Only One Time Each Thanks To Some Dumb dVerse Peach!

Some dirty rotten bugger at dVerse wanted payback for the time I stole their purse. You know the tip jar thing. I gave it back with only a bit of money missing. They're too busy being all poetic to count it anyway. I guess they finally figured it out this day. For they gave the cat a stare and as I ate my tuna they laughed when I munched on a pear. Or peach I mean, see you got me so flustered at my scene. Now I can only say it one time, each and every rhyme.

Well Achilles had that little heel,
Ironman was a mean drunk.
Can't Get Right struck a deal,
And Pepe was a foul skunk.
Then came the peach,
Giving the cat something new.
Spiraling into the breach,
Of a new rhyme to view.

Mr. Cat, sir
What would you like?
What will make you purr?
dVerse still wants you on a pike.

Thought they could get me,
To start talking out my butt.
For stealing their money,
Like that Mel Gibson nut.

But I can't be stopped,
Or tripped up.
My rhymes may be cropped,
From their poision cup.
Still away I go,
And they don't slow.

Poor Odysseus had his lust,
Boss Hog had his greed.
Mentioning Lohan is a must,
And 7/10 celebrities can't read.
The later is nothing new,
As they fake being wise.
Using a lacky crew,
To ensure their disguise.

dVerse will rue the day,
They crossed my path.
For the peach dismay,
They will sufffer my wrath.

The health inspector,
Will be there shortly.
So hide that dirty film projector,
And stop making things get umm portly.

For my rhymes are magnetic,
Even with the peach.
dVerse can't stop the poetic,
Or screw up my speech.
No weaknesses can come due,
In full on the cat.
So shame on you,
For messing with my mat.

Thanks to dVerse the facts are quite clear. There is no weakness to be had by my little rhyming rear. Maybe an adjustment or two from a peach of all things could be waiting in the wings. But other than that you can't stop the cat. For a peach was able to teach that the cat can rhyme only using the last word one time. As you can see that is starting to pass, as I once again rhyme some same chimes with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Why should they bother the Cat
    Woe be the man who messed around
    Achilles' heel may be weak a tad
    But the Cat is strong and profound


    1. You were first
      With your burst
      But the spam filter thing
      Caught your first ring..haha

  2. I see ... you are a cat burglar.

    1. hahaha that was a good one
      But I didn't steal a ton

  3. Replies
    1. Magnetic like that x-men guy
      That would be cool I'll have to give it a try

  4. Don't bother around with the Cat
    Woe to the one who dared to mess
    Achilles' heels though weak a tad
    The Cat is profound nonetheless


    1. Yeah not should mess indeed
      And take heed
      For the cat will still rhyme
      Each and every time

  5. Damn I was going with cat burglar like The Pink Panther....

    1. haha Lurker beat the the punch
      And feeling the comment crunch

  6. That cat gets into MORE trouble!! Smile.

    1. The cat always gets into trouble thanks to dVerse
      Those guys I should surely curse

  7. Seems they can't handle the cat or the peach
    seems victory was out of reach.

    1. Yeah they never should have tried
      To change the rhyming tide

  8. They tried to make you eat a peach?
    I guess that's better than a leech!

    1. or drinking bleach and listening Rihanna screech :(

    2. or loosing your speech and being impeached

    3. Yeah it is better than all of those
      Would really bring woes
      And curl my toes
      The cat is better off chasing down crows

    4. curling your toes?
      I thought it was always your nose!

    5. Well both can curl
      Should try giving both at once a whirl

    6. Next it will be your hair
      take a photo, if you dare!
      Mrs Robin is acting like you
      did she do the brain tour, too?

    7. Curling my hair just will not do
      Not much there to make such a view
      So I am safe from that
      Both for Pat and the cat

    8. look, here's Dez again with an in and out
      as we continue to spout.

    9. Yeah it's all his fault
      Those WV guys should lock him in a vault

    10. I am on a different continent, you two, and about 8 hours ahead of you ;) I plot while you sleep, and sleep while you're solving my plots!

    11. Now you just confuse the cat
      Plotting at plotting while plotting to sleep at your mat
      So much plotting
      Your mind must be rotting

    12. Do you have bad dreams,
      knowing that while you sleep
      pat and I are commenting?
      Wondering what we are saying
      while in your bed you are laying?
      You know we only tease the ones
      who are the most fun. :)

    13. Dreaming of use rhyming here
      Oh that may just strike fear

  9. Peaches are not too bad cat, it's all part of the fad that, keeps on driving you mad that, you just can't eat an average rad rat.

    1. I want the avg rad rat
      So much better for the cat
      Peaches bind the cat up pretty good
      Avoid them he should..haha

  10. this was very peachy! Hope apricots won't mind!

    1. I'm sure they would mind
      But I hear others are cursing my behind
      Like the apple
      For it is in league with Snapple

  11. Have you ever met Ironman? You have no right to say that he's a mean drunk! Poor Ironman...Blasted by a cat!

    I love peaches!! They are one of my favorite summer fruits. Yum!!!! Give in to the peach :)

    Aww, poor Mel Gibson! He did go a bit coo coo. But, maybe he got better! Or maybe he should just eat a peach and spread a smile!!

    1. LOL you need to read up on your Ironman lore
      As not only was/is he a playboy whore
      But he was quite the mean drunk too
      It is sad but true
      So I gave him a blast
      Although now it is in his past

      I will never give in to the fruit
      For they make the cat toot
      Hmmm maybe if some are around I should
      Scare them away fast I

      If he'd make Lethal Weapon 5 he'd be all better indeed
      Although I doubt it with good old Hollywood greed
      So it's eat a peach and spread a smile
      I'll tuck that saying away in my brain file

    2. He is Tony Stark...he's allowed to be a play boy. LOL!! I wonder what Robert Downey Jr would have to say about this?! Sigh...

      I never saw any of the Lethal Weapons. Don't give me that look...It was before my time! I was still watching Disney princesses then :P

    3. RDJ has already talked about the drunk aspect of it
      They are going to skip that story bit
      As it is too dark for the movies they say
      Or would take more than one to play

      Never saw any of them, damn you are soooo out of touch
      You need to get caught up on much
      Now that you know Frieza is a guy
      Time to give lethal weapon a try..haha

  12. i always get the holywood update here ... :-)

    1. That i will give far and near
      Although many of those egotistic cronies will fear

  13. Yes you must always mention Lindsay Lohan.

    (I can't spell! Does that mean I'm a sorta celebrity?)

    1. haha well you could be
      Maybe just not to many

  14. That cat is always up to no good.
    I just seen him roaming around in my neighborhood
    Roasting my readers and causing a scene.
    But my page views are up so I won't be mean!

    Mel Gibson may be weird, but he still is the best
    His movies are always better than the rest.
    Ironman was a drunk? My kind of guy!
    That's all I have for meow so I bid thee goodbye!

    1. Glad the cat could give some views
      With a roast and not giving you the blues
      In more ways than one
      But I'll forgo that run
      Yeah his movies are almost always grand
      Watched many in my land

  15. lol, oh hell...if you need the tip jar all you have to do is ask, you can have a dip to go with your wit, no need to spit on all the celbrities, 7/10 cant read so they probably think tip is something else...

    1. I'll remember that
      When I'm short on food at my mat
      And can't find a rat
      Or any bird to squash flat
      Yep they will give lip
      Not knowing it says tip

  16. Replies
    1. So evil I might curse
      But I'm sure I've said worse

  17. The cat got in trouble again....:)

    1. Seems to be a running theme
      Maybe it's all a dream

  18. Why does everyone want to do bad things to the cat?

    don't they understand it will also effect Pat?

    Care they don't, for his mental welfare,

    In defense of the feline, I will share!

    1. Yeah you'd think they would beware
      And leave me alone at my lair
      But that does not seem to be the case
      As they want to put a frown on Pat's face
      But it will not come to pass
      For it will take more them them to catch my little rhyming ass

  19. "7/10 celebrities can't read."

    I laughed out loud at that one!

    1. hahaha not sure on that fact
      As only 1/10 of them can act

    2. SERIOUSLY! I hate talking about movies with some of my co-workers and they name some of the worst drivel as their favorite actors.

    3. Yeah I have to quit talking about it
      Or I may smack some a bit
      For that drivel shouldn't even be employed
      But it is because nuts are overjoyed
      By those stupid idiotic ones
      Proving they have no brains and maybe even the runs

  20. smiles...looking forward to seeing you in the pub tonight...but will hide the tip jar...hahah

    1. haha that is not nice
      The cat will take the cash and leave you some mice

  21. who's gonna suffer your wrath? dverse? or the peaches?

    1. Both will suffer my wrath
      After I go take a bath
      Meaning the cat licks himself
      In places you can't at your

  22. Replies
    1. Glad it can pass the test
      And get some interest

  23. You're lucky D'Verse isn't located in some middle eastern country where the old laws are still enforced, in that case the cat would have to learn to dance on two feet, so glad to see it was but a peach. The rhyme worked well, it was a fine spell, of references galore, a few almost dropped me laughing on the floor, love the 7/10 that was my favorite of them, and oh yes, the lohan line was quite the rhyme, fun, fun, fun, from a peach this was spun. No pits here. Thanks

    1. The cat would never visit there
      All that heat would ruin his hair
      Getting limbs chopped off too
      Just isn't a thing he wants to come due
      Had to do a reference one
      As they are such fun
      7/10 just popped in
      But it seems to be quite the hit at my bin

  24. Thank goodness they never messed with your litter or, they may well have ended up with their heads up their butt paying back some pay dirt(y) ;)

    1. hahaha wow look at you giving the cat some ideas today
      That would be quite the display..hahaha

  25. You crack me up, Pat. Do you talk in rhymes? Love your style, man!

    1. I can talk in rhymes sometimes
      But try not to as many consider it as bad as crimes..haha

  26. Ha ha ha- your poetry is so much fun! From start to finish- always a pleasure to read!

    1. Glad it is a pleasure to read
      And yeah always fun to be had at my feed
      At least most of the time
      Sometimes I give the odd normal chime

  27. as ever pat i love the fun i have here but your get a bumper pack of bonus points for reminding me of pepe the skunk (i love that guY) i'm off to youtube his ass :)

    1. Yippeee bonus point for me
      The cat and Pat both like those at our sea
      Have fun youtubing his ass
      As he tries to land a lass

  28. Replies
    1. It can never be stopped at my place
      For I will always win the rhyming race

  29. Wasn't Pepe le Pew in love with a cat??? Watch out, I say. Watch out!

    1. Thankfully this cat is male
      So hopefully that will fail

  30. I'm sensing a little winter frustration here...

  31. i think 7/10 is generous...

    1. Yeah maybe 9.5/10 would have been a better stat
      But I was trying to be a generous cat

  32. hahaha wow nice rhyme. keep it up

    1. No problem there
      As I can rhyme all day at my lair

  33. You're a peach of a cat, how do you like that?

    1. I guess that will work for the cat
      Beats sweet cat and all of that..haha

  34. Hey Pat,

    As always, you amaze and leave me in a daze!

    (How 'bout *those* bananas :)

    1. Glad I can amaze
      Here where I graze
      Those bananas are okay
      I can still rhyme with no dismay

  35. I wanted to go with cat burglar but I am waayyy late to that party!

    1. hahahaha yeah just a tad late
      But it can still work at any rate

  36. Yea I think many celebrities are dumb as a rock

    1. Yep dumb as a rock
      And that isn't much of a shock

  37. Poor cat. What's up with that dVerse guy? He shouldn't be picking on a cat!

    1. The cat can take it though
      And beat back that dVerse show

  38. A delightful diversion!
    after such an aspersion!
    For you not to rhyme
    would be a perversion!

    1. I would not want a perversion at my sea
      At least in that sense from me
      So the rhyme will come
      At worst I'll hum

  39. You can have more than the peach
    If you like, then preach
    About fun words rhyming each day
    Because D'verse is the show every Tuesday ~

    1. dVerse can show once a week
      And I will give a peek
      But as you say
      I rhyme each and every day

  40. "7/10 celebrities can't read."
    I'd say 1/10 is truly able
    You're either a generous cat
    or you watch lots of cable.

    Nice job!

    1. Yeah I felt like giving a few
      The knowledge that we never knew
      They could not read
      Just so they don't tell blogger to ban my feed..haha

  41. Replies
    1. Not to angry at my mat
      Just a bit of payback from the cat

  42. Replies
    1. Just a little taste
      As most of their brains are paste

  43. Another rather, interesting rhyme. I think you got it wrong, 1/10 celebrities can read.

    1. haha I was trying to be nice
      But I guess 2/10 of them paid the price
      So yeah 1/10 indeed
      It has become at my feed

  44. Replies
    1. The rhyming will remain
      Making all pop a vein

  45. Replies
    1. Yep not for that cat
      They mess with the rhyming of my mat

  46. enjoyed this tale, an almost villainous declaration! ~ Rose

    1. Almost villianous but not quite
      As I wouldn't want to truly cause dVerse a fright..haha

  47. You are the king of pop name dropping. And, I'm all for the rhymes never stopping! :)

    1. Well never fear
      For the rhymes will never stop coming from my little rhyming rear

  48. you can't be stopped or tripped up
    in the poem or comments or in a hut
    sir, this cat is more than meddlesome and hardly in a rut
    he doesn't belong on a pike but under your butt

    1. I just hope it not a big butt
      Or the butt is on a chair of the nut
      And the chair doesn't break
      For the cat's life could be at stake

  49. Oh Mr. Cat, What a hoot!
    You slipped from dVerse
    with some of their loot?

    The way I see it,
    you'd best love the peach
    because if they were mean
    they'd cling like a leach.

    Thank you, Pat. I always have a wonderful time when I visit. *scratching Mr. Cat under the chin on my way out*

    1. I do hate clingy
      So maybe I'll hold onto that peach thingy
      But they will never see the loot
      I took while leaving a toot
      Thanks for the scratch to
      The cat likes when those come due

  50. The wetback line caught me off guard
    I'll try to forget it, a slip of the word?
    It's not a nice term or haven't you heard?
    I'll try to forget it, I'll try real, real hard.

    1. Yeah crap! Never meant it like that
      Just lacky's is what was meant by the cat


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