Let's Explore Another Nut Job That Has Come Ashore!

This happened weeks back. The cat just finally had time to share and make fun of Pat at his shack..

So Pat took a break from his hermit status at the calling of some other umm apparatus and went on a date. Hoping the nut jobs were no longer his fate. I guess the prospective b&c looked sane. But as you can surmise from the title prospective b&c began to let the nut job clues rain. She was off her rocker and reminded him of a stalker, which he has had so not an oblivious lad. Not b&c material indeed which works well for the cat and his attention need. We'll go with TheWhere for this one as the cat goes on a rhyming run.

Signs TheWhere was a nut job and probably a slob:

1. TheWhere lived up to her name and asked questions all the same. Mainly, where do you live? Like that info Pat was going to freely give. It was asked 39 FING times! He counted all the chimes. So either there was some sort of amnesia at play, as he said the darkside and that was it to describe our bay, or sure sign you may get stalked and have your door knocked.

2. TheWhere also has to know when you go. Well maybe not that bad but she wanted to Facebook that Pat lad. Saying it would be fun to see when he was doing something and she could give him an easy ring. Find out more about him that way and they could Facebook play. No lie! Which confused the poor guy. What the hell is Facebook play? Even the cat is confused on that display. Oh well don't use that Facebook crap much anyway, so safe there at our bay.

3. Also to go along with the place of our lair for which she thought him not telling was rare, TheWhere said she could show up and surprise sometime. Thinking that would just be sublime. Right! Like the cat wants a nut job knocking on the door day or night.

4. TheWhere began planning already as her mouth ran steady. Saying how Pat could meet her friends soon and go camping with the loon. Like going in a hole is oh so grand and sleeping on the damn land. Not to mention being alone with a nut job rather stay home and watch What About Bob? But that wasn't it to her little fit. TheWhere was pretty much planning life down to the last drop, was surprising she didn't say where their bodies would flop. Ranting about having hair pullers too, they are rugrats for those confused of you.

5. TheWhere LOVED everything and I mean everything. Pat came up with some of the strangest things to say, which I'm sure many can imagine from viewing my bay and TheWhere loved it, loved doing it, loved it because he liked it and was truly a nut job with her love fit. Pat even contradicted himself just to see and she loved the first one and not five minutes later loved the second one he gave a run. i.e. I like A better than B, five minutes later, I like B better than A. Each one made her day. Any normal non-nut job would have said he was full of shit but not TheWhere, she just had a love fit. Then for the 39th time came where do you live at? As the bill was paid by Pat. Luckily he had cash so paid that and made a quick dash.

Suffice to say Pat got out of there fast wanting to put that horrible experience in the past. So the grocery store is off the list for potential mate finding sites and Pat will go back to being a hermit most nights. Then again after such a date, that doesn't seem like an awful fate. So rack up another nut job at our sea, kind of fills the cat with glee.

Now you know some extra nut job facts. The cat is so glad he doesn't have to deal with any of those acts. Maybe the snip snip was worth it, at least a little bit. And if you have not surmised yet don't fret. For if ever Pat brings one home where the cat tends to roam. To the cat she'd be a ball and chain. So that is what b&c stands for at my lane. Hope you enjoyed the nut job class and I'm glad TheWhere will never see my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I have to admit that I do feel a little sorry for TheWhere Pat although you did make the right choice since she is obviously mentally damaged or something, I hate those girls who ask questions all the time, just having a conversation with them is like playing a full on game of 21 questions haha.

    1. If they aren't a nut job the questions are okay
      But saying them over and over causes dismay
      Obviously a stalker clingy needy one
      So Pat was sure to run..haha

  2. Replies
    1. If she does you can have both
      I'll send them north, west, east or south

    2. Okay I'll point her in that direction
      And hope she finds your ummm errr oh hell erection...LOL

    3. What I really really want to know is

      what really happened in the date ?????

      I am commenting up here because I know I am late..ha..ha..

    4. In the date?
      That's what happen and is just my fate
      Lazy as can be
      Posting high at my sea...lol

  3. Bunny boilers or cat boilers...you gotta love them!

    1. You don't gotta love
      But they may sometimes fit like a glove..haha

  4. Poor Pat! Of course, we got a laugh. Can't wait for the next date. I hope it doesn't come too late.

    Geeze, I have to stop this rhyming. It's really your thing. Lol

    1. hahaha yeah worth a laugh now that it has come to pass
      And had to be used by the cat's rhyming ass
      You rhymed just fine at my sea
      And who knows when the next will cross bush number three

  5. Well, one good thing came out of the date...
    a poem to serve on your plate!

    1. haha yeah got a post for the cat
      I guess it's worthwhile having that dirty human Pat..haha'

      Agreed too
      Look at you

  6. lol, Pat. really, 39 times ?
    well, i did ask a guy where he worked everytime we met (about 5-6 times), and finally i got the answer one day. it wasn't bad.
    but yeah, in your case, it's different although i somewhat do feel sorry for her a little :p

    1. Yeah, my brain remembers all
      And I counted it 39 friggin times to use at my hall
      After a couple times when you find out they aren't a nut
      Don't care if they know my hut
      Kind of felt sorry you say
      Pffft don't she's prob causing some other poor sucker dismay

  7. Replies
    1. I got a pretty interesting for R
      That is new at my bar

  8. Repeat after me in captain Caveman style: WHY ME-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!!!!!!!! Well, done. Now take a deep breath and on to the next one.

    1. hahaha I think my deep breath will last quite a while
      Before I once more go down the nut job mile
      But you never know
      How it will go

  9. Replies
    1. LOL smart arse today aren't we blue guy
      That questions needs to die..hahaha

  10. Awesome post.

    I get annoyed when someone asks me a question once. 39 times might send me into homicidal levels of rage.

    And she does sound a bit cray cray. :-)

    1. LOL I surpressed my homicidal rage
      And just kept count so I could use it on my page
      Don't know how anyone can even ask the same damn thing that many times
      Guess they like the sound of their own chimes
      And yeah nut job indeed
      So I took heed

  11. A clingy needy girl, not even worth a one night whorl as she'd stalk and you'd balk then an order to restrain would have to be got. Wait a while and a better will come.

    1. Yeah not worth a fling
      For I'd get the cling
      And have to move far far away
      From my current bay
      Not that that would be a bad thing
      But dealing with a stalker nut job at my wing
      Is not something I care to do once more
      So I will wait for better at my shore

  12. Pat the Hermit :) And do you have a dark castle in the middle of the woods for your reclusive style? :)

    1. No it is a bunker inside a mountain type complex so I'll be save when the aliens come
      And they won't shove anything up my bum..lol

    2. You know Pat, there's a joke in here just begging to be made. I'll wait and see if Dez comes back and mentions the cucumber from your other post.

    3. LOL I can see where it's going
      Let's see if Dez starts crowing
      As I stepped into that one
      But oh well makes for fun

    4. they don't have to shove anything up your bum, there are other "shoveable" places :)))

    5. There he is. Hello Dezzie dear, I knew you'd have something clever to say to the cat!! I'm starting to feel sorry for you Pat. Really I am, really truly sorry...

    6. hahaha bah Pat can take anything that penguin lover can dish out
      You mean they'll shove the probe up my nose making me shout?
      Well at least they'll clear the sinuses out well and good for me
      Bah no need to feel sorry..haha

    7. penguin lover? Anne, this Cat the Pat is seeing romance everywhere, we must buy him a nice Persian female cat to keep him company :)

    8. LOL the cat doesn't get along with those big fluffy ones
      He gives them the runs
      And makes sure they leave
      And probably even grieve.

  13. How about "The Pat Cave." I like it!

    1. haha the Pat Cave hmmmm I like it too
      Will save that one if a man type cave ever comes due

  14. LMAO!! Oh, I really enjoyed this post. I love when other people attract creepers and then list out why. hahaha

    Aww, TheWhere. Did you happen to accidentally hit this one with a shopping cart? Grocery stores should have a warning at the front door. Warning: Creepers lurk in the frozen food aisle and near the vegetables. That drooling, twitching freak hovering around the turnips doesn't really want to know ripeing vegetable tips!

    Did she really want to go camping? CAMPING?!?! Who says that?! "I've enjoyed our hour meal and polite conversation. Would you like to go hike up a mountain, spear some fish, and converse over a camp fire next time?" hahahahaha

    1. I agree Jax !camping????? aahhh your mind Pat!!

    2. anyway I dont have problem to camping (lol)

    3. LOL oh yeah as long as the creepers don't bother you
      It's alright if for others they come due...hahahaha
      But then again they bother you daily it seems
      Even creepy cupid in your dreams
      So seeing others share your pain
      On the crazy train
      Must be fun
      Glad I could help it be done..lol

      Hmmm accidentally, yes that would be it
      Should have rammed it with quite the hit..lol
      It was the frozen food aisle too
      LOL a warning business should also be made up by you
      Creeper Warnings for stores of all kinds
      To help you avoid those creeper binds..haha

      Yeah, and it's cold outside too
      She wanted crapping in a damn hole to come due
      Pfft like that would ever happen with that nut
      She just threw it in there to break up her where do you live rut
      And seemed so like it was the greatest idea ever
      I wish I had a lever
      Making the ground beneath her open up wide
      And sending her for a ride..lol
      Guess she wanted to get her kombayaya's out
      Or go fish for some trout..lol

      Hey it wasn't my mind
      Or the cat's little behind

      I have a problem with it
      Just not a hit

    4. Was it really the frozen food aisle?? I told you!!! You should ask before you go cart ramming! hahahaha The Date Along Warning Label Texting School Cracks Manager. LMAO Just keep adding to the list!

      You should have gave her Flappy's address. If she got mad you could've just said that you wanted to "surprise" her back! hahaha Who knows? The two of them could become bffs solving two of your problems. Plus, wouldn't you love to hear stories of the two of them sharing a tent and running away from bears???? LMAO Still can't get over that camping thing!

    5. OMG Pat! you dont stop never:)))

    6. haha yep it was you must have your psychic powers at play
      Or just know that's where the crazies lay..haha
      hahaha should you'll have enough labels next to your name
      You'll need your own billboard because of all your fame..haha

      LOL I have Flappy's address too
      Since I have to bill her for what comes due
      So that would have been an interesting idea to use
      Although then Flappy would prob flap that she know me and where I work and light that fuse
      Although if the bears got them first
      I guess I wouldn't hear of such a burst..hahaha
      LOL beats me why camping was so important to say
      I just got the hell out of there and locked myself once more in my bay

    7. Yeah Gloria I never stop
      You gonna call a rhyming cop?..lol

    8. I don't have psychic powers! I'm just chock full of stalker knowledge. Ask me anything! hahaha

      LMAO I should change the signature on my work e-mail to display all my new titles. I deserve recognition for working so hard.

      Did you check the door knob twice just to really make sure that it was locked? You don't want her showing up outside your door with a tent and marshmallows! Aww those poor bears. It would be like Pinocchio when the sharks swallows them. They'll still be yapping in the poor animals tummy!! :)

    9. LOL a stalker reference book you are
      So all can come near and far
      To get info on what not to do
      To keep the stalkers away from ones view..haha

      hahahaha I'm afriad that would only confuse the Japanese even more
      They might think you're cheating on them with another work shore..haha

      LOL never fear about that
      Remember the OCD of Pat
      I check the doorknobs three times before I leave my place
      I know that just puts a smile on your face..haha
      I also have a trick I employ
      To make sure the locked door isn't a decoy
      And someone isn't waiting inside for me
      So I'm well protected at my sea..haha
      LOL yeah that would probably be the case
      And the polar bear would spit them back out because their mouthes continued to race

    10. Let's not confuse the Japanese anymore. They already think I'm a little wacked!!

      Oh the OCD of Pat makes him check door knobs!! LOL I love that!!!! That's ok. My OCD is the alarm clock. I literally wake up throughout the night just to make sure that it's properly set. So annoying!!

      A secret door opening trick??? You might not want to say that on the web. What if TheWhere reads that and figures it out? No polar bear is going to stop her then!! Wait a second...why a polar bear?? Is she camping in Antarctica??? LOL

    11. hahaha yeah that problem a safe bet
      But after your love affair with the Wendy's guy I don't think they'll fret

      Glad I don't do that
      That would ruin the sleep of Pat
      Just the doorknob I think
      Beside the whole clean freak thing even straightening the tap on the sink..LOL

      I don't have a secret door opening trick
      I have a way of telling if the door was opened by some hick
      When I was not home
      There at my dome
      Works well too
      Of course from a tv show that came due..lol
      But yeah I keep it need to know
      Then no one knows at my show..haha

      LOL I looked at you saying poor bear
      And in my mind it went to polar bear at my lair
      But that would be a waaaay better outcome
      Then she'd be frozen and far far away from my rhyming bum..hahaha

    12. I didn't have a love affair with him! You're the one that wanted to bring him back from the dead to take with you to a pub!!!! LMAO

      LMAO You thought I said polar bear?? That's actually pretty funny. hahaha Ok, so you now you're sending TheWhere and Flappy to the artic to go camping and get eaten by a polar bear to yap in the animals gut?? That's a pretty specific plan! haha

    13. hahaha hey he could make plenty of commericials there
      And I could pretend they were rare
      Then sell them for a quick buck
      Letting Wendy's continue to cluck
      And you have more to watch at work
      As the Japaneses shake there head and smirk..hahaha

      Yeah I read fast and it came out polar bear
      Doesn't my plan sound fair?
      I bet it's more original than most
      I just hope it doesn't backfire and I get haunted by their ghost...hahaha

  15. sounds like you were the one, before the firsty date was done, did she change her last name on FB already what a shame she feels the need to attach, kind like a rash so running might be a good thing and changing your number in case it starts to ring all the time, or some more heinous crime...

    1. LOL I actually had to change my number once
      To get rid of one dunce
      Oh the woes these clingy ones bring
      As they climb from the nut job wing
      A rash indeed
      With no ointment to stop it so I definitely took heed

  16. Well, she must have been pretty cute
    for you to do the date pursuit
    too bad she had to open her mouth
    and make you your decision doubt.

    You and I most certainly agree
    that a camping trip will not be.
    Nothing about it sounds fun to me
    not the loo, tent, bugs or being shower-free.

    1. haha yeah that she was
      But as soon as she started to buzz
      About this and that
      Ended anything for Pat
      That is all to true
      Not fun at all to do
      A cabin with running water I don't mind
      But anything else can kiss my behind..haha

    2. maybe next time you make a grocery trip
      she'll be waiting for you to flap her lips
      Hanging out near the frozen foods
      hoping you'll show up and won't be rude
      if she asks just one more time
      where your door bell chimes.

    3. LOL I've thought of that
      So I go different times to the grocery mat
      Just in case
      She waits at that place
      But so far so good
      Knock on wood
      Don't need to go through nutjob land anymore
      So cover my ass well at my shore..haha

    4. what's that saying..a good woman is hard to find and
      priceless like a rare jewel?
      It doesn't go on to say the nutjobs are plentiful, but maybe that's inferred. lol.
      I do hope you find your rare jewel
      and the nutjobs that drool
      stay away from you
      because you're no fool! ha.

    5. hahaha I guess that got lost somewhere in the fine print
      Or they figured one would take the hint
      Be nice
      But the nutjobs attack like lice
      Ewww to that
      Maybe mice, then at least they can be eaten by the cat..haha

    6. lice, mice
      neither is nice
      also two more reasons not to camp
      on the ground so cold and damp.
      now I'm itchy
      and a little twitchy.

    7. LOL yep just two more reasons not to
      Let camping ever come due
      hahaha made your ocd come to pass
      Isn't it grand to have such dating sass..haha

    8. Not a camping fan at all
      but I don't mind a camp fire at my hall
      Although I want it just outside the my home
      so after I've eaten my s'more all toasty warm
      I can step back inside
      where modern conveniences abide.

    9. Nope me either, not one bit
      I'd rather stay in than go out in the woods with some fire pit
      And all the other stuff like no running water and crap
      That idea can surely take a nap
      As I prob need a map
      Or even run into a scary Deliverance chap..lol

    10. yeah, and you really wouldn't want to wander into some scary forest
      and find a cabin that look the oldest
      cuz Mr. Fraser might live inside
      or with Rick you could collide!

    11. That old coot was just mad he wasn't replaced too..lol
      And with Rick a bloody hell would come due
      As he tries to track
      But I'll run so he can't attack

  17. Surprise visits are never a good thing. Even when you're warned they could happen... At least, that's my rule. :D

    sorry 'bout the nj~

    1. hahaha very good rule
      As they aren't cool
      The nutjobs come and go
      Just typical at my show..haha

  18. I live vicariously through Pat's wild dates! Make him see more crazies, please. I've not had this much fun in years.

    1. LOL well at least someone can have fun
      Pat has already had crazies by the ton
      Like he's a magnet for them or something
      I so hope another doesn't come to his wing..haha

  19. Oh, I don't miss being single. I had a few stalkers of my own. One of them found my unlisted WORK e-mail address (I never told her where I worked) and showed up at my apartment at 3 o clock in the morning, which was also unlisted (I still list my parents' address on everything I own - mailing address, driver's license, etc). Needless to say, it took quite a bit of work to get her to go away. I hope yours is gone for good!

    1. hahaha I'm with you
      I still list my mother's address on everything from bank, to credit card to driver's license and almost every other thing that comes due
      Only thing I know that has my apt one is the electric bill
      So no damn stalker can find me at will
      I think I covered my ass pretty well this time though
      As once bitten twice shy and she does not know

    2. You send all the loons to your mother's home?
      Now that doesn't make sense even to a gnome.
      (I know you love that word GNOME!) ha.
      Do you just figure if they show up for you
      the zoo there will scare them to Timbucktoo?

    3. hahaha none of them have actually gone there
      But if they ever attempt to find my lair
      It will be that address not mine
      And I'll get dropped a line
      Knowing they are on the search for me
      And can take precautions at my sea
      But yeah I'd rather they get scared to Timbucktoo
      As if they are allergic 12 cats that could surely do..haha

    4. You could have just told TheWhere
      that you live "over there
      in a bush trimmed like a butt
      with two cats and no mutt.
      It's called Bush #3
      now lets watch you search for me!"

    5. hahaha sad part is if she did search
      She may find my perch
      At least this one
      But putting the words in google and giving them a run

    6. So did you give her a fake name
      making up something lame
      Like "Hi, I'm Orlin Bush.
      You have a cute tush.
      Want to go munch
      on some lunch?
      lol...oh, that was funny
      I've had too much caffeine, honey.

    7. hahaha that was great
      Too much caffeine may be your fate
      But it worked out well
      And nah used my name for this hell
      Although I have used a fake once or twice before
      As I knew from the get go they were nut jobs to the core..haha
      Hank McCoy I used once and a while
      It's sooo funny that no one even bats an eye at me stealing that name from the dvd pile

    8. Well, she could give you a google
      and start rhyming here an oogle
      could be the next peacock
      oh, yeah, that would suck.

      Next you'll be Jeremiah McCoy
      oh, that would be a fun choice.

    9. Bah then I'd really need a block button to stop her
      Or make her eyes blur
      Would suck all over
      I'd rather have a butt sniffing rover..haha

      I like that name though
      So wouldn't want to waste it on some fake show..haha

    10. You could say your name was Drazin.
      that would get you some razin'.
      Especially if you spoke in third person
      but it might get rid of one that was lurksome.

    11. Hmmmm now that sounds like a plan
      I could scare away the most crazy fan
      Leave them confused
      And their ears abused..haha

    12. and if that third person stuff didn't work
      throw in some rhyme
      and give your neck a weird jerk
      they will run far away
      and you can sneak home to your bay.

    13. hahaha there is a plan to make the crazies run
      Unless they think it's fun
      Then I'm just plain screwed
      And it will be time to get rude..haha

    14. rude you can be
      I've seen it with glee!

    15. haha yeah just get me going
      And rudeness will be showing

  20. I've never heard of facebook play

    sounds as interesting as croquet

    1. You about as lame
      Never want to play that game

  21. I'm amazed by your use of words, man. That was just great!

    1. It's fun to amaze
      And doesn't matter what I have I will always rhyme as you gaze

  22. This is a really interesting blog.


    1. Glad I can interest
      And always pass the rhyming test

  23. You should have introduced her to tarsier…err… actually that may have backfired..lol Had experiences like this before and they have ranged from ho-hum to race out the door fun, yes cats are better off sometimes, but still, I'm pretty sure I'd hate that snip-snip chime.

    1. Yeah this one was race out the door
      For she was surely wacko and a bit more
      Nice how some hide it so well
      When really they are crazy as hell
      Tarsier might have killed her though
      So best I avoid using him to make her go..haha

  24. I would still take TheWhere over 99% of my ex girlfriends at this point...

    1. LOL okay I will send her your way
      And then we'll see what you say

  25. Run, Pat, Run!!!!!

    What creeped me out was the FB play...she might as well have had a stamp on her forehead that said "stalker".

    1. I second the LOL to that
      Facebook play was lost on Pat
      Other than stalker signs all aglow
      And I ran fast make to my show..haha

  26. Sounds like a person with troubles--39 times? Yeah, that is a bit repetitive, to say the least!

    1. haha yeah to say the least
      She was a where you live asking beast

  27. Replies
    1. I suppose that is one way to look at it
      The other is she was a nut job more than a bit

  28. There once was a dude from Punjab
    whose weenie looked just like a corn cob.
    So, he went to the doc
    and pulled out his c**k
    and said, "While you're at it, how 'bout a new nut job?"
    The End

    1. LOL that kind of nut job makes me shiver
      All the way down to me liver
      It would hurt,
      Blood might spurt,
      And they might end up shaving off an extra sliver

    2. But, the doc got a good tip.
      'specially if he didn't slip.

    3. Our healthcare is free
      So I guess here all the doc would get is glee

  29. There's enough nut jobs in this world!

    1. So very true
      And each one seems to come into my view

  30. I had a good laugh at this post..more date posting please ~

    1. LOL I don't want any more of these dates to happen
      But they do make for some pretty good rappin'

    2. Not with this date...but with others that you like ..

      Snow has been mild here so my driving was not so bad and long.

      Keep warm ~

    3. haha oh I've got some good stories from the past
      As a good month I could make them last
      But we won't go there
      Makes me cringe thinking about most of them at my lair..lol
      Hopefully it's mild here too
      But 20cm was said to come due, ewww

  31. What a psycho nut job. Yeah, stay away from that one!

  32. Man, I how does it take you to write this great stuff??? I'd be working at it for days. But that's cuz I don't rhyme, even if my life depends on it. :P

    1. haha not very long at all
      Most 15-30 minutes at my hall
      Sometimes an hour if work gets in the way
      As I try to type up a new post at my bay

  33. A nut job rears its ugly head
    But the uglier the more paying
    So just go at it in your stead
    As long as the dough keeps coming


    1. No dough will keep coming
      From her stupid humming
      So I will run
      And just be done

  34. Replies
    1. Just don't make it high pitch
      That might make the cat's ears itch

  35. Yeah, if you don't consider that crazy, I don't know what you'd call it.

    1. haha yeah crazy is the only word for her
      Really ruffles the cat's fur

  36. Replies
    1. Times like that
      Also makes Pat glad at our mat

  37. TheWhere may have been a nutter,
    But she sure makes excellent blog fodder ;)

    1. hahaha that she does indeed
      I guess many real life things can make for good posts on the cat's blog feed


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