Time For A Globland Report Here At My Court!

It's time at my court for a round up to come due.
You might give a snort after such a view.
But you are on equal ground and it had to be done.
As I went around and spied on each and everyone.
I had to get the dirt and the facts.
No! I didn't flirt or do any stalker acts.

Unless you count my need to lick,
After seeing a dirty pic.

So to keep you all up to speed and on the ball.
I have done the deed and will give Globland a call.

Yes it's really a write,
Shut up! It's my site.

Cats are being caged and getting the snip snip,
The humpty hump raged no more after that trip.
Sundays for a blabber mouth have come to an end.
There isn't enough gas down south to continue such a trend.
A blue man is refusing to update and to change.
He thinks his eight tracks are great and will not re-arrange.

Have you caught on to my little game?
If the answer does not dawn your brain is to blame.

Ginger on the tongue is sweeping the land,
I think their bell is rung as they spit in back in their hand.
Digging in the dirt seems to be quite the craze.
I guess that sax flirt likes to make a dirt maze.
Rocket ships are being found in the roadside ditch.
Along with some gal all profound who must really itch.

Are you there yet or still confused?
Either way I bet you know I'm amused.

Fecking airlines are merging or whatever you call it.
But with such converging money has surely filled a pit.
A grammar hound has hung up his socks.
A slump has been found over at those docks.
Some bible thumping clown helps children sing.
I'd be embarrassed in that town to admit I owned the vhs of the thing.

This is not a trick and should come with ease.
Now make yourself slick and don't sneeze.

For there was a man who blew stuff up,
And I hear the bible belt wasn't a fan of his bagel hiccup.
Some rawkin robin is against Valentine's day,
Even offering a bobbin for a delightful display.
A birdie is in love with one and all.
How can that wannabe dove like what comes after fall?

I was a bit more blantant there.
So don't say the cat doesn't care.

Another has a thing for a spy named Chuck.
While one let it sing that he can't blog thanks to having to suck.
The Russians may come to lurk and invade,
If an angry guy gives a hum and his plans don't fade.
Always something food wise at this cave,
Which after heaven's sensual nude might be all the rave.

The cat has you thinking now?
If you figured it out take a bow.

There is music all around even if you can't understand.
But it's a pretty sound unless it's a can't hear the words band.
A third little pooch as joined ones shore.
Good thing they aren't like Hooch or they'd break down the door.
A goth critter came about as of late,
I think it was bitter and knew its cat snack fate.

Did you hit your head with that bow?
That must cause dread but don't have a cow.

A guy shitting on the basketball court for the game,
Really is an epic fail at any hall and really lame.
Some zombies and two guys had a thing,
I guess the zombie told lies and snacked during their fling.
Retro eighties and fake trailers are up for display,
Along with maybe some jolly sailers and a nerd who had to pay.

Watch your back for zombies I must say.
Those things just yum yum you away.

Seems to be a run on crows and the chim chim chireey.
Why? God only knows with a sip sip sir-y.
Lemurs are still lying in wait for their chance to shine.
Penguins seem to have of late caused them to whine.
Another is on the job search and quit the junk.
So he won't turn into Lurch and "You Rang" will be bunk.

Those lemurs are ready to attack.
Watch out for they run in a pack.

Some poor guy has classes piling up mid way through.
But to all the masses he states a pass will come due.
Tech updates are heard most every day.
But don't be absurd and find them at a certain bay.
Dragons have come to roost as well as of late.
I guess their fiery hell may be Earth's fate.

All these scary creatures are out and about.
If you see such features, run, scream and shout.

Some weird shaped hill also threw me for a loop.
I bet for a thrill he purposely made the thing droop.
Oliver! Oliver! Oliver! Stupid thing needs to silence itself.
Bloody Hell! Why did I have to go visit that shelf.
Once more that half naked girl was getting all groped.
I wonder if giving it a whirl came out as she hoped?

So if your brain still isn't lit I have to give up hope,
For you haven't got it and are at the end of your rope.

So now my court has come full circle for all of you.
If you can't understand the report than whoopdi friggin doo.
You know how I love to use that at my shore.
Don't say suck a lemon to the cat or I'll break down your door.
I hope you weren't confused and caught on to my report view.
But if you were abused once more whoopdi friggin doo!

I know how to distract you with gas.
Maybe I should release some from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Please no gas from your rhyming ass. You might release a whoopdi friggin poo...which might even smell too, and we don't want that from that cat!
    Good post :-)

    1. LOL the cat does have good control
      But once in a while out a turd may roll
      So watch where you step just in case
      When visiting my place..haha

  2. I even recognised myself and others and hope that no one bothers....I know it's crap but I've just had a flap.....

    1. haha feel free to flap away
      And rhyme all you want at my bay

  3. I know what you did, and I didn't flip my lid. Though not all do I follow, the ones I know well were like mittens for kittens and rang a big bell.

    1. Glad they rang a bell
      And didn't make you go bloody hell
      Confusing and abusing your mind
      Even though that too would be fun to my rhyming behind..haha

    2. You even got Angry to rhyme today Pat! Now that's saying something...

    3. haha Damn I'm good today
      Making an angry man rhyme at my bay

  4. Wow you're on a roll today. You can save the gas though! :P

    1. On a roll as I stroll
      The gas seems to be losing in the opinion poll..haha

  5. good report at your court.

    i recognised some.
    clearly you're having fun.

  6. Hm. Thought I saw myself twice...

    What would you do without us, cutback and give yourself weekends off? Ha!

    1. Oops, left out the space between "cut" and "back." That's what happens before grammar hounds have their coffee!

    2. haha well at least you caught your mistake
      But never fear many I make
      As I type fast in the comments below
      Maybe I should invest in coffee at my show
      I would surely come up with something
      I have plenty of imaginary friends that would allow my rhymes to fling..haha

    3. I think all of us -- myself included -- would have a hard time keeping track of the mistakes we make when banging out quick comments!

      And yeah, coffee might help. I don't think apple juice has much at all when it comes to caffeine! Heh.

    4. Yeah, and besides it is quite fun some of the mistakes that come due
      As I don't mind getting made fun of if I type something like whether instead of weather for all to view
      I usually see the mistakes when I hit publish too
      But by that time, unless it's a big one, I just let them ensue
      Yeah, no caffeine in that what so ever
      But already quite hyper so not so sure about the coffee endeavor

  7. "Fecking airlines are merging or whatever you call it." Instantly got that this was Anne, a few didn't come to my head though just simply because I don't follow them.

    Damn, turning into Lurch sounds scary, I don't want it to happen damnit! Great stuff mate, I had to seriously think and use my brain for this one, probably the most exercise my mind's had in a good while.

    1. LOL yeah the Lurch crack just popped in
      As I went about the shout at my bin
      Glad I could give your brain
      A ride on the exercise train

  8. Replies
    1. As usual you say
      I guess it is usual at my bay

    2. 'A blue man is refusing to update and to change.
      He thinks his eight tracks are great and will not re-arrange.'
      Blue man? What blue man? Has anyone seen said blue man? (waiting.... waiting a bit more....) Nope. Sorry about that ;) Now let's give dezzy his dope (chocolates, was it?)

    3. Hmm I don't know.
      Where did that blue man go?
      Has be come and gone?
      Could he have just left a comment at my lawn
      I think a certain blue man is looking the wrong way
      As the said blue man even linked to his bay..haha

    4. But seriously, Pat, you've got more comments than Obama's got voters. Don't you need some sleep in you um lair? Have a nice day!
      - RC

      P.S. I watched The Women the other day. It's in the garbarge can as we speak. Three beautiful dollars wasted. The same goes for Detox, which was even worse. I'm so disappointed... and blue.

    5. Bah I'll sleep when I'm dead
      Yep, that's what I said..lol
      Don't throw them out as they can be re-used too
      Use them as coffee table coasters, they work well it's true!
      I keep them even if they are crap
      Adds to my DVD collection map
      But thankfully I never watched those two
      And will not thanks to you

  9. I swear I didn't get this one after reading it three times :) I need some dope first and then I'll try again :) Or was this just your cunning way to make me use dope?

    1. Yep Dez, I just wanted you to get high
      So I could sneak it and steal all the secrets, watching as your penguins cry
      Or I just wanted you to repeat
      Either way, I win, you're beat..lol

    2. you do know that for me, as innocent and angelic as me is, dope means chocolate truffles with rum or cherry brandy?

    3. Yes I never took you for the one to do that crap
      But either way I'm sure you'll get high and not notice my sneaky info stealing lap

    4. Don't let him fool you Pat. Dezzilicous is no angel. He's a naughty boy.

    5. I will keep that in mind
      After all you'd know with your twitter DM delving into his mind

    6. Annezilla is a master mind of Irish Secret Intelligence Service, don't trust her, Pat, she's tried stealing info on me, but she just can't pass my penguin security. They always smell whiskey breath and know she's lurking around our headquarters :)

    7. The Irish have a secret intelligence service you say?
      I guess it is so secret wasn't known down my way..lol
      I bet her stumbling in all drunk is a good way to catch her
      No wonder no one fears Irish spies not even those with fur

    8. Dezzmeister is a naughty boy who worked in a high school and then also in a private school and was also a representative of a few universities for adult education in his city and taught English to hundreds of business people, custom officers, bankers.... even the city government. Just so you know who you're dealing with ;)

    9. lies, all lies, they want to ruin my angelic reputation! Lies, lies, lies I say!

    10. Well that explains everything much more
      I knew those penguins were a figment of his imagination at his shore..lol

      I think someone protests too much
      That's a little more than a touch..hahaha

    11. LOL poor Dez now wants to be a real boy
      I'm sure that would bring him joy

  10. Pat...I give up! My brain is confused...or mislaid, or missing period!

    But you are THE rhyme master, no one can compete!

    I wouldn't try, I would just expose my smelly feet!

    Lady Nyo

    1. LOL it is so fun to leave one confused
      And feeling a tad used
      You can rhyme all day at my bay
      But keep those smelly feet away..haha

  11. Oh, what a clever cat you are
    I recognized most of your commenters near and far
    Very fun to read your descriptions
    of what's in the news from their inscriptions!

    1. Yeah did it a bit differently than just name the title of each blog
      Leaving many in a fog
      As this idea popped in yesterday
      And gave it a go at my bay
      Plus fun to confuse a bit
      Is always fun, isn't it?

  12. I'm giving you an award you little rhyming ass! Not something I often do...but this Liebster is all for you! Come and visit me if you want to take the time to see! ;)

  13. Did you reference a beer and a showers zombie post?

    1. That I did as well
      Those zombies can be hell
      Just like friggin bibleman
      Who is a flash in the pan

  14. How can one be a blabbermouth AND run out of gas? That doesn't work!!! Clearly, there is either plenty of "steam" or she's not a blabbermouth at all... hahaha

    I recognize only 3 of them, and that includes me. Clearly I'm not reading enough blogs...hahaha Anne's I got right away, and I'm assuming the first one was Betsy because of her large kitty population. But I could be wrong...hmmm LOL

    1. LOL oh there is a way around such a thing
      As a blabbermouth can still give a ring
      But they(she..lol) may just blabber on about the same stuff
      With their(her) huff and puff
      So they(she) are out of gas
      With their(her) same old sass
      Not the they are(she is) at all
      Just fun to use at my hall..lol
      You are right with your TWO whole guesses besides you
      Not many points on this one came due..haha

    2. What are you trying to say, cat?!

      Not many but still a few points. How about 6 points? 2 for each correct answer :) And then another 6 being you made me depressed yesterday with all that $$ NY talk.


      That makes it 156%!!!!

    3. LOL the cat doesn't have to say anything at all
      Yesterday with creeper cupid you showed you and your imagination can have a ball
      hahaha I'd be depressed too
      If stupid NY was sucking me dry like you
      So I guess 12 is okay
      But 156%? No way!

    4. Stop giving me images of that creeper cupid!!!! If I remember correctly, it was you who thought him up, not me! (I'm never going to live that one down, am I? LOL)

      And according to my records, I'm up to 156%! I'm an accountant. My records are never wrong.


    5. I just set the idea in motion
      You came up withe the notion
      LOL nope never going to live it down
      It will occassionaly have to be referenced here in rhyming town haha
      Well I'm an accountant too
      And us Canadians don't count that American math from you
      So in all actuality you are at 97.5%
      And not over or under by a single cent..lol

    6. American math is the best math! Fudged numbers to your advantage! How do you not like it?

      It's my American math that has be at +560 points and you at about -1000. hahaha

      97.5% ?!? That sounds a whole lot like a Canadian trying to do some American math to me! Do you have back up for those digits?

    7. Maybe that's why you guys work so many damn hours down there
      Those numbers are fudged so well you think it's still work time and don't care..lol
      Well if I'm at 1000 I can't really argue with that
      Those fudged numbers work well for the cat
      And now I have proof that I win
      Oh what a sin
      You did mean - 1000 and not -1000 right?
      Oh I know you did wanting the cat to win because he is so out of sight
      Yeah I have plenty of back up for those digits too
      But if I post it that is just another report you'd have to go through..lol

    8. -1000 as in NEGATIVE 1000

      I have you beat by 1560 points.
      You'll never catch up!!!
      Maybe if you knew the rules to the point system you could, but cat's can't know. I think that may be one of the rules!

      Don't give me that funny look! I didn't make up the rules...

    9. You are such a meanie to the cat
      You blabber everything else at your mat
      Go give the rules a go
      The cat wants to know
      And I'm still going with the first one
      - 1000, meaning I win
      A whole 440 ahead at my bin
      Should have made it all as one
      For I will always state I won
      Yes I gave a funny look too
      Your rules are almost as bad as the germy loo...hahaha

    10. aww I take it back! I'm never mean, especially to a cat!

      Ok, I'll just confess the truth.
      There are no rules. :(
      I just make up numbers as I go...


      Now am I better than a germy loo? (Loo is a bathroom right? or is just the bowl?)

    11. LOL see the cat knows how to push your buttons too
      And gets what he wants to come due
      Yes, now you surely beat a germy loo
      And yes it is the bathroom that is true
      Even though I suppose it can directly mean the toilet as well
      At least with my use for the word when I ring the bell

  15. I donty know cat, zombies, penguins, cats of course, I dont know maybe Im so tired today(lol)

    1. after all Im only a naive girl :)

    2. LOL all kinds of animals at my sea
      They just won't leave me be

  16. Only got it after reading some of the comments, sadly.

    1. Damn comments had to spoil it
      Oh well, at least you got today's rhyming bit..haha

  17. Is it sad that I dont recognize any of these? I must hang my head in shame!

    1. LOL not even Brian?
      Geez that may leave him cryin'

  18. lol, i might have a few things mispelled as i go out and about, dropping comments from here in the south, i did catch the snip and my cat has come due, scaried he is trying to fake flu, my you are such a twister today, thinking so hard a mental blister may be displayed

    1. Yep the snip can apply to you
      As does the rocket ships that magically flew
      I'd try and fake the flu too
      Rather than have such a thing come due
      At least I didn't make you bend about like Twister the game
      That might not be so tame..haha

  19. I wish I had a court...and some penguins and lemurs could really spice up the joint if I did, I think. You've got all sorts of animals crawling about though. Made for an interesting report...though I'll admit I didn't catch exactly what you and your cat were up to until picked through some of your other comments. Tricksy, tricksy Pat.

    1. Yeah it might be less obivous unless you know at least a one or two
      That I gave a shout out too
      Tricky I like to be
      So glad it worked here at my sea

  20. I love this! I even recognized a few (and thought I saw myself but that could just be paranoia) LOL

    1. LOL well some can easily apply to a few
      Which is what I made come due
      So there is no paranoia in you
      As it could very well be true

    2. You are a master! You came up with that ten minutes after I posted - very good dear sir!

    3. haha I can do rhyming on the fly
      Each and every try

  21. i applaud the use of "chim chim chiree"

    1. Yeah it works well with bush number three
      Maybe a spoon full of sugar will come due..lol

  22. Great rhyming again when all said and done,
    Here's to another week of us all having fun.

    1. There will be weeks galore
      As I continue about at my shore

  23. lol, after having read it several times i may have recognized few ;-)
    well you for sure are a clever rhyming cat but that has already been said :-)

    1. Bah you can say clever
      I get tired of hearing that never
      Glad you recognized a view
      Hopefully found yours that came due
      But yeah I confuse a bit
      With my rhyming wit

    2. have you overslept today? :-)

    3. Nope the new post is up on time
      But stupid friggin blogger is screwing with me not letting it show up in blogland, such a crime

    4. ha! now that is a crime! don't they know that many people are waiting for some fun?!

    5. Yeah they are truly being a pain in the butt
      Letting it go up at my hut
      But not letting the post be seen
      Unless people actually look at my scene

  24. Needless to say your rhymes are smooth. Haha.

  25. Lol love it when you say rhyming ass polishes off the stanza

    1. That has come due every single time since it was begun
      And will continue to be used with each rhyming run

  26. Rhyming time once again
    With clues but still stumped
    Hilarious with your taunts
    Many just plain dumb
    That is a fair conclusion?


    1. My taunts are such fun indeed
      As I plant a small seed
      A few might be a bit dumb
      Not catching on to my hum
      But then I prob wouldn't either if I wasn't a rhyming loon
      And you are also there at high noon

  27. Ha Ha, Pat.
    I will pass on gas!

    1. hahaha yeah you already have three dogs for that
      So I can see why no extra gas is needed at your mat

  28. I am humbled to be among such grand company in your court.

    1. Glad I was able to humble
      And didn't make you mumble
      Or even grumble
      Getting confused and wanting to rumble

    2. COnfusion never crosses my mind,
      for it is a bit of the tiny kind.

      A rumble is for greasers and punks,
      If troubled, I tear 'em up in chunks,

      the mumbled grumbles of a confused soul,
      If I were offended, I'd tell the cat to climb a pole!

    3. LOL the cat would climb a pole with glee
      Not very threatening to me
      And then for free
      He may spray down some ummm honey from a bee
      Could be a royal rumble too
      Throwing people over ropes until only one is left in view

  29. Ahh, it's that Gary Gnu time again, spinning through the web for the news and then, relaying it here to all the cat's friends. Fun times each these go, even if my rhyme is a bit slow. Yeah, that rhyme stunk, probably worse than some of that gas lol

    1. LOL I don't know the cat has good gas
      It can comes out in mass
      Just like the globland news
      After so many views

  30. You have a wonderful sense of wordplay that makes visiting your site and your thoughts an occasion to look forward too! Bravo Pat!

    1. Glad you look forward to the occasion to visit the bush
      And aren't scared away but the mooning tush..haha

  31. Whoopdi friggin doo.... got me ~

    Have a good rhyming night Pat ~

    1. hahaha I love using that phrase at my sea
      And it will surely be repeated time and time again by me

  32. It's forever amusing to visit your site
    You make an art of the aphorostic and trite
    Though one may profess such verse to be light
    That rhyme and rhythm keep it all tight.
    So upwards my friend, let imagination take flight
    As you reel out the string of your poetic kite.

    1. Glad I can amuse
      And not confuse
      Yeah, I keep it light
      As full on might cause many a fright
      Plus light and crazy are fun
      And so I give them a run
      Like how you rhymed them all too
      With the same ending coming due

  33. Wow.....them rhymes are amazing.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. The rhymes will keep on coming from me
      Every day at bush number three

  34. If you can fart out rhymes I will be seriously impressed.

    1. LOL well maybe a I can sometimes
      Others just think I'm committing nose crimes

  35. Replies
    1. LOL as far as I'm concerned at my sea
      If you can say it and it makes sense then it is indeed a word to use for free


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