11,000 Comments Galore With Some Back Talk From Some Of You At My Shore!

The cat was checking out the comment count and found it was up over the 11,000 amount. Not bad for a year or so. I had this idea for 10,000 at my show. But Pat comments back so damn much that it was distorted a touch. So I waited for an extra thousand or so just to offset Pat in the comments below. But what is the point you ask? It is a very simple task. Those that landed on 1000, 2000, etc. got a question asked their way and here is the questions and answers at my bay.

11,000 = RCB
Why do psychics charge $1.99 a minute instead of winning the lottery?

I've heard it's a fact they need $1.99 a minute exact. They don't want US to accuse THEM of cheatin'!

10,000 = Anne
Why is it called an airline? If they don't fly in a straight line do they get a fine? If the airplane isn't in the air, is it still an airplane or just a plane? Almost done, don't pop a vein. Why is it an airport if it isn't in the air? I know, too many questions, but you're number 10,000 so it's fair.

1.  Planes to transport here and there
above the ground, not down below
they line the sky
on sylvan wings aglow.

2.  A figure eight is fine when
done on ice;
but in the sky
you just might die
if drunken pilots fly

3.  When sitting around
in no hurry to go
a plane is just plain,
you know?

4.  By flight of fancy
the name was given
by Brothers Wright
at a pub one night,
after pints of ale they drank,
and named the place
the plane will go
by where it whence had come.

9,000 = Betsy
What do you do when you view an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? Squash it like an ant?

Grab a water bottle and give a little spray!
Offer him some hay.
Tell him money you will pay
If he'll just go away!
Act like a horse and say neigh.
Bring him a tray
of something kind of grey.
Offer a ride on a sleigh.
Come back on Saturday.
Don't stay!
Look away!
Say, "What the hey!"

8,000 = Claudia
In the song Yankee Doodle, is he calling the feather or the pony macaroni?

haha...i know nothing of that song,
so my answer may be wrong
but if i were a pony,
and someone called me macaroni,
i think i'd smear tomatoe sauce
around his nose

7,000 = YeamieWaffles
Where does the toetag go on a dead person if they don't have a single toe?

Awww, being put on the spot? I'm not too keen.
My brain's connected dots? Though they wouldn't place it on the spleen?
Would the body have rot? Or would it be all clean?
Is the answer to that not? I'd put it on their ass but that's too mean!

I'm running out of flow for this Pat Hatt, rhyming show.
And now I've stole your lines, just no no no!

I guess I'd just put it on their fingers or their heel really. Hope this answer's at
least adequate mate!

6,000 = Elisa
Why do they put holes in crackers? Are they slackers?

Holes in crackers,
'cause they're attackers.
Who puts holes unless they're backpackers.

Backpacking attackers they scare me forever,
better than Miss Priss. Are they, wait never.

5,000 = Bersercules
If you shift out of sync and can walk through objects, people and walls. How is it that when walking down halls, you don't fall through the floor? Too much of a chore?

Actually if I got the power to walk through walls and people and cars and doors
I would fall right through any floors

In fact it happens all the time!
Thats what happened to many people that disappear!
People think there kidnapped or killed in a crime-
But thats just not true they're just not here-

They just fell through the floor
To never be seen anymore!

4,000 = Elisa
If a kid refuses to sleep at nap time, are they guilty for resisting rest? Come on, try your best.

Guilty of rest,
Or guilty of zest?

If a kid plays and plays,
Like running in a maze.

Then they'll take go to sleep
Of my vengeance they'll reap

3,000 = Betsy
If a baby's leg pops out at 11:59pm and his head pops out at 12:01am, which day was he born on? Need to see it on a jumbotron?

The baby's not born 'til it's born!
Oh, don't look so forlorn!
A birthday on the second day
is better anyway!
But seriously, breech and then not?
That's some imagination you've got.
And all that changed in 2 minutes flat.
Bet that mom was saying "Strat!"
That's really quite a birth.
Wouldn't wish that for anyone on earth!

2,000 = Betsy
When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny? Don't look at me funny.

But I always look at you funny, honey. :)
Let's see. Which would it be?
Which came first
the cloud or the sun burst?
I think they mean the same thing!
It's just a matter of taste which one you sing.
Optimistic people say partly sunny,
wanting to make lemonade, smile and be funny.
Pessimistic people would say partly cloudy
they would frown and look all pouty.

1,000 = Brian
What was the mind set of the first person to ever see a cow and think "I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink what comes out"? I won't judge your shout.

to die of thirst is probably wurst
tongue all swollen clogging your throat with its growing
leaving you breathless and choking, (not in a good way, mind
you like that night in a pannsylvania bungalo---err)
any way, so man tried rocks, but they chip teeth
and truthful only return your spit for relief,
chewing grass just gave it flavor, it was wet that he avered
so one day he saw old bessie, for a heffer she was mighty hefty
had these bangs hung down below, a little like the ones
he had at home (but he'd never tell no one that
cause that would be the end of that) so there they swayed
heavy and gurgly so a plan in his mind came a lurking
as he crawled under neath ol' bessie got frazzled
kicked him in the head and he was a dazzled
but try and try and try again he did, behind tall reed
in disguise he hid, but each time she got the best
till one day he caught her a rest, and popping
that pink dangly thing in his mouth, milk was discovered
from the lands to the south, but after minute of enjoying her dream
bessie woke up and he got creamed, for its uncouth
to sneak a nip off the udder and what she did to him
will certainly make you shudder

LMAO! Weren't all of those grand? Give the 000's a hand.

Yeah the facts are true. I went through all those comments and counted down for the one that came due. Also surprisingly enough, none of them landed on Pat's retort huff and puff. I guess the rest of the regular crew that come to view, poor Fox, just have no luck when it comes to the 000's in the comment box. Maybe for 21,000 they will and then they too can have a retort thrill. So today you got their sass, which was such fun to use by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. what? it's over 9000 you say lol. great way to look back

    1. haha yeah it was fun
      Although when I was done
      My eyes they spun
      After counting through each one

  2. Fabulous Pat! I finally get to see what questions you asked everyone else. The question for Bersercules fit him just right. And I think only Brian could have handled the one about milking cows. This is such a fun post. Congratulations on your pageviews!!

    1. LOL yeah I knew Brian could handle that one well
      So it wasn't a hard sell
      On the pageviews you say..lol
      Well they are way over 11,000 at my bay

    2. Anne ~ well done with what I think were the hardest questions! :)

    3. Hard you say
      Maybe I caused her a little dismay
      So fun
      Hope it wasn't a ton...LOL

  3. Feck, I mean congragulations on your comments.

    1. hahaha two congrats from you in one day
      That is surely fun to see my way

  4. Congrats on the comments total, well deserved Cat.....

    1. Yep quite big and deserved I hope
      Even if 750-1000 are from that Pat dope

  5. Congrats on the comments!
    Damn that's a lot!

    1. Yep it is a ton
      But the more I have the more I can have fun
      With things like whoopdi friggin doo
      Poking fun back at all of you..haha

  6. ha these were a trip, on your radar did they blip, you are so hip all those comments make special moments and now i know what i didnt about planes and other things and when i am born and not

    1. LOL glad I could give you some information you never knew
      As you gave others some too
      Special moments indeed
      Giving off such posts at my feed

    2. Brian
      You made up for your delay
      with quite the answer done your way
      And you didn't say ass or gas
      Must have been hard to resist
      those words you love to enlist.

    3. Yeah he surely made up for being slow
      As he come out with quite the flow
      And no need for ass or gas
      I guess he decided to pass

  7. Haha... I knew it... we are all NUTS in a handbasket ... milking cows and being born on two days at a time. Only YOU can take all these things and turn them into rhyme!!!
    Thanks for the giggles :)

    1. haha I never rhymed any of them at all
      Today at my hall
      They were all the people you see
      With then little linky
      But I think I helped bring it out
      As they gave their rhyme shout
      And yep we are all daft
      Or born on a raft

  8. So, how did Betsy get three separate entries, and Elisa two? Surely there's only one of each of them!

    1. Yeah there seems to be only one
      But Betsy comments a ton
      And got lucky I at my bay
      With her comment play
      Elisa did too
      Who knew

    2. yeah, who knew I was commenting on numbers with all the zeros?
      Maybe I should play them at a casino!

    3. Maybe you should try that
      But if you win big remember you found out about it from the cat..lol

    4. I finally found one that would actually let me reply to Betsy. @Betsy, he got you 3 times, you poor thing. He should be paying you!!

    5. hahaha hey now don't go giving her any ideas at her zoo
      Besides she can play the casino knowing what came due..haha

    6. Anne ~ I know, how did that happen? I'll send him a bill and see what happens. :)

    7. Three Betsy's, Silver?
      That would make some shiver!

    8. Shiver? Oh, I don't know, doll. I'm sure there are people out there who'd like to see more than one of you. Maybe we could have you cloned?

    9. I here Michael Keaton knows how to clone
      Just chant beetlejuice three times and he'll clone you down to the bone

    10. beetlejuice

      (looks in the mirror...)


    11. LOL did he show up
      Warning he might steal your coffee cup

  9. Great answers to those questions. Wow!

    1. Answers and questions are grand
      Here it rhyming land..haha

  10. Wow, I didn't realize there was a way to be able to count comments or to see who made each numbered comments in one's blog. Impressive. (And impressive answers to the questions as well.)

    1. Yeah you can go down the comment thing
      And if you can do basic math at your wing
      And count a bit high
      You can spy
      What number each person was at your place
      Although your eyes might pop from your face...haha

  11. uupps! you are little born adn I know why Im not,ha,ha I have not a lot comments Pat!!I think Betsy has a lot (lol)
    anyway funny!

    1. hahaha yes Betsy has a ton
      Saw that as I gave them a run
      Glad I could give you some info too
      And believe me it's all true..lol

    2. I do have a ton
      I can't seem to stop with just one
      I come back during the day
      and have something else to say.
      I'm addicted, it is true.
      I think you brainwashed me when I came to visit you.
      That tour I took that time...
      you did something to my mind!

    3. Well it's a good addiction
      And not some terrible confliction
      Keeps you out of trouble too
      And once even prevented you from going to the loo..LOL
      Did I do something
      Hmmm, you came into my brain wing

    4. your brain wing?
      oh, yeah, I toured the whole thing
      was a little more like mine
      than I'd care to confide.
      Although you rhyme better than me
      and I know that brings you glee.

    5. You rhyme just fine
      Can keep up with mine
      At least in the comments below
      For a whole post I just don't know
      You have yet to do a big long rhyme spiel post
      Like this host..haha

  12. This is way more entertaining that a Doctor Seuss book *ducks so lightning doesn't strike me*

    1. hahaha yes I will totally agree
      But I don't think lightning will strike thee
      For rhyming is grand
      And sure he would give a hand

  13. how much do you pay that Betsy lady :) to leave you so many comments? :) Admit it, now, or my penguins will kidnap her and pull the info out of her :)

    1. hahaha I'm not going to admit a thing
      I''d like to see your penguins go to her wing
      And get passed all the animals in the backyard
      As that would be kind of hard..haha

    2. Oooh more threats and violence there
      Dez you're scaring me here!
      I think your penguins would like my zoo
      and would decide not to hurt me like you want them to!

    3. Or if they did just grab that skunk
      Turn in around and I'm sure they'll run back to that Dez punk..LOL

    4. Yep, I could send the skunk to Dez's home
      and let the penguins stay with me and roam.
      Maybe I'll send it COD
      and stamp it 'special delivery'.

    5. LOL that would be such fun
      And must be done
      But the poor skunk
      Might get in a funk
      And let lose his smell a little early
      Making all the mail people get squirrely

    6. speaking of skunks, and I'm not joking, but I have a neighbour who has two skunks and takes them out for a walk on a leash like dogs :) They are usually the main attraction in the street when they appear. My cats don't like them much though.... lots of hissing and drama..

    7. I have heard of this
      I think I'd let out a hiss
      although being de-stunk
      they wouldn't cause a funk.
      We have one that eats cat food from the porch
      but he's smelly and so much more.
      I'll ship him to you Dez
      if you try to kidnap me or hit me in the head.

    8. Yeah heard of skunks as pets too
      I would not want to de-stink them for you
      That sure wouldn't be grand
      Skunks as dogs must be fun
      Sure your cats would make the run

      Dez might back off now
      If any penguins come after me, I'll attack them with a cow

  14. Congrats man, that's definitely a feat.

    1. A feat I guess it is
      As many seem to like this rhyming biz

  15. LOL!! Omg, you sat there and counted out each 00 milestone????? I would've been twitching!! I can barely look over an aging report without wanting to gauge my eyeballs out. hahaha

    I like Brian's question the best. Milk? Bleh, gag, barf! I really wonder what genius started the milk drinking trend. It's not like you see a goat sucking on a cow utter ever. Blehhh

    And I CRACKED up at Claudia's answer. I guess tomato sauce smearing serves that macaroni calling dude right!!!

    1. hahaha I was bored at work
      And had nowhere to lurk
      So I counted out each one
      And yeah my eyes did not have fun
      Those aging reports are a pain in the ass too
      Glad not many of them I have to do
      LOL more sound effects from you
      But with Milk I completely and utterly agree with you
      And no never seen a goat do such a thing
      But you never now the pair may have a fling
      hahaha yeah Claudia sure knows how to get that dude
      For being oh so rude

    2. Really? Luck you! I run 50 branches, plus our large accounts...that's about 70 a month. Omg, 70 a month??? I need a raise!!

      And, pshh, i don't make sound effects!!

    3. Wow I'd say you need a raise
      That many would make my eyes glaze
      Which I have been down that road
      As I had a whole damn load
      Up to 1700 individual people to bill for up to 6 different damn things
      And they all had to go on one invoice at work wings
      And it had to be manually put in because they didn't have any program that could do it
      By the time I was done my eyes had a fit
      But they finally updated that
      Thankfully at my work mat
      And sound effects you don't make
      I guess pshhh is just fake?

    4. OMG!!!!

      No, I don't have to do any of the that, thank god!! I just have to make sure that everyone else is doing their job properly. I just send out a lot of e-mails yelling at our AR accountants to get things out of the >90 days bucket. I do other stuff...but that's it for the aging reports. It's meticulous though and I hate it!

      and psh, isn't a sound...it's a...ummm...reaction!

    5. haha you yell in emails, wow that is a neat trick
      I'm sure they get rid of them right quick
      For that part I don't have to go after people at all
      I pay the bills though so they come after me at my work hall..lol
      And ummm is a sound too
      Not really making a good case for yourself are you?..haha

    6. Bleh isn't a sound! It's a feeling.
      Gag isn't a sound! It's an action.
      Barf is another action.
      Psh isn't a sound! it's a reaction
      And Um is a word!!! Words with Friends recognizes it as a word. :)

    7. When you go bleh you make a sound
      When your gagging a sound is found
      Barfing is just gross but there is one too
      As it goes splat in the loo
      Psh is a sound indeed
      I make that all the time at my feed
      And umm is a word
      But it still makes a sound when one uses the mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and is a tad absurd..haha

  16. Absolutely love this Pat, especially that answer from that YeamieWaffles fellow, he seems like such a cool guy to me! Nah, just kidding man, it's a good sign when the questions provide nearly as much entertainment as the answers do, great post and congratulations on those 11,000 comments too!

    1. Yeah that YeamieWaffles fellow
      Gave quite the bellow
      Such a good sign indeed
      As I had to live up to the craziness at my feed
      So everyone got to entertain
      Today as we went down the rhyming lane

    2. I know that Yeamie fellow and he's great!! I read his blog every day too!

    3. I suppose that fellow is grand
      But can't read every day is he doesn't post every day in his blog land..lol

  17. LOL - oh my goodness, they are all great!!
    ps: you seem to be worse then the secret services keeping tracks, counting and then using it ... haha!

    1. LOL my brain pretty much remember everything
      And my ocd lets me keep track of what happens in my wing
      So I may even be worse than those guys
      Maybe I should don a secret service disguise..haha

  18. I've heard of blog reviews but not a review of comments! Well done! I loved the comments from followers and your responses as well! I didn't know there was a counter for all the comments. 10000! That's quite a number!

    1. Yeah there is a counter under the dashboard
      Where they are all stored
      All it does is give a total though
      Have to count if you want to know the specific 000's at your show
      Glad it was fun
      As everyone gave it a run

  19. Congrats! :0)

    These are fun :) I thought Fox would have been on there for sure!

    1. Nope Fox came close once was like 996 or something like that
      But never landed on the 000's at my mat

    2. 996? 996?!?

      razzer-frazzer 996! razzer-frazzer...

    3. You making up words now
      LOL it was at least close so you can take a bow

    4. "Razzer-frazzer?" Made up? You never heard an animated dog "swear" on the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons? :)

    5. Nope don't recall that one
      Must have been one I missed under my sun

  20. Congrats on the overwhelming chatter here. Does that count include spammers? Perhaps you next you could highlight and rhyme some selected comments.

    1. That isn't a bad idea for my mat
      Will have to see what can be done by the cat
      Nope not a spammer to be had
      As they are fully deleted by that Pat lad

  21. smiles...congrats on 11.000 comments pat...and if you continue like this..you'll have reached 22.000 before you've turned around..smiles...

    1. Yeah if it keeps on pace
      Sure could be 22,000 soon at my place
      I hope I don't get dizzy though
      Could mess up my rhyming flow

  22. Congratulations on the 5 digit no of comments. You know, your questions could actually give the blogger random question on our profiles a run for their money. A very enjoyable post indeed.

    1. I'd make them run for their money
      And think it was quite funny
      Glad you enjoyed too
      As the questions and answers from many came due

  23. Awesome! I can imagine just how much work you had to do just to come out with this super cool post. Congratulations on 11,000 comments! Soon it'll be triple that. :)
    Happy weekend!


    1. It was a little bit of work to come up with the questions for me
      The rest was waiting on all the others to send their retort back to my sea
      Who know could be triple that soon
      As I continue to be a rhyming loon

  24. Damn, 11K in one year, that's amazing. Congrats. Pretty interesting questions posed, and some equally good answers back.

    1. Yeah it was fun to do
      And really not even much of a year between me and you
      As I didn't really get in the swing of things until March at my place
      Then I fully started to embrace

  25. Wow a lot of people rhymed there answer! Glad I rhymed my answer too! Fewwf!

    Annes answer/rhyme is awesome! Way to go Anne!!

    Congradulations on the ll,ooo comments!! But given that you comment on 3-5 other comments at a time you probably actually make up about 2,100 of those comments!

    1. I checked and I make up about 750-1000 of them or so
      As at the start I never commented back much below
      And yep they all rhymed too
      Good thing it was done by you..haha

  26. Oooooh this must've been fun! Great way to check back, I might just look at my own comments and see what I've got.

    1. Yet it was lots of fun
      Hmmm maybe I started something by giving them a run..haha

  27. Nice blog, check out mine sometime, you're in my daily circle now. kylemayday.blogspot.com

  28. This post is 'totally awesome'. I say 'totally awesome' b/c I'm in 80s mode from my blogpost today.

    1. LOL well totally awesome works for me
      And the 80's seem to bring you glee

  29. Wow! Comments and numbers.
    My mind's a twitter.
    Feelin' sadness. Bummer!
    Silly, not bitter.

    1. Well as long as you aren't bitter
      And blame this poor critter
      But don't be sad
      Or mad
      Be glad
      And tell off that Pat lad

    2. No, I'm not mad
      because that would be bad.
      It's fun to read your rhyme.
      I'll show up every time.
      And, with verve and pluck,
      rhyme back, even though I suck.

    3. Bah you don't suck
      Don't even use easy ones like umm duck
      Always fun to read your rhyme
      With each and every chime

  30. Congrats Pat ~ That is quite a whirl of numbers and comments
    It sure made me dizzy reading up all the posts too...Keep up
    all the lively chatter `

    1. Yep quite the whirl indeed
      Here at my feed
      Hopefully you didn't fall over when dizzy
      That might leave you in a tizzy..haha

  31. Counting like that would bring me back to days of tracking everything I did.

    Great congratulations to the '000's and the answers given.

    1. I track everything at the moment at my shore
      And will prob do so a whole lot more

  32. Very clever of you to count faster than I can think. 11k? I would have gone to sleep at 123!

    1. haha I'm sure many would hit the brink
      And my eyes sure did sink

  33. I sometimes wondered why I get comments from bloggers I have never met before (SL blog)...then I realized that its coming from your bay. This seems to be the meeting place of different folks basing from all their comments here. Thanks for dropping by ~

    1. I guess my bay is the hub
      A wannabe pub
      Where some come and go
      And check out anothers show

  34. Man that's a lot of comments. Congrats.

  35. Well, hi there, partner! Can't say I'm surprised about the 11000 comments. Must've taken you some time to count those ;) I remember thinking about it the other day: Pat sure takes his time to answer a million comments. Must be his second job, now. But congratulations, my friend. First you get an impressive award that I gave you and now you've got something else to celebrate. V-e-r-y positive. Very positive. Very haha-ish. You may have noticed I'm more of a rhyme reader than a rhyme writer. My answer to your question is.. er.. let's say, to the point, yeah, that's it, but I'm sure glad I decided to do something out of character back in August and write that little poem that somehow got your attention (well, I also wrote this one to pat -not Pat - a colleague on the back who deserved some recognition) or else we would have never shaken VIRTUAL hands and you'd never have been made to REALLY wait for the President to send us that money he owes us to go to Boro Bora. I reckon he's teaching us to be patient... Anyway, I applaud you and now I'm off to get myself something to eat.

    1. Yeah it sorta is a second job
      But I can do it inbetween watching What About Bob
      Maybe not really that one
      But something more fun
      Yes and the award will be answered too
      That one from you
      On monday that is
      As I am always ten steps ahead with this rhyming biz
      Yep got my attention
      And I've been in sorta english class detention..lol
      Tell that damn President to hurry up
      I want to go to Bora Bora, as I'm not a patient pup
      Errrr ummm cat
      Or maybe Pat

  36. What can be more fun than What about Bob? BOB! BOB! Baby steps, Bob! Baby steps!

    1. Ghostbusters and Stripes beats What About Bob
      Tootsie does too, but that was more about some guy named Rob
      Or whatever his name was in it
      Rob just worked with my rhyme fit

    2. Funny you should mention Ghostbusters and Stripes. I watched Stripes three days ago (the extended cut) and Ghostbusters this afternoon! This is getting scary, mister, I tell you!

    3. haha wow my psychic powers are at play
      Now throw in Meatballs and we'll call it a day

  37. Hilarious rhymes indeed when the 000's minds were freed by the Cat Master P! :)

    1. Yes I freed one and all
      I guess this thing is catching at my hall..haha


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