Grey, Green, Blue, They Really Are dVerse In Their View!

Today the cat is up to U and stinking Al stole the underwear idea I was going to do. But that was last year and a repost I fear. So the cat will be sure and make all commando whether from Timbuktu or Orlando and go with the probe. That's right! It's back to the UFOs that are across the globe.

Some poor guy had to work late,
It seems it was his fate.
Of course that meant it got dark,
Before he could even pull it out of park.

The dark brings danger,
Beware of a stranger.
Their candy isn't all that great,
And you could end up as fish bait.

But that is neither here nor there,
If you aren't either are you anywhere?
Maybe that is what they want you to think,
So you go around and around the rink.

And if you can't skate,
I guess falling flat on you face is your fate.
Or your part that is in the air,
When the UFO lands at your lair.

Seriously though what is up there?
And why do little grey men care?
Who started this stupid thing?
I know I already gave the question post a ring.

So they get you all good and ready,
Holding you steady.
Then one by one they shout and cry,
It seems they all start to die.

Yeah, it is our germs who knew?
Oh wait! Damn that was already used by a few.
Can a remake of a remake of a remake count?
After all there is a craptastic amount.

Oh yeah! I remember now.
It was not the germs that made them have a cow.
It seems the guy had some bad beans,
And you know what that means.

The poor aliens grabbed their throats and choked,
Then peeled over and croaked,
Because they were allergic to gas.
Aren't you glad you came to trespass?

For now when they go all peeper on you,
Letting your full moon hang out for all to view.
Let them get a good whiff,
And they become quite stiff.

As in dead,
Some even lose their head.
It isn't a pretty sight,
Be thankful it only happens at night.

Now wasn't that as dVerse as can be here at my sea? Who knew gas could come in handy? But that is just dandy. For those aliens and their UFOs will suffer the gas woes and are better off probing bass than my little rhyming ass.

Experience fling, have a spring.


  1. a poor guy that have to work late??poor guy lol

    1. Yeah the poor guy
      As those aliens must make him cry

  2. Replies
    1. First at my sea
      That is a rarity
      Beat Betsy
      Oh what a sight to see

    2. I used to be first a lot
      before you joined the dVerse lot
      and then those early birds across the world found you
      comment before I have a chance to!

    3. Yeah you haven't be first in a very long time
      That is just a crime
      Oh well
      One day you may ring the first bell
      As many come and many go
      I could scare them all away with zombie feet at my show

    4. There was a time long ago when Brian, me and Fox
      used to fight over who would be first at your docks.
      Now it's usually Mr. Waffles that's first
      where is he today with his "Hey, man" burst?

    5. Tashtoo used to be here too
      That was when there only was a few
      Now tons have come due
      As was predicted by you
      Stupid blogger isn't showing the blog up
      Damn hiccup!

    6. at least your follower's list is still on the go
      look at that 1500 at your show!
      Now if they'd all leave a comment
      you might crash the whole internet!

    7. Dears friends I dont fight to be first, really not all I do in the morning normally go to see Betsy, Patt or Brian and is the first time I arrive first, I was so lonely LOL:)

    8. Oh, it's always fun to be first! :)

    9. Yeah 1500 would crash my window
      Especially at my work show
      AS the internet is so slow
      Takes forever to do my rhyming flow
      But it keeps going up and up at my sea
      Oh so much fun to see
      Not that it counts for much mind you
      Still nice to view
      Even if I did cheat
      With the meet and greet..haha

      Sure likely story dear
      I know you want to be first here..haha

      Fun to be first
      When you know many more will come after your first burst

    10. Oh I agree
      the higher the number the bigger the glee!
      And anyone who won't admit that
      is just lying while they chat
      Because why do that have that widget at all
      if they don't want the number to rise very tall?

    11. Yep that is how it is
      With all in the blogging biz
      Although I think it is sad
      When some over over 10,000 by a tad
      And only get one comment a day
      That is just pointless I must say

    12. yes, I'd rather have comments for sure
      without them it would be a lonely tour! ha.

    13. Yep would be nowhere near as much fun
      But a rhyme would still be spun

    14. And I'm always late, so what? (sigh)

    15. Yeah late is your fate
      You are just scared others will give the blue guy hate..haha

  3. The cat got probed
    then passed his gasses
    into alien eyes
    it's clear for
    all to see

    For craptastic
    is not a word
    you see
    in verse or prose
    it will not go
    where anal probes
    do journey.

    1. Pfft here if you can say it it's a word
      No matter how absurd
      Now I got those aliens under my control
      And they may come your way for a stroll
      Stopping the alliance in the tracks
      And burning down all your alcohol filled shacks

    2. You speak of things you know nothing about cat. Who do you think controls those aliens in the first place? The Alliance has confirmed that before you passed gas that you were indeed probed and that you enjoyed it.

    3. Pfft The Alliance aliens are weak
      I shipped them up the creek
      Mine are so much better and will win
      While yours are made of nothing more than tin
      And the cat is snip snip too
      So he doesn't get much thrills between me and you..haha

    4. Your squeels of delight were recorded cat. You can't deny it. Why even on my page you talked about 5 vets sticking something up your bum.

    5. That was a thermometor or whatever you call it
      To make sure the cat was nice and fit

    6. I can tell you still love each other very much...

    7. Pfft oh sooo wrong
      Sing another song

    8. I can tell you still loathe each other very much...

    9. That works for me
      And even causes glee

  4. Okay, so now we know what to do, will be off the the superstore and buy a few large cans of Beans! Better be ready......>>>> beans means...fart-a-lots. ..:) You never fail to make me smile :)

    1. Yes that will keep you safe
      So the probe doesn't chafe
      Oh that would just be so nasty I say
      So fart away

  5. Then it was good to go commando after all
    for it is what made all the aliens fall!

    1. Yep the aliens got their due
      From a full moon coming into view

  6. A whole post about gasses and asses
    that will surely bring in the masses
    Comments should get interesting
    and I hope that probe didn't sting
    Didn't it used to be "Take us to your leader!"?
    now it's "Let me probe you with my meter!"

    1. Oh Petsy the cat enjoyed the probe
      he squealed with delight
      and showed no fright
      but said instead
      "Give me another meter"

    2. hahaha your twin will surely like that
      As it had to me done at my mat
      Al stole my underwear one
      So the aliens had to come for fun
      No longer to they care about the leader at all
      They are too dumb at our earthly hall
      So they just want to probe
      All across the globe

      How big do you think my rear is?
      That is some awful biz
      With you picking on rats
      It has now shifted to cats
      You just wanted to see how far it would go?
      Oh payback will surely come to your show

    3. Dez has arrived and my ally will make mince of you cat.

    4. Pfft no penguin man here
      He ran out of fear

    5. You cat, are the last stop on his route. I'm his first. And my Irish men outperformed my Boobies posts. This blogger knows which side her bread is buttered on. Unfortunately for you guys that means more beefcake at my bay.

    6. Bah that is awful to hear
      It strikes fear
      I guess some boobies needs to show from my rear
      I'll have to kick that into gear

    7. You have boobies growing out of your arse cat? That's dreadful. BTW Dez has visited me multiple times already and has yet to set foot on your page. You're being stonewalled by my cohort.

    8. LMAO nope you are wrong
      He was here and beat the comment gong
      He just did it in the post below
      I guess he is hiding from you at my show

  7. You and your fear of getting probed!!! And look at you stereotyping the poor guys. For all you know they could be the stinking cutest, nicest things around!! Why do they have to be grey, blue, or grey?? I think they are pink and pastel yellow!! LOL

    P.S. Was the germ thing War of the Worlds? I think that's how they dyed...I don't remember. :)

    1. LMAO do you really want to compare fears?
      I think with only probing rears
      You surely have me beat
      Anyone who can beat you with fears would surely be quite the feat..haha
      LOL cute and a brute
      Who don't like it when you toot
      They could be rainbow for all I know
      Or fluffy elephant human things that glow
      Either way they scare me
      And I will flee
      Although I hate mimes more
      They are the true evil of lore..haha

      Yep War of the Worlds is was indeed
      The original though the remake just makes my eyes bleed.

    2. Oh my with these mimes!!! Leave them alone!!! They did nothing to you!! Let's not talk about my fears...LOL

      Fluffy elephant human things??? Oh that would interesting. The aliens in my head are adorable. Maybe they just want to be our friends!!

    3. LOL just like the fleas they keep coming back
      Here at my shack
      Yes if we talked about your fears we'd be here all damn day
      Beat any rant I ever had here on display..LMAO

      Yeah who says they are men type figures or whatever
      They could be ants that are very clever
      Pffft if they come here it isn't to be friends with us
      It is to put us on a bus
      And make us slaves do to their bidding
      Of course they could only be kidding

    4. Clever alien ants??? Hmmm, you never know!! As long as they ain't spiders or monster crickets they can stay as long as they like ;)

    5. hahaha well you know those could be other there too
      I hope they never come in your view
      They wouldn't stand a chance
      As you'd bleach them and do a happy dance..haha

  8. This is a public service announcement cat. "You're new post is not showing up in Google Reader" The Alliance disavows all knowledge of how this may have occurred.

    1. YES!!! I saw that stupid thing
      I guess dumb ass blogger is ignoring my wing
      HATE blogger and all their change crap
      I want to make it take a dirt nap
      Think that will help my cause?
      If I see those stupid programmers who changed this crap around I am going to give them the claws
      And a kick to the nether regions too
      This crap just will not do

    2. maybe they just had enough of the gas
      and thought a lesson they'd teach your little ass!

    3. It's happened to me before. It took a while for me to figure out why I had only 4 pageviews after an hour of posting. I'm tired of the crap from the changeover too. A kick in the crackers would be too gentle for these idiots.

    4. haha maybe that is so
      Either way I hate this blogger show
      Free is no reason to be trash
      I'd like to get them in a room and mash

      Happened once a while ago to me too
      I just fecked around with it and I could once again view
      This time it's a no go though
      Stupid ass blogger can eat crow

    5. I tried to pre-schedule a was the Gawk book one and it didn't start at the time I requested. I figure it had to do with them putting me in a different time zone even though I've checked the setting. Stupid thing.

    6. No it wasn't that
      It still works fine at my mat
      What you have to do when scheduling it
      Is actually give POST a hit
      Otherwise it saves it as a draft
      And will not show on your raft
      Took me a time or two to figure that out
      But now to the end of May is scheduled for a shout..haha

    7. are you kidding? I would have never figured that out. lol. OK..I'll remember that. Geesh!
      Thanks, cat.
      I guess you can be more helpful than a rat.

    8. LOL yeah took me a time or two swearing at it to figure it out
      Then I just hit publish after a shout
      Without switching it back from the date
      And it set up fine getting rid of my hate
      See the cat can be useful at times
      In between the rhymes..haha

    9. Thanks for the tip cat. I've always wondered how that is done. If I could get it to work I'd get a few more hours of sleep and still get to post for UK morning traffic. My blog operates on British Standard Time.

    10. Yeah you should easily get it to work
      And it is an added perk
      As I can sleep instead of getting up to post
      And always at the same time which is nice to the ocd of this host..haha

    11. Swear twice
      hit publish
      and shout

      Got it. lol...

    12. haha easy as can be
      Glad I could be helpful at my sea

  9. That is one way to win the war. The UFO's are landing. Head for the gas masks.

    1. Grab the gas
      From ones ass
      And all will be fine
      And oh so divine

  10. haha chemical weapons are the way to win the day it seems, as aliens scream OCD...they are even trying to quiet you as i had to go looking for you, the google gods my be from space and this a silly attempt to save their race....

    anne is right, you got blocked...

    1. Yeah the dirty rotten SOB's
      Must not like fleas on their knees
      As they are trying to shut me up
      Like some pup
      It will not go over well
      I will put them through Hell

    2. aw, at least he did go looking for you.
      He missed you, it's true!
      Or maybe he just had to get his fart fix
      or the entire day would just be nix.

    3. LMAO I would lean to the latter one
      As he needs his fart, ass and gas run
      At least he knows it comes every day
      Here at my way
      And stupid blogger is messing with me
      At my sea

    4. oh it was a gas
      and who would miss what comes out your rhyming

    5. Wow he came back for more
      That is rare at my shore..haha
      With a gas and ass
      Maybe he deserves to win a bass

    6. haha Oh, we better behave now
      if he's going to join the return commenter show!

    7. wow, you really are on blogger's hate list today
      not only are you not in google reader at our bays
      but you didn't update on my sidebar
      Looks like you're missing near and far!

    8. haha bah it was a fluke he came back
      We can still make fun at my shack

      Yeah blogger is being mean
      Not announcing a new post at my scene
      But the comments still fill
      So blogger can suck it at my hill..haha

  11. Replies
    1. Yep save it up
      Then let it out and make them hiccup

  12. Imagine. If we could capture the gas--and destinkify it--that is produced when people eat beans, we could forego natural gas!

    1. Yes we could surely save the planet much trouble
      And bury the oil in rubble

  13. LOL I'm glad it really didn't turn out to be the germs. I thought aw how boring and unoriginal but I was happily surprised to find out their true weakness.

    1. Yeah I don't need to copy a bad Tom Cruise movie
      That would not be groovie
      Or a remake or a remake
      So the gas came to be at my lake

  14. Preventive measures for future alien attacks,
    Waaay better than training soldiers in barracks!

    1. Yeah just teach all how to fart
      It can be quite the art

  15. Inmates of Roswell arent going to like this post BTW. I am going to go off tangent.
    I dont want to ignore UFOs completely. My theory, out of zillions of species in earth only human can talk, and beat escape velocity and travel to outer space and much more, yet cant understand or interpret bow-bow, meaow or anything, and why would any alien be interested to make trip to earth and what are they changes that their species is as smart as we are?
    And even if they do, would we able to understand their language? Whatever, I love the imagination and creative alien theories and stories that are given birth to by these UFOs. More interesting than mythology ones.

    1. Roswell
      Might damn me to Hell
      But yeah I agree
      Why would they bother with you or me
      Unless they wanted to attack us
      And make some fuss
      Stealing what little we have here
      Or just some weirdos bent on fear
      So many theories out there
      But I think there are some out there somewhere

    2. You're right we humans are an arrogant lot. The probability of life on another planet is really high like you said. And like you, I've always wondered if aliens have such advanced technology to travel thousands of light years, why would we interest them.

    3. Yeah we would be nothing more than an ant
      Or some interesting plant
      Which would wither very fast
      And their curiousity would not last
      They'd either make us a thing of the past
      Through leaving or giving us on quick blast

    4. Roswell - I actually wanted to go to UFO festival there just to join the madness and enjoy it for a while.
      Looks like I need your FART gun to drive actual aliens and also pretend alien ones.
      ohh, blame the overwhelming comments about gas here :)

    5. LOL yes tons and tons on gas
      As this tale has come to pass
      I saw the festival on a show once as well
      Woul be fun to go and sit a spell
      To see some crackpots galore
      At the alien shore...haha

  16. An underwear idea? I'm kind of curious...

    1. Well Al did the underwear idea twice
      The cat will have to do one on fuzzy dice

  17. A triple remake counts

    Hollywood does it so much I cant recount

  18. haha..what unexpected weapons it can be sometimes that you can beat aliens with...reminds me a bit of war of the worlds..ya know..

    1. Yeah just not the remake
      That I can not take
      And much weapons can be found
      From anything on the ground to the pound

  19. At least we're all prepared for an alien invasion now!

  20. If confronted by UFO, I now know what to do!

    1. haha I hope they don't have protection
      Then they might be on fart detection..haha

  21. the germs that did or did not have a cow, did that have to do with mad cows disease?

    apollo and the two muses

    1. LOL no nothing to do with mad cow
      But hmmm that could work too I suppose some how

  22. ha! snort... in the end, it all comes down to bodily function...
    and who knew we all carried our own lethal weapons?

    1. haha I got a snort
      At my court
      Oh so much fun
      And yeah the fart resistance has begun

  23. A person needs to get a six pack
    then come to Pat's blog and kick back
    the poems are funny and most often cool
    but the comments, I'm tellin ya, they rule!

    Always fun to visit your blog!

    1. LOL yeah could spend a good hour or so
      Going through the comments at my show
      As many come and many go
      Some even with a rhyming flow

  24. You know, I was trying to think of what you'd come up with U. I thought you'd go across the blogosphere and pull out unusual stories and stuff, but the alien invasion is much better. Hey I believe in UFO's or at least that those who believe in them really do, well most anyhow, for there are many that just do it for their 15 minutes, but yeah, why not. Fun alien roar today. But you mention the underwear. I'm sure that would have been grand, perhaps the cat eating the underwear gnomes from that south park stroll, now wouldn't that have just been cool.

    1. haha unusual stories would be fun
      Maybe one day that can be done
      I believe they exist too
      But they may not be what many expect as they give a view
      Others are full of crap
      Trying for the 15 minute lap
      LOL that would have been interesting indeed
      But Al took all the underwear to his feed

  25. I will have to remember this when I am confusing Martians with swamp gas. K.

    1. Yeah those two you would never want to confuse
      Those Martians can surely abuse

  26. Why am I thinking of another kind of gas
    while reading your beautiful jazz
    It's obvious someone's been busy
    Trying to impress Jessie

    1. I guess the gas is just confusing
      As I am amusing
      Here at my sea
      Trying to impress this Jessie..haha

  27. So finally the aliens and gas
    gets its own post, and posthaste
    saves the guy from fright,
    so eat beans before you heed out tonight ~

    1. Yep suck back the beans when you hit the street
      The aliens will suffere defeat
      And all will be right
      As farts have bite

    2. LOL I see I spelled suffer wrong as I type fast
      But glad it was a blast

  28. Sorry I stink.
    That much is true
    But hey, don't you think
    underwear's PU?

    1. A little bit of a cheat
      But such a treat
      As underwear is PU
      And it can be kept by you

  29. That is entirely too funny! Wait 'til I tell my son how the aliens died. Now he'll have a great excuse for passing gas in public because you never know where aliens might be lurking!

    1. hahaha that may get embarrassing if done in the public eye
      But at least those aliens will all die..haha

  30. a commando cat and gassy aliens on top at last
    i know what beans mean based on reactions to me in my past
    boobs in the butt and probed on the run sound bad but it could be worse
    like the chances of me being the commenter who is always first
    but i like checking out the conversation awhile so i can groove to your style
    'cuz i'm not the only one who leaves with a smile

    1. Yep it has come to pass
      As I gave the aliens some gas
      I can tell you read the comments too
      As boobs in the butt was a big
      Chances of being first can be slim
      As it seems to fill to the brim
      And glad the cat can give a smile
      As he and his comments last a good long while

  31. oh no! a UFO on our globe,
    grey men with a butt probe -
    dislodging my frontal lobe
    i'm falling in to the germ vortex
    but its ok, i didnt feel a thing
    - their leader sucked out my cortex
    with his great big grey hoover din a ling!

    as ever pat - i had a blast :D

    1. LOL hmmm I never heard of their din a ling
      That causes more fear at my wing
      I guess I need to find the cure for that
      Before they too suck the brain out of the cat

  32. Yeah, it is our germs who knew?

    Uh, the Native Americans?
    Nice UFO show; I am, as any true lady would be, defenseless.

    1. hahaha so you say
      But do I believe that at my bay?

  33. I just ate some bad tacos... I think I could fend off an entire alien race with my gas.

    1. You found your calling
      The aliens would sure find it appalling

  34. Jiminy were at 1500 followers when I saw this...maybe i need to add more rhymes to my posts.

    1. hahaha yeah the rhymes seem to do the trick
      As around here people stick

  35. So now the green guys turn gray..How fey...that they should part cuz of a fart......*islapmyfaceawake* See, now you have me doing it. LMAO! What fun you are, Pat!

    1. LMAO so fun when I get people to rhyme
      In there comment chime
      Don't slap yourself to hard though
      An imprint might show..haha

  36. at least it was germs and not H20

    1. Yeah water has been done
      Farting as not been given a run

  37. It's your fate when made to work late. Great fun as usual Pat.

    1. haha I hope I don't work too late
      To get probed I would hate..haha

  38. how come I haven't seen this post, so far, Cat? Is Annzie messing with your account again :) Good girl!

    1. Yeah it was yesterday when Blogger, at least I think it was blogger, decided they did not want to show
      My rhyming flow
      On any bloglist
      I was pissed

  39. Beans, beans, the musical fruit
    the more you eat, the more you toot
    and when those aliens come to call
    just fart in their face and get rid of 'em all!

    Sorry, just couldn't resist!
    Always fun to read, Pat, your rhyming is unsurpassed!

    1. hahaha I like your version the best
      Gets rid of each alien pest
      Unsurpassed is nice to say as well
      Here at my rhyming cell

  40. Great right, Pat, love the theme and the witty satire. UFOs always fascinated me and I even believed they existed at one time in my life! I even wrote a play, but anyway... very funny stuff, as usual, and I really enjoyed it. I think it was as good for me as it was for you? :)

    1. LOL in this case I can agree
      It was good to break free
      And send those aliens to their grave
      As I found their weakness at my cave
      Even wrote a play
      That is cool I will say

  41. Where do you think most aliens are located, Pat? Except for the blogosphere, of course.

    1. Seems they are all in the US from the reports
      But you know they are the paranoid sorts
      Most are located in outer space
      And never show their face

  42. Good thing you didn't say Ireland, for you know Ireland is great.

    1. hahaha those Irish are aliens anyway
      So they dont't count as an aliens from outer space docking bay


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