Don't Touch Me! Tagging Doesn't Go Well With My OCD!

Maybe if you wash your hands first, I'll allow a light tagging burst. But other than that keep your germy mitts off the cat. Okay, if it will keep your hands off and stop making you scoff. The cat will answer all of you, who made all this tagging come due. But the facts are, I don't tag at my bar, even though my hands are clean after touching you they could get germy and I might get mean.

So there is RCB with some random facts, R.gers with his question acts, Zap McBlowfist adding some more and Miranda with questions galore. Let's see what they have in store, as I explore their questions at my shore.

Random Facts you say? Here are five for display!

1. The cat must meow as he digs a big hole and a big hole is the goal, for if there is no big hole in place the cat will not go and instead chew on a shoe lace.

2. Speaking of which, I could make you bitch. For if you come to my shore and leave your shoes on the floor, as soon as you look away. Bye bye shoe laces is all I can say. I like velcro too, but wearing those really doesn't say much for you.

3. I chirp in my sleep, a whole heap. I'm told I stick out my tongue too but I don't believe Pat between me and you.

4. I secretly stash away toys under the couch, stealing things causing Pat to be a grouch. But shhh don't tell, he may drop me in a well.

5. If you eat toilet paper take my word for it, it still doesn't mean you don't have to wipe off the shit. Just some advice as I've tried it more than twice.

Time to give R.gers a go, with the question flow!

First video game you ever played?
Duck Hunt would be it, sure was a hit.

Favorite game console (Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, NES, so on so forth)?
SNES is the best, beats all the rest.

Favorite video game?
SSBM I will say but SSBB just causes dismay.

Who do you think is the greatest character ever conceived in video games?
Booger Man! Of his pick and flick adventure I am a fan.

Who is the greatest villain?
No one, as they all die a ton and never win, what a sin.

Best weapon in your opinion (can be any game)?
The booger flick and pick as it can really stick.

Biggest pet peeves in games?
Loading and glitchy crap, those need to take a nap.

Your greatest gaming moment ever?
Umm no idea at all, as I've played and beat many at my hall.

If you were a character from any game, what would you do?
Jump down the hole to see what is there. If I die what do I care for I'll just come back and go on the attack.

If given enough time and resources. What would be your life goal?
To make the world a better place. Can you see the "yeah right" look on my face?

Do think this it the eleventh question?
Nope, as there are more below you dope.

Zap McBlowfist giving more questions to make me type and hurt my wrist!

1. It's Xmas time, who would you most like to have round for Christmas Dinner?
Chicken of course, I eat it every day without remorse.

2. What is your favourite day?
Friday, Saturday or Sunday will do, the rest I work so ewww.

3. If you could steal an idea and have it as your own and get away with it would you?
If the idea was a million dollar idea hmmm maybe, but then I'd split the dough with the idea person easily.

4. When cornered by 15 Gypsy's how would you escape? Fight your way through or charm them with a dance?
The cat would flash them his ass and then give some rhyme sass, they would be all confused and their brain's abused. Then I would just trot by, watching as the poor gypsy's cry.

5. Do you love guns or pop music more?
Definitely choose guns for some pop artist that hurt my ears, lets just say they'll be walking with lead in their rear's.

6. When was the last time you nearly or actually got caught having a play with yourself?
The cat's been snip snip, so nothing their to flip flip.

7. In how ever many words it takes describe your most passionate encounter with a Delicious scone or cake.
Blah! That enough? If not tough.

8. Do you have any spare money for me?
I could send a penny to you? Would you like me too?

9. Would you stop a fight in the street?
Depends who the fighters were, if I'd bother to ruffle my fur.

10. If you could change the colour of your wee as it came out would you? (more for boys this one)
Why? Does color matter with the things you want to try?

11. I love you do you love me?
No! Now no more touching and go!

Miranda's turn to suffer the burn of the answers I retort here at my court!

1. If you could travel back in time, what period would you most like to see?
I go back to before the time when the last humans expired and see how they were wired.

2. What is your favorite tree?
Anyone that doesn't smell like dog pee.

3. Do you prefer the sandy beach or a cabin in the mountains?
Take the cabin in the mountains any day, as all that sand is a bitch to clean up as it's such a big litter tray.
4. Which celebrity do you most resemble and why?
That stupid cat in the hat, but he has nothing on my mat.

5. Fill in the blank. I would never ______________________.
I would never leave the thing blank for my OCD would make me walk the plank.

6. Coffee or Tea?
Neither for me!

7. A date with Brad Pitt or jumping out of a plane?
I'll take the date with Brad Pitt and through my wit, get him on the plane. Then oopsy! Out he goes without a parachute and falls like rain. Until he goes splat. Aren't I a fun cat?

8. If you could donate $1,000,000 to any charity, which would it be?
The charity of me oh that causes such glee. What? Don't look at me funny. Okay, I'd only keep half the money. The rest can go to the other animals out there. They just better not come crowd my lair.

9. What is a place you've never been, but would like to visit?
Australia would be grand, but who knows as I haven't left my land.

10. What is your favorite sweet?
Do Pringles count? If not, don't eat a single other one in any amount.

11. Who do you admire most (anyone alive or dead)?
I admire something that has sass, is crass and can pass gas there lass. Yep, you guessed it, my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. You answered as the cat, I'd expect no less than that for when you're at your bay it's rhyming that you play. Not fiddle dee dee and ho hum like Pat, you're a very clever cat!!

    So you snipped the cat you say? Poor kitty.

    1. Nope no fiddle dee dee at all for me
      Not even if I want to for Pat snip sniped me at my sea
      So he can fiddle and diddle
      While I get payback and go piddle
      On him
      For beind so dim..haha

  2. Great answers from the cat and good rhyming comment Anne!

    1. Yeah look at Anne go
      And glad you liked my comment flow

    2. We Irish thugs have to stick together Pat. Surely you can understand that seeing as your Canadian and all.

    3. Yeah I understand
      You must stick together with your feet in the irish sand
      So you saying Americans can't understand that
      LOL Glad I'm a Canadian cat

    4. 'tis time to face the truth, Pat you cat, you're not actually Canadian, we sent you over from Azerbaijan when you were just a little kitten.... a long story...

    5. Well I'm glad I don't remember at least
      For that prounounciation escapes this rhyming beast
      But until you have proof
      I'm Canadian and you're a Azerbaijan goof..haha

  3. Gotta agree with the cat, no better place to stash stuff than under the couch(or bed.)

    1. True, it gets it out of view
      And everything looks all neat and new

  4. Replies
    1. Yippee great job for me
      All can be done at my rhyming sea

  5. I had a good feeling that you'd be answering as the cat, I'll be honest with that. I'd create a charity for me and happy I'd be too, just like you!

    1. hahaha yep creating a charity for me would be grand
      Watching as my bank account started to expand

  6. Replies
    1. Smash and make a quick dash
      Hoping one doesn't crash

  7. aaah ! This cat is something special and I knew it!!! (lol)
    love this post Pat!!!!

    1. Aaaah you love a post
      Maybe I need to bring back the easter bunny's ghost..haha

    2. ah Pat why I say something nice you always want to know.....

    3. hahaha I have to poke fun
      It just must be done

  8. Man what is up with all the tagging at Blogger?
    Good post anyways ... at least you got to find out where the cat hides things, so maybe you can find them later.

    1. I don't know what is with all this tagging stuff
      Leaves my ocd in a huff
      So I would rather be it
      As it means the cat is the shit..LOL

  9. a cat who washes itself with its own spit won't let others touch it with unwashed hands? Now, there's an irony :)))

    1. haha yeah that is very true
      But Pat with his ocd washes his hands a ton so it's okay between me and you
      Plus if others touch us at our lair
      We lick and lick and lick our hair

    2. me always thought licking is a business better done on others than on yourself :)))) If you get what I mean...

    3. Yeah I get what you mean
      But cats don't think it's oh so obscene
      Maybe it's different when you can lick everywhere on your self
      Whether on the floor, the couch or a book shelf

    4. Only Dezzilicous would say something like this. If you men could lick yourselves everywhere, you'd never leave the bloody house!!

    5. LOL hmmm I won't touch that
      I'll got back to being a butt licking cat

    6. thou speaketh wisely, Annezilla :)
      And, yep, Betsy, am I not? :)

    7. Nope not one bit
      But don't take a cats word for it

    8. oh, go lick your... what cats lick :PPP

    9. That's not much of an insult to a cat
      As they lick everything clean anyway at their mat..haha

  10. Great answers and also great post, man!

  11. Your passionate encounter with a scone or a cake is "blah"?? I'm assuming that means you don't like cake. But isn't blah a noise??? Isn't it!!? Just saying...

    Pringles is NOT a sweet. A sweet rots your teeth and Pringles rot something else...Getting me nervous again!!! hahaha

    Fri, Sat, AND Sun are your favorite days? Does this mean that you don't work on Friday? What is that about?!?! Sigh...I'm moving to Canada if they get a three day weekend EVERY weekend...LOL

    1. Yeah blah is the only word or noise for it
      Nasty and caused the cat a fit
      Well then I guess nothing rots my teeth my way
      As no sweets are eaten by me at my bay
      So that offsets the pringles I guess
      And not get me thinking again about that mess..haha
      Yep all three days I am off
      hahahahaha and you're not, don't scoff
      I just had the horseshoe up my ass nice and firm
      Even if it does make me squirm
      When I landed this one
      As having three days off is such fun

    2. I never saw so many haha's come from you, cat!! So you think it's funny that Americans are forced to be work-o-holics?????

      Canada for Fridays off, here I come!! Either that or Europe for a nice Siesta...Not sure!

      Oh, and I forget to ask you, what's a bugger?? Is that a Canadian booger? LOL!! I'm afraid to google that one...

    3. Yes I think it is very very funny
      You americans and your want for soo much money
      Working day and night
      I'll take my Friday's off and enjoy myself at my site
      Europe you might get linched though
      With all those riots that sometimes show
      So a siesta might not be had
      Which could make you mad..haha
      Bugger is a British thing
      Means things are f'ed up or screw this strat or some such fling

    4. We don't want so much money, we have no choice! Work 5 days a week or don't work at all. It's a vicious cycle.

      Ok, no Europe then because I'm too little to fight! Europeans are usually much bigger than me. Maybe Asia...I know a few people in Japan right now...but something tells me they work more hours than Americans!

    5. Ahhhh it's so nice to not have that cycle my way
      Working four days is soooo nice up here I must say..LOL
      Plus only 8 hours a day too
      Not as many as you
      Do I like rubbing it in?
      You bet I do at my bin..hahahaha
      But really I just could lucky
      Although I find it just ducky

      Pffft good luck over there
      You will have waaay more hussle and bussle than your NY lair
      Waaaay too many people for me
      Elbow to elbow you'd get squashed easily
      And now you got me worked up just thinking on crossing that
      Billions of people is no place for me

    6. Ahhh? You're a very noisy cat lately. Have your figments been rubbing off on you?!

      8 hours a day??? Does that include lunch and breaks???? I work 8am-6pm or 7 depending on how much I got done. Canada is sounding better and better...

      and, no to the Japan? I thought that was such a good idea too...Sigh!

    7. Yeah those damn figments have been giving me noisy stuff
      That I just feel I must huff and puff
      Pfffffft that is SAD
      I work 8:30 to 4:30 and then done at my pad
      And that includes lunch
      So seven hours of work with numbers to crunch
      After that I'm free and clear
      No pain in the ass accounting crap bothering my rear
      Those hours are just sick that you have down there
      I'd be too tired to put on my
      Yeah Asia is bad too
      Plus they workd 12 hours a day at their loo..pffft

  12. i like a cabin in the mountain too :p

    1. Yeah that cabin seems grand
      With a nice bit of land
      And no crummy sand
      Sure wouldn't be bland

  13. Wow, you got tagged with a lot of questions
    you gave some really good suggestions
    Still can't believe you chose Australia
    over the zoo here where we'd treat ya
    very well indeed
    with all the treats you'd need.

    1. Yeah all those germy mits tagging me
      Really stirred up my ocd..haha
      hahaha well I thought it meant more of a country/continent type deal
      When I spun my answer wheel
      But the cat would visit your zoo
      Although with all those other kitties lots of hissing and spitting would come due
      Not sure what would happen with Nugget though
      Prob think he's food on the go..LOL

    2. Nugget seems to be holding his own
      when I let a cat inside to roam
      They touch noses and he gives a little snort
      and the cats back off after that retort.
      I even found Marmy and Nugget sleeping side by side
      one afternoon when Marmy came inside.

    3. Hmmm maybe Nugget likes have buddies for play
      And sleeping at his bay
      And to think all the growling and thumping came due
      And he had to turn blue
      Now he's all well and grand
      With nine cats he may think he is one at your land..haha

    4. That is SO true!
      He used to thump and hide when they came into view
      even through the glass door
      he just thumped his foot against the floor.
      Now they are inside and he touches a nose
      like it's a handshake they all know.

      I guess I don't have to worry he'll be stew
      if I let him out of view.

    5. Yeah if they sleep together I doubt there will be any heat
      That will turn him into mince meat
      Just takes some adjusted with most
      As long as their is lots of pateince with the host
      And not some lazy person that gives up after a day
      Because it's just sooo hard at their bay, pffft

  14. I'd like to see a vlog interview with these kinds of questions posed to you... can you rhyme on the fly? It'd be like a really low key rap battle. Except no one gets slammed. Unless you really, really want to make fun of my mother, which I'm okay with, so long as it's funny.

    1. Oh yeah I can rhyme on the fly
      It may not make much sense though no lie
      And as far as mothers go
      That has been done to death with its flow
      So I try to avoid that
      Although there are plenty of other ways to get a slam from the cat

  15. I like weekends best...and yes chicken too. Despite your funny way of saying the answers, I think overall you are an interesting and creative person. It's V day tomorrow, please post something sweet or not so sweet

    Have a good day ~

    1. Interesting and creative am I
      Hmmm I guess that isn't a lie
      Oh and don't worry one bit
      You will get some V Day wit
      The message in the rhyme can be sweet
      But the overall V day message might leave those loving it kind of beat..haha

  16. I used to LOVE Duck Hunt LOL!
    Oh and that bit about Brad Pitt was hilarious :0)

    1. Yeah it was grand to play
      Back when things didn't require 50 cords at ones bay
      Poor Brad Pitt gets no love
      At least he can pretend to fly like a dove

  17. good thing there are no laces in my shoes, means no fun for you though, this ____ is for you as well, just to send you into OCD hell, my cat chases my cursor until i curse her always trying to comment with his socks like this is his litter box, i bet duck hunt would drive him crazy, dance a jig and not be lazy

    1. LOL well ____ you
      Now I stirred up my ocd times two
      Yeah duck hunt would surely make him go crazy
      Following it until his eyes got hazy
      No laces in your shoes
      What? Are you part of the velcro views
      Should let him comment and see what comes due
      Could be jkgjksdhklasfhasjio but you never know what might ensue

    2. Speaking of laces and such
      Wish you could see Socks
      he's inside here with me
      and has a new catnip mouse for glee
      He's working on removing the tail
      I'm sure he'll succeed without fail!

    3. hahaha they sure go nuts over catnip
      As soon as they sniff a blip
      Any toy the first thing Orlin does is eat the tail
      No matter what the tail has to set sail
      Right down his gut
      What a nut

  18. Australia sounds like fun ... we wanted to go as well ... but they keep the pets in quarantine for 30 days!!! i mean ... excuse me! not going to do that to Mr. T !!!

    1. Yeah I saw that
      I would visit but never put up a door mat
      As I would never put the cats or any animals through that crap
      Australia doesn't even allow the cat
      As he is a breed that is banned there by some rat
      Same with Hawaii too
      Stuck in the cold I guess we are but that's nothing new

    2. oh no!!!! no no no!!! don't tell me that Hawaii has the same ... i thought that they were ready to discuss ... going to check it and take the dictionary with me this time ;-)

    3. I'm pretty sure it is the same as the other one
      Last I looked because they wanted to remain rabies free with their fun
      But my cat is illegal there anyway
      So I'd have to sneak in across the bay..haha

  19. lol OCD?
    Golly me
    I have CDO
    (like OCD)
    but the letters go
    as I decree!

    1. LOL well mine isn't quite that bad
      As that is dyslexic a tad

  20. Replies
    1. Duck hunt was grand
      And you didn't have to stand

  21. Pat is very hilarious. Poor gypsies, and no coffee or tea? I guess it's not good for kitties. Fun stuff~ :o) <3

    1. Yes those poor gypsies will be left in a daze
      After I leave them in a rhyming maze
      Nah neither of that is for the cat
      Or even Pat

  22. Your plans for Pitt
    Aren't nice but a hit
    Take pictures, please cat
    When the man goes splat


    1. haha you want to see the gross aftermath
      Of the cat's wrath?
      That is kind of scary indeed
      I'll warn people to take heed

  23. Kudos for rhyming all your answers, although I would expect nothing less from you...

    What is sleep-chirping, exactly? A flowery way of saying you snore? haha

    1. Yep nothing less indeed
      Here at my feed
      Sleep chirping is the cat actually chirps like a bird in his sleep
      He doesn't snore but makes all other kinds of noisy bleeps

  24. Priceless . . . 'The cat's been snip snip, so nothing their to flip flip' hehe, excellent as usual :))

    1. LOL snip snip always becomes a hit
      That cat doesn't like it one bit

  25. Dude you answered 3. You're only supposed to be tagged once!

    1. Well I was tagged and then re-tagged and re-tagged once more
      All those germs gave me quite the encore

  26. nice on super smash bros melee. Gamecube doesn't get enough love

    1. Yeah SSBM and Resident Evil 4
      Really helped it soar
      Too bad there wasn't a whole lot else though
      But it beats that crap box wii and its shovelware flow

  27. Take two.... and action:

    Well, well... I can see who's famous at his bay, on his shore, and in his lair! And I suppose OCD doesn't mean THIS... 'The cat's been snip snip, so nothing their to flip flip.' Hahahaha!

    1. Took you two takes to get it right
      What? Did you have a grammar fright?..haha
      Yippeee I'm famous at my bay, shore, sea, lair, barn, loo
      And whatever else I decide to name it upon review
      No never meant that type of OCD
      Mine is more Monk like you see
      Made you do a good hahahahaha at my bar
      See it is catching near and far

  28. Those are some good answers I see, put together so perfectly!
    That cat is witty, that cat is wise..obviously adored by Pat's eyes!

    1. Yeah the cat has Pat wrapped around his paw
      And if he isn't nice the cat will pull out the claw
      Whack him upside the head
      And cause him dread

  29. It is easy to see what you all do with your spare time! Or is there such a thing as 'spare time' when you are a master of rhyme?

    1. Yeah my spare time does get rather low
      As I have to keep up with the rhyming flow
      But oh well
      I figure what the hell

  30. Had your day
    In the fray
    Lucky generation
    Many distractions
    Had all the fun
    That you want
    Which missed us
    Being born first!


    1. Yeah lucky day
      Here at my bay
      Giving me a distraction to be had
      And some questions at my pad
      Was some fun
      Getting them done

  31. What can I add?
    Not a tad
    which makes me sad!

    1. At least you're not mad
      At my pad
      And a fun time was had
      Because the rhyme is rad
      And not some fad
      By this lad
      Before this gets bad
      And I resort to using Vlad
      I will stop
      So you won't call a cop

  32. People saying they have OCD is like a fad. For most people the proper termination is having a sense of organization and not being a slob.

    1. haha yeah that is not the case with me
      I'm not full blown but have plenty enough at my sea

  33. Germy mitts off the cat?
    Why, that's outta hand!
    For creatures who....
    lick their balls
    and crap in the sand.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I wish I could practice their art (and I don't mean the sand part).

    1. LOL I can see your point of view
      But that naturally comes do
      You humans touch too much stuff
      And spittle a bit when you huff and puff
      And I know jealously does arise
      When I can lick my ass and still be wise

    2. You have a point.
      So I truly must disclose:
      See my finger? Up my nose.

    3. Yeah it seems to be stuck
      That must really suck

  34. Awesome answers...but I had you down for a dancer

    1. A dancer?
      lol my two left feet makes me not a prancer

  35. Fun q & a, seems brought by you this way. The old SNES was a cool system, I remember those days quite fondly, as it did seem like every game I played well, but then as the years went on, although game I still do, lately though haven't played as well. Not a morris fan, hmmm…but then again the rhyming part had to put you with the cat in the hat, by the way the lorax will be out I believe this march or may, how was that for a segue-lol

    1. Yeah another crappy Suess movie will come due
      All have pretty much been trash and not worth a view
      Even dumbed down more than kiddies can bare
      Hollywood and it's garbage flare
      Yep the snes was a blast to play
      A lot better than much of the crap of today
      But alas that is what we get stuck with each time
      When they are all after money sucking dry each and every dime

  36. Those new pringles stix are sweet. I can't get enough of the honey ones. Great tag answers, it makes me almost enjoy this game.

    1. Never tried to stix at all
      Here at my hall
      Just regular all the time
      As they seem sublime
      Yeah almost makes it worth it
      Glad they were almost a hit..haha

  37. Good lord, you really went beyond the call of tagging. :P

  38. the cat has had the snip?.
    he did not walk right for a week i bet.
    Funny and clever at the same time as usual.
    Love reading yoru blog.

    1. Glad you love to read
      Here at my feed
      And yeah it took about five days or so
      Before he was back on the go


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