The Cat Will Have That Bird! That Is The Final dVerse Word!

The cat looked out his window today and saw this Pelican on display. The thing was acting as royal as a peacock and it would not even talk. So I was set to give him a shock and fight off his whole flock. For this bird will be in my tummy and I just know he'll be yummy.

So I gave chase,
Ready to pounce on his face.
But it took off into the air,
And that was just no fair.

But I was not going to pop a vein.
I would have that feather brain.
If not for breakfast than for lunch,
He would feel my teeth crunch.

So on the land I followed his behind,
Seeing more of his kind.
But those would not do,
This is the one I wanted in my stew.

He tried to lose me in the trees,
Using the buzzing of the bees,
To try and distract me,
Thinking he was home free.

But when I stole the bees honey,
They did not think it was funny.
For they ran after me too,
And the chase continued to ensue.

I climbed the hill,
And he snapped his bill.
A gnawed on his leg a bit,
Causing him to have a fit.

He once more took flight,
As I held onto his leg tight.
Those bees were catching up too,
But they had a queen to boss their crew.

So they quickly went back,
Forgetting about their attack.
This Tucan Sam wannabe,
Was not going to get rid of me.

Then came this snowy mountain sight,
I hate that cold stuff day or night.
But I was not going to let go,
Then the stupid thing threw me in the snow.

I rolled around as he flew fast,
Trying to make his lead last.
But that was not about to come to pass,
For I slid down the mountain on my little rhyming ass.

I ended up on this road in Timbuktu,
And stopped to use the loo.
I took a quick squirt,
Then buried it in the dirt.

That bird was starting to slow,
While I kept up my speedy flow.
I could taste the meat,
As I leaped up and latched onto his feet.

He hollered once more,
And smacked me against this stone floor.
Or would that be pillar?
I just need some filler.

So now I was stuck in some alien worshipping land,
Wasn't this just grand?
I did not want the probe,
And I'd chase this thing across the globe.

So I played hop scotch along the top,
And the poor birdie started to drop.
I hopped on his back,
And went about my attack.

He spun round and round,
Trying to knock me to the ground.
But that didn't come due,
Too bad neither of us were watching our front view.

As we crashed into this tower,
And  theTucan Sam wannabe started to cower.
For some dreadful looking guy,
Made the birdie cry.

He rang a big bell,
And damned us to hell.
I could not eat a slobbering bird,
All that water would leave me blurred.

But I was still hungry and needed to eat.
So I chowed down on the ugly guys feet.
He had slippers made of rabbit.
Sorry Nugget, it's just habit.

They still had all their meat,
And were a nice treat.
Not sure what it is with guys and slippers,
Or even flippers.

But I left with a full tummy,
Even though that bird would be yummy.
I hear the ugly guy and the bird,
Got married. How absurd!

That was my dVerse travel tale for the day as Reena took all pics provided at my bay. Wasn't that just a grand old time. I know some of you think eating that bird would be a crime. But the cat eats meat and rhymes with sass. Don't expect anything else from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. LOL ... what a suspence! ... well if the cat chew on those ugly feet (like the one from one of your last posts) then I don't know ... ewwwww ... i mean that cannot be, not even when one is starving right?! ... haha ... lovely pictures :-)

    1. you worked it all in including the kitchen sink, well maybe not but the squirt in the dirt, well at least buried will not stink (as bad) egad, nice on the hopscotch across the top as well, when you eat the pelican i would skip the bill, not paying but the lips you know, always a trip at your show...

    2. k so i am second, not best but better, one day i will achieve again the golden sweater...

    3. Brian let me know, next time i'll wait a bit ... :-)

    4. Yeah I don't even think the cat would chew on those ugly feet
      Those things he would not even want to greet
      Would rather eat a sock
      Or maybe even a rock..haha

      Kitchen sink I could have used too
      If it would have been mentioned by you
      Hopscotch had to be done
      Gave the cat some fun
      As he jumped on the bird's back
      And went on the attack
      Will remember not to eat the bill
      Sure that wouldn't thrill

      LOL one day you'll get first once more
      I'm sure here at my shore

      Bah don't give in to Brian
      He's always cryin'

    5. You surely have a vivid imaagination: a fluent rhyming epic!

    6. Yeah my imagination goes down the rhyming mile
      Sometimes I turn up the dial

  2. Great rhymes and nice pictures!

  3. I tip my hat
    To your repast
    Thank god the cat
    Is full at last

    1. Yep tummy is full for now
      Next time he'll stalk a cow
      They move slower and can't fly
      Although they could squash him and make him die

  4. I loved this so much, the cat deserved the bird. After the chase my word!

    1. haha deserved to be flipped the bird?
      Now that would be absurd...hahaha

  5. I LOVED this, what a journey you took us through, at first it sounded quite an euuuw, then it was an adventure suspenseful.

    1. Glad you liked the journey of the cat
      As it took him far from his mat
      Filled with this and that
      He even took the time to squat and let some stuff splat..haha

  6. know..playing hop scotch is just the perfect way to face all the difficulties and trials of life...enjoyed the ride you took us on sir...smiles

    1. Playing hop scotch can get one through
      All the nasty business that comes due
      Glad it was a fun ride
      As the cat was not about to let that bird hide

  7. Your rhymes always boggle my mind--you're so cool & talented! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hopefuly I don't keep your brain
      In the boggle lane
      That would be nasty indeed
      You might curse my feed..haha

  8. When I saw your name in the linky, I thought the cat might go for the pelican..and you did...what a chase... I was laughing the whole way ...I always enjoy how you make these prompts so much fun Pat ~

    1. haha yep saw that Pelican and had to go for it
      And make it take a hit
      I try to make them fun at me sea
      As that is just me

  9. The cat get's the bird... just not the bird...
    Maybe next time!
    Good post :-)

    1. Well at least the cat got some sort of bird
      Next time maybe I'll drop a turd..haha

  10. The early cat catches the bird... no wait, that's not right.

    1. haha I'll let the early bird catch the worm each day
      Then I'll eat the bird at my bay

  11. So the cat did not eat the bird?
    How absurd!
    He settled for slippered feet?
    Not my idea of a tasty treat.

    At least the cat's belly is full.
    But what can I say, that's how cats roll.
    Fine job on this here post.
    So cheers mate, here's a toast!

    Your guest post will go up tomorrow.
    I hope it don't fill you full of sorrow!

    1. Yeah had to settle for slipper feet
      For that bird was beat
      And sobbing all that watery crap
      I couldn't eat the poor sap
      Tomorrow you say
      Should be fun indeed at your bay

  12. "But those would not do,
    This is the one I wanted in my stew." ... What a great metaphor for life; we want THAT one. We want things THAT way, and nothing else will do. :)

    Loved this:
    "Those bees were catching up too,
    But they had a queen to boss their crew."

    And the hopscotch.

    1. Yeah that is very true
      We always want one certain thing to come due
      It has to be that way
      Or the highway each day

  13. hahahaha.
    all for that one special bird :)
    i kind of know how that feels.

    1. Chasing that one special bird around
      I hope you at least cook it before you eat it where you are found..haha

  14. That FOWL reallyyy took you for the run around. (Do you see what I did there with the use of your favorite word??) I'm surprised you let the bird do that cat. And don't mess with bees they are dangerous!

    You took a squirt and hid in the dirt? I nearly spit out my coffee during that line!!!!!!!! I'm officially skeeved. hahaha

    P.S. I can't wait for Nugget to see this! You're in trroubbblleeeee... :)

    1. Seeing others use my words are fun
      Now you just need to give strat a
      Yeah those bees can sting rather nasty indeed
      With their honey greed
      So I avoid them each and every day
      But then most times they'll never catch the cat to their dismay
      LOL I guess I have a nact for making you spit
      Does that make me a hit?
      Poor Nugget can't catch me
      If he comes I'll have some lucky rabbit feet at bush number

    2. Oh I have something I can say about your spitting line, but I'm too nice. Its going to stay in my brain with my creepy cupid. hahaha

      LOL Fowl...I cracked myself up with that one. I'm going to start asking people if that know what that is, just so I feel less ignorant.

      Besides, a few of my uncles were in from Florida last night and we all got together. My uncle mentioned going to Walgreens. I was like, is that like Walmart?! He said, yes, but safer. Then I told him that in Canada, Walmart is the place to be. And then I showed him the cracks on my phone. He didn't appreciate the cracks as much as you did!!

    3. LOL oh since when do you hold back?
      Spit away at my shack
      Just not on me
      That would screw with my ocd

      Maybe they will cry foul when you use fowl
      Or just scowl like some owl
      Those Japanese might be out of the loop
      So you could confuse them and make their faces droop

      I hurt of Walgreens before
      But none are around my shore
      Walmart is the place to be
      Up here as it's butt crack
      hahaha I guess some just get the art of cracks
      And some they just give heart attacks

    4. LOL you just want a nice little comment that you can throw in my face over and over again. Hmmm...I see your evil little smirk!!! hahaha

      The Japanese are always confused. They never know what I am saying. The only thing I ever hear come out of their mouths is "really?", "really!!!!", "rrreeealllyyy....". hahaha Except, there "l"s aren't all that great. It's more like rere? LOL Omg, that's mean. I take it back!!!

      And forget Walgreens, Walmart, or any other W pharmacy. It's all about CVS!!! I go in there and don't leave for hours.

      LMAO!!! So you get the art of cracks? Pat and his artsy cracks! hahahaha Ohh that would be a perfect pimp name.

    5. Now don't go reading to much into the spit
      I would never repeat it
      At least not after the hundredth time
      By then you give me a new one to rhyme..haha

      LOL rere you say
      That made my day
      Not that mean at all
      Just describing how you hear it at your work hall
      And at least you can say whatever you want
      Like an alien elvis impersonator has landed and will come to their place with a mean ghost and haunt
      Went off there
      It's late at my lair..haha

      CVS? Nrver heard by the cat
      Current Vibrating Strat?
      Couples View Salamanders?
      That be quite the two handers..haha

      LOL yeah I guess I get the art of the crack
      After watching that walmart crack attack
      How can one not get it?
      You think Pat and his arsy cracks would be a hit?

    6. I have no clue what CVS stands for. Actually, I never even thought about it. Now you triggered my OCD. Sigh...

      and yes, Pat and his Artsy Cracks would be a hit!! You could go to Walmart to get all your followers. LMAO Pat the pimp and his people from Walmart. hahaha

    7. You never looked what it stood for?
      Shame on you and your ocd, now as punishment go clean the

      LMAO from all the cracks I saw on the video display
      The creepers would be the only ones wanting my followers for umm play

  15. ahh Pat your mind, your mind or your brain?? I dont know, well anyway nice shots and nice travel (lol)

    1. My brain and my mind
      All work together to form my little rhyming behind..haha

  16. Your trickster cat gets it all ways and then some! A whirlwind tour to be sure. Fun to think of cats taking journeys like that, Pat!

    1. Yeah the cat is tricky most times
      Especially when avoiding those mimes
      Going on a tour after a bird
      May be a bit absurd
      But it is fun indeed
      To think of as he prounces around at my feed

  17. Hah. This was hilarious. I had so much fun reading this. You are unique.

    1. Unique is probably the correct word
      Another may be absurd
      Glad it was fun
      As I went on a bird run

  18. I don't know which was better, the rhymes or the pictures...I'll have to say the rhymes because you do them each and every day. Truly a gift.

    1. Both were grand
      But yeah the rhymes always play here each day in rhyming land
      As I have to get them out of my head
      And maybe inbetween cause some dread..haha

  19. oh, my, you was inspired today :)
    And you have pelicans in your yard? Where on Earth do you live,Pat? I mean I know it's Canada but....

    1. Yes I was inspired today
      It was that damn dVerse bay
      Then seeing that bird at my sea
      Caused me to flee bush number three
      Pat lives in a far off land
      Where all kinds of creatures just pop out of the sand..haha

  20. Very, very clever to use not one but ALL of the pictures. Pelican stew maybe for you but, excuse me if I don't share the feat or, the pelican legs or feet :)
    Well done cats and, Pat might have have a word in there, or two, too. Hehe I HATE how you make me RHYME! hahaha

    1. Very, very you say
      I very, very like that at my bay
      Had to give them all a run
      As I didn't want to pick just one
      Then the others would feel left out
      And might pout
      It's okay if you don't like
      And tell those feet to take a hike
      For I still made you rhyme
      Such a grand old time

  21. Man, this rhyme is inspiring in itself.

    1. Glad I can inspire
      And things did not turn dire

  22. Wow, you made use of all the pictures!! Way to go, Pat (and cat)!

    1. Yeah had to use each and everyone
      I could not shun

  23. amazing that you could rhyme them all...

    i liked the tucan and of course the rhyming ass

    i figured out another way to comment on the blogspots i could not comment on b4, since i have WP

    private dreamliner

    1. The tucan crack was fun
      And of course all have to like the rhyming ass one..haha
      Glad you found another way
      And came by my bay

  24. My, my! What an ordeal!
    After that you could eat a whole meal!
    But why cry over lost fresh pelican
    when you can have aged rabbit meat?
    Was is still nice, juicy and tasty
    or more like rabbit jerky?

    Nugget says he's bigger than you
    and would love to make cat tail stew!

    1. Yeah the cat had to chow down
      When he got back into town
      Eating Pat out of house and home
      Here at our dome
      It was more like rabbit jerky
      Tasted a bit like turkey
      And poor Nugget can try and take the cat
      But he might become a Drazin

    2. haha. I wonder how Drazin would wear a rabbit hat
      would he wear the puffy tail in the front or in the back?
      Maybe on the side to be all cool
      while the other gods look and drool?

    3. haha who know with him
      But being bald he doesn't need a trim
      Maybe he'll use the lucky feet as ear flaps
      As he runs his yap to all the chaps

  25. Now that was just grand! Loved how you used all the pics in great rhyme!

    1. Yep with the tale I spun
      Had to go and use each and every one

  26. Replies
    1. Glad it was a hoot
      And you didn't want to give me the boot

  27. He'd need to be lion sized to take on a pelican.

    1. Bah one good bite
      And Mr. Pelican would go night night

  28. The bird could find its flight
    The Cat's just as quick
    The bird could make it a delight
    The Cat's chomping its feet
    Oh well, a ride around we go
    Lots more to get to know


    1. Yeah a ride around indeed
      That bird better take heed
      For one day I may go back after it
      And next time chow it down bit by bit

  29. Wow what a ride you took us one-well done :)

    1. Glad my ride was well done
      And hopefully a bit of fun

  30. An unsuccessful hunter are you,
    and doomed then to eat tofu!
    All that work for just one bird?
    Absurd! Like a turd!
    lol, I haven't rhymed a response for awhile, now you know why, but I still hope I made you smile :o)

    1. LOL it be absurd to chase a turd anywhere
      I can easily produce those at my lair
      Yeah I see why
      But it was fun, no lie
      So rhyme all you wish
      I don't want tofu though as I'll take fish

  31. Stole the bees honey? Nice, fresh honey tastes amazing!

    1. Yeah the cat had a lick
      And did not find it ick
      Although it did stick
      As I chased down that bird prick

  32. Great photos alongside with great rhymes

  33. I never ate a pelican
    but I'm sure it doesn't go down like gelatin

    1. Well if you never ate one
      How do you know it doesn't go down well with gelatin under the sun

  34. The Rhyming cat was like Phillias Fog , hope he got home safe, its good to chase things once in a while, see where it leads. I loved the imagery of him hopping across the pillars.Hovering over the church, if anyone can the peli can.

    1. Yeah a peli can get things done
      Although trying to catch it is quite fun
      One must be able to run
      And hip hop across pillars under the sun

  35. That was a great tale spun from reena's photo fun. With the bees in pursuit, I thought for a second you were going to drop a blues brothers route, but glad you went as you did, around the globe and tying all the pics you did, all so much fun to read, but probably should've read this with a full tummy, never had a bird like that, but I hear the belly grumbling, must mean that I'm hungry. But I'm on a diet, and this feast of rhyme was low on carbs but high on spice, better than giving the old salad a try. Nice job. Thanks

    1. A Pelican made you hungry you say
      hahaha must not have eaten for a while in your bay
      Yeah screw the salad too
      For that cat that would not do
      But don't want to be a full blown salad dodger my way
      For then I could be fat and quite the display

  36. Replies
    1. That would look scary
      Than again I'm not too hairy

  37. Once again digging the pictures. Especially the mountain views.

    1. Glad you like the art
      Came from the dverse cart

  38. Awww, no more slippers for poor Nugget
    all because Pat and his cat dug it.

    The pictures were beautiful and added a lot!
    I hope more will come grace your blog plot. :)

    1. That depends on dVerse I guess
      For I have very little pics like that I will confess
      So when they give them a go
      They will grace my show

  39. Sorry I'm late

    to see pelican robbed from your plate,

    some great vistas to view,

    so glad I came back to visit you!

    1. A little late
      Doesn't spur any hate
      For all have things to do
      And yeah robbed pelican is sad but true..haha

  40. Well, I stuck with it to the end - had to see how it all turned out. :-D

    1. The cat still got a snack
      But not a bird attack


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