up high
    And make all these power outages die

    Yeah we are pretty much screwed in every way
    Can make for a boring day
    But then can be fun
    If there is something to be done

    hahaha I flip the light switch on too
    Habit or maybe we hope magically light will come due
    That must be fun
    Trying to explain why the electronics won't run
    Know how to push Silver's button now
    Just say sweet and he'll have a cow..haha

  12. No computer games??? Gasp!!! Did you check out Isketch.net yet?! Sooo fun!!

    Just don't step on the poor kitty cat. That's bound to happen in the dark. I love when the power goes out. We all meet at my grandma's kitchen and light some candles. Then we play rummy by candle light.

    Once there was a black out while I was in an elevator. I climbed on top of my grandmas head screaming "I'm too you to die!". Omg that was awful. I take it back, blackouts are horrible.

  13. hihi...i had other ideas than hammering in the dark..just saying...smiles..but a power cut is sort of a severe catastrophe for our oh so civilized world...

  14. I had a look but have yet to use
    I will give it a go though and really confuse
    With my crappy art skills
    Sure won't give people thrills
    I stepped on their tail once before
    And as I tried to dodge him he knocked me flat on my ass at my shore..haha
    Playing rummy is fun
    That and 45's I have played a ton
    LOL so is that why you don't like elevators anymore
    They scared you so much you screamed "you" and not "young" because of the closed door..hahaha

    Yeah, maybe one day the power will never go out
    So there will be no need for this shout
    Hmmm ideas you say
    I bet I can guess what they are at your bay..haha

  15. Hahaha - when the power goes out this is your chance at bliss! ;-)

  16. LOL that worked out well
    And I'll agree as bliss is almost never a tough sell

  17. Usually if the powers out ill play some cards with whoever else is around.

  18. Sounds like a good plan indeed
    Make sure there is some sun or candles so the cards you can read

  19. LOL I'm to youngg to dieee! Yes, that was the start of my elevator fear. I forgot you knew about that....

    and when you do give isketch a go, let me know. I need to be a witness to this. No worries, I won't show you up too hard. hahaha

  20. Great poetry. Have a nice weekend btw! :)

  21. No TV, computer, or light
    when power goes out at night.
    But, there's no need to fret
    when you hear, "No juice yet."
    'Cause sex with the Mrs.?
    You might.

  22. Well, not YOU exactly.
    You know what I mean.

  23. when the power used to go out, i'd read a book by candlelight. Now I just reach for whatever electronic device has a charge.

  24. haha I remember all
    So once you say it at your hall
    I can compare
    And find what started your fear affair
    lol I think the cat could show me up, I'm that bad
    But a fun time should be had

    You as well
    Don't get locked up in a cell

    haha need a Mrs. first
    To quench such a thirst
    But yeah makes for a much better night
    When out goes the light

    LOL you prevented my clever retort
    I still gave a little snort

    True as long as there is a charge
    You can still live large
    Until that goes poof
    Then one might throw it up on the roof

  25. Oh, the need for electricity is too high. I would just die. Oh, my, you have me trying to rhyme. I never have the time.

    This is contagious.

  26. A power cut is so bad- never before had I realised how much!
    Great rhyme, as always1

  27. haha you rhymed well
    I guess you were caught under the rhyming spell
    Just keep sucking back the nyquil though
    And no dying should happen at yoiur show..haha

    Yeah it is just a pain
    Makes me want to pop a vein

  28. Our power kept surging last night when the storm was at its worst. Had a feeling we'd lose power but, thankfully, we didn't!
    Losing the power sucks. Hope yours wasn't out for too long there. ;)

  29. Nah only out for a little bit
    So didn't cause too much of a fit
    Gave me something for a rhyme
    So wasn't too much of a crime

  30. We were without power after that last wind storm we had. No fun ;)

  31. Yep no fun at all
    Especially when it last a while at your hall

  32. Oh yeah power outages suck big time, I remember a few years back we had a wicked storm here they called the october surprise, but not a haha funny surprise at all, no power, no heat, it was bad, so we wound up having to drive an hour to get a hotel room since all the local ones were filled, and there were were for 4 days as it took the power people that long to make sure they had their fun. Some good ideas if the next should come, but the hammer one I think i'll shun. Thanks

  33. haha damn that wasn't a nice surprise
    And yeah the hammer one would be a tad unwise
    Having to go to a hotel an hour away
    When really be annoying and cause dismay
    Hate each stupid storm
    But at least you were warm

  34. Great flow. I read somewhere the electric went out in an apartment block, meaning no tv. There was a huge riot.

  35. hahaha riot over no tv
    That is just silly
    Some people need to get a life
    And stop letting no tv cause them so much strife

    1. that is why we keep candles and bateries about, but def dont try now work in the black out...might hurt for sure, and then swear and spin about all the more dangerous, creating some serious issues...you know...

  36. You even post rhymes when the power's gone out?
    Now that's a trick that gives you some clout.

    May you stay safe and warm.
    May there be no more storm.


  37. Not good at all. But you seem to have some good ideas on what to do in the dark and cold :)

    My 13 year old son is having a "party" tonight and needs the video cable from my desk top computer to make all his downloaded movies work on his TV. (Actually, he took my 45 inch TV and left me his 25" too.) He was worried how I'd get along tonight without a computer.

    I pointed to a stack of paper books on the end table, my Kindle sitting on top of it, and reminded him I have the entire season two of Justified on DVD to watch. (His TV has a DVD player in it.) I assured him I would be better off without a computer for one night :)

    I could still enjoy the books without power too. I got flashlights, paper and pen, warm blankies. And plenty of wine . .


  38. When the power goes out.... I don't know what to do. I usually sit and stare at my sad, dark, blank computer screen. lol

  39. Yeah plenty of batteries here too
    Buts candles aren't allowed to view
    Dumb apartment crap
    Thinks they are a fire trap
    Which I suppose they can be
    For people who are lazy
    And yeah some serious issues can arise
    So working like that wouldn't be wise

    haha my computer still had a bit of power
    Until it wilted away like a flower
    So I got one all ready to do
    And I hope also no more storms come due

    Sounds like you have a back up plan with ease
    And can keep yourself amused as much as you please
    I still need to watch Justified Season 2 too
    But have a few others first that need to come due
    Although stealing your big tv
    Such a crime to me..haha

    LOL that is kind of sad
    But when it comes back on I bet you're all the more glad

  40. Yeah I tend to just sleep. It's easier.

  41. I eats me shingles
    and counts me pringles.

    I mean.....

    the other way around
    when the snow comes down.

    then I roast wienies
    over some beanies

    and send the dog out for beer.


  42. Oh, and I likes your new look
    you with that book

    and the cats all drinking ale.

  43. Hard to sleep for me
    When I just slept 10 hours at my sea..haha

    hahaha wow that is a talented dog
    Braving the fog
    Just for beer
    I have a slight fear
    I don't want to mix up my pringles in the dark
    For I might miss the mark
    And open a can full of cat poo
    And that would just be eww..haha

    Glad you like the new look
    Of our little nook

  44. Man I look forward to reading these. Thanks for the time you put every day, these must take forever.. Or do you just think in rhyme now?

  45. The only good thing about the power going out is it inspired that fun poem! :)

    And speaking of fun, thanks for last week's Limerick-Off submission. I hope to see you at this week's which is already posted.

  46. Some take 30 minutes or so
    Others a whole 15 on the go
    So yeah I pretty much think in rhyme
    Hope that's not a crime

    A guess a good thing came from it
    And will surely have another limerick fit


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