This Leaping Beat Needs To Take A Back Seat!

This will not do. Instead of 365 rhymes, I have to do 366 for all of you. That one whole extra one will make me go bust. I think my rhyming skills will rust.....hmmm.....or maybe not. As the facts are I can do a whole lot. But how dare those Ancient Egyptians figure this out and make me do another rhyme shout. This just throws off my whole groove. What were they trying to prove? Then the damn Romans came along and instead of saying they were wrong, made it officially a day. Oh the dismay!

With their ancient tools,
Who believes these fools?
5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds off.
Bah who is going to scoff?

That still doesn't equal 24,
23:22:24 in case you were wondering at your shore.
So 37:36 is your extra time,
Don't you like math and rhyme?

So in 60 years you'll gain,
An extra 9 hours and 25 minutes at your lane.
Now you can't say you never have time,
For you have 9:25, isn't that sublime?

Oh but wait! There are more rules,
Created by more fools.
No year diviisble by 100 counts,
In the leap year amounts.

Except those divisible by 400,
Has your brain been plundered?
So if you were lucky,
And are still plucky.

At a ripe old age of 112 or so,
You gained a whole other day at your show.
Plus you gain almost double the 9:25,
Meaning a good day and a half, at least, at your hive.

What will you do with all that time?
Since it doesn't count, kill a mime.
It will make the world a better place,
May even get rid of some wrinkles on your face.

Then you can tell one and all,
As you give your cat call.
For if you are a she,
This one whole day you can chase a he.

Is that any different than the others?
Maybe for our mothers.
As the scaries and crazies won't go away,
No matter the day.

Maybe they will leap,
And fall into a hole quite deep.
Then for 365 days they will go poof,
Thanks to the leap year goof.

That would be grand,
No more crazies in rhyme time land.
I could give Flappy a push,
Then she's shush.

Strat! This has gone all to hell,
Stupid leap year had to ring its bell.
But I suppose it a good thing the Mayans had no say,
Or ever four years it would be doomsday.

See the stupid leap year can't stop me. I will keep on going at my sea. Even if I have to do 366 thanks to those Egyptian hicks. Now now don't get your panties in a bunch, my little insults pack no punch. For they are all long past dead to ever see what I said. Unless the aliens help, then they may yelp. But I'll give those probing guys some sass and never let them catch my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I won't lie Pat that while I could keep on track with this for a good while eventually I lost my mind and made some mistakes, awesome stuff. I don't think I had any doubt that an extra day could halt the momentum of the cat!

    Thanks so much for adding me to that list man, it's such a decent thing for you to do buddy, I'll have to find some way to repay the cat back, maybe I'll buy the mule a ball of wool! :)

    1. hahaha fun making one lose their mind
      I hope later you were able to find
      Blame the numbers on the day job
      For the cat being a math nut job
      And no problem at all
      As you added the cat to your hall

  2. wow all those rules i feel i am in school. i guess it keeps our seasons straight so we should not hat, i feel back though for those born on this date as only ever couple years do they celebrate and by the time you are 10 you are middle aged, and retired by drinking age...neverless youare the rhyming sage...

    1. School in rhyme
      Wouldn't that be a fun time
      Yeah it would suck to be born on this date
      One birthday every four years is your fate
      That I would hate
      By the time you're drinking age you'll be lucky if you aren't dead in a crate..haha

  3. Those crazy Mayans ...
    what will they think of next?
    Good rhyme :-)

    1. Nothing as they are toast
      And the world won't roast

  4. Blooming Egyptians and their pyramids and mummies.....

    1. haha yeah those pain in the ass pyramid makers
      Were really movers and shakers

  5. What will I do with all that time,
    build a shrine perhaps
    to some dead cat
    they say were gods
    to worship not to play,
    here at your bay.

    1. True cats were seen as gods of sort
      Way back in some weird ancient court
      So there you go
      Could make one at your show
      And call upon the spirit
      Although you may fear it
      For it starts throwing things around
      And the ghostbusters need to be found..haha

    2. I joke about the idea that cats domesticated humans and not the other way around. I think they saw cavemen sitting around a fire one night and said "Those creatures look dumb. I think we could train them to hunt for us and do our bidding." When my cat sits on my lap, I automatically pet her and won't even get up to get myself something to eat lest I disturb her.

    3. hahaha yeah you never know
      It would makes sense as I'm the same at my show
      I even hold it if I have to go
      When they are lying on me all snug and happy stretching out each toe
      They really have us doing their bidding in every way
      At each and every cat bay

    4. Well, don't tell my zoo that they are really gods
      and the humans are the sods.
      They don't need to swell their heads
      one already sleeps in my bed.
      Who knows how many more will adopt me
      Maybe I'll get lucky and some of them will leave!

    5. haha especially with 9 more coming due
      That would definitely be quite the godly crew
      Drazin might seem a better bet
      With 18 cat to make you fret..haha

  6. too much numbers, too much numbers, my head swirls, me was always bad in maths :( I make mistakes even when using a calculator :)

    1. LOL well if it was one of the calculators with lots of buttons and do hickys
      They can be kind of tricky

  7. What I am thinking, Pat, is that the date from a few days ago will probably be phoning up today!! Avoid the phone and the grocery store. LOL.

    1. LOL Oh god, if she does I'm going to blame you
      Of course if such a thing comes due
      I just would pick up the phone
      And here her stupid nut job tone..haha

  8. I would like to start off by saying that I would NEVER kill a mime. They are people too, cat! Sigh...

    I had no idea that the ancient Egyptians started the whole Leap year thing. Speaking about Eyptians, I've always been interested in their culture. I'm moving go to Egypt up on my bucket list. :) lol Actually, that's what I'm going to do w/ my extra time. I'm going to go to Egypt, ride a donkey, and see the pyramids! You're a genius, cat!!

    P.S. I tried to comment on your page TWICE and it didn't work. Have I been exiled??? LOL!

    1. LOL well maybe just step on their foot or something like that
      That would be enough to please the cat

      Seeing the pyramids, which the aliens built, you will never convince Pat or the cat otherwise to that, would be fun
      Although your dislike of sand may make you run..haha
      As there is tons of that about
      Although the cat would like it as he could use the litterbox with ease as the sand makes you pout
      Ride a donkey too
      Hmmm I'll take a camel as those donkeys are a stubborn crew
      And the cat is a genius oh that is so fun to hear
      My ego went up a bit more I fear..haha

      Hmmm maybe it's the dreaded leap year curse
      Or payback for the placenta making my ocd worse..LOL
      God only knows though
      As it's prob stupid ass blogger screwing up the cat's show.

    2. I won't even step on their foot. That's mean!!! They are living creatures. They can't help what they were born to be. Sigh...

      So you think that aliens built the pyramids? How do you know?! I thought you said that we were all safe!!!!!! Sigh...Think of all the history laying in that giant sand dune?! That's ok. I don't think cats are allowed to ride on donkeys anyways. Plus, what if you get the rhyming donkey and then he feels like you're trying to show him up and then he leaves you stranded in the dessert?! Yep, maybe you should skip Egypt.

    3. LOL geez I can't win with you and the mimes
      I guess I'll just have to live with their miming crimes..haha

      Yep aliens built them long ago
      And then left when humans realized they had no godly glow
      Tons of history laying there indeed
      Would be more fun to see than read
      Cats on donkey's would not do
      And if he rhymes I'll turn him blue
      For no donkey can beat this cat
      With rhyming I'd squash him flat
      That's what I'd be afriad of though
      Actually getting stranded in the desert with no water flow
      As some guides have been known to do such a thing
      Once they get you out there if you won't let more money fling
      So watch your back when you go over there
      While the cat remains snug in his lair..haha

    4. Look at you getting all defensive over a rhyming donkey! How do you plan on turning him blue? Poor little donkey just wanted to rhyme and you're over there making rhyming threats! Who knew cats had vendettas again mimes and donekys? Sigh...

      Do they really leave you behind??? I've never heard of that! It can't be true. Aren't there laws protecting tourists from getting stranded in the desert??

    5. I'll paintball the donkey until it is blue
      That would be fun for the cat to do
      LOL mimes and donkeys just cause the cat no fun
      On says nothing and the other is stubborn a ton
      So they are on the bottom of my list
      That I keep written under my fur around my wrist

      It used to be done like that
      I'm not sure if it still is over at their mat
      But that's how they got more money from you
      If you didn't pay they'd just take their camels/donkeys and leave you there to stew
      Sure there are laws
      But as you know there are flaws
      And you can canvas a whole desert one bit
      So if your guide seems like a nefarious twit
      Avoid taking a tour
      Until another comes ashore

    6. Ok, I held in the laughter until you said nefarious twit. I'm not sure why "twit" did me in, but it's a good thing I wasn't drinking and reading. hahaha

      Of all the things for a cat to hate... You even have a plan to paintball the poor little donkey? I'm disappointed in you. LOL!

    7. LOL the cat is helping you give the Japanese a show
      As you let your laughing flow
      And yeah avoid the spit
      That will give both our ocds a fit..haha
      haha twit nitwit and dimwit all work for me
      I just picked the first that popped into my mind at my tree

      hahaha but aren't you a fan
      For the cat always has a plan
      Whether a donkey, the zombie foot or the world going boom
      The cat always has a plan for such doom..haha

    8. ride a donkey? I thought they rode camels in Egypt. ha.
      You could go to Montana and ride a donkey. lol.

    9. LOL I said I'd take the camel though
      So the cat was right and Jax was wrong at my show..haha

    10. LOL!! Maybe I planned on bringing a donkey with me...

      Sigh...How do I know what animal you ride in Egypt?!

    11. hahaha damn! It cost more to bring a donkey with you than it would to travel to fifty places
      Can imagine the looks on the airport peoples faces
      Can I have my donkey now?
      LOL if you manage to do that take a bow...haha
      Well it's sand
      You should know camels are

    12. how do we know? Gee, Jax, don't they teach you anything in those NY schools? If you want to go to Egypt, you better read up! :) I wonder if they like strawberries!?

    13. If they went over what animal to use to get to the pyramids, then no. The NY school system failed me. lol Guess I was thinking of the Grand Canyon...haha


    14. hahahahaha maybe it wasn't the new your school system at all
      But that placenta seeped into her brain at her hall
      And now she can't recall
      Which animal stands tall
      Or she just doesn't like the camel spit
      Feed them the strawberries and they'll send it back, watch out it may hurt when hit...haha

    15. and I think it's burros at the Grand Canyon. lol.

    16. Well that one stumped me
      I never knew that at my sea

  9. I blame the aliens. Most of our culture is all robbed from various sources, we should just have an 8 day week then we can have a three day weekend. I wonder what everyone will do when there is no big bang,blame it on the maths and say it is happening next year.Great rhyme.

    1. Yeah I with your there
      The aliens have certainly screwed up our earthly lair
      And 8 day week would be neat
      Then I'd have 4 days off my work beat..haha
      Yeah they'll find some stupid excuse to say why it didn't go boom
      As they can't give up on their oh so dreaded curse of doom

  10. too much maths making my head hurt.
    It's amazing they figured all this out at all...

    1. Yeah those with sticks and stones
      Figured it all out as they set up some old bones

  11. I never was any good at math.. heck, blame it all on the Ancient Egyptians... Haha Now, I need to go and find my calculator. See you later alligator ;)

    1. hahaha there you go
      Now you have someone to blame for the math show
      And calling a cat a gator
      Aren't you just a hater..haha

  12. Actually we lost a day. The year 2000 didn't have the leap year and we all lived through it. (exept kids under 12)

    1. Well it works for kids under twelve then
      Don't screw up the math at my den..LOL

  13. I want to translate it to hieroglyphs,

    See the scholars spits and miffs,

    at your poem upon those walls,

    I'd paste it among Nefertiti,

    your words will be glorious graffiti!

    1. I won't like to see that done
      Be sure to take a pic before you run
      As if you get caught doing such a thing
      Their arms may fling
      And they may chop yours off before they are through
      So run fast if you see any authorty figures in your view..haha
      Or if Apophis or Anubis decides to get jealous as well
      For one could send you to hell

  14. What happens to Feb 29th when it isn't Leap Year, does it go into storage?

    1. I guess there is a storage bin that opens every four years
      And let's out all the past years cheers or fears

  15. If they had to add an extra day, why add it in February? February sucks!

    1. So very true.
      July or August would have been so much better to have an extra day come due

  16. I have a few friends born on this very day

    With a disappearing birthday they wish they were born on the first of May.

    1. I don't know a single soul
      Who was born on this day and have to pay the toll
      Of only have one every four years
      Maybe they get a great present from ummm Sears

  17. New to your blog. Is the entire thing in rhyme? Wow --what an undertaking!

    1. Yep each and every time
      It will be in rhyme
      Not that big of an undertaking
      As rhymes are easy enough for me to keep making

  18. leave it to an accountant most humble
    to give us the break down in numbers
    I'm sure one more rhyme
    won't take you too much time
    happy leap day to you
    let's celebrate in four more years, too!

    1. Yeah it was not hard to break down
      Here in stupid accounting town
      Only took a little while
      To run another rhyming mile
      And yep will be here in four years too
      Unless I get hit by a bus or some other bad thing comes

    2. you could get run-over by a bus
      or silver fox, if you cause a fuss
      I could get over-run with cats
      and have to leave my mat.
      But if the run-over and over-run don't come due
      let's make a date to meet here, too!

    3. haha okay four years it will be
      And I will remember at my sea
      Sure you will too
      Let's hope being hit or overrun doesn't come due
      As long as Silver can't get across the border
      Things should remain in order..hahaha

    4. I don't think he has a passport
      so you can get away with those silly retorts.

    5. haha I know he doesn't as he said it before
      So I can live safe at my shore...haha

    6. yep, you can yap and yap
      and not get a slap
      and be glad that the Irish Mafia
      is no more, nothing, na da.
      and if he looks for your address
      although he does his best
      your mother he will find
      and she'll give the warning chime.

    7. Yep thankfully they are no more
      They may have been able to sneak him ashore
      But either way he wouldn't find me
      As the other place would warn my sea
      And out the door Pat and the cats would go
      Before he came to run me down at my show..haha

  19. thats a lot of numbers there.
    what did you do today ?

    1. I did this a while ago
      So technically I worked and lurked at my show

  20. Those final comments there, i hope brendan frasier does not read, as I heard he's liked by the scorpion king and believe it or not this year comes or has come out a number 3. But the cat would have his way with a mummy, just run real fast and play with the wrapping as if it was toilet paper, spinning the old living dead guy around and around, kind of like snarf did to oh, what was his name, back when cats wore shields and drove and were the afternoon rage. But yeah, leap year, is a weird thing for sure, never knew all the history here listed at your bay on this leap year day, but I have often wondered if you were born on a leap year, would you have to wait until you were 84 before you could legally have a beer, or if in Canada I guess that would mean you'll only have to wait until you're 76. Hmm… Interesting piece for this bonus rhyme, leaping about though, that's what cat's do, so seems only appropriate to rhyme it up here at your zoo.

    1. hahaha poor George of the Jungle
      Can come and read and mumble
      For the cat doesn't fear him
      George was kind of dim
      Yeah saw a third one was due
      That crap they bring forth for us to view
      Very weird and lots of rules
      Made up by those you'd think were fools
      But I guess it has it's place
      Be really funny if you had to wait until 84 or 76 to drink at ones place

  21. Never realized it was that complicated >.<

    1. Yeah neither did I
      Until I gave it a the old rhyming try

  22. Leap years mess everything up, thank god I wasn't born on one

    1. Yeah they do mess everything up
      Being born on one would be a bit of a hiccup

  23. "For if you are a she,
    This one whole day you can chase a he."

    Isn't it interesting that today a she can propose to a he?

    Great to see you rhyming away on this leap year Pat ~

    We have a nasty weather today :-(

    1. Yeah one whole day
      Not sure why it came to be that way
      And yeah I will rhyme away
      Even on a leap day
      All was fine here
      No bad weather to fear

  24. "Unless the aliens help, then they may yelp."


    1. Those scary aliens are all around
      If you see them duck and don't make a sound

  25. aaaaahhh, numbers!!! I can relate this post much more easily than yesterday. You got me on that one!

    1. haha yeah even numbers don't abuse and confuse
      As much as yesterday's rhyme the cat decided to use

  26. Mimes, aliens, screwed up calendars...what's this world coming to, anyway?

    1. hahaha I don't know
      But I think I really need that secret bunker built at my show..haha

  27. Thanks, Egyptians, for making me have to deal with that math. :P

    1. LOL I'm sure they find it fun
      Confusing people by the ton

  28. maths, leap year, pat's rhyme :P
    fun at its best :)
    Enjoying winter fully !!

    1. Glad you can enjoy it
      I hate the stupid snow bit..haha

    2. Be thankful for that
      Snow is hated by Pat and the cat

  29. Nothing can stop you and your cat, Pat. Certainly not the Leap terrible of a movie as that was.

    1. Blah don't even remind me of that thing
      I would take the dvd and give it a fling
      Right out into the street
      Where it will get run over and suffer a painful defeat..haha

  30. LOL; I kept trying to write 2/30/12 on all my papers today. Every month should have 30 days!

    I tagged you in a q&a on my blog. I just wanted to see if you could answer the questions with your rhymes :) Don't worry if its not your thing to do.


    1. hahaha yeah it would be nice and simple that way
      But out no have to had a 31st day
      And not just make them all thirty
      I guess do so is just dirty?..haha
      Just answered some a while back
      Here at my shack
      They are hard to do
      As I already have the whole month of posts ready to come due

  31. These always make me feel better. Thanks!

    1. Glad I can make you feel swell
      As I rhyme here at my well

  32. Tools, fools, and rules... For some reason I really like that rhyme. lol

    1. Just rolls off the tongue so well
      Plus they are all dumb as hell

  33. Replies
    1. That they due
      They wore those weird skirt things too

  34. Hahaha. I love math & rhyme! This read was QUITE a good time. :)

    1. Glad you liked both that came due
      As the leaping rhymes and math flew

  35. Wow..! lots pf maths here
    Something that I don't hold dear
    Again it comes arrh..! another leap year
    Celebrating a birthday every 4,
    A pity, what a bore
    Have it March 1st then what a chore
    Nothing material not a horror
    But something difficult to adore!


    1. Yeah would be a pity
      Even for a kitty
      Although could do it on the 28th or the 1st
      Either way one would still get a birthday burst


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