With This Fit Do The "Thes" Have It?

The cat has noticed the facts of how you humans file and think it is rather vile. You talk about grammar and how to speak but when it comes to such a thing your brains seem to leak. Got called on this the other day out my way and told Anal Filer (read that slow, as fast it sounds so wrong you know) they were a nut, stuck in some stupid rut.

Anal Filer kept trying to get me to change it, actually having a fit. But it is never going to happen no matter how much Anal Filer keeps flappin'. Have you guessed it yet? No, is probably my bet. For I am confusing enough, so I admit it could be kind of rough. But none of you go off in a huff, as least usually, like Anal Filer with her face scrunched up so tough.

Anyway, what the cat is talking about today. Is the way you humans take "the" and file it. In some stupid dyslexic type fit. "The cat rhymes." See no grammar crimes. "Cat rhymes, the" is just plain dumb. Sounds like you are talking out your bum.

Don't care what Anal Filer continues to state "the" at the end is stupid and out of date. Maybe they talked like dyslexic hicks back in the day. But no one uses "the" at the end of what they say. So when the filing comes due the "the" is first in my view. If you are too dumb to go to the T's then go snack on some cheese.

Anal Filer was actually saying "the such and such" as she gave them a look, just proving by not having "the" at the end doesn't make me a filing crook.When people start saying "the" at the end out loud. Then I will join the "the" at the end filing crowd. Until then it is never going to happen no matter how much Anal Filer and any one else starts flappin'.

Simple Plan, A

Say that out loud and you sound simple enough. Yeah, "A" and not "the" things could be getting rough.

Best of Times, The

Mout have been great times indeed for you are so drunk "the" does the final deed.

Chase, The

Chase the what? Mutt? Cat? Car? Yeah, enough of that.

Conversation, The

Would be one messed up conversation at your station.

Anyway, you get the point, as much as you usually can at my joint. You want to file with "the" at the end. Go ahead and keep up the trend. But if I file how people actually say the damn title of things, leave your Anal Filer side lurking in the wings, because it isn't going to change and I will not rearrange. So maybe instead of shouting Anal Filer sass, look how you say the title and it will come to pass. Of course if you speak like you're choking on glass, no help can be given, not even from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Anal Filer, the ass has made you sass and I'll say a mass for the cat and thee (not the, thee). Tell her to stick it up her bum Pat

  2. I agree with this post!

    fact we do this nowadays is lame, the!

    If the is at the begining it is at the begining! Putting it at the end is like talking to some ones bum!

  3. hahaha she would not go away
    So sass I had to say
    Stupid woman stuck in a rut
    And does talk out her butt

    Yippeee you agree with me
    That causes glee
    The fact we still do it is quite dumb
    But many still want it as the ho and hum

  4. Woah dude, you can even make a story and paragraph sound like a song :p

    Comment me back

  5. I think I'm finally getting the hang of rhyming on your page Pat. Reading you and Brian everyday is helping me begin to write poetry again. And I've been meaning to say something about the vid you have posted with your song. Those cats are cool. I love the crisp tube obstacle course you've got them going throgh.

  6. your rhymes are too much for me when im drunk. i'd probably have to come back later..

  7. Great rhyme
    Every time

    haha anything in rhyme can be done
    As I go on a rant and just have fun

    Glad I can help get you back in the groove once more
    Even if I have to share some credit with Brian the stalker for helping your poetry soar..LOL
    haha yeah that was all I really had to make them go through
    It was fun to do
    The cats sure think the are cool
    Glad you liked the theme made up by this rhyming fool

  8. hahaha I guess when one is drunk
    My rhyming puts them in a funk

  9. grammar is not my friend but enemy, tripping my words on punctuation and spelling, and anal filer is sure to point out where mine heads south, like they have fun letting whatever come out their mouth, oh how smart they are, i am sure they will go far, yes that is sar-chasm, you might fall in if you have a spasm

  10. Wow, welcome to Orlin'Z RantZ.

    You're not going to get much sympathy from the Grammar Nazi on this one. If you have a long list, and you don't know the exact title of a program, book, album, whatever... "The" is a word you want to ignore.

    Example: There's a TV show called Gilmore Girls. Not The Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls. If you're searching for that in a list, and like most people, call it The Gilmore Girls, you'll look under T. If you use the "The at the end" rule, you won't bother looking under T. People who know the exact title will go right to G, and so will those who are unsure of the exact title.

    Convoluted? Of course. Welcome to the English language.

  11. I would file it like you, Pat.
    Sorry, Silver, but that is that.

    off rhyme..

    Take your Gilmore Girl example. Without the 'the' they are filed beside each other. If you were looking for "the gilmore girls" and searched under T first, you would have found it immediately. And it wouldn't be confused with 'gilmore girls' at all, which would be filed in the G file.

    And where does it end?
    Do you leave off "A" at the beginning, too? So "A Fine Day" would be under the F's? Crazy.

    Having said that, Anal Filer must be cousins with Flappy.
    She sounds just as yappy!

  12. I totally agree with you! nice post, keep it up!

  13. haha yeah anal filer sure would point it out
    Grammar is crazy at times with its shout
    She sure has fun spurting it out her yap
    That the "the" should take a nap
    Here I don't really care
    But I am a tad Grammar aware

    hahaha knew the Grammar Nazi's take on this would be fun
    Giving the "the" a run
    But I have over 2000 movies and they are in ABC order as you know
    That includes the "the's" being first at my show
    I know the title because that's how it is said
    So that is where I'm led
    Frankly if one doesn't know Gilmore Girls has no the in it
    Then they should not throw a fit
    It can only be one of two options, which they should know
    So if no "the" then go to G to find the damn show
    The exact title with anything that has "The" in it is said with "the" first
    So for it to be exact in abc order the "the" should be first with the burst
    Otherwise it is not exact
    No matter how some act
    I can see the reason behind it in that case
    But if one is comfortable with "the" going first then they should be able to put it first at their place
    Convoluted it is
    This damn "The" biz

  14. You must LOVE it when they do the same thing with "A" and "An," huh?

  15. With many things "A Fine Day" is filed under F as well
    A, The and I think there are a couple more that follow this trends, I guess, easy sell
    I think we are in sync with it too
    As we both made the same points in the comment view
    Yep she and Flappy would be quite the pair
    I think I'd lose all my hair..lol

    Another that agrees with me
    Oh what glee

  16. haha yeah the A and An make even less sense
    To me it just seems a tad dense

  17. You and me in sync
    Now that made me stop and think.
    Although with that brain tour
    you influenced my thoughts for sure.

  18. @Betsy: But there is no The Gilmore Girls. Heh.

  19. Oh good grief. ha.
    "The Silver Fox" ...I suppose you would want to be filed under S.
    I guess I would do that...S for Silly.

  20. and put your glasses on...
    I said 'silly'...not 'sexy'

  21. @Betsy: Actually, you're right, I would be filed under S.

  22. Oh, Lord, just got a horrible thought. Orlin, are you one of those who also files people by their first names??? Pat Hatt under P, David M. Lynch under D, etc.?

  23. Yes, you would...if YOU were doing the filing. Heh.

  24. Agree so much with the actual points you're making in this man, almost to a scary extent. Excellent work as usual buddy.

  25. haha yeah in sync might be a bit of a scare
    But before long that will change at my lair

    hahaha yeah there is no the one
    But letting her believe it was fun
    Still same principle applies
    The at the end is not wise

    Silver Fox, the you want to be
    Okay from now on that's how you will be called when I don't use Grammar Nazi..haha

    LOL nope not one of those.
    Last name first is how I file that, so no need to curl your toes
    Unless the name is a movie title or something like that
    For say "Charlie Bartlett" is filed under C for Pat
    My names themselves I go under last name first
    Only a pain when all that hyphenated crap starts to burst..haha

  26. To a scary extent you say
    Hope it doesn't cause dismay

  27. This is the advantage that us "just bloggers" have versus you real writers--I can say screw it that grammar is overrated and don't have to answer to anyone. Though, people just laugh and move on.

  28. haha yeah as far as blogging goes I saw screw it for the most part too
    As the rhyming can help hide the grammar crap I ignore when I'm through

  29. File it where you can find it, Pat!

  30. "Anyway, you get the point..."
    love your optimism, Cat :PPP

  31. I do a lot of filing at work. In fact, I have several filing cabinets just in case our computer system crashes....Anyways...

    I leave "the" and "a" in front of the company names, but I ignore them like they aren't there. So the folder will read "The Japanese", but it will be filed under "J". Does that bother you??? hahaha

    What bothers me is when a company starts with initials. Let's say "KWE Japanese". How do you file that? Do you put initials at the front of all the other "K" folders, or do you file them like they aren't even initials and put them after the "KW" folders? Sooo complicated...

  32. haha yep that works best
    And always passes the test

    Me being optimistic
    Must have been hit with a brick haha

    Yeah know about those dumb crashes
    Ours once went poof with nothing but a few dashes
    Hmmm well that is okay
    I guess to display
    At least you make them look right
    So that doesn't bother my plight
    Well maybe just a touch
    But not too much
    LOL yeah those initials can be a pain
    And they seem to come down like rain
    But whatever they start with is where they get stuck
    So KWMTJFKD would get stuck with the K's after I gave it a look like wtf..haha

  33. haha nope wasn't drunk here
    That was the other guy that visited my little rhyming rear

  34. Problem with what I'm reading, the, is that SOMETIMES the the makes sense to not be at the beginning. If I took my music library and layed it out so all the thes are together, my T section would be very uncomfortable. Even so, there are times where the the definitely belongs up front.

  35. Yeah the same with with DVD T section as it is rather large
    But I will never join the "the" barge
    As the is how it is said
    I know this one can hurt ones head..haha

  36. I agree. There is no place in the world for xxxx, the.

  37. as an alternative, I suppress "the" from my mp3 folder, or else my alphabetical order would be totally messed

  38. Dear Pat I know I cannot make english rhyms only in spanish, but when I can I will mak eyou in spanish boy:) Have a nice day:)

  39. Yeah, fling under t is terrible, almost as bad as filing under first names, which I had the pleasure of working with one of those. Strings, the That's too funny I had to write an example down myself, it really makes no point at all to include the their at all. Interesting piece that definitely chimes in with my peculiarities, but I never would of thought of making a write up about it, as usually I would huff and puff out of sight, and then eventually the steam would leave, but one time, I remember I spent 2 hours looking for a clients file and I knew mrs. x, who was off sick, had just filed a few days earlier, I even looked under the first name, it still wasn't there, so in tizzy I called her on her cell, which i found on a pad in my bosses office, All sick and all she was not fun, and eluded that I was dumb, as not to think to look under t, as this clients name was x x the second. Wow, can't remember that memory came back-lol Thanks. Fun write

  40. Listen Pat, I speak spanish, seconf languaje english (gramatical problems I know) but if you talk other French (lol) is a really porblem, necause the french granatical is absolutely different from English and I know sometimes all these languajes (and some italian too) cross my brain and ....bommmm! so sorry by mistakes, I try the best dear:)

  41. anyway some persons have a lovely heart and really love me(lol) and I appreciate it!

  42. hahaha nope no place at all
    At any hall

    hey that is a solution too
    Make the go poof from view

    Spanish I do not know
    But you can feel free to let it flow

    LOL the second is kind of dumb to put it under T
    That would never be done by me
    Or anyone who is half sane
    Surely must have made you pop a vein
    I never thought about it much until she came a calling
    And then this rhyme started falling

    Wasn't talking about grammar like spelling
    so no sorry you need to be telling
    It's just blogs comments below
    So let whatever flow

  43. You are nice Pat (you are in my heart) :))))))))

  44. haha I guess I can be nice
    with a little spice

    haha FAIL
    Going on the bad abc trail

  45. I never thought about it in that much depth before now what the.... Hahaha complete sentence the..okay!!

  46. Those were sick! I can throw out a good rhyme but nothing as fantastic as that! :)

  47. Touche! As a ,the filer, I admit my shame.

  48. This is the truth, wait scratch that--this is true :0)

  49. Great poem!!! Lol some of those rhymes

  50. I'm going to go office space on my printer

  51. Finding things under "Title, The" does confuse me--I can see why it's done, but it can be rather annoying.

  52. the is superfluous
    it's no big crimer
    or maybe it's required
    i'll check with the anal dialer

  53. So nice
    I eat mice

    haha I made you think
    I guess I brought you to the brink
    See the goes first
    And duck comes next with your burst..haha

    Fantastic you say
    That will increase the ego at my bay

    Awesome works for me
    At my sea

    Yes such shame you should admit
    At least you did it without a fit

    haha you shouldn't tell a cat to scratch
    As some scratches may hatch

    Glad it was great
    And more lol than hate

    Good go office space on the thing
    Just take pictures and give them a ring

    haha I suppose it is rather annoying to some
    But not my little rhyming bum

    You have an anal dialer you say
    Maybe we should get them together and let them play
    Would be quite the sight
    May also cause a fright

  54. Passei para conhecer o blog...

  55. Hmmm I guess I can nod and agree
    With thee

  56. you are nice with spice!! (you said that!

  57. Yep said that
    And it works for Pat and the cat

    Glad excellent I can be
    Here at my sea

  58. Awesome indeed. when I read your words before I sleep, I cannot help but sleep with a smile on my face!!

  59. My local library does that. It gets quite confusing.

  60. Funny I can be
    I guess at my sea

    Glad I can make you sleep with a smile
    Hopefully it keeps those nightmares away that are vile

    hahaha they go and confuse
    Maybe they want to abuse

    Pretty darn good
    As always knock on wood

  61. excellent dude i was using the backbeat of my mind along with ur lyrical waxxings!!

    nice blog.


  62. The backbeat of your mind
    And my little rhyming behind
    Could be quite the pair
    With some added flair


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