This dVerse Will Ruin The Mood. Yeah, I'm Rude!

All are getting lovey dovey their way, just makes me cringe at my bay. Not over the lovey dovey stuff. But that people actually believe in this stupid day of fluff.

So if you came here expecting the cat to subscribe to this, you may end up giving a hiss. But never fear, I won't just rant today as you peer. For with my little rhyming rear, I may make you shed a tear.

If that doesn't ruin the mood I don't know what will. But then again I won't knock you, much, if he gives you a thrill.

Here is my true heart. Don't you want to add it to your cart? So there we go, now on with the dVerse rant at my show.

So one whole day?
To celebrate lovey dovey play.
No wonder the divorce rate keeps going up,
With so many subscribing to this hiccup.

Easter has a chocolate egg pooping bunny,
Birthday's you get money,
Halloween has dress up and treats,
Christmas has lots of different beats.

But a guy in a diaper brings romance?
With a real strange looking stance.
Plus he likes to ram an arrow up your ass,
Do all become brain dead until this day decides to pass?

The only point,
Is to increase the revenue of each corporate joint.
Giving this dumb day any meaning than any other one,
Is just buying into the crap those corporate idiots spun.

To many the cat could come across as a scrooge over this day,
But if I cause dismay.
Maybe you'll wake up and smell more than roses,
And stop looking at a guy in a diaper with weird poses.

Instead of showing it one whole time a year,
Get off your damn rear,
Do it each and every day,
I bet more lovey dovey will come your way.

Plus it will be on your terms,
Not that of such corporate worms.
But than what does a cat know.
You humans buy into anything with a pretty red bow.

Hope I made your Valentine's Day with my rhyming display. But if I caused sass, I can take it, as I know at least I don't worship a guy in a diaper with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The corporate worms and their flimsy tales,
    That guy with the arrow did leave me pale;
    'anti-valentine' - a brand new term,
    Although its unromantic and might make Cupid squirm;
    But Valentine's day is so much more than that,
    A bit more of a hoax, that being a fact;
    But what is life without a whim or two,
    A box full of chocolates, hugs and roses too;
    A golden opportunity for those jittery legs,
    Who dream and sigh and stutter and sweat;
    A day to take a shot at the game of love,
    With truest emotions or seductive bluffs;
    So let the worms wiggle and let those arrows strike,
    I guess the Cat already got its own valentine. :D

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. I suppose it gives the meek
      A day to come out and peek
      But again if they wait around for one whole day
      They are letting many others pass them by their way
      When they could have just asked and found out
      Then either shout or pout
      And moved on long ago
      So this day is still a marketing low

  2. i was wondering what you will come up with today ... :-)
    i wish a happy Valentine to those who celebrate it for i don't mind them doing so but not such a thing as celebrating Valentine over our place ... it just feels so fake to declare love that one precise day!

    1. Yeah it does feel kind of fake
      To buy into this crap the advertising nuts bake
      People should get off their rear
      And do it throughout the year
      Not just one whole day
      Because the ad man says you should at your bay

    2. as you say it should be at least every second day ... lol
      seriously ... love is about so much more then the words or the gifts it's also about the bad that can come up the way and being able to always love and go through it ... and many other things but you cat are smart enough to know that ;-)

    3. Yep that cat is too smart sometimes for his own good
      As many are as dumb as wood
      And believes such trash
      Gives me a bad rash
      And so I kick them out the door
      Remaining single at my shore
      I don't actually kick though
      Just so you know..LOL

    4. You don't give a push and a yell...
      Then disinfect your hands with some anti-bacterial gel?

    5. LOL well I have been known to give a little nudge
      When they won't budge
      But I use my arm
      So my hands won't sound the germ alarm

    6. Yeah, an elbow in the ribs would do
      and you would keep your hands germ free, too!
      Maybe you could install a trap door
      so you wouldn't even have to nudge any more!

    7. LOL if I instally a trap door
      They'd fall through the floor
      And land on a car below
      Then they might make a dent with their elbow
      Get in trouble they would
      Build one I should..haha

    8. You need one at work, too
      so Flappy can fall through!

    9. Wouldnt that be grand
      Then I'd bury her in sand

  3. Amen brother and where did you get that picture of me!

    1. booyah, way to rock the anti valentine, i agree having just one day is not for me, as you will see at my place, look in the mirror we might have the same space, or verse at least...

    2. haha Anne sent it to my vault
      So the pic is all her fault

      Yeah one whole day is dumb
      And then some
      The same verse you say
      As always will be over your way

    3. I just knew Lurk had good taste in underwear :PPP

    4. LOL well glad I can provide proof
      Of that Lurk goof

  4. "The only point,
    Is to increase the revenue of each corporate joint."

    That's the key I think, down with this day!

    1. Down with the day indeed
      We need to keep planting such a seed

  5. I like a day of love and fun
    and sending cards to more than one
    I wish you and the cat a happy day
    hope you both celebrate in a special way.

    1. I agree with the having a day of it
      But just one is stupid more than a bit
      The cat will not to a thing
      And Pat doesn't have a fling
      So we are screwed not in the good way
      Here at my bay..LOL

  6. Hope you have a nice Valentine day Pat:))))))

    1. Just be the same old day to me
      Here at bush number three

    2. Really Pat, I dont buy anything to valentines, only bake some things and whish warms thoughts to all:)

    3. You bake every day over at your way
      See you celebrate it all through the year with a baking tray..haha

    4. Yes the life is a celebration:))

    5. Celebrate
      And don't get irrate
      Just ones fate
      With food on their plate
      And no hate
      So take the bait

  7. Happy Valentine's Day
    Where lovers held sway
    Price of flowers jumped
    To heights that stumped
    Looking at pic of the heart
    Could'nt believe it was the start


    1. haha yeah the heart
      Is such an intergral part
      Not all shaped nice and neat
      As it continues it's beat
      So had to start
      With the heart

  8. And I thought I was cynical!

    Oh, well, at least your message boiled down to "Instead of showing it one whole time a year... Do it each and every day," and I can get behind that. People whom I love never tend to ask if I do or not, regardless of the season.

    1. Yeah that is my main reasoning for such trash
      If you want to make a day and have a bash
      Go for it
      But don't fall for such marketing bs that says you have to do it at your pit
      There should be to "have to"
      Do it because you want to have it come due
      And the cat can be cynical indeed
      But it makes for such fun at my feed

  9. So what kind of mouse should I send your for Valentines, cat? Dark chocolate covered one or the one dipped in white chocolate? :)

    1. Ewww and ewww some more
      You trying to make the cat wind up dead on the floor?
      At best it sends the cat to the litter box
      With a smell that will curl your socks
      So no chocolate for the cat
      Or lovey dovey stuff at that
      Plus you'd prob send penguin poo

    2. So now my presents ain't good to you? Even though I've ordered special mice from Kazakhstan and topped them with smooth Belgian chocolate? So, ungrateful!

    3. Geez and your order the special kind
      Either way it will go to my behind
      Making the cat fat
      I get where you are at
      Trying to slow me down so those penguins can catch me
      Never going to happen at bush number three..haha

    4. Come on, should know by now
      that the cat likes his mouse on a bun, and how!
      Drizzle with ketchup..only Heinz will do
      and serve with napkins so a mess won't ensue.

  10. I happen to think the chubby man in boxers with a bow and arrow is ADORABLE!! He's a perfect representation of cupid.

    And why are u hating on cupids in diapers? Cherubs are the cutest things ever!!! Plus, ever hear of depends? If I wore depends I may get insulted. Sigh...

    Happy Valentine's day, cat!!!! :)

    1. LOL if you wore depends
      It would sure result in some rhyming trends
      But hey at least you could save money when buying them though
      For you could fit into the childrens one at your show..hahahaha
      Adorable you say
      Okay you have a cupid fetish at your bay
      I guess happy valentines day to you
      Even if it was based on a slaughter of some human crew
      Oops did I say that
      That wasn't very romantic of the

    2. Ok, the baby diapers dig was pretty funny. You made me burst out laughing at the one...LOL!!!

      but the cupid fetish?! That's just WRONG!! I think you may have lost a point for making me invision a cupid trying to be all sexy in lace and making inappropriate gestures with an arrow. OMG!! yes, you lose a point. I'm going to have nightmares now, thanks!!!!!!!!

    3. LOL hope I didn't disturb the slave driving Japanese
      Or disrupt those fleas on your knees..hahaha
      hahahaha hey I didn't make your mind go there
      You do that all on your own from a few words at my lair
      So it must have already been there in some form
      Just admit it, for you those thought of cupid are the norm..hahaha
      So worth the lose of a point too
      But that you prob knew

    4. Japanese, Fleas, Knees, and Vending machines all rhyme! I'm screwed...LOL!!!!!!

      I'm glad you're finding the haunting images in my head to be funny. I'm legit scarred for life!!!! You made my brain taint cupid. He's no longer a cherub, he's a creeper!

    5. Yippee! Three cheers for me.
      No more cherub glee
      That is such a delight at my sea
      Can't you see my glee
      Although I would not wish a creeper on thee
      As of those you have had one too
      See they all rhyme too
      But not as scary as those four that came due
      Yep I will admit it, you're screwed quite a bit
      No other way to put it..LOL

    6. Sigh...Thanks for being sensitive to the amount of creepers I've encountered. Just for that, I'm sending Creeper Cupid your way!! Enjoy! :)

    7. He'll be scared away by the cat though
      So bring him on and I'll let the rhymes flow
      Then Mr. Creeper will be gone
      One less to bother you at your lawn..haha

  11. Replies
    1. Glad you found it grand
      Valentines day in rhyming land

  12. You got the right perspective on this V day ~

    And do we celebrate it today? Not really, we go out later part of the week, when the crowd is not so thick, and we can enjoy the peace.

    You last verse says it all ~

    Happy day to you~

    1. Yeah do it on your own terms like that
      Not how people say you should at your mat
      The peace and quiet is way better to have too
      Glad the last verse was true

  13. The rhyming cat always sees more than us humans.
    The streets in England are full of flowers look this moron has in the final hour, got a rose the last one on sale, he doesn't know, the business sign, tells him hypnotically now where he should dine.

    My rhyming is bad but it makes me less sad.
    And that is why i always say fast
    a cobbler should stick to his last.

    1. LOL yeah just hynptically point the way
      Sure a good kickback comes to his bay
      And you rhymed just fine
      Letting your valentines day thoughts shine
      The cobbler should fix those shoes
      Or suffer the blues

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks for the love at my bay
      Even with this dumb day..haha

  15. Well, you do have a point here.
    people need to hear it all through the year
    and not just one day
    and then that's all you say.
    Besides, OCP, you know I love you.
    yesterday, today, and tomorrow, too! :)

    1. Yeah too many think it's just once a year
      And then that is all it takes as they sit on their rear
      And expect everything to work
      Enjoying the ummm perk
      Not going to happen at all
      And with that nice speak the cat just ran down the

    2. lol...can I lure him back with a treat?
      A chicken nugget so sweet?
      How about a heart-shaped Pringle chip
      That would surely do the trick!

    3. haha he can be bought with food
      One smell and he no longer finds anyone rude
      But besides Cassie cat
      He doesn't like to share with anyone else at his mat

    4. OK, he doesn't have to share
      he can eat the whole thing with flair
      But I bet you try to sneak a chip or two
      Just because that would be so you. ha.

    5. That would just be payback for him doing it to me
      Greedy cat snuck a whole hand full at my sea
      Half gone before I caught him the other night
      Meowed all cocky and ran out of sight..haha

    6. Oh, I can just see him trotting away
      then lick his chops and smile to say
      That was quite tasty, Pat
      do you have more for the cat?
      Let me wash my paws and face
      while you go and refill that plate.

    7. haha that is just what he does too
      Thinking he grand for being sneaky as he continues to chew
      But with baked goods he really has a sweet tooth
      He creeps about and jumps on the counter stealing as much as he can at that other 14 cat booth..haha

    8. Well, I can't blame him for liking sweets
      I myself really love those treats.
      Guess he deserves a little prize
      for enduring all those other guys.

    9. I suppose he only thinks it's his right
      After enduring that kitty plight

  16. I appreciate the cat's cynicism today. And I must laugh at his observation of the day being about a man wearing diapers :-)

    1. hahaha yeah a cat just does to get it
      Humans making this guy in diapers such a hit

  17. you just put my thoughts into words in this post !
    and no, you're not rude :)

    1. Not a rude cat today
      I'll have to work harder at my
      And brought your thoughts out too
      Damn I'm good, it's true..haha

  18. haha...i should've know that your valentine's post would be somewhat...special....and it is...smiles

    1. haha somewhat special I can be
      And a tad cynical too at my sea

  19. Haha.. you little cynic you! Hehehe...
    If I saw a guy dressed like that one, I'd run a mile in the opposite direction :)

    1. haha at least you'll get some exercise as well
      After you run and shout bloody hell!

  20. I totally agree with you about valentines day! I just engnore the day when it comes but everyone on blogger seems obsessed with it!

    I wonder what consumer made holiday will appear next?! Meet up with old high school friend and buy them a car day? or send a gift to a distent relietive you've never actually met before day?

    1. LOL well if I'm on the receiving end I'll take the car
      Could sell it har har har
      Yeah that was lame
      But the marketing nuts are to blame
      God only know what they will come up with next time
      To try and suck away your dime
      Although most months are covered with something for them to suck you dry
      Or at least give it a good try

  21. Ha, I totally agree…Valentine's day, the first Hallmark holiday- That should be it's ad campaign. Although the cupid mythological character is quite interesting, he can and has caused love dismay by pointing incompatible types together by the arrow's way. One day for love, yep pretty sad but definitely true. I don't think my cats are too into the spirit of valentines day either, as they, for unknown reasons, just had a big time scrap a couple hours ago- perhaps they were paying tribute to the massacre- who knows, but when i popped the can opener to on, the pair stopped their fighting and scrambled into the kitchen…all in the name of love…oh, what a can of tuna can do-lol

    1. LOL see no need for a card
      Just pop a can of tuna and they'll dart across the yard
      Maybe they were practicing tough love
      Or fighting over who gets to eat the dove
      Stupid Hallmark should take a hike
      Creating a holiday off of a head stuck on a pike
      Nice right?
      Filled with love and not fright

  22. LOL.

    Though too true that it's all consumerism; not that there isn't a holiday where company profit plays a role.

    1. Yeah each and every holiday tend to try
      And suck us dry
      But this one was just pulled out of someones ass
      To try and appease some lass
      Or lad
      Saying this is the one day you should get all lovey dovey at your pad

    2. As in my fable,

      but cupid was able,

      to live free and clear,

      but his twin chomped by the rear,

      by that most beautiful dragon,

      causing cupid's fury wagon,

      driven by hatred of man and beast,

      His cheerfulness quickly ceased.

    3. haha I knew it was his brother
      And not him or his mother
      But we never mentioned him
      So i had cupid get eaten on a whim
      But spit back out
      So it still works with your shout..haha

  23. I'm glad to be in such v-day hating company. I'm positive now that cupid will get a depends sponsorship and be relegated to the used up holiday mascot closet.

    1. Or get eaten by a dragon right?
      That would be a fun sight
      Although he'd probably get spit back out
      As the dragon moved his snout
      For the diaper would smell
      And that would truly be hell
      I wouldn't put it past the sponsorship idea either though
      As he has that lovey dovey glow

    2. haha, put the rhyme on the wrong line.

      that happens from time to tine.

    3. Yeah it still worked fine
      Any line will let the rhyme shine

  24. sweet focus in your piece today... nice

    1. Glad my focus was on and sweet
      I guess that word I cannot

  25. I woke up today. It was Tuesday. For some reason people were being all lovey. Weird stuff, just all of a sudden like that.

    1. Yeah it seems to be some damn plague that's going around
      The cat just wants to stick his head in the ground and not be found

  26. I do like getting chocolate! But yea valentines day is consumerist based!

    1. I don't eat it so no big deal to me
      This day can go get lost in the sea like Jumanji

  27. Hee hee, this made me smile :) "Easter has a chocolate egg pooping bunny,"
    Glad the cat dosen't fall for all the fluff :)

    1. Yep, the cat does not fall for that fluff
      And made sure to give it a go with a huff and puff

  28. I agree it is a consumer nightmare but, hey, who am I to argue with flowers, chocolates and a slap-up meal?! My husband is fab all the time but I am never one to miss any occasion to celebrate! The more the merrier I say :)

    1. Yeah I suppose if it is being done for you
      Why stop it from coming due

  29. Dude! Bring on the everyday love!

    1. That is the way it should be
      Instead of only one day saying you have to get lovey dovey

  30. I know that whenever I visit your blog, I am going to laugh so hard at both your post and the comments.

    I wish I could rhyme on cue
    as easily as you always do
    but when I come here by chance
    I very nearly wet my pants (that is a close enough rhyme, isn't it?)


    1. LMAO that will do, that will surely do
      Just don't wet the floor as you view
      The cat wouldn't want to step in that
      Or that human Pat..hahaha

  31. Hey, how did you get that picture of Socks and Tiger, anyway?

    1. I hacked into Grammar Nazi's camera feed
      You really should take heed..LOL

    2. Oh great
      It's just my fate
      When you were there you could have disabled it
      that would have caused him such a fit
      i think you at least owe me that much
      for how sweet I am and such.

    3. haha my hacking skills are that good
      You're better off finding them and smashing them with a piece of wood

  32. Funny :) I agree it should not be a once a year celebration ... Happy Valentine's Day :)

    1. Yep not once a year at all
      Should be ongoing at every hall

  33. hey pat - that heart pic looks like something you might find in a diaper... that says something dont it... lol - as ever my man your a whizz to read! :)

    1. LOL never thought of that
      But very true words at my mat
      Shit and the heart go together on this day
      Oh that could cause many dismay

  34. Hate Valentines day for all it's phoney/commercial/corporate annoying qualities..but that legit heart,puke image made me laugh so thanks.

    1. LOL see I guess the day is good for something
      As at least a laugh it was able to bring

  35. I so agree with you! It is the little tings each day that matter!


    1. Yep and not some dumb hallmark crap
      As many commercials continue to flap

  36. Replies
    1. And it's a well deserved hate
      Glad you don't take the bait

  37. Leaving comments has become a task
    as a result of your rhyming ass
    waaaaaaaay down here is where I post
    to try to get me noticed most!?
    On this day we can agree
    that no card or chocolate will buy me
    Nor will it you from what I see
    So down with cupid (he's just a bee)

    1. LOL have to be faster tashtoo
      As many comments seem to come due
      But that still does not take away from those left by you
      As they are always fun it's ture
      Yep none of those trinkets should work
      And cupid is a damn diaper wearing jerk

  38. Very wise advice, but I don't think my hubby is going to be too impressed with you. Not when that pictured killed the mood. ;)

    1. LOL so are you telling the cat he should duck and cover
      Because it ruined things with your lover...haha

  39. You're really silly, Pat
    but I agree
    V-Day is full of expectation
    an anxious situation
    for too many!

    1. Silly I will always be
      Here at my rhyming sea
      And yeah it is a crock
      But is that truly a shock?

  40. Imagine my surprise and shock
    To find that Cupid is a crock
    His name is really Silver Fox
    He doesn't wear a diaper or sox
    He wears a little loincloth --it's true
    Better watch out Pat he might shoot you. :)

    1. If the Grammar Nazi comes after me
      I will surely see
      As that would just be scary
      Him floating about as that cupid fairy
      I'd rather be hit by his car
      Than have an arrow hit me from

    2. Cupid's just a role I play
      Like Zorro or Lone Ranger.
      I wear that loincloth just one day,
      For more would be
      much stranger!

    3. Well yes that would be stranger
      Just don't go helping any on in danger
      Then again maybe you should
      As scare them away easily you could

  41. The photo of the fat guy really cracked me up, such a cupid haha!

    1. LOL yep such a cupid indeed
      With those arrows one better take heed

  42. Lovely hateful sentiment to which I agree
    Happy Chocolate Day I say to thee.


    1. That is a much better name
      Than the guy in the diaper who is just lame

  43. Yep, I see we're on pretty much the same page, Pat! Well said!

    1. Yep, one the same page
      This diaper guy is not all the rage

  44. "But a guy in a diaper brings romance?" That is HILARIOUS!

    This is such a fun post for today ;)

    1. haha I can even make the lovey dovey fun
      So had to give it a run

  45. Hahahahaha! Happy V.D. Pat and cat!

    1. Happy V.D. sounds like some disease
      That does not please..LOL

  46. Oh, I love this! It's so true! Great read!


    1. I maybe, sorta, strive for the truth
      At my booth..haha

  47. Replies
    1. I guess since you weren't sappy
      I can be happy

  48. cynical..ok..but totally awesome...loved this! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Cynical and awesome can go hand and hand
      Isn't that just grand?

  49. Ha! You are certainly right re commercialism. And I love your pix! K.

    1. The pix had to be thrown in
      As they so work with this oh so great day of sin

  50. I tried the whole cupid's arrow approach one year. All it got me was an assault with a deadly weapon charge and a restraining order. Happy Valentine's!

    1. LOL don't you know it's supposed to have a sucken cup on the end
      Not something pointy that is a dying trend

  51. I think you nailed it on the head
    but used Cupid's hammer instead
    to smash the shallow love attempts
    of consumerism's marketing chimps

    I still believe in love's expression
    St. Valentine's main obsession
    without the candy, cards or hype
    I'm just a plain "I love you" type.

    1. haha yeah I'll use the hammer
      That will make them stammer
      I believe in that too
      The rest is the equivalent as what gets flushed down the loo

  52. You rocked the jams... Loved this- had me smiling throughout - I got every word too- and totally feel the same way. You know- writing rhyming poetry like this is not easy- but to give it such personality and humour? Well- you killed it! Great job

    1. Glad I could get a smile
      As I went the rhyming mile
      And yeah I can do it with ease
      For the cat's personality tend to please
      And the humor seems to just come
      As I rhyme off my little rhyming bum..hha

  53. You had me lmao! Thanks for my late evening laugh. Commercialism is abundant.


    1. haha glad I could get a good laugh before the days end
      And yeah crappy commercialism is a never ending trend

  54. You're way out of bounds this time! Attacking Easter Bunny and Valentines? Pat do you have no shame? Indeed, though, love each day and bring your beloved the joy they deserve.

    1. hahaha I have no shame what so ever
      And think I'm oh so clever
      Will go on the rhyme attack
      After anything at my shack
      And yeah the main thing is every day
      And not just when some commercial guys say

    2. Sweet! I think you covered it. :)

    3. Glad I got it covered at my bay
      With the rhymes I let loose today

  55. I hope you'll pass this along, dear Pat,
    A happy valentine for your master cat....
    For it is he who keeps true life in fold....
    Love? Humbug, a cupid's Scrooge be told...
    Are there no workhouses for lovers in vein?
    Their romps nothing more than unsightly bed-stains.
    A scratchpost, perhaps, a favorite toy or two,
    These are things love should attach to.....
    A savvy cat knows where love belongs,
    you'll hear them in his alley-cat songs..
    So be gone you ghost of future love,
    your solid pertinence will not rise above
    the clamor and clatter of those cats fucking,
    while ghost of love past is bobbing and ducking
    the notion of love......................

    1. LOL thankfully the cat is snip snip
      So Pat doesn't have to worry about him throwing a hip
      Or those noises that would ensue
      If some humpty hump came due
      The cat lives it up with his toy
      And cat tower that brings joy
      Doesn't leave a stain
      Like those humans that sound like they are popping a vein
      So he will take you happy valentine
      After that fun rhyme just fine

  56. Replies
    1. And yet it is still done
      Many giving the diaper guy a run

  57. Yep, if I ever find someone worth spending valentine's day with I want to celebrate everyday

    1. You and me both
      But with that so far my luck has gone south

  58. Oh Gawd! I love this, Pat. hahahahahaha! The corporate worms indeed! Yeah, there's alot of commercialism goin' on with Valentine's Day and other holidays, all feed for Madison Avenue. Rabbits pooping chocolate True, get off our asses and do the lovey dovey every day. Good reminder. Great visuals. Love it, love it!// BTW, like what you did to the place...comfy...hopeI can knock on your door one day and have a glass of wine, some laughs et al.

    1. hahaha I'm feeling lots of love for this one
      Glad you had fun with this rhyming fun
      Madison Avenue always wants to suck us dry
      Trying to pretend it is a lie
      Looks all comfy too
      Yeah that had to come due
      Can sure give a laugh or two
      If any knocks ensue

  59. Replies
    1. haha yeah I guess they are cute
      Still will not put me on mute

  60. LOL thanks for the laughs can celebrate any day any way they choose it's only sheep that follow a pack ...But I do love chocolates and valentine always brings them ...we try and have a valentine day at least once a week not just saying I love you .but doing something different together ...Love should be a continuous celebration ! Thanks for the smiles and the great rhyme x

    1. Yeah and it seems with the sheep
      That there is a whole heep
      Once a week sounds like a much better plan
      Then this one whole day that is some flash in the pan

  61. Aah you're too funny, I'm surprised I had not puked so far. I wonder who is that lucky person to enjoy cheer and sheer joy with you everyday.

    1. LOL nope no one lucky my way
      Unless you count the cat or two at my bay

  62. I love the fact that your "message" came off as being so surly and cynical, but so many saw through it as actually being quite uplifting! Watch it, pal, you don't want certain ladies calling you "sweet," do you???

    1. Yeah they went and saw through it
      I must be losing my touch a bit..haha
      That word only came due once in all these retorts
      So I think I can survive that many "sweets" at my courts

  63. Pat,

    Words to the wise
    are always good sense.
    One thing I admire:
    you're not on the Fence!

    1. Hell no to the fence
      I give my ten cents
      And pick a side
      Not changing it like the tide
      Even when things get dire
      Glad you can admire

  64. Wow! You're brave Patt. What a rant. I couldn't agree more. I have never wanted one of those red heart candy boxes...Ba Humbug!!

    1. A tad brave
      Hidden in a bit of crazy at my cave
      As I rant and rave
      With the rhymes I pave
      Bah humbug indeed
      Some might not take to kindly to such a thing though so take heed

  65. Fantastic. Romance as a lifestyle. "Do it each and every day" - right on! Rhyming props for these wisdom drops.

    1. A lifestyle is the right choice indeed
      Not all this crap those marketing guys wish you to heed
      And with my rhyme
      I say it all sublime

  66. nice! cynical & sweet all at one time,
    makes me wonder how you manage so much in rhyme!

    1. I manage one way or another I guess
      But how I do it, beats me I will confess

  67. I love to read someone who really knows how to have fun with poetry.. clearly someone like you!

    1. I know how to have fun and be a loon
      Crazier than a loony tunes cartoon..haha

  68. absolutely brilliant. truly great. love your irreverent tone. perfect for this material.

    1. Wow you sure made my ego rise
      Glad you found it grand and not full of lies


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