A Canine Comes To Visit The Cat Thanks To The dVerse Mat!

No mutts sniffing butts line today at my bay. For there is one the cat even respects at bush number three and with the dVerse statue play over at their sea, I figured I'd give him a run for it must be done.

A defined symbol lost.
Numbed by life's frost.
Knowledge carried within,
Found at the corner trash bin.

Allowance triggered, dismissing regret,
Gurgling deeper in superficial debt.
Going once riddance of worth,
Sprinkling storm upon earth.

Introverted invention stacking waste,
Blind to transparent paste.
Enlightened sale from mouse scroll,
Dollar a dozen, sell your soul.

Trivial indulgence of fame,
Antagonizing loss of shame.
Numbered in crowded mist,
Insignificant to polished list.

Irony blistering ego pours,
Wallowing in credit scores.
Swallowed trappings of shit,
Cobbled together webs knit.

Superior claims birth mountains,
Stock rising in penny fountains.
Wishes deaf on prying ears,
Championed by lingering fears.

Whimsical crossroads dance,
Faithless last gutter chance.
Dollar a dozen excluded baker,
Contracting forth another acre.

Designed fault seeking latch,
Naked eyes whispering match.
Confident approval applicant,
Melding into establishment.

Aggregation ventured, aggregation gained,
Wrists blemished once chained.
Numbed from twisted knife,
Defining symbol lost to life.

In death given birth,
To nothing of moments worth.
Argued superior failed to behold,
The canines loyalty in dismissing sold.

So the cat went a bit more profound than usual I guess and over a mutt I will confess. But he had something most humans lack, as they try to make it first down the track, shoving all those to the side in their so called quest for pride. Hachiko is the name of the dog in the statue above and loyalty is what the cat is referring to, which fits him like a glove.

Saw his human off at the train station every morning and waited until night, when the train would pull in and his human was once more in sight. Even after his human passed away, he stayed there day after day waiting for his return no matter the weather mother nature decided to spurn. Until the very day he passed as well and now there a statue does dwell. Didn't need or want gold and braved the cold, another reason animals beat most humans any day and that's all the facts today at my bay. There was my monthly profound pass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. oh wow..such loyalty is hard to find..dogs are like that...because of this i like them more than cats...(ouch...don't throw me out please...) smiles.. really enjoyed this...seriously..

    1. for the record, before you burn down the pub after claudias comment gave you a rub the wrong way, i have two cats out my way, but this again is about loyalty, which is a choice each make, to keep it home of have a feast of clam & snake, but pups got it going on, so honoring them is good in your hood,,,nice cadence and rhyme i would say this all the time though.

    2. LOL I won't throw you out to hard
      Maybe just a boot across the yard
      But yeah they are pretty loyal to a fault
      But so are the cats at my vault
      Takes a little more effort to do
      As they are as needy as the canine crew

      Yeah they have that going on
      From dusk until dawn
      The cat will not disagree
      Until Pat brings one to bush number three
      Then the shit will hit the fan
      And I will scratch to death that man...haha

  2. That's such a huge dog man, I bet the cat felt intimidated when it came face to face with that haha.

    1. Actually the cat likes big dogs at his sea
      It the small ones and other cats he hates that cause him to glee

  3. Not sure my heart is big enough for a dog, it's filled with hairballs.

    1. LOL well the cat will show you how to cough them up
      Just like a hiccup

  4. Canine's statue stands
    Honoring a loyalty
    Been known to man
    Many a story
    Been told of such
    Heard as much
    Not many of cats
    Wonder if any,like that?


    1. Hmmm haven't heard of a cat
      Doing something like that
      Sure there may be one or two around
      But usually less loyalty is found
      And they just go about their day
      Chasing rats at their bay

  5. Truly good to see dogs getting mention in your rhymes!

    1. hahaha once in a while
      I'll go the doggie mile
      Hmmm bad choiee of words
      Now the cat will go eat some birds..haha

  6. You've got some interesting images and rhymes here about the rat race anf its effect on us. The dog who waits for its master coming home is very effective. Don't know if my Chihuahua would do that, but at least he greets me at the door like I've just returned after years of travel!

    1. Yeah they images came about
      As I gave this shout
      hahaha at least you get greeted well
      Whenever you ring the door bell
      And he doesn't walk off with a big screw you
      Like many cats tend to do...haha

  7. This is so nice...I love the honour you bestowed to loyal pets (dogs and cats).

    Very well done Pat ~ Have a good Sunday (I thought you were going for a cat sculpture)

    1. Yeah the cat can be nice and profound
      Don't let it get around
      The mutts may invade the cat
      And we can't have that..haha

  8. Maybe I'm a little sensitive b/c it's not even 9am yet and I didn't have coffee yet, but that almost made me tear! That poor little pooch stood in front of the train station until he died? People saw that dog sitting there every single day and no one tried to save him? Sigh...

    I've heard crazy stories about dogs loyalty to their owners all the time. It's amazing how loyal dogs are to their owners. My little wiener pooches would fight to the death for us. They get so protective when certain people come over. They've never steered us wrong in letting us know who shouldn't be in our house.

    1. I can make you spit and tear up
      One with and one without your coffee cup..hahaha
      He would not go from the train station no matter what
      They'd take him to another hut
      And he'd come back and wait
      At any rate
      They fed him and kept him company at times
      But he would not leave no matter their chimes
      Yeah dogs know who should not be there
      Them and kids have a sixth sense of sorts when some weirdo is in your lair
      Cats just think everyone is a weirdo and hide
      Staring back with their eyes open wide..hahaha

    2. Ok, now that I have my coffee I can come back. LOL

      LOL Sigh...I guess I had that coming! So Sad!!

      Our first wiener pooch (Sir Reginald), lived with us for about 2 years. After about 2 years, we planned a vacation and he clearly couldn't tag along. We contacted the breeder and she agreed to watch him. We got close with her and we knew she would take great care of our baby! He got so upset that he was dropped off there that he shimmied like spider man over the dog fence outside and ran away. The breeder found him the next day shaking under her car. When we came to pick him up he was SO happy to see us. Poor baby had separation anxiety!

    3. hahaha yeah stepped into that one
      So had to give it a run..haha
      The story is from Japan too
      Meaning it's prob known by your work crew

      Yeah they hate when you go
      But even more so when taken to a different show
      Poor weiner pooch had no idea what was going on
      And just tried to get back to his own lawn
      I had to leave Miss Priss at mom's once a while back
      And when I came to get her I stayed the weekend at that shack
      She would not let me out of her sight
      Followed me everywhere day and night
      Slept on my bag and made sure she came with back to her shore
      She if walked right in the travel cage which she detests as soon as I opened the door....haha

    4. I knew it was Japanese right away by the name! LOL!!

      Awww, poor Miss Priss! She was so confused. Well now that you have two cats, ever separate them? Omg, God forbid we take only one dog to the vet. The other one sits and waits at the door whining for his brother to come home!

    5. They haven't been seperated for long
      But the cat gets upset when she leaves him alone and runs around meowing like a ding dong
      As I've had to take her to the vet too
      Miss Priss doesn't care though between me and you
      She's happy to be rid of the pest for a while I think
      But just as happy when he comes back to her rink

  9. Replies
    1. True Balto was another one
      He had lots of animated fun

  10. Aw, what a sweet dog story
    almost made me teary.
    two blog friends lost their dogs this week
    this woiuld really make them weap!
    So nice a statue that was built there
    to for his loyalty to be made aware.

    1. Geez I need to throw in my normal words
      Using things like turds
      Making all almost teary
      Need to get back to cheery..lol
      Nice honor indeed for the dog
      Showing others through the fog

    2. Just another reason pets are so great. They do live out a great example of unconditional love.

    3. Yep way better than most humans do
      As they tend to get blinded by some view

  11. Such a touching story, Pat. I just adore my dogs and this is why, they are so faithful and loyal. My only cat ran away LOL Might have something to do with the dogs though.....don't worry, the cat only ran away to my next door neighbor.

    1. LOL the poor dogs chased the kitty away
      At least only to the next door bay
      My cats would put any dog in its place
      Smacking it a couple times in the face
      And then play with it more than likely I would say
      After a bit of "ewww it's a dog" display..haha

  12. I've never liked dogs. I really don't know why. I think when I was little, just seeing one made me cry.

    1. Hmmm maybe you got bit or something along the way
      And they just cause you dismay

  13. Replies
    1. Glad it was enjoyed as the cat gave way to the dog
      One and only time at the blog..lol

  14. "Numbed by life's frost"
    love that one, Pats!

    1. Knew an elf would like that
      After tangling with frost giants at his mat..haha

  15. I just read the story of Hachiko and his loyalty to his owner

    such a sad story would break the heart of even a loner

    1. Yeah that is very true
      Anyone who reads will surely have at least a little tear in view

  16. I cant' be flippant or silly with this one today Pat because it brought tears to my eyes. We have both cats and dogs. My dog, Naruto is a yellow lab and he is my loyal companion. He follows me everywhere I go and would take a bullet for me without hesitation. You wrote some fine words for a fine animal today Pat.

    1. Yeah I get profound every once and a while
      As I go the rhyming mile
      Animals surely know how to be loyal to a fault
      At ones vault
      And Naruto you say
      Name him off that anime show that I've seen play?

    2. I did. You're the only person to get where that came from!! I had him at the vet once and this lady in the waiting room found the name offensive. She said "Why would you give a proper British dog a silly name like that?" She was obviously a Protestant and I should have turned her to stone by having priest look at her.

    3. haha when it comes to movies and tv
      It takes a lot to stump me
      Even if I never given it a go
      I have probably heard of the show
      LOL that is pretty sad too
      Maybe Naruto should have pooed on her shoe..lol
      I took my cat names from stargate
      So aliens are their fate..haha

  17. Ah again with the rhyming ass, tops the poem off perfectly!

    1. Will always end that way
      Each and every day at my bay

  18. You really do need to had out tissues
    as we're having crying issues.
    Maybe you should have posted a warning
    saying their could be heart string tugging
    otherwise someone may sue
    over a tear or two.

    1. LOL prob would sue
      Saying thanks to it coming due
      It fell on the floor
      And they slipped hitting their head on the door
      I'll but up the zombie foot once more
      That will fix the crying issue at my shore...haha

    2. You show that foot of fungus slime
      and your followers will leave big time
      you'll be back to the 500's like me
      and then you'll be the one with a tissue need.

    3. LOL bah it's ony a number on the side
      But being so high does make me smile wide
      As I look and know I'm a cheat
      At the whole meet and greet..hahaha

    4. oh, but nobody knows you cheat
      they just think you're neat
      which you are
      by far.

    5. haha I know it's so grand
      I can cheat here at my land
      And get away with it
      And still be neat with each rhyming fit..haha
      Win win all around
      Until blogger screws with the gfc at each mound

    6. Is that true that they will end the followers, too?
      Will they just disappear into thin air?

    7. Not sure what they are going to do
      But it is being said that they may just make them go poof out of the blue

  19. This was a great bit of verse!

    I didn't know the cat had it in store,

    being mostly humorous, bitter or sore.

    1. Oh that cat can stretch his skill
      When needed to at his hill
      Going from this to that
      But always rhyming at his mat

  20. I was wondering why the cat would put up with a dog... but I suppose if it's a statue then that makes sense.

    1. Yeah as a statue it does not move or bark
      So to the cat it surely hits the mark

  21. Awww...now that's a sad tale, not a waggy dog tail tale at all, at all.
    Some pets do grieve our loss. Nicely said Pat ;)

    1. Nope not at all waggy
      Like scooby and shaggy
      Which may be a good thing
      As I have no scooby snacks to fling...haha

  22. Wow deep and inspiring...
    Seems you can be both catchy and profound with your words.

    1. Yeah the cat can do that too
      But mostly I just have fun at my zoo

  23. This is one of the cat's best and deepest poems.
    Very nice.

    1. One the deepest for sure that has ever graced my sea
      Don't spread it around as I need to remain funny at bush number three..hahaha

  24. Totally profound! And to think it was all inspired by a statue!

    1. Profound at the way
      Here today at my bay
      But I'll make up for that
      And all week long be a funny cat
      Yeah a statue can inspire
      Who knew it could light such a fire

  25. Just got back from walking the dogs and here they are, front and center. Glad the cat invited them into the pub! I'll go get him some milk.

    1. Some milk the cat may suck back
      Never had any of that at his shack
      Just don't give it to Pat
      For he'll curl his nose up at that

  26. such a cool story, loyalty indeed. profound piece you say, well yes I was saying that to myself as I read this most excellent read. and now this dog has been immortalized on internet print, on a cat's website none the less, perhaps he's happy where he now is, or perhaps as I'm sure he got his owner back and a cat's admiration, well for that any dog would appreciate that

    1. Sure he's happy now
      May not be all bow wow
      At a cat talking about him
      On a rhyming whim
      But then you never know
      And profound is done once in a while at my show
      Which you have seen
      A time or two on your screen

  27. Very loyal and wonderful story. It's amazing how those canines behave and love their owners.

    Of course, my cat would miss me, too. She'd have none of her favorite food.

    1. Yeah the canines sure can behave grand
      Sometimes they need a helping hand
      Unlike a cat
      Who just think they are all that..haha

  28. I never expected the cat to wax profound over a dog. I never cease to be surprised. Wonderful, as usual.

    1. The cat does keep one on their toes
      And this dog doesn't cause woes
      So I will let it flow
      Until a mutt comes and tramps on my toe

  29. Profound indeed, but I was the one that had to stop and stare at the statue to figure if it is a dog or a cat.

    1. Well the breed close to it is a Shiba and they are very cat like
      So you weren't off so much in your as you took the hike

  30. I too saw Hachiko
    that time I went to Tokyo

    Such a loyal dog is rare
    to see his heart out bare

    Now his Shibuya plot
    Is a popular pickup spot

    1. A popular pickup spot
      I guess he does help a lot
      Bring the love birds together
      In all kinds of weather
      Nice rhyme too
      From you

  31. sometimes we have a lot to learn from canines. amazing tale. :)


    1. Very true they can teach a lot
      But then some humans just can't be taught

  32. Dear Pat I have three dogs so I appreciate this (lol)

    1. Glad you appreciate the cat
      Letting the dogs into his mat
      And three
      For the cat it might be scary..haha

  33. The cat has a dog inside.

  34. Replies
    1. Glad I can entertain
      Going down the rhyming lane

  35. There always seems to be ton of stories where dogs stayed with their owners. It's quite touching.

    1. Yeah dogs do tend to stay
      I guess they like to obey
      Touching indeed
      So the cat gave one a go on his feed

  36. Glad I finally saw your serious side,
    thought the usual silliness is a fun ride.
    Nice one Cat,
    here's a pat
    on the back

    1. I have gotten serious once in a while
      As I went the rhyming mile
      I'll take the pat on the back though
      But silly will come out once more at my show


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