Yakkity Yak dVerse Is On Crack!

What a meow isn't good enough for dVerse now? They want the cat to make other noises that can wow. Well it just so happens the cat is like that guy from the Police Academy mat. You know that Jones guy. No, it's not a lie. The facts are completely true and I will prove it to you.

Here comes your boo hoo,
Well whoopdi friggin doo.
Your teeth can chatter,
While I pitter patter.

I'll clip and clop,
Hiss and pop.
Grunt and growl,
Hoot and Howl.

You can cackle,
With voices that crackle.
Add some ding to their dong,
Gurgle too long.

But I'll still jingle jangle,
Sizzle and strangle.
Some bow wow,
Or a mooing cow.

You clang your bell,
Cheep and yell.
Screech your tires,
Splosh out fires.

Yet I'll splish and splash,
Ring a dash,
With a walloping swoosh,
And a rushing whoosh.

A murmur and mutter,
With a quacking stutter.
Adding a sniffing trickle,
Gives you a tinkling tickle.

While I tic and toc,
Clang a knock,
Crunch some chips,
Cock a doodle doo-ing the eclipse.

Honk a ho ho ho,
Cha chinging dough.
A plunking ker splat,
I'm a choo chooing cat.

As you just croak,
Maybe ribbit and choke.
Gurgle a bit,
In a rustling fit.

For your rattling drizzle,
Can't top my meowing sizzle.
So cling clang your drum.
But your little hum,
Can't top the zip of my little rhyming bum.

There we go I am now Onomatopoeia-ed out at my show. Or at least I'll pretend to be so your eyes, or maybe ears, won't hurt today at my sea. That's all the noises that have come to pass. At least without getting to crass. Is there a good noise for gas? Either way it will still come out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Ding and dong all along
    Sing a song croaking on
    Do your back a long scratch
    Jump in and hear the splash
    Missed being first by a whisker
    Luck may be again with me later


  2. haha good no back talk
    Either way the can would never take you to take a walk

    So close yet so far
    For two days in a row being first at my bar
    But you still chimed in
    Ding donging away well rattling your tin

  3. haha...you smashed the printer with all the sounds you made...just keep that cat silent or you'll soon freak out...you know i loved to spend hours in the cow stable of my uncle when i was a child and tried to teach them how to talk...maybe trying to teach them how to meow would've been more successful..smiles

  4. Oh I so loved this. I thought of you when I saw the challenge..for some odd reason, I knew the best noises will come from you :)

  5. ringalingaling the did the sound thing, justice no less and well...maybe a mess...nah this was fun, you hit quite the run, whoops, swoops keRassHH, just tripped and fell on my...

  6. I'm a huge fan of police academy actually Pat which is kind of weird, I love the reference. Great stuff as usual.

  7. You sir are our generation's muse.Loving mutter with a quacking stutter /swoon

  8. haha I think with a cling and a clang
    The printer went bang
    A little less fun
    But it got the job done
    Yeah meowing might have worked a little better for the cow
    Still don't think it would have taken flight though some how

    Thought of me you say
    Hmmm I guess I'm a tad noisy my way..haha
    I have the best noises too
    That's just so nice of you

    Hopefully it at least cushioned your fall
    And didn't make you bounce like a ball
    Glad justice was had
    Yeah may have been messy by a tad..haha

    The first Police Academy was great
    Then they went waaaaay down at an alarming rate
    By the time 7 came around
    No fun at all was found

    A muse for a whole generation you say
    Hmmm I think my ego just inflated quite well today
    Didn't quack or stutter
    But from time to time I might mutter

    Glad they are great
    At any rate

  9. You are a lovely crazy:) have a nice day:)

  10. I once added ding to my dong
    to help Little Al along.
    With the ladies I'm now a hit
    even though my trousers don't fit.

  11. haha glad I'm a lovely crazy
    And not a crazy that's hazy

    LOL Those trousers must feel depressed
    No longer getting worn and pressed
    And now you've lost all surprise
    As Little Al is seen by one to many eyes

  12. I think this prompt was made for you, Pat!

  13. Yes I am you say
    Each and every day

    So beautiful too
    How nice of you

    hahaha yeah it worked out rather well
    I must tell

  14. I think I might suffer a heart attack if I tried to translate all these noise words, Cat, especially if it had to rhyme as well. But at least there wasn't a fart noise... or maybe I missed it? :)

  15. Crack is a helluva drug... makes cats make some pretty otherworldly noises.

  16. I had a feeling your offering would be off-the-charts..noisy! You didn't disappoint..really fun!

  17. I just took an Advil. Not that I'm blaming your post, but I have no idea what I just read!!! hahahaha

    Adding a sniffing trickle,
    Gives you a tinkling tickle.

    While I'm still trying to translate that, it made me laugh. lol!!

  18. I like the pace of this one
    It's chock full of fun
    Thanks for the sounds that you shared
    And the gas that you spared!


  19. haha, LOL! Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. ;DD

    fun post :)

  20. haha nope no fart noise to be had
    So you can be glad
    And I hope the noises at my shack
    Don't cause a heart attack

    haha yeah those cats sure get of on it
    With there noisy fit

    Off the charts and noisy too
    Glad I didn't disappoint you

    Diverse cat I can be
    Here at my sea

    No gas smell was to come
    From my little rhyming bum
    But all kinds of others did
    That would make a normal cat flip their lid

    Meowing sizzle I have at my cave
    It seems to be all the rave

    haha yeah seems many like that
    As it was thought up by the cat

  21. haha that is a tough job to do
    Unless actual cheque cashing comes due

  22. This is so entertaining, I feel like doing a jig.

  23. haha now you have to take a video of that
    So it can be shown by the cat

  24. Well this kept me very entertained, as well as reading the comments! Glad I stumbled into this blog!

  25. as usual, great rhyming

    bumble bee

  26. 'Honk a ho ho ho ...
    I am now Onomatopoeia-ed out at my show'
    That's real funny. If I could rhyme like you, I'd quit my job and write songs for the rich and famous. :)

  27. oh, orlin, no sound can top your egomaniac meow! Thanks for playing with us today - lol!

  28. I could've sworn I commented on this already. I must be going crazy!! lol

    Good post :) I think you hit every sound that I could think of. Are you the kind of cat that makes sounds effects as he goes??? hahaha

  29. You can ring my bell... was a song too! LOL

  30. "Posted by Pat Hatt at 7:00 AM"

    Is it sad I can't even remember the last time I was awake that early?

  31. Well I do have a few broken printers that are due for a good smashing.

  32. Very entertaining. LOL

  33. This is my THIRD time trying to comment today. Sigh...Your blog doesn't like me lol

    Great post. You really showed your rhyming skill! lol Are you the kind of cat that makes sounds effects as you go??? haha

  34. I was waiting when you are going to join the jingle jangle show at the D'verse onmatopoeia
    it looks like the cat meow meowing topped all
    screeching and scratching sounds of them all ~

  35. Gurgles and burgles, Bops and squeaks.
    I think you covered all the sounds that are neat!
    Don't forget slurp, whiz and buzz.
    Had to add those just because.

  36. Could you imagine an animal making all those noises before it died? We have a meme in the making here.

  37. haha glad I can entertain as you stumble my way
    And yeah the comments sure can entertain at my bay

    Great rhyming is my fate
    At least currently on my plate

    LOL well if you point the rich and famous out to me
    I'll be sure to give you a kick back if they buy a song from my sea
    I can spread the wealth
    Good for all our health

    haha Orlin is a egomaniac indeed
    He'll play most of the time with the dVerse feed
    Except when Pat has his way
    And takes over the computer for writing at our bay

    Hmmm that I never knew
    I ripped off one and I didn't even mean to

    I wish I could sleep in
    But lately doesn't seem to be happening at my bin

    haha good smash them and take a video
    And I'll surely show it at my show

    Glad I can entertian
    And my noises didn't pop a vein

    Third time you say
    Blogger must really be screwing with you today
    Or maybe thehater is still around
    Blocking you from my ground
    Gave my rhyming skill a go
    And yep the cat sure does let many many noises flow

    The cat sure does make a sound or ten
    I even can top a hen
    But to top all you say
    That works for me at my bay..haha

    haha yeah noisy here today
    Might need earplugs if you come my way

    You surely can add a few
    With all the noises at your zoo
    A chriping bird and stinking skunk
    Plus the poor parakeets in a funk

    A meme from me
    Coming from my rhyming sea
    That can not be
    I'd prefer to climb a tree
    And yeah it sure be a long drawn out death indeed
    Or maybe the animal would just want some feed

  38. Are you sure stinking skunk is one?
    In the Onomatopoeia group, it doesn't look like it belongs.

    Yeah, the birds squawk and cat's purr
    and there another two for your fur.

    Onomatopoeia is a funny word on it's own
    Sounds like you're announcing that you have to 'go'
    Did that once here and got quoted by you.
    next time I won't say I need to use the loo.

  39. Ra
    Ta da

    hahaha yeah it wouldn't work for that
    But for the skunk it surely fits like a hat
    LOL should keep your bathroom announcements to yourself
    As anything is fair game at my shelf

  40. Yep I learned the hard way.
    Anything is fair game at your bay.
    I'll just have to say 'strat'
    and stuff like that.
    Pat is an Onomatopoeia, it's true!
    Kind of like slap, too!

  41. There is a lot of onomatopoeia-ing in my house :-)

  42. Say strat to your heart's content
    It's a fine way to vent
    Made up a new word with the fourth one today
    As I went about writing at my bay
    Still slower than usual due to watching a cat
    But knock on wood, she hasn't touch it yet the sneaky rat
    Yeah Pat is a lot of things
    So give the big words some rings

    haha don't know whether that is good or bad
    But sure fun is had

  43. Another new word?
    Will my eyes be blurred?
    Funniest one I've ever heard?
    Will I think it's a little absurd?
    Will this be the fourth or only the third?
    Maybe I misheard
    or was that overheard?
    told by a little bird
    your own words you do prefer.
    I don't think you're a nerd,
    just ahead of the herd
    and that's just what I concurred
    as my "pat book" fancy you have stirred.

  44. haha a lot of "ird"
    As you spread the word
    Your fancy is on track to be cured
    Unless cassie continues to be a foot biting turd
    Should be done by month's end
    If I can keep the non foot biting trend
    But we shall see
    What comes to be

  45. I have no rhyming skill though to compete with everyone else.
    Orange.. blorange..torrange..
    that is me.

  46. Wowsers, Pat, you have got that onomatopoeia conquered. Enough of it here to last a year or two. I bet that cat didn't know what to make of all those dVerse words!

  47. Yakkity yak dont talk back comment already taken! XD Nice work mate.

  48. Oh good. Some February reading
    is what I'll be needing.
    Glad Cassie isn't obsessing
    that's a real blessing.
    See you tomorrow at work
    when you come and lurk.

  49. haha see you have a little skill]
    I'm sure that must thrill

    LOL so you saying I don't have to post for a year
    Some might not like such a cheer I fear
    Nope the cat just let the noises flow
    Not knowing what they were as he gave the blow by blow

    Sorry I stole your word
    But at least you didn't feel like flipping me the bird

    Yep will work
    And lurk
    Been there a whole two days in the last two and a half weeks or so
    Vacation and Cassie are to blame for my slackness at the work show..haha

  50. Cats on crack? I thought they get high on catnip!

  51. Glad it was fun
    As I gave the noises a run

    Seriously impressive you say
    Works for me at my bay

    hahaha dVerse has the crack
    Cat nip is what gives the cat a noisey attack

  52. You manage the noise
    as if they're your toys.
    This onomotopoeia
    really let us see 'ya!

  53. Fun Sounds. Lol Can't believe you were able to find reason to throw Whoopdi-friggin do in two separate pieces in one week- Kudos on that one. I always loved the Onam's always makes it interesting and a ton of fun

  54. haha glad the onomotopeia gave you a view
    Hopefully it wasn't a full moon that came due..haha

    Oh I can throw whoopdi friggin doo into anything I want
    But I don't want to taunt

  55. you certainly took onomato-poetics to a new level with this - eesh - I heard the clangs, howls, hoots, bangs - this thing was loud! haha - onomatopoeia lends itself so well to rhyme, so I expected nothing less here, and you delivered! nice work!

  56. haha yeah onomatopoeia does work well with rhyme
    As it allows for such a fun time
    Hopefully your ear drums are still in tact
    From my noisy act

  57. LMF found the two you left before
    They were in spam at my shore
    Made you pop an advil too
    hahaha such fun to do


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