A Peacock And A Turkey. It Seems The Birds Can Be A Tad Jerky!

You know what amuses the cat? The fact that someone would actually take the time out of their life to rant at me like some annoying gnat. What amuses me even more, as like the Mr./Mrs. Peacock that once came to my shore, they also have a name like a fowl. Okay, maybe not this one so much as they gave their howl. As is was T. Key at the bottom for me to see. But close enough and boy they thought they were tough.

Yet as you know, I share everything at my show. Even a Zebra thong and yeah I know that was so wrong. So let's give old Turkey a run, as after all he/she gave me a day of rhyme fun. It is the least I can do, giving them a bit of fame for all of you.

"You are a poor person, U seem to live in a small world about self. A rhyme is only an tired excuse for a post. Simply can't understand why anyone would buy into such a thing when there are real forms of poetic expression out there that all should be taken in by so much more. You are ruining the spirit of the word and I think you should stop before all people take you seriously and we are left in a disemble world. This has been a plea for the poetic form to be put back where it belongs and you should do more to help and not be so low on the ground with such words. I hope you take my message seriously as it should be taken seriously and I hope you let all stop seeing such a function of the off shoot of what the poetic word is supposed to be. T.Key"

LMAO, Gloria was that you that sent that? If not I'd hate to see the grammar at his/her mat. Damn! He/she makes the cat seem grand. Thanks for the hand.

Now wasn't that such the clever retort? I bet they wrote that up in their tree fort. Hey, it beats King Abubu emails telling me I'll get rich. So let the poor little Turkey bitch. Maybe Turkey Lurkey had an itch or he/she is part rabbit and his/her nose gave a twitch.

The best part is it says if you don't like, take a hike. In so many words on the cat's blog right side. Actually it's more of a sandy ride. As you can take that sand and pound right up the old cracked mound. But he/she still wasted their life trying to give me strife. Isn't the internet tough guy/girl fun? Sending an email and then they run. At least the videogame ones rant and rave from their basement cave.

Truthfully I laughed all the way through. What the heck else was a cat to do? Take a Turkey and a Peacock seriously my way? When the cat eats them for dinner at his bay. But I just had to share, as maybe I can make this tough guy/girl swear. So have a laugh on the Turkey who decided to trespass and thanks for the easy post Turkey from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. oh my! another 'diversity' person i guess ... ;-)
    frustration can produce lots of stupidity & some don't mind to demonstrate that publicly ... i'm happy that the cat has its claws to hit back ;-) and LOL at King Abubu - he mailed me several times too ... :-))

  2. Will the Turkey be wearing the thong as dressing?

  3. Hahah there's not much to say really. I think you proved him/her wrong with just the first line. :)

  4. When ever someone says something mean or evil I always assume it aplies more to them then to who they criticize!

    Also I don't see why people would go to forums with "real" poetic expression when they could just come and enjoy the "holographic" poetic expressions!

  5. Two in one
    Aren't I fun

    LOL yeah that King Abubu gets around
    Seems in every inbox he can be found
    And the cat will always fight back
    Just enough to get a good dig in at my shack

    hahaha that be kind of scary
    Maybe his mouth will also hold a berry
    Or an apple
    Then you can wash it down with snapple

    Bah fine to be tired
    Just don't get fired

    All it took is one line
    Damn the cat is divine

    Yeah they are just trying prop their own ego
    Trying to pretend they have no issues at their show
    I just think it's fun
    And had to be spun
    I don't see why much at all as well
    But then I guess some of those stick up their butt ones damn me to hell..haha

    You can chow down on this one
    Just watch out, his/her mouth will run

    Glad you love the rhymes
    Such fun times

  6. This poetic expression is where you shine, so who cares
    if someone rants and tears you down? Should I say
    he or she is jealous? From you, I learned to be more
    fun and light hearted in my posts ~

    So yeah..have a nice day ~

  7. Yeah I think jealousy has a thing or two to do with it
    His/her stuff probably isn't a hit
    Or maybe it was the Peacock in disguise
    Once more pretending to be wise
    Making you more fun
    Glad I could under my sun

  8. If someone had something negative to say
    don't bother to give them the time of day
    everyone has their own blogging stage
    has a right to what they put on the page!
    So there!!!!!

  9. I suspect it's was Gloriacita, too! She's always seemed suspicious to me! I bet she has a secret world domination headquarters in Chile and attack on the cat was the first step to total assimilation. My penguins will investigate and protect you, cat!

  10. a Zebra thong sounds nice :)

  11. haha but it is fun to give them a poke
    And hope a little they choke
    Other than that I just hit delete
    And let them suffer defeat

    Good to know those penguins are on the case
    When you find the culprit have them throw poo in their face
    Penguins like to do that
    And they have plenty of scat

    LOL sure if you say so
    But it does have presence and a nice glow

  12. Will be kept up my way
    Each and every day

  13. Pat I never send anonymous , really, and if you tell by the grammar, I think mine is better than this you received (lol)

    and Dez see you: I think you were my friend:)

    1. hush, Gloria, I'm just trying to lure Pat the Cat in, before you and I occupy his place and take over his rhyming empire :)

    2. Dez, that will never occur
      You're penguins just have no fur

  14. There are obviously snobby types out there that think you're having too much fun with 95% of the stuff you do. Therefore, it's not "pure" poetry. Some poetry shines a light on the human condition. Some inspires. Some is merely meant to entertain. Basic rule of thumb? You don't like it, go elsewhere. I don't expect the same stuff here as I do when I visit Natasha's site, or Brian's. If that were the case, I could pick one of the three and read only that, since they'd all be interchangeable.

  15. Yeah I suppose your grammar is better than that
    See I got Dez on the side of the cat
    You better watch out
    Of course just feed those penguins and they won't tattle tale on you with a shout..lol

    True, I guess they don't like fun
    And had to try and ruin it with some crap run
    The rule of thumb is correct
    As I say they can stand erect
    And proceed to pound
    If they don't like what is at my ground..lol
    Exactly too
    If all were the same why would anyone pick all three to view

  16. Comments like this are always anonymous, aren't they? Because the person is so "passionate" about their message, but not passionate enough to actually leave their name behind. See, if I believe in something, I man the hell up and leave my name on it. Cowards, is all they are. Cowards who, ironically, don't know the first thing about the written word.

  17. Watch out for turkeys, they are always planning something.

  18. Yeah they are so grand they can't even spell
    And have plenty to tell
    But then hide behind their little computer screen
    Pretending to be all mean
    Cowards is the word for it
    But I don't mind making them stew in their little pit

    haha must be all those thanksgiving dinners
    They consider us all sinners

  19. You are a poor person??? A POOR person??? Wow.

    It's very simple. Perhaps they didn't stay long enough to see how many followers you have. Or all the people that congregate on your page everyday to get rhymed to. Or the fact that you've been doing this for over a year and have yet to run out of things to rhyme about.

    Love that you laughed this off. People are silly. Maybe she just needed someone to talk to. lol!

    P.S. I am not afraid of regualr stew. Jax stew is a different story. LOL!

  20. hahaha yeah I guess they just had to vent
    And decided to try and make me get vent
    Maybe it was thehater and he/she couldn't block my blog
    So tried to send me into a fog
    I laugh this stuff off with ease
    To get upset would only please
    The nutcase behind the computer screen
    And let them think they get somewhere being mean
    Maybe they did get tired of talking to themselves
    Or some magic elves
    LOL as long as I never see that tutu
    There will be no Jax stew

  21. Well, I found that email quite amusing
    with that Turkey ranting and abusing.
    They need to look around and do some concluding
    that we are here by our own choosing!
    Poor Turkey is the one that's loosing!
    Just keep those rhymes here cruising
    and tell us what you are musing.
    We love it and will keep schmoozing
    and their rudeness we will be diffusing.
    There just isn't any excusing
    the hatefulness they are using!

  22. That was completely out of order and very pretentious of that guy as well to say that nonsense. Seriously mate, when you're big and popular like you are you'll get these kind of people from time to time though it's funny that even while insulting you that guy's making you sound kind of good, just in a way that he doesn't like. Weird stuff man.

    1. Pat amazes me with his talent (okay, the cat does, too). No way I could be as good as he. That T. Key is a big-time dork, I say.

    2. LOL well others say stab him with a fork
      You simply call him a dork

  23. haha yeah I found it amusing too
    As the guy/girl doesn't seem to have a clue
    I guess the fowl went all cuckcoo
    Maybe Turkey and Peacock belong to the same zoo
    And this crap will never stop the rhymes to come due
    As I will have them here to view
    All he/she did was let another post ensue
    Then I flushed his/her email down the loo
    Not literally though
    As it may clog it at my show..lol

    Yeah there will always be a few in the crowd
    That think they are oh so proud
    And have to give there half cents worth
    Wonder if they are that way from birth
    Nature vs Nurture type thing
    Either way it's quite amusing to read their email ring

  24. TheHater strikes again!!! It has to be!! Who knew the hater was actually an incognito turkey?! lol

  25. Maybe we should all send the hater some beef jerky
    Then maybe he/she will get perky
    Or maybe they'll choke
    And almost croak
    See the light
    And no longer want to fight..haha

  26. what, someone has too much time on their hands to bitch and moan about your land, you are quick of wit and roll rhyme that stick with quick hits to make you laugh, maybe sometimes poke a gaf in the side during the ride, glad you gave them a map to get off your mat and took it in stride cause thats where its at

  27. that always make me smile when i read turkey (wich is like Turk├┐e the country)

  28. That's sad if they have too much time on their hands
    Means they have even more than my lands..lol
    But yeah let them say what they want
    And even taunt
    As I can come back
    Or just ignore easily at my shack
    And they know where to go
    And pound some sand to and fro

    What? A whole country is after me
    That just doesn't cause glee..lol

  29. pat, you are such a talented writer. :)

    enjoy the wknd!

  30. I just have a feeling they got what they wanted. Still, fun read. Lol

  31. Unbelievable! I've been a university teach for over 13 years and, I tell you, these people never cease to surprise me. "...real forms of poetic expression..." give me a break. I never knew "the realm of poetry" was sacred ground, only to be touched by those who are ONE with elevated language? These people make me sick.

  32. Glad you like the talent or craziness I display
    Here at my rhyming bay

    Yeah you may be right
    But I couldn't pass up giving it a go with my rhyming might..haha

    Damn! Don't hold it in, tell me how you really feel...lol
    Some of them obviously think they are a big deal
    And there is only one way
    That which they display
    But never fear
    As when they come here
    I tell them what they can do with their scared ground
    It involves a crack and proceeding to pound..haha

  33. The internet is a strange place. Also his complaint/email to you isn't very poetic. FAIL imo haha, but honestly they might just be trolling?

  34. Hahaha, I love this uptight types, always demanding things be done this way but never that way. The part about you bringing an end to the universe or however it was that turkey put it, was beyond any laugh I could have hoped for today. But as scary as it sounds, this anti-rhyme sentiment has gone back for years and years, where only, it seems, as if the songwriters were allowed to utilize rhyme without it becoming lower standards, and even then many lyricists receive similar "praise" from the fowl type. I thought the laughs were done but then you had to go out and talk about eating them for dinner, that was too good for you to have passed up. I hope turkey responds in another "well-written" correspondence, would love for this many laughs again. Thanks

  35. LOL yep one big fail
    As his/her whining came down like hail
    They could just be trolling
    As they go about their internet strolling
    But it was still fun
    To give a rhyming run

    hahaha Turkey can at least make people laugh, oh wait
    That may not elate
    He/she wants to be all prim and proper
    If we laugh they may call a copper
    Can't laugh with poetry oh no
    Has to be have the prim and proper flow
    hahaha Turkey could respond
    Of he may go off with the peacock into the great beyond

  36. Will Drazin want Turkey slippers now? :)

  37. "As they go about their internet strolling"
    Instead of pleasure, they really are trolling
    They seek to find fault with that or with this
    and remind bloggers that they are remiss
    of poetic and literary skill.

    But, don't you dare stop
    Or I'll call a cop.
    You dazzle us with your quick-minded wit.
    And, as for T. Key?
    Wow, what a shit.

  38. Turkeys are not to be messed with. Trust me--I know.

  39. Some people have no sense of humor!

  40. Hahahaha, You got them! At least you rhyme and don't use rhyming slang. You'd get more hate mail if you did, but it'd still be a blast reading about it.

  41. Just more evidence turkeys are not to be trusted.

  42. lol great read...1075 followers can't be wrong

  43. LOL well "spoilers" it one to come
    From my little rhyming bum
    He does get bare feet once more
    But a certain bug eyed creep at my shore
    So maybe he will
    Just for a thrill

    Actually for such a bounty
    You'd have to call a mountie
    Out of your jurisdiction I'd say
    Plus long distance charges you'd have to pay
    What a shit indeed
    But never fear even with a million there will always be rhyme here to read
    Okay maybe a million would be a bit much
    So we'll go with 999,999 and I'll still keep in touch

    LOL bah this turkey doesn't scare me
    The cat will just climb a tree

    So very true
    And they get mad that others do

    Rhyme slang might irk some as you say
    But I'd still make it fun my way
    And yep it sure would be a blast
    AS the hatemail came in fast

    Never trust a turkey, check
    It might come up on you and start to peck

    Very true
    Even if only 10% of that view..haha

  44. I didn't know that Pat...The place is so lovely..how could you leave it?

    Oh, I will be posting haiku everyday for the challenge...if you are sick and tired of it, please ignore me ~ Have a good night ~

  45. I have never been there
    Never even left my lair
    Orlin was born there and I had him flown here
    To join me with his little rhyming rear
    And me sick of it
    Bah not one bit

  46. ,'' it beats King Abubu emails telling me I'll get rich''.
    But..dear old Abubu promised me i was the only one..
    Don't worry about the haters/buy a cheese grater/then if you date her/you can annihilator... with words of course, not homicide.

  47. LOLOLOL This has to be one of your funniest yet!! Hahaha... really got the giggles here... Did someone mention turkey... thought it was Groundhog day... groundhog day... groundhog day... Oh stop the repeats, I'll leave it to (Hiccup) you! ;)

  48. You're a very good rhymer! And I wouldn't trust King Abubu. I mean seriously...why would a king send out emails? I'd stick with the bankers in Burkina Faso. Much more believable.

  49. Turkeys are diabolical.

  50. Haha put poetry back where it belongs? Some people man, some people.

  51. haha I think King Abubu lied
    Or is quite tongue tied
    Yeah wouldn't go as far as homicide
    Wouldn't like a long walk or prison bus ride
    So the haters can hate
    Just their silly fate

    LOL I guess the turkey wanted to trumph the groundhog
    Maybe the Turkey brings spring fog
    As he wants to be a winner
    So no one any longer has him for dinner

    Oh yeah those banks are so much more friendly with me too
    Wanting to send me A MILLION BUCKS that is due
    From some dead relative I never knew
    If only it was true

    Turkeys seem to be
    I need to drown them in the sea

    LOL some people indeed
    If it's not greed
    it's hate
    Oh well let them be irrate

  52. I've got no rhyme now, Pat. I'm just shocked you're getting more hate. You've one of the most creative and popular non-gimmicky blogs out there. Plus you're a successful author and a nice guy. And what the heck is a "disemble world?" Talk about "ruining the spirit of the word" - that jealous, crazed turkey does it well.

    Glad you can laugh it off.

  53. I'm rather late in the day
    To be caught in the fray
    Love the rants and the taunts
    Pat's trademark though it haunts
    Enjoyed them as a challenge
    At other blogs these are absent
    Right on Pat and the Cat
    As a bystander I'm sure glad!
    To see the splat
    Relaying a spat!


  54. That's okay about the cave
    I hear they can be all the rave

    Non-gimmicky I like to be
    Gimmicky has be done to death at many a blog tree
    Like using that word
    Even if I start to sound absurd..haha
    And that damn turkey
    Taking a rhyme from thee
    I'll laugh it off with ease
    As haters come and go like the breeze
    Or are no better than fleas
    So just chop them off at the knees

    Whatever you say
    As you come to my bay

    Glad you enjoyed the retort
    Here at my rhyming court
    Late in the day doesn't matter at all
    Here at my hall
    And I will always taunt away
    When some crazy fowl comes to my bay

  55. Ah, the first piece of hatemail. You get those when you start getting bigger and noticeable.

    I wish I was important enough to warrant hatemail. :P

  56. LOL I did get one hatemail way back when
    But this one is the first that really upped the anty at my pen
    And as the old saying goes
    You aren't doing it right unless you get a hatemail that curls some toes


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