If haciendas ichwhen Does Not Make You Go Comatose. I Surely Will As Today You Get A Double Dose!

No, I will not post twice in one day, at least at my bay. For Working Dan whined and whined asked for a guest post. So one was done by this host. So after you're done Click here, although it's a bit more ummm graphic I fear.

Not only does Blogger have me still going Back to the Future in the comments below, where the time thingy seems to show. But some moron decided to make the WV crap, take a double lap. Hell! It isn't even double it's more like triple WV that has decided to bubble. Then they put that black smudge crap there in the middle of it and expect me to decipher their shit. Also the dirty rotten strats seem to have a thing against cats. Not updating the blogroll of people when I posted the other day and who knows if that will stay. Yeah, six hours later it did. Finally deciding to flip open its lid.

Yeah yeah yeah free! But there is a point when free doesn't cause glee. Making it become more of a strain with this stupid WV lane makes free the equivalent of giving blood to a flea. That's free too even if it is ewww. Don't believe the cat, check out these gross things I've had to type in when visiting each mat.

Comment is done
No WV, such fun.
Oops this one has it.
Before WV only annoyed a bit.

Now what I see is gross.
And sometimes one can't even diagnose.
What the hell the WV states.
Like some drunk dates.

felbeste preparar is grand,
certain joitiat can pound sand.
was ilitee and annoying too.
THE emananc knows it's true.

44blf comantones can bite me.
Gertyl TigMenat? Do you need to pee?
preseperatin escago must be heavy.
As leftior gosle broke the levee.

miller's dingitu
Brian, is this true?
WV seems mad at you.
Does a dingitu have a clue?

Annoyed by this crap yet?
I think it's a safe bet.
Typing it in is even worse,
Truly does make you want to curse.

Now times your annoyance by ten,
As that black smudge shows at each WV den.
Making it the wrong damn thing as you type it in.
But it's oh sooo free so take it on the chin.

Right? Glamrourous fretio Right?
So stupid that this thing took flight.
The cat would never say how to run a blog.
But in case you are in a fog.

I got rid of it long ago,
And maybe once a month, if that, a spam thing will flow.
So WV is big fat crap!
Make it take a dirt nap.

Turn the stupid thing off and make it need approval from you first.
Then you can still approve each burst,
Before they are seen,
Deleting those you deem obscene.

There is no need for a triple WV word upgrade,
So make the damn thing fade.
With words longer than whoopdi friggin doo,
WV needs to be flushed down the loo.

I questioned WV before at my shore, but that was just to see and I could see the points in having it at ones tree. But now! Now it needs to take a bow and get kicked off the stage. It needs to be poofed from each page. If I wanted to type medical terminology each day this blog would be a medical bay. I do give blogger props for the reply, after it got fixed of course, but WV has to DIE! As always they take one step forward fifty steps back and deserve each and every attack. Those words aren't even fun to look at anymore with their huge mass. So in closing WV can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. What is a VW beast?
      Does it like to eat yeast...lol

  2. Replies
    1. I know what that was is though
      And it should die and never grow

  3. Replies
    1. amen brother, word verification will surely smother many that are willing to comment, it rather makes me vomit, i know there is a movement of people who are refusing to visit if you have WV on you posts, so please be gracious hosts and cut it out of our lives, before it gives me hives

    2. Nice post
      From the WV ghost

      Yeah I heard there were some refusing to comment if it was still on
      Don't get why they need it at their lawn
      For after just typing that atroscious looking word in there once should be enough
      To make them realize WV has to die and seeing it is tough
      Vomit is a good word for it
      As it can surely cause it a bit

  4. I hear you with the WV crap. Those things are about impossible to read. Drives me nuts and makes me not want to leave a comment.

    Also, I hope I wasn't too vulgar in your guest post. It was all in good fun so don't take offense. Just thought it would enhance the readers experience.

    1. Yeah I have to do them 3 or 4 times
      Even if I put in the correct chimes
      It has gotten so stupid it needs to die
      And yeah the retort was such fun that no offense was taken by this guy
      Err umm cat
      At your mat

  5. I'm glad I got of the word verify part of my blog before they tweaked the dashboard.

    I'm wasn't that comfortable in making people jump through that many hoops in order for them to leave a comment on my blog.

    Just needed them to jump through one tiny hoop.

    1. One tiny hoop isn't bad
      As approving the comments doesn't make one mad
      But that WV crap is just a load of bull that needs to die
      Glad you made the stupid thing fry

  6. me and my penguins have been working on a cunning secret mission of hacking all the blogs which use WV or as we call it "the spawn of Satan". We expect you to cover Canada, Pat, in this mission. Now are you with us?

    On a serious note, there is a mutual agreement around the blogosphere never to use WV, so the ones who insist on using it should be excluded from our society and we should not leave comments at their places.

    1. The cat usually doesn't work with penguins and their flinging poo
      But just this one time a partnership will come due
      As we have to stop this WV crap
      And make it take a dirt nap
      I see many turning it off
      But some just scoff
      And leave the damn thing on
      So yeah we should avoid their lawn
      Until it they go for the kill
      For WV needs to be buried under a big ass hill

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Commentint? Hmm I guess that will work
      We'll beat that WV jerk

    4. Oooh a secret mission!
      I'd sign that petition.
      Hope you win the WV war
      and let commenting freedom soar!

    5. haha...I was correcting
      as you were commenting.

    6. LOL you didn't let your mistake stay and shine
      But it was so divine
      And nothing beats the quickie
      And you let that stay stickie...hahahaha

    7. still thinking of the quickie, are you?
      that was funny, too.
      but that wasn't a typo
      I meant to let that show.

    8. haha just the most recent one that popped in
      In my collective brain bin
      Couldn't use sweat as that was me
      At your sea..lol

    9. Yes, your tongue was sweating as I recall
      oh, that was funny happening at my hall.

    10. Least my slip up was only a written one
      Your numb adventure was truly done..hahaha

    11. Well, you got me there, as you said.
      Always exhale while spraying Raid.

      And how is that we always have a conversation at Dez's comment
      and he never comes back to join it?

    12. Poor Dez starts something and is unable to finish it
      So we have to do it bit by bit
      Then when we are done
      He is too scared of all our fun

    13. you two should get a room :PPPPP
      Me had a power cut for two hours in my headquarters. I suspect the WV mafia heard about my plans and organized an attack!

    14. Me don't want no room
      Me like your doom
      Me think it was those WV people too
      Me think they don't want you to view

    15. The WV Mafia will get you in the night
      and take you out of sight
      Then you'll cry for me and Pat
      to come rescue you like that.
      You'll say you're sorry for the tease
      and you'll do whatever we please.
      We might consider being nice
      if you ask us more than twice.
      A room! Geesh.

    16. I'll let poor Dez fry
      His penguins won't let him die
      They'll wait until the WV guys
      Plaster him in a word disguise
      Making him a WV billboard for all to see
      And then maybe set him free

    17. Dez will look like a mummy
      wrapped with WV strips around his tummy.
      We could bribe the penguins with some food
      and they'd leave him there, oh how rude.

    18. hahaha sounds like a plan
      Dez the WV man

    19. trust me, you don't want to see me dressed like a mummy, tight outfits never looked good on moi, we penguins prefer tuxedos. And if I put on a tuxedo I can even bring you some champaigne and strawberries as a butler at your hotel room that you two took together :)

    20. Dez the Butler waddling about
      Although I may make you pout
      Us Canadians don't tip well
      But I'll surely ring that bell
      Just to see you waddle around
      Every time the bell makes a sound..haha

  7. It's definitely the worst part of blogger.

  8. Horrible stuff. I can't imagine who dreamed it up! I just can't imagine people with sight impairments struggling with this crap. I do think it will come to not visiting sites that use WV after a while.

    1. Yeah whoever came up with this extra length crap needs a good kick
      Right in their umm wick
      And if they don't have one
      Shooting them in the foot needs to be done..lol
      But yeah it will come to that
      So one needs to get rid of WV at their mat

  9. Yes, Pat, it is making my eyes cringe too. I have turned mine off in both blogs, and so far, so good. I wish more bloggers would be aware of this, as it really helps comments and hits on their sites.

    Thanks for putting this out ~

    Yehoo for a long weekend ~

    1. Yeah there isn't that much spam that comes through
      So WV doesn't need to come due
      Glad you took it off both as well
      For looking at those big long ass words was just hell
      And no long weekend for me
      Damn I hate my sea..haha

    2. Poor Pat ~ Just keep on rhyming at your bay ~

    3. Yes I will have to do so
      Curse that damn work show...haha

  10. I agree completely. Yeah, I know, I've defended Blogger in the past when they've had little glitches, and people complained at length about something they get for free. Having said that... Free or not, Blogger's change for the worse simply sucks. And their spam filters are good enough so that WV is no longer necessary, which is why I stopped using my WV option months ago.

    1. Before I could see where you were coming from too
      As the small little wv word that came due
      Didn't really bother me
      As sometimes it was fun to see
      But this is just plain appaling to say the least
      Like these words were dreamt up by some three eyed beast
      Who could see through the smudge
      And the big word sludge
      Agreed too
      The spam filters keep tons from coming due
      As said I had like one or two in the last few months here
      So for all of those who fear
      That stupid spam at their sea
      All WV does is make people flee

  11. Good to know, I will have to turn off my WV, not that I've figured out what it is. Now, I'm off to check out your guest post.

    1. Yes turn it off
      Or others will scoff
      And you will get less views
      Because it gives many the blues

  12. Really Pat I hate always the verification word, is a really crap, when you have to see a lot of blogs and all have this, is terrible.
    And Im agree this new is horrible, like Heaven my eyes hurt with these, Hope the bloggers try dont use this because is a merde:)

    1. Look at you swearing in another language at my sea
      hahahaha causes such glee
      Yeah makes my eyes hurt too
      Especially with that black smudge that comes due
      It is complete merde and so much more
      And needs to be gotten rid of at every shore

    2. merde? That lost me for sure!
      Need to find a dictionary and take a tour!

    3. Yeah Fox got it
      I guess some of that bi-lingual stuff rubbed off on this nitwit..haha

    4. and here I thought it would be spanish
      I think I better stick to english
      although I'm learning a little patzillia-ese
      from all of this editing.

    5. Yeah I thought it be spanish too
      That she would leave to view
      hahaha patzilla has his own way
      With words that display
      Strat you know
      And many new ones will flow
      But all are real words used
      Besides strat(in my context) and another that will come due, so hope you don't feel abused..haha

    6. No, not feeling abused
      but I'm only into chapter 2.
      Maybe we should call it Orlinese.
      The sound of that does please.
      Rolls nicely off the tongue
      even if it might be numb.

    7. and why are we both saying rolls off the tongue?
      what a strange phrase to be double done.
      Did you stick that in my brain
      when I was touring yours again?

    8. aaah look at you laughing me, mmmm! ok, only english or spanish, sorry me, or pardon :)

    9. I think they were laughing at me
      for not knowing any french, you see! :)

      how are you dear gloria?

    10. haha Orlinese works well
      As he makes plenty of noises signfying a yell
      Before book four has come to pass
      Creating lots of sass
      I guess the rolling tongue is on a roll
      Or you did take another brain stroll

    11. I'm so glad I came by today
      a new word I learned to say
      And even though it might be leery
      I've added to my vocabulary

    12. Now you know one word in french
      And can swear at some old wench..haha

    13. I know a french word, you see
      and a little Orlinese, if you please.

    14. Orlinese is more body language and noises in the book
      But then it is rhyming here at my nook
      So now you know both ways
      As he gives his yellow eyed gaze

    15. I know all about the yellow eyed gaze
      there are nine pair here looking my way.

    16. All nine indoors
      Running across your floors?

    17. Only Whiskers is inside
      laying on my keyboard. Sigh. :)
      The other eight are looking through the door
      wanting a treat but prefer the outdoors. :)

    18. haha well at least she doesn't bit your toes
      That brings woes
      8 cats looking through the door
      You need a pic of that for your blog shore

  13. I've been pissed off by it all weekend long and it didn't even occur to me that since I moderate my comments I don't need it...I'm off to make sure I don't have it....and if I do, the next step-trying to figure out how to remove the damn thing. (How difficult can it be?)

    Thanks for another great post, Pat!

    1. In answer to my own question, I had to switch back to the old format of Blogger interface to have the option to remove the word verification, but, I got it done =)

    2. Yeah having it on and approving comments too
      Is kind of redundent between me and you..haha
      Didn't know one had to switch back
      I just thought there was a button you click at your shack
      Under settings that says whether or not you want it on
      At your lawn
      And then poof it goes away
      From the comment display

  14. Fun with word verify!!! I love things like this--only WV isn't really so fun anymore. It's all fonky and unreadable. Gone are the days of bugsmint. :D

    1. Yeah gone are those days when it was semi-fun
      To see what wv would give a run
      Now it is a load of crap
      That needs to take a big dirt nap

  15. It just took me like 10 min to figure out the WV is word verification!!! I do have to agree with you...the words are HORRIBLE. Are they even words? I don't think they are all English. There is an option where you can "hear" the word. Poor blogger is trying to get ready for the vocab part of the SATs. hahaha

    What's with your flea obsession??? Making me itchy again! And I saw your hidden "glamourous" in there. I knew you wanted a subscription to Glamour mag!!! It's good for your groupies called "The Cracks". LMAO

    1. LOL 10 minutes? Wow! No wonder you don't know what that store of yours stands for
      3 words to decipher might take you hours are your shore..hahahaha
      I don't think many are even words
      Just something made up by birds
      We have no SATs up here
      So blogger should shove WV for Canadians and my rhyming rear
      LOL I guess I got the flea on the brain
      Here at my rhyming lane
      Plus if it makes you itchy
      And a bit twitchy
      Such fun to use
      And to abuse..haha
      That is what came up with one of those things
      So no glamour mag still with tutu's or some angel like wings
      I guess it could give The Cracks some exposure though
      They are free to bare all and show..hahaha

    2. Convenience, Value, Service ... CVS... LOL!!!!

      No SATS? You're making Canada sound amazing. We have ACTS, SATS, Regents, and AP tests. Sigh... No wonder there are so many people that can't graduate high school. lol

      Pat and The Cracks. I can't stop laughing at that. I even say it out loud as I type it just b/c it makes me laugh!!!! hahahaha

    3. LOL there you go
      And if you can spend hours there I guess it hits every word it lets show

      Nope! No SAT's, No AP tests, No Regents, whatever those are
      And nothing else at our Canadian bar
      Just the normal exams and crap like that
      Not that they couldn't be done by Pat
      But I'll take the ease any day
      Up here my way..haha

      Sounds like some weird band name too
      You got me saying it as well when I view
      Oh what a walmart video can do
      While you and Creepy Cupid form your own crew..hahaha

    4. What? Like Gladys Nights and the Pips? LOL!!!!!!!

      Jax and her Creepy Cupids is wayyyy better than Pat and The Cracks!!!!!

    5. hahaha yeah that sounds good
      Trademark it I should
      At least mine rolls off the tongue better than yours
      Although not sure many would shout for crack encores...hahahaha

  16. It really has gotten bad
    two words to decipher must be had
    I have to refresh a few times
    to ask for another choice sublime
    before I can even begin to read
    what they want me to type and see.
    Always hated it before
    now it's just crazy and more.
    Don't really need it with the filters working
    they catch almost everything that is lurking
    And if you block anonymous commenters
    you can feel really safe for sure.

    1. Yeah I have to refresh too
      As I can't make out its view
      True on the anonymous thing
      But then with the pains blogger does bring
      Sometimes you need the anon on
      So people can use it to still comment at your lawn
      Either way not much crap comes from a spammar
      Who deserve a good whack with a hammer

  17. Wait, having the WV doesn't mean you block the obscene it just means the obscene must fill in the WV!

    1. haha yeah that is pretty much the size of it
      So it makes no sense, not one bit

  18. I hate WV so very much. But I loved the Workingdan guest post, so that makes up for my anger a little bit, right...?

    1. Yeah I offset your anger with the guest post
      See aren't I such a considerate host?..haha

  19. I have to say that it is such a chore,

    to type just two words,

    my eye is so sore,

    from getting things wrong

    like wowhnemis and flagjuilion

    1. Yeah mine is sore as well
      That black smudge thing is hell
      Can't even see the full word or letters or whatever
      Should use it never

  20. Love it Pat. Your posts sometimes do melt my head, without them I'd maybe be dead.

    1. Well glad I can keep your alive
      And hopefully your brain will survive..haha

  21. lol at myself first actually ... thanks to Gloria i know what you were talking about! thank you Gloria!! ok ... (had a tiring day, least to say) ... i don't even know if i ask people to use it on my site, will check and try to simplify ...

    1. Nope no WV at your shore
      So people can easily take the tour
      Good of Gloria to give help
      So you won't yelp..lol

    2. heeyyy Pat! I hate the verification word, always! I never used:)
      You are welcome Birdie (lol)

    3. Yeah it's a real piece of merde
      And for all others that means shit
      Does it could rhyming the same word in french and english at my bay
      Hmmm that could make a post one day

  22. I tell them once, and if the time after that it's still there I stop commenting.

    1. That's a good way to go about it
      Makes them rethink their stupid WV bit

  23. That WV smudge is such a drudge.
    Oh, I think I shall surely die.
    For when forced to trudge through all of that sludge.
    It's worse than a stick in the eye.

    NOTE: I realize the above makes little sense. But, seriously, have you ever had a stick in your eye?

    1. haha can't say I've ever had a stick to the eye
      That would surely make me cry
      If it went right through
      I would surely die too
      Had a nail to the foot though
      Is that similiar to your stick to eye flow?

  24. You have great mind. You are so funny sometimes..

    1. A great mind that is a little wacky
      Some of the sights also may be a bit tacky..haha

  25. Replies
    1. One word
      Glad it's awesome and you didn't want to flip me the bird...lol

  26. I could live with typing the words, but that smudge thingie drives me nuts!

    1. Yeah that smudge is the most awful piece of crap ever
      Who ever came up with that isn't very clever

  27. '' Turn the stupid thing off and make it need approval from you first.
    Then you can still approve each burst,
    Before they are seen,
    Deleting those you deem obscene. '' My fav verse out of this...So Genius. Keep them coming.

    1. Oh they will keep coming every day
      As my muse lets me play at my bay

  28. STOP Collaborate and listen
    follow me back and my eyes will glisten
    drop a comment, one or two
    and cant wait to read more from you

    1. A rhyme is grand
      I give you a hand
      So will visit your land
      And tune up the rhyming band

  29. Totally agree, but with the cat on the hunt I'm sure it'll get fixed soon, probably only temporarily as is typically the case for me, they still say I haven't posted this year, or at least that's what I think I saw the other day. But this new WV is the worst, I read every single dverse piece the other day, perhaps it was friday, so thursdays, but I couldn't comment on them all, because every time the WV made me feel as if I was dumb, one seems to be a normal word so you think this isn't too absurd, but the other one is like watching a 3D film injected with a heavy dose of LSD of course without the glasses needed to see the remedy. You write once, wrong, twice, wrong again, three times the charm, nope and that's it for me- WV must die. Great topic, great write. Cat for CEO of all things Google, a bet that would fix things, even if it comes with a bad case of OCD-lol

    1. Yeah I put in the wrong one once just for fun
      And it let the comment run
      Weird and stupid this WV crap
      Needs to take a dirt nap
      Reminding me of 3D too
      That is an even worse thing to view
      That can shove that up the old gazoo
      Along with a WV or two
      LOL with a bad case of ocd
      Many would be set straight and have glee
      Although nothing would be free
      As I'd want a bigger bush number three

  30. WV is like the Grendel of the internet...if only there was a Beowulf to slay it

    1. If only he would slay
      That would just make my day

  31. I clicked on the link you have up above, and the roast was pretty funny.
    As always ...great rhymes.

    1. It was fun to give a roast
      To that working dan host
      And as always the rhymes will come
      From my little rhyming bum

  32. "annoyed as crap yet I think thats a safe bet" Lol best part of the poem

    1. haha tapped into everyone
      As anyone having to go through that wv thing is annoyed a ton

  33. "flushed down the loo" LOL! That was an AWESOME rhyme. ;)

    1. That is directly where it should go
      In the sewers below

  34. I always type the words wrong :(

    1. Yeah many a time I do as well
      That black smudge can be hell

  35. Replies
    1. Word Verification is what the WV stands for
      But I'm sure you got that by the tenth encore

  36. I'm surprised you're able to post once a day what with all the comments you leave...

    1. It can be a task
      But I have a superhero mask..haha

  37. What about this WV crap?
    May put some off their best
    Let it be it's no drag
    Life goes on nonetheless


    1. True life will go on
      Still annoying as hell at any blog lawn

  38. The new WV is insane. Either that or I've actually forgotten my alphabets ;)


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