Things Seem To Be Getting Stuck. Really dVerse, What The Puck?

Take the round part away from the P and it will make more sense, trust me. Did I really need to tell you that though? If so, get out from under that rock at your show. But it seems dVerse is full of sticky goo. Brian must be neglecting his duties of cleaning the loo. Or they are just a germy crew. Either way this caused such a thing to come due.

There is goo on the floor,
Goo on the door.
My words still soar,
Yet it is a confusing roar.

For flodo comes about,
And soro makes one pout.
What the hell?
This goo can't spell.

Abpo is all the rage,
With hesp people stuck in a cage.
Sounds like the rantings of a mage,
Or low brains and high wage.

Raca dickity dock,
You have a mawa in your sock.
Made you look!
Now now don't sook.

Doso is the place to go.
To get loso with your flow.
What the hell that means I don't know.
Stop looking down below!

A mawa or gofl you will not find.
Maybe a knbe on your behind.
But don't tell the cat,
I don't need to know that.

A fibe sounds fun,
Does your cath want one?
Do I cause you brain pain?
Oh your poor brain.

Yeah! Like fuon I am sorry.
Pabr likes it gory.
Round and round the board you go,
A pop and it's a backwards flow.

With a sogo you will never win.
And gofl once more causes you sin.
For now you are feeling your rear,
Out of some germaphobe fear.

Well that is just wisi for you.
For refe time has come due.
I hate this damn goo.
dVerse look what you made me do!

Yodu sounds like a yodel of some sort.
Godo, some Drazin slang at my court.
You need to clean up,
And stop being a messy pup.

Or the dreaded soco will find you.
And you'll deal with the uppu.
The same forwards and back.
Really makes for a thorough attack.

So get your youp together.
Grab your baat in any kind of weather.
And shoo that damn goo right out the door,
Quote the cat forever more.

Make any sense of that? Do you see what was done by the cat? Hmmm I'll let you stew over those facts a bit. Yep! I'm a bit of a nitwit. But oh it is so fun watching that goo fry under the sun. I guess Brian just had to fold the laundery first and quench his thirst. Then he could give the goo a pass and it stopped sticking up the words of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I'm a little lost but still enjoyable to ponder as I wonder....

    1. haha glad you can enjoy as I just make little sense today
      Hoping to cause a bit of dismay..haha

  2. Wow, that's an awesome rhyme, you avoid a puck you once again this time.

    1. I avoid the puck
      So good not to be called a dirty ummm duck

  3. Replies
    1. I just hope it isn't literally that
      Would really disturb the cat

  4. oo watch the goo..i guess i will habe tu clean before all the patrons go green but yut rhymes still sing even if some seems to habe stuck yut lips oh much better than yut hips...see yut at 3 pm for what yut bring

    1. I will surely come at 4 pm here
      3 is to yutting early I fear
      Damn time zones messing thing up
      Causing a hiccup
      Or a upup type thing
      As these arre words fling

  5. may I become the next lead star of TWILIGHT if I understood any of your today's rhymes, Pat you naughty Cat :P

    1. Hell no!
      I'll make sure to confuse you every single day at my show
      If you want to have anything to do with that big piece of trash
      That's something I would really like the bash

  6. I enjoyed the messy goo or puck play of your words...Brian will come back with his hockey stick, looking to swing the puck back at you. Ha..ha..

    We are having a nice day here...:-)

    1. Yeah Brian will try and get me back
      But I can survive his attack
      With the puck play
      Okay day here to at my bay

  7. This I gather
    Is a lot of lather
    This drives me mad
    What is being said?
    Let me see again!
    No, I'll get off the train!


    1. LOL I got to drive you mad
      That is fun for this lad
      Err ummm cat
      But blame the dVerse mat

  8. Replies
    1. I don't many can at all
      As the stupid snow continues to fall

  9. Replies
    1. Even if nuts they are nice
      I guess I don't have to pay a price

  10. It didn't get it (kinda blur today, I guess), but it made me laugh. :)

    1. LOL well at least you got a laugh out of it
      That is all that is needed for this nitwit

  11. Replies
    1. R with his great response once more
      Here at my shore..hahaha

  12. Hahahaha. Seereeuslee, what the puck? :D

    1. hahaha I love getting what the puck
      And making ones mind stuck or unstuck

  13. Replies
    1. Sure the love for Brian
      Will have him oh so mushy and cryin'...LOL

    2. Your little rhyming ass outdid itself today. My post title finally hits a rhyme with your post title.... stuck, puck, suck. :)

    3. hahaha funny how that worked out
      Having them rhyme together is what it's all about..haha

    4. Has to like that
      Not so sure about the cat..haha

  14. Replies
    1. haha there you go
      I hope no dogs see that at my show..haha

  15. Been trying 30 minutes to make sense of this
    Guess I'll give up my two cents
    Even looked at deVerse to see the prompt
    but couldn't find one through that romp!
    So now that I'm totally confused
    I bid you, cat, a dieu

    1. LOL Jax requested I don't tell
      But sorry for the 30 minutes of hell...hahaha
      No prompt at dVerse
      This was all the cat that made you curse
      Sooo fun to see you confused
      And a tad brain abused..hahaha

    2. tried them backward and that didn't work
      even took out a letter while I lurked
      thought if I could just figure one out
      the riddle then would turn things about
      Maybe more coffee is what I need
      and on some breakfast I will feed.

    3. While it's right in the title for all to see
      As things are getting stuck at bush number three
      Is that enough for you to solve
      I'm sure you have the resolve

    4. Still can't figure it out
      thought it was some board games about
      but can't figure the puzzle of the words that are stuck
      oh well, I'm out of luck.

    5. The cat expected more from
      You got all the others that came due
      This one is easier too
      Maybe it's being over thought by you..haha

    6. over thinking you say?
      ok..I'll give it a rest for a while. And hey,
      I'll come back and try again
      while you sit there and grin.
      Don't tell us until tonight
      so we can try with all our might.

    7. Oops already told
      As many seemed confused and decided to fold
      But it was fun to sit and grin
      And watch no one win..haha

  16. I was going to check my socks, but then I rememberd I'm wearing peep toes pumps!! No nasty goo could be lurking there.

    Ok, I read it twice and I read all the comments on your page. It still doesn't make sense to me. Don't tell though! I'm going to think about it. I have a theory, but it's a far cry!

    Maybe all the placenta got into my brain. Or it could be air purifier that's running on high today... :)

    1. Is it okay I had to look up what the heck those are?
      I guess peep toes pumps just aren't popular at my bar.
      The cat is glad Pat isn't in those,
      Although it would be fun to bit his toes..LOL

      You don't want be to tell
      Okay I'll let you stew a bit at my well
      Sure your theory
      Will be cheery
      Although it isn't supposed to make full on sense
      So if you are one the fence
      Know you may be right
      On this one that took flight

      Ewww and ewww some more
      Double cringe at my shore
      An air purifier that causes me to get sick
      And placenta that is just plain ick
      Oh my poor ocd
      You trying to cause a heart attack at my sea..LOL

    2. You had to look up peep toes pumps?! You're keeping Google busy today with all your searches! I suppose it's ok since you're a man. At least now we know that you aren't metro. hahaha

      Well how do I know if my theory is right?! I'll tweet it to you. But once again, it's a FAR cry, so it's prob wrong!

      Are you twitching yet? How many times do I have to say placenta until you twitch??? hahahaha

    3. hahaha yeah had to look those up two
      At least they weren't ewww..hahaha
      That is a good thing to know
      Especially with the whole cat rhyming show..hahaha

      You may be right
      Never said you were right about what's in sight
      Hey you never know
      May as well take a guess at my screwed up rhyming flow

      LOL I got weird looks from the person next to me
      As she just asked why I was curling my nose up and tilting my head so much looking like I saw something scary
      Guess I was twitching and didn't notice it
      Now I got one calling me twitchy a bit...LOL
      I guess it's payback for the zombie foot attack
      Still would take that over the placenta at your shack..hahaha

    4. I think I got it now. If it is what I'm thinking, that's worst than my placenta!!!!! LOL!

      Weird looks from the person next to you? I feel so proud!!! I deserve an award for that. LMAO hahahaha Twitchy? I like that name for you. I'm so glad that I was able to make you twitch. Made my day!

      Pat and The Cracks are twitching today :)

    5. LOL nothing can be worse than placenta and it's awful smell
      That just is so ewww it isn't swell..haha

      hahaha the weird look causing award?
      You can pin it right up on some bulletin board
      I'll even draw it in my isketch famous way
      People may be able to decipher at one day..LOL
      hahaha well I may be twitchy
      But I can still send fleas to make you knees itchy..hahaha
      Either way
      Glad I could make your day
      And suppose I deserved a little payback
      For all the weird looks you've received from reading my rhyme attack

      The Cracks twitching would be a sight
      I hope at least they are covered by the darkness of night

    6. I am now expecting a hand drawn award. LOL

      And those damn fleas are going to haunt me for life! Sigh...How much can I scratch my knee?! :(

    7. LOL okay that I will do
      Just for you

      Yeah they will always come back
      On a flea biting attack
      Attached to you at the knee
      The dreaded flea

  17. I give up! I used the title as a hint and still don't get it... *sigh*

    When is the final reveal?

    1. hahaha yeah it isn't as obvious as can be
      I'll reveal by the end of the day at my sea

  18. Nothing in rhyme has made me wanna throw up... till now! Congradulations!

    1. LOL just make sure you have a bucket
      And don't go saying puck it..haha

  19. I've read the comments like Jax did and I'm confused Pat. But since even Betsy can't crack your code, I don't feel so bad. So are you ever going to put us in the know about your flow?

    1. haha oh yes you will know
      How this one went at my show
      And even Betsy screwed up
      Guess she needs more coffee in her cup..LOL

  20. How it was done
    As it confused a ton
    Which I think is fun
    But here the answer will run

    Flodo = floor and door
    Soro =soar and roar

    See the end two words got stuck
    From the previous verse I let chuck

    1. So...
      Yeah! Like fun one I am sorry.
      Pain brain likes it gory.

      OK...I see how you did that
      but was trying to have it make sense, too.
      And of course that doesn't work. lol.
      About pout is all the rage?
      I think your brain has disengaged!!

    2. hahaha yeah it doesn't make sense what so ever
      The words I made in my endeavor
      Much like strat
      They were just used by the cat..haha
      LOL well I can't say I disagree
      But it still causes my such glee..haha

    3. I was close...

      LOL That's ok, Betsey. I thought those words were the result of someone having a lot of goo in their mouth! If I have a mouth full of something, floor may sound like flodo. hahahaha

    4. ok...well I would have guesssed right long ago
      but since it didn't make sense I let it go
      thinking there must be something else
      now I know you lost a whole brain shelf.

    5. Jax ~ flodo DOES sound like you have goo in your mouth!
      That was an excellent guess you brought about.
      Actually now we know the goo was in Pat's brain
      as he must have had cells wash away in the rain. hahaha

    6. hahahahaha
      Well, it served as a great distraction from actually working :) LOL

    7. LOL I think I know when best to keep my mouth shut
      And just admit I'm a nut
      For two on one is no fair
      Even with nasty stuff in your hair..hahaha

    8. aw, we still love you
      we just think you've looney, too!

    9. LOL I have a loonie or two in my pocket
      Maybe a toonie or two too, can I buy a rocket?..haha
      And yes I know
      I'm the first to say I'm crazy at my show

  21. haha...i see you're still angry about that comment about cats and dogs the other day..ok..ok...trying to make things good again...will have a bowl of milk ready for the cat tonight - guaranteed 100% germ free...smiles

    1. haha the cat kinda maybe sorta got over that
      So he won't go on your dVerse door mat
      And if it's germ free
      The cat will take it with glee
      But not Pat
      He avoids nasty milk at our flat

  22. Replies
    1. haha but nonsense is such fun
      It just has to be done

  23. Just the title cracked me up..'what the puck'...LOL
    I'd rather not have to deal with any goo though, thank U ;)

    1. haha then tell Brian to clean it up all nice and neat
      So it doesn't get on your feet

  24. there's goo everywhere; my kids love to stare; for me it's a nightmare!

    love it!

    1. haha kids love the goo
      Even the umm poo
      But yeah for us it is nasty indeed
      An d one has to do the cleaning deed

    2. omg, you got my inner-rhyming-goddess coming out, lol!

      have a nice wednesday!

    3. haha if any one can make it come out
      The cat will surely be the one to bring it about

  25. Not sure what I read... I got goo out of it though!

    1. Well at least you got the goo
      That is all that matters, it's true

  26. Edgar allen poe would approve

    the cat has such a groove

    1. Nice to know he would approve of the cat
      And not roll over in his grave because of my mat..haha

  27. Raca dickity dock,

    a pat bomb just went off in my head

    its ok bro - im not dead

    just a little red

    riding hood

    stood and cheered


    1. Glad the Pat bomb wasn't lethal to you
      That just would not do
      Hope little red riding hood was fun
      And that wolf got none

  28. I read the first stanza and I had bad thoughts :(

    1. LOL hmmm sorry if I mae you stutter
      You also just made my mind go to the gutter

  29. Replies
    1. haha I love hearing that at my bay
      Makes for such a time thanks to my rhyme play

  30. Goo on the floor, goo on the door? Sounds pretty gross, lol.

    1. Yes pretty gross indeed
      On should always take heed

  31. your words soar in goo or on a puck
    slipping out of the way was exactly cat's luck
    refe time has indeed come due
    i prefer a roll in sun not poo

    1. Soaring on a puck
      That would be fun to watch cat or duck
      Yes I preer a roll in the sun too
      Never ever in things like poo..haha

  32. I read your post early this morning, but figured I'd wait until the dust settled before commenting.

    You've been a very bad cat! I tried to figure out what you were doing, First of all, the reference in the title to dVerse really threw me. And then, to find out that the weird-looking words didn't even translate to anything... Well, that's the kind of thing that can make a Grammar Nazi's head explode! :) Yep, as I said before, you've been a very bad cat! Haha!

    1. hahahaha oh that is so fun to get the Grammar Nazi going
      With the made up meaningless words showing
      I will be a very bad cat if that comes due
      But this just be the only one for a while where such nonsense comes into your view..haha

  33. I read it once.
    I read it twice.
    It makes no sense.
    That makes it nice.

    1. hahaha yep makes no sense
      Could make me seem dense
      Or make one tense
      For the fake words are immense

  34. If you are in the loo
    and are stepping in sticky goo,
    which by no means is ever sweet.
    Just look on the bright side
    and NEVER the dark side:
    you COULD be in bare feet.

    1. LOL That is the bright side
      For I would run far and wide
      From such a sight
      Not wanting any barefeet plight

  35. I'm all for words,

    be real or imagined.

    I was keen,

    of all that were fashioned,

    from that goo of black and white

    My eyes are now a suffering sight.

    1. Yeah made up ones can be fun
      And once and a while must be done
      Sorry for the eye pain
      I hope it didn't make you pop a vein

  36. Watch the goo....My words still soar,
    Yet it is a confusing roar.....your words always soar :)and sometimes it is a confusing roar...but always good :)

    1. haha I see I made you repeat
      That has to be a feat
      As word soar and roar
      And come out forever more

  37. Haha, goo causes stick keys-lol well at least it's not that flubber stuff, bouncing around and off the walls, not cool like the phish song, but moreso like that little dancing blob of goo in that remake of a think it was a dick van dyke film from way back when, but I can't remember, been a while---anyhow…some excellent rhyme despite that goo- many though I believe the words still can come through, even though some of them are doused in goo. Fun write.

    1. haha nope not flubber
      Although that stuff is like rubber
      And it can dance real well if I recall
      It the remake thing they put out in movie hall
      As you say
      Hate stupid remakes to this day
      And yeah they still come due
      It was just fun the screw with the goo

  38. I never like it when things get stuck, it's like shoveling muck. And it makes me feel like a schmuck but what the phuck, It's not like my names chuck.


    1. haha throwing the muck
      On a stinkin' truck
      Is really yuck
      And is done my Chuck
      Others just give their eyebrows a pluck
      And kiss a duck

  39. Cat should meet my dog. He makes planty of goo, too!

    1. hahaha wouldn't want to step in that
      Be eww to the cat and Pat

  40. wellll...someone likes poe and carroll and...


    1. I like many a thing
      Those two work and being a crazy rhyming ass at my wing..hahaha

  41. Reminds me of a Lewis Carroll logic poem.Low brains and high wages will always lead us to a gooey end.

    1. Yep that seems to be the trend
      And will get us one way or another in the end

  42. I'm lost in the maze,
    could be there for days;
    I won't wander far
    while this confusion stays....

    1. The idea sounds right
      As getting lost would be a fright
      Such a plight
      And day could go to night

  43. Now my brain is full of goo. What should I do? Guess I'll really have to keep coming back to consult with you.

    1. I will get rid of the goo
      With other rhymes the come due
      Of course might not be much left up there when I'm through
      So be wary and you view..haha

  44. did you once belong to Dr. Seuss, by chance?

    1. LOL maybe the cat did
      Or is reincarnated or just flipped his lid

  45. Do I need to go get my dictionary, or are you messing with my already confused mind?

    1. With the options your were guessing
      It is the second, I'm just messing haha

  46. A little too much carousal with the Jabberwock, Pat? Watch out or we'll find you stuck in a room and six inches tall. Rhyme's a hitch ain't it? But what the puck, Swift's a salty duck.

    1. haha as long as the room isn't rubber
      And I have to deal with any Flubber
      And it has to be clean
      Or I'll make quite the scene
      And what the puck indeed
      As always at my feed

  47. I'll pack my soupcase and head for the bay.

  48. spell check, spill chic, sphel sheck - come on, cat!!! lol!

    1. LOL you too
      See what the cat's rhymes can do..hahaha

  49. Tell you the truth, Pat, I don't always understand your rhymes...but I laugh anyway. Is this a sign of insanity? A little dizzy after the ride...but it's okay...I'll take another brandy, please. :))

    1. Well I'm as crazy as can be
      Here at my rhyming sea
      So I can say
      It surely may be a sign of insanity at your bay
      So suck back the liquor
      And hope you don't get sicker..haha

  50. *and 34 minutes after arriving at Pat's page, she finally scrolls to the bottom of the long, entertaining list of comments and realizes that she has forgotten everything she wanted to say when she was at the top of the page where the rhyme began*

    Thank you so much for the fun of reading this poem out loud and the chance to punctuate verse with my own laughter. Bravo.

    1. hahahaha the cat can entertain above and below
      Here at his show
      I know it's hard to keep a train of though
      As people rhyme a lot
      But it is oh so much fun
      Under my rhyming sun
      Glad I can provide some laughter for you
      As this nonsense came due..haha


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