A Year Has Come To Pass For My Little Rhyming Ass!

I have kept up this rhyming act for a year giving many facts from my little rhyming rear. Plus proving I'm a crazy loon but still better than that cow that jumped over the moon. How it is done all the time with my rhyming fun, escapes even me. So today I figured I would give answering it a go at my sea, as people ask away every once in a while at my bay. Now buckle in and you may soon be rhyming at your bin.

So, ya wanna rhyme, kid?
Well whoopdi friggin' doo.
My bush crack has closed its lid,
And is too cracked up for you.

Take a long walk off a short pier,
Climb a bean stalk to a new frontier.
Suck on a candy kiss,
I don't have time for this,
The bush is closed, go away.
You're still opposed? Oy vay!

Fine! I guess I can throw you a bone,
Suck up the hurt, it's only a clunk.
I'm creating a stress free zone,
So stay alert and forget the bunk.

Your rhyming is such a crime, kid.
With the timing of a slime squid.
I'm at the end of my rope here,
You have little hope, so go disappear.
Take your ball and bat,
Stop pestering the cat,
I have better things to explore today,
You want to try once more? Pray!

Thinking ball and bull are a hit,
Making you a rhyming wizard.
Proves you are full of shit.
So go rock climbing in a blizzard.

Take my advice on this one, kid.
You need a device or a ton of quid.
Go buy that deer farm,
Save my ears from harm.
Stop your second grade gawking.
Get to trading it for walking.

I have no faith, kid.
You have no drive, kid.
I plead the eighth, kid.
You'll never thrive, kid.

Well look what came out of you.
Seems my shout has given you a clue.
You may have promise after all.
But forgo the Adnois call.

You'll never beat me, kid.
Go give it a rest, kid.
Takes your rhymes and be free kid,
I don't like a pest, kid.

Now pack up and off you go,
Let the rhymes continue to flow.
You were a miracle of bush number three, kid.
And now you top the slime squid.
Maybe I should teach a class,
As I sure have reach with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Congrats on the year and the great rhymes!

  2. For a year you have done your rhyming act and shown us what a cat can do when he twists his tongue round pen and quill with words so deftly spun.

  3. No so sure they were that great at the start
    But after a good ummm fart
    The cat let loose
    And now they come right out my caboose..haha

    Yep they are definitely spun
    As I go on a rhyming run
    A good nine years more is the goal
    After that I maye go hide in a hole
    We shall see
    What becomes of bush number three

  4. Happy one year
    I give you a big cheer
    Can't believe it's been that long
    since you started the rhyming song! :)

  5. Yeah the time just flew
    As the rhyme started to come due
    But will keep on going
    As long as they keep flowing

  6. Congrats, man! A year is a long time, I hope you keep going for another :)

  7. Congratulations Mr Hatt. It felt like only yesterday you brought cheer into my world. I appreciate you and your rhyming you-know-what.

  8. You used to look like that Dr. Suess character
    but then you settled on your own fur.

    1. wow dude has it been that long, probably just as close as i listened to your rhyming song, a year of the best from your rhyming ass....

  9. congrats and keep it up.

  10. Yeah, I recall the days of the Dr. Seuss template, too. Congratulations on one year.

  11. Wow!
    After one year you deserve a beer.
    Maybe even a six pack.

  12. A year now? Incredible. Will you ever run out of material?

  13. Congratulations on being here for a year Pat, it's amazing that in such a short time (well it's a long time, but comparatively short if you get what I mean), you've accrued such a following. I know I've only been a follower for maybe four months or so but I'm incredibly glad you're here buddy and hope you'll be here for a long time to come. Keep up with the hard work Pat and the rewards are going to keep coming, coming and never stop coming. What you do is great and in time things will get even better. Congratulations mate.

  14. Your rhymes always make me smile. Thank you and keep them coming. :)

  15. Wow, it has been a year, hey? I didn't discover you that early, but have been hanging around ever since I did. I'm always amazed at what you can do with our rhymes...and ya, maybe you should teach a kiddie class!

  16. a whole year! I guess it's time for your rhyming ass to stop pooping in the diapers since it is not little any more :)

  17. Congrats and nice rhymes as usual!

  18. Congrats! I was going to make a rhyme but then decided against it. It'll only look lame beside yours

  19. Go rock climbing in a blizzard??? Really??? hahaha and wth is a quid?!

    One whole year. Wow. Congratulations on your blog-iversay :)

    better than the cow who jumped over the moon? Pshhh, Mother Goose ain't got nutin on you! (& you could tell her I said that lol!)

  20. I just tossed a printer last week. Its fun to give it a big chuck into the trash can and listen to it smash apart. Glad you joined the Blogfest. Its the best. Okay, that's lame but it rhymes.

  21. LOL! Awesome. So many good lines here... I think my fave is "climb a beanstalk to a new frontier." But congrats on the anniversary! Very cool. You're def. at the top of the squid pile now. ;p

  22. Oh I will keep going for another I hope
    Don't think I'm yet near the end of my rope

    Glad I can bring cheer
    You could have rhymed there and used rear..lol

    hahaha yeah the cat was a tad shy
    But then he couldn't let all the credit go to that Suess or Pat guy
    So he had to show himself
    And be sure to make known that he runs this shelf

    Yeah you were one of the first
    To come with the comment burst
    Think only second to tashtoo
    Here at my rhyming zoo

    It will be kept up
    Without a hiccup

    Yeah that template had to go
    was original at all for my show

    A whole six pack
    Does it come in a case or a sack?

    haha god only know if I'll run out
    But until then I will continue my daily shout

    Yeah I learned some tricks along the way
    To get such a display
    And you rhymed at the end
    That is such a fun trend
    We shall see what is to come
    As I will be around for a while wil my little rhyming bum

    They will keep coming indeed
    But some may be strange so take heed..haha

    A kiddie class would be interesting to say the least
    Might stir up my ocd beast..lol
    You've been around a while too
    Although not quite along as a few

    But then what would I have to throw at you?
    Those diapers come in handy which such a need comes due/

    Nice Rhymes
    And fun times

    Bah I'm sure it wouldn't be too lame
    And would work all the same

    I guess it's happy
    And not at all sappy
    As there is no Flappy
    Getting all yappy

    You're in accounting and you don't know what's a quid?
    It's money in case you didn't guess, as I only kid.
    Sure you will hit one year too
    With all the craziness that continues to ensue..haha
    Mother goose may not take too kindly to that
    But then a goose can be food to a cat..haha

    haha at least you got a rhyme
    So that isn't a crime
    Such fun to toss the crap
    And make it take a dirt nap

    Glad those squids have nothing on me
    I wouldn't want to actually get sucked into the sea
    The cat doesn't like that much wet
    On that you can bet

  23. I don't see how you keep up at the good pace Pat. Your approach is not for me to try--a failed roses are red poet. Congrats.

  24. Wonderful you say
    Sounds great my way

    I don't know either but off I go
    Roses are red I have never even attempted at my show
    Hmmm now there is an idea to try
    May be colorful to the eye

  25. Haha nice shout, has lots of song about, the rhymes came fast and they came slow they attack and they create the flow. Fun write. The squid thing was awesome, loved it- Congrats on the year, I think mine is coming up soon, I better go check.

  26. haha yeah the squid part just popped in
    As I gave this rhyme a spin
    Added a little bit of song appeal
    Just to seal the one year deal

  27. Yeah, well Orlin is cuter that that other cat
    with the funny gloves and great big hat. :)

  28. Prop his ego up some more
    Soon he'll float right off the floor..haha

  29. I've never heard of "quid". It sounds like some sort of sea plant that they use in sushi. lol

  30. Some British type denomination I heard in a movie one time
    See watching so many movies isn't a crime

  31. congrats sir! Another year of rhymes to come.

  32. From my little rhyimg bum
    I sure will given another year a hum

  33. Congratulations! :D

  34. Being a kid
    Won't flip my lid

    Thanks for that
    From Pat and maybe the cat..haha

  35. A rhyming ass!
    It's fantastically swell!
    It reeks of class!
    If you don't mind the smell.

  36. Whoppdi freakin do! Haha Happy anniversary to your little rhyming ass ;)

  37. Big congrats on the 1 year stint :)) Keep up the good work . . .

  38. A floating cat.
    Can't wait to see that.
    Google won't let me 'reply' anymore
    I guess they decided to shut the door.

  39. I Googled it. It's a "pound sterling", w/e that means.... lol

  40. New here, so not sure I should reply in rhyme? ... actually, best not! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I'm a follower now!

  41. Congrats on the year - I just wish I'd stumbled across your blog sooner

  42. LOL the smell has a funk
    Not as bad as a skunk
    But after a while
    It becomes less vile

    With a whoopdi friggin doo
    That cat will let happiness ensue

    The work will be kept up
    Unless I get overwhelmed by a pup

    LOL yeah that would be fun to see
    A big headed cat floating above a tree
    Google will let me reply other places
    But on mine it's still a no go in such races

    haha guess to get the meaning we'll have to skip the pond
    Or get our answers in the great beyond

    Nice indeed
    Here at my feed

    Nah don't need to reply in rhyme
    Either way it makes for a fun time

    Well you stumbled here
    That's all that matters to my rear
    And there will be another year at least
    Of rhyming posts for you to feast

    Just don't fall
    Humans don't bounce well like a ball

  43. Well, I don't even get the option on my blog
    I guess they think I'm a slob.
    But I used to do it here
    until they said No, NO, Dear!

  44. You have so much class, with your "little rhyming ass"

  45. Ditto on what McManiacalMind said. I just wouldn't have made it rhyme like he did. :D

  46. LOL guess the reply no longer thinks your sweet
    Maybe you should give blogger a treat
    And yeah the way you have comments set up
    Reply doesn't work or it's some blogger hiccup

    LOL works for me
    As ass and class go hand and hand at bush number three

    haha well it still works either way
    No need for a rhyming display

  47. Whenever I try to rhyme stuff together, it sounds like a raped cat.

  48. Congrats with keeping it up so long.

  49. I'm at 6 months myself. I hope I can last as long as you have.

  50. whoopdi friggin' doo... haven't heard that one in a long time, Pat! 'Take a long walk on a short pier' hahaha I'm sure some people would end up in the ocean taking that kind of advice. One year down... how many more to go?

  51. Hi, found your blog on the A to Z challenge list. Loved your verse.
    I too do all my post in poetry.

    Good luck with the challenge.

  52. first year? the first of 'everything' is always so exiting :-) congratulation & thanks for creating this stress free zone i sure have fun and big smile on my face coming to read here :-)

  53. haha well that is just not good
    Avoid rhyming you should

    It has been a while
    But I'm sure I can go at least another mile

    Half way there
    Sure you'll be able to make it at your lair

    Work will be kept up
    By this cat not a pup

    Glad I could let you hear whoopdi friggin' doo
    As that is fun to say and view
    Yeah many would end up floating about in the ocean
    Or sinking depending on it's motion
    One year down and nine to go
    Going for ten at my show

    Glad you liked the verse
    And did not want to curse
    The A to Z challenge will be fun
    As each day I rhyme anyway under my sun

    Yeah the first is usually the most exciting part
    Hopefully after that it doesn't get as old as a lingering fart
    Glad I gave give a smile
    And things aren't too vile

  54. Aloha Pat,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and I wanted to come over to say hia and then I read the above.

    Seriously, I am not a fan of poetry and rhyme, but I am this time!

    That was a great post - and you have a new follower to convert :)

  55. Happy year of rhymes, kid.
    Thanks for the good times, kid.
    Hope you'll keep it up, kid.
    Maybe get a pup, kid.


    Happy rhyme-versary! :)

  56. Yep it is a happy time
    With even more rhyme

    Glad you became a fan
    As I'm not just some flash in the pan
    But a rhyming nut
    Stuck in a rut

    LOL you telling Pat to get a dog
    Oh that would ruin the blog
    Or add a bit more fun
    To the tales the cat gives a run


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