Turning The Game Into Something Lame!

So a dumb idea has arisen out there, I know dumb ideas aren't rare. This one is still in rumor status though, but still you just know there is some nut out there hoping to give it a go. The Face it Facts are they want to make games on discs only work at one bar. Hell! I can't even say that. They really want to make their wallets fat and make it only play on one machine at your scene.

Which means if you have two consoles those greed hungry trolls won't let you take the game and play it on the second one. You can only use it on the first for your fun. This may seem okay at first to some. But let's say you are sitting on your bum playing Game A and another wants to play Game B. They are SOL because it was already played by thee. You won't even be able to take the damn thing to a friends place and use it without paying a fee or some other disgrace.

So not only do you have to buy the thing but you also have to pay to play it at another wing. That is the stupidest thing I've heard in a while and to some it may not sound vile. But they are doing this because they are whining about the used game market. So just sit right there and park it. For if this takes hold other companies will be sold.

Want to take your DVD
And play it at another sea?
Oopsy you are screwed,
Too bad so sad, who cares if we are rude.

Like those used clothes your way?
Can't have them at your bay.
Unless you pay some extra tax,
To wear them and relax.

Then anything electronic will come,
That gives off a hum.
Hell! You won't even be able to use,
An old smoke detector without paying dues.

Making you more a number,
Like some boring cucumber.
Because with this taking hold.
Letting less be re-sold.

Everything will be assigned a number corresponding to you,
And not another person will be able to use it old or new.
You won't even be able to have a yard sale,
As everything used will fail.

Or they'll have to pay a tax or some due,
On each and every item they bought from you.
Just to get it to work.
All because of some rich prick jerk.

Boo hooing over a dollar lost,
Saying it should cost.
For their billions already,
Aren't enough to keep them steady.

Pffft, a bunch of bull, once more showing how the rich bitch has the pull. I know I exaggerated a bit. But all it takes is for this stupid ass idea, or one like it, to go from rumor to hit and poof! Everything will suffer the same goof. Such a load of crap that deserves to take a dirt nap. Also it's deserving of any and all sass and can get strat all over by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Well Pat they're nothing but a bunch of bastards aren't they? And I'm guessing the people that made this decision were men. Men in suit, men in coats, men in hats, why they're all such little rats, but the cat can catch them if he can and then they'll all be damned.

    1. Yeah the people that made the decisions was the big M$ and prob that idiot Gates
      Robbing from everyones plates
      But hopefully it does not come to pass
      Although I'm sure since the idea has leaked to the mass
      They are testing to see what the response will be
      And then just give it a go with glee

    2. Bill Gates is the antichrist. He and Lord Google will run the show if allowed. I'd love to stick a cucumber up their arses!!

    3. haha I'd help
      Make sure they yelp
      And then shove in a second for good measure
      Making sure they got no pleasure

  2. Whoa. That is gonna be one hard life in future. :P

    1. haha yep nothing but a number
      Even if you buy a cucumber

    2. And these were my favourite lines in the poem! :D

    3. haha glad I could re-use your favorite ones
      As I went on my retort runs

  3. It's all business and no games I guess?

  4. Exaggerated a bit? Okay, if you say so, haha! Fun post.

    1. haha don't think it's an exaggeration
      Geez I hope it's all one big fabrication

    2. Looky here
      two ranters together, I fear.
      You guys would get along great
      just venting about the world of late.

    3. I guess our ranting gives you pain,
      you're so sweet, you rarely complain!

    4. wasn't really complaining
      just noting the venting!
      or ranting
      or something

    5. Well, none of those rhyme with "pain," doll! Ha.

    6. oh great...the grammar nazi couldn't find fault
      but the rhyming nazi is lurking about! ha.

    7. Nazis like lurking, and hiding, and such...
      So I like it, too! Very much!
      Very much!

    8. There goes Fox using his dreaded word
      I thought sweet was too absurd
      Or is that only when compared to you
      Although by using it you are helping it come due
      Round and round sweet goes
      Who it lands on next no one knows..hahaha

    9. I guess he'll call others 'sweet'
      but doesn't want us to return the treat!

    10. haha goes to his own beat
      Saying and not receiving sweet is neat

    11. "I thought sweet was too absurd
      Or is that only when compared to you"


      "Round and round sweet goes
      Who it lands on next no one knows.."

      Well, I hope it lands on you next time!

    12. @Betsy: I only use the "s" word on the real dolls... doll.

    13. haha if it lands on me
      Here at my sea
      The sweet may turn to sweat
      As the cat is a fast typing pet

    14. look at you silver, being extra sweet
      if only on the dolls
      you let the sweetness fall.

      yes, sweet can turn to sweat
      on that you can bet. ha.

    15. haha once more he got the sweet
      That has to curl the toes on his feet
      Maybe even make him sweat
      Could be a safe bet

    16. When all the woman call me "sweet," it
      Makes me quickly run for cover.
      I doubt, though, that they would repeat it
      If I ran more people over!

    17. LOL unless you ran over one of their foes
      Ending their woes
      Then you might be super sweet
      And even get a treat

    18. I sit here thinking "Holy Strat!"
      Because I never thought of that.
      But then again, it might be neat.
      (Depends on what you mean by "treat!")

    19. LOL I knew you'd like that part
      And so nice taking my word to heart

  5. It will always be the way of these big boys and their toys!

    1. Yeah they got us by the umm balls
      And just pile the money up at their halls

  6. Yes, you make very valid points. It's crazy to even think about it.

    1. Yeah if one paves the way
      Many others will follow suit and cause dismay

  7. I hate gamers like that mate, who own both consoles or sometimes even all three yet refuse to share, those are dorks I'm sure the cat would love to pop like bottle corks.

    1. Well that is true too
      Not exactly what I was trying to say and have come due..haha

  8. It's a shame what rich people do to even a DVD

    just so they can take another trip to Aspen to ski.

    1. Yeah costs a whole $2 to make
      And yet they sell for $20 some to insure a huge take

  9. well arent they smart with that brain fart there is a point when you kill the biz with greedy little wizz and it all goes fizz

    1. Yeah and they will surely do that
      For such a thing will not be bought by Pat
      A huge load of crap
      The idea needs to take a dirt nap
      Also blogger doesn't like you now
      Saying you're spam and having a cow..haha

  10. how can a cucumber looking cucumber be boring, Pats? Potato, yes, beet possibly, but cucumber?

  11. You talking in riddles today
    Well I will play
    A cucumber cucumber looking cucumber
    Is boring when sat on lumber

    1. some people would say it's not boring when you sit on a cucumber :) instead of a lumber, and I've no idea what lumber is :)

    2. Hmmmm some would say that indeed
      But for me I will take heed
      Sitting on that would not be nice
      And lumber, as I was refering to it, is wood piled up and is sometimes home to mice

    3. so the mice slumber in lumber dreaming of Camembert?

    4. Made me look up Camembert too
      That name I never knew
      But yeah they dream of that
      Then they are eaten by a cat

    5. Dez, you're awake!
      Seeing you comment, my day it makes.

      Pat, I think you really like cucumbers
      or at least want to taste one
      your ocd just prevents you from taking the plunge.

    6. haha yeah Dez had quit the rant
      Trying to get ahead of you today at my plant
      It rhymes well with number
      And I use it to screw up Dez's slumber
      It made him come back so much
      And stay awake to keep in touch..haha

  12. Legit? No way! Not that I'm much of a "gamer", but that's totally unfair! What about stuff like the wii-fit? You can get one yoga lesson and then you have to pay another fee? That's so silly. It won't pass. It can't pass.

    Sigh...People really do just try to squeeze as much $$ out of something as they can. Why don't they put their effort into something useful? Like adopting an abused dog or finding a cure to cancer!!! (Which I secretly believe they can cure already, but that's a whole other rant!)

    1. It's microsoft, of course, that is spouting the idea around first
      But all the other companies with the money thirst
      Will jump on the bandwagon too
      And yeah I wouldn't put it past paying another fee for a second to come do

      Because such an effort is a poor burdoen on the poor greedy nut
      They'd rather have that stick up their butt
      And try to make more money than they can spend if fifty live times
      Commiting all sorts of crimes
      Oh yeah I agree
      They have the cure in some hidden sea
      But will they ever let that out
      Not a chance unless something really bad comes about
      They need a way to justify war
      So if another big one ever comes ashore
      Oh look because of it when did this and that
      And found the cure for cancer well our wallets got fat
      Right now they'd lose money over and over again
      So they don't want to cure the men and women
      They want to make them spend $100,000's of bucks
      The dirty greed ridden umm ducks
      So they keep it locked away
      Until that faithful day
      Plus it's their version of population control too
      Which is a whole other rant and look at this one that was caused by you....LOL

    2. LMAO aww the cat had a rant! I agree with all of it too! That's one of the major reasons I want to get the hell out of such a populated area. Too many chances for diseases that the gov't refuses to cure. Then how about "terrorist" attacks. High risk for those too!

      Did you see a statement that the US released for giving prisoners in South America STDs on purpose? The US gov't wanted to see the effects of ganorhea on a person. Sickening!!!!!!!!!! Makes me think all these awful diseases came up as "population control" in the first place.

      Stop it, you're making me paranoid again!!!

    3. Yeah all it takes is one person and in such a populated area you're toast
      The diseases will surely make you roast
      They would rather have their pop control and make money of the disease
      Like that swine flu crap they tried to pump people full of garbage with ease
      The terrorist attacks aren't as high though
      Because a lot of that is just for show
      They need a reason to get people mad
      So they will accept those guys are bad
      And let them start a war
      On some shore
      Although there are some just plain nuts
      Who stick dynamite up their butts..lol

      Yeah many prob have indeed
      For a lot years ago people didn't have to take heed
      But then many show up now
      Thanks to tech just so the idiots can say wow
      And see what is done
      To each and every one

      You want to be paranoid for real
      How about this deal
      They have the ability to put stuff into creams and shampoo and all that stuff
      That when you use enough
      You become sterile and there you go
      No more babies and pop control does show
      What does your paranoia think of that?
      Aren't I full of info at my mat..haha

    4. Are you trying to get me to have to see a shrink? I am pretending like I didn't read ANY of that!!!!!! I don't like this rant. At all.

      P.S. After reading that I turned on my air purifier. Screw the person next to me who complains that it's too noisy!!!!

    5. LOL I try not to think about it much either my way
      But they have the tech to make it so at each and every bay

      I will NEVER use an air purifier again at my hall
      Those things are worse than the air that continues to fall
      If you have an ozone one
      Smash it a ton
      Those things can poision people and kill small animals too
      Of course you're in NY with tons of pollution that comes due

    6. ?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! What do you mean they kill people?!

      It's a Honeywell. What does that mean? Is it safe? It looks like a giant spacecraft under my desk!! I'm googling the repercussions right now!

      Air purifiers are killing people and small animals, and you're over there smashing PRINTERS?! The Cracks are not happy with you after that.

      As I just did a double take
      And a honeywell one
      Had a review run
      Giving this
      Little bit of bliss

      •Produces ozone, a lung irritant associated with serious health problems

      They don't kill people, least that I know
      They make them really sick though at their show
      Stupid one I used gave me a headache
      And made the cat's gut shake
      Throwing up each day
      I chucked that thing far far away
      And with enough doses of whatever that ozone crap is
      They have killed small animals with their nasty biz
      A lot of it is placebo too
      For many clean the air as much as flushing the loo
      Oh don't worry I smashed the thing to bits
      It's now long buried in some garbage pits

    8. I'm now experiencing a pounding headache and shortness of breathe.

      I shut it off. Sigh...

      I asked our mail guy about it and he said that it doesn't make sense. It's just sucking air in an and blowing air out. Either way, Google doesn't lie!!

    9. LOL sorry for that
      But you are prob better off at your work mat
      Then again NY air isn't great anyway
      So either way you're screwed with the air at your bay..haha
      Many have something in them that give of ozone as a byproduct or something like that
      And there are 100's of sites and reviews that show it, so I'm not just a crying wolf cat..haha

  13. My oldest would hate this
    maybe even be a little pissed
    he and his friends are always on the roam
    taking games to each other's homes
    setting up two consoles
    and playing in duals.

    1. Yeah wouldn't be able to take the game to another place
      Which is just a disgrace
      As you'd have to each buy the damn game
      To play it which is ever so lame

  14. Oh, the age of 'piracy,' a made up word by people who want more and more money. What's next, MP3s that only play on one device? Sorry, folks, but if you want to listen to that song on your iPod, your phone, and your computer, you're going to have to buy 3 copies! Poor, starving Rihanna is suffering badly! She only was able to buy a Mercedes and not a Bentley this year. Aren't you in tears yet?

    1. hahaha oh I wouldn't put that past them either to do
      Even screwing over you
      From playing the song on playing it on something else you own
      That would surely get a groan
      Just to hear Rihanna moan
      I'll give her tears when I whack her with the phone

  15. My son would be so mad if this were to come true
    He truly just wouldn't know what to do
    How would he and friends enjoy their play?
    They can't afford rent, let alone extra fees to pay

    1. Yeah could even go in on a game
      As it would only play on one system if this came
      So they'd have to take the system too
      And not be able to play it on their own which is just coo coo

  16. Replies
    1. Hopefully it's just funny
      And they don't try to suck away more money..haha

  17. "Wubwubwubwubwubwub WOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP squeeeeee" --Skrillex

    1. Never heard of him
      But you really threw that out there on a whim

  18. Pat, the question is, "Who are THEY?" I'm thinking corporate entities, but then again, user fees, little taxes that add up. It's why we ditched cable and went to rabbit ears!! Thanks, hon. Amy

    1. They are microsoft at this point in time
      Should have specified in my rhyme
      But oh well they are a pain
      Making me want to pop a vein

  19. Is this serious? Where's the link? I'm upset!

    1. It's only in the rumor stage
      But it is just one idea going on about this used game thing that is all the rage
      Put out by M$ cronies and shown on many a game site
      Saw it on ign the other night

  20. This pisses me off. But it ain't new. Companys always are out to try and get as much money as they can from others.

    Heres a link to a video that I think is interesting, its about a printer that was programed to stop working once it printed a certian amount of copies and a light bulb that was made in 1895 that was used in a fire station none stop from 1901 to 2001 (yep it celebrated its 100th birthday!)


    1. That is just sickening but it doesn't surprise
      As those hope people will remain unwise
      If everyone had a light bulb that never ran out
      Their money would be gone and they'd shout
      A printer that crashes after so many is crazy too
      Not to mention updating to the next version before the latest even comes due

  21. The gaming industry must be vicious.

    1. Yeah they are going to start a new wave
      That will surely send many an industry to their grave

  22. That`s bad new for sure. Even though I`m not a big player myself. Those creedy basterds!

    1. Yeah I'm not huge any more like I once was
      But I'd quite pretty much for sure because
      This is just crap
      And another money trap

  23. I'll just keep playing my SNES games then

    1. SNES is the best system ever anyway
      So go ahead and play

  24. your rhymes bring smiles to my face all of the times they are so good :) keep up the good work

    1. Glad I can bring a smile
      Even when ranting on things that a vile..haha

  25. Yup. Sad but true. But if you love the game, what are you gonna do?

    1. Yeah pretty much take it or leave it
      But it isn't a hit
      So I'll leave it
      And not buy it one bit

  26. Very true, all these large corporations play dirty they all just need to wipe their ass. No one likes a crusty anus.

    1. hahahaha no, no one likes such a thing
      As they let their shit fling

  27. Replies
    1. That is very true
      Messed up over and over again by a few

  28. Old used clothes give me nary a shudder
    Especially if worn by me brudder.
    But, there are some things I will not abuse.
    Like old undies or condoms that were used.

    1. Your best to just avoid them altogether
      For used condoms may not handle the weather
      And then before you know
      Out pops a bundle of crying, poo filled diaper, joy at your show..haha

    2. From cucumbers to condoms all in one day, now wonder you stay up at night and play!

    3. LOL shhh don't give all my secrets away
      I need something to keep me amused at my bay...hahaha

    4. Cucumbers? Condoms?
      What's the connection?
      Could it be lumber?
      Oh, no. Erections.

    5. I think you connected the dots
      May be above the head of tots
      But not you
      I'm not even going to say what I was thinking as out this rhyme flew..haha

  29. I agree here, Itunes used to do something similar to this with downloads, it was a joke, you were only allowed something like 5 burns to disc, and it would only work with one account- I think they ditched it though, haven't seen it happening recently. But, the screenwriting program I use allows you to install it on 3 machines and that's it, but you can stop the usage on one, say you're getting rid of a laptop, and as long as you decertified that computer, you could use that license again. The prices are so high on video games I rarely buy them anymore, but if something like this happens I would go out and buy an old pong system before I gave into one and only one.

    you know, this reminds me of when I worked in the music industry, I'd have tons of promo discs to give out, but on the top of every disc it would say property of (the name of the company) and could be recalled at any time. I kind of laughed at it at the time, but met up with a rep from another label way back then and mentioned this and he said they ask for them back all the time- I was dumbfounded, anyhow… thanks.

    1. hahaha yeah I would much rather go buy pong too
      If this crap came due
      I also don't buy many any more
      Is they are pretty much trash galore
      But a good one does come every once in a while
      That I add to the pile
      At least you can use it on three machines and change
      That isn't so bad at your range
      I had those demo tapes of movies way back when too
      Some were only good for 5 views
      And then would fizzle out
      Sure would make many pout

  30. Man, is the gaming world messed up, or what?

    1. Yep messed up indeed
      And better take heed
      For if it works there
      It will move on to another product with such flair

  31. I am not into games or stuff...but I can appreciate your frustration

    Business is so tough and competitive, taxes are so high, and we consumers get the short stick of our purchasing power.

    I wish spring to come sooner but alas, we are expecting a heavy snowfall tonight. If it snows a lot, my drive will be a long one ~

    Take care Pat and thanks for the visit in my blogs ~

    1. I hope the snow does not flow
      As that stuff just has to go go go
      Yeah everything is just crazy
      Those companies are just lazy
      Trying to turn a quick buck
      Being an underhanded ummm duck
      Hopefully spring will be sprung
      And no more snow will be flung

  32. It was a lively day here at your bay Pat. The comments flew all 'round you and all seem to agree that these corporate buggers need to be smothered, but not with glee.

    1. haha yeah many came to my sea
      And all did agree
      That is a first I think
      Guess those corporate buggers bring us all to the brink

  33. Your poems are always interesting. Awesome share as usual!

    1. Glad I can interest
      As I always pass the rhyming test

  34. just cannot believe it...the used game market...pah...bet they're making millions and millions...

    1. Yeah the idiots are already making a ton
      But they want to spoil the used game markets fun
      Causing it to die
      And they too make enough to cause one to cry..haha

  35. Yeah, heard about this a while back... Pretty terrible.

    1. Yeah stupid in all ways
      Some idiot must have made it up in a daze

  36. Anything for a buck I guess.

    1. Yeah all for a buck
      Thanks to some dirty ummm truck

  37. And some companies wonder why piracy is so rampant...

    1. Exactly! This will just up it another notch
      As people want to give their wallets a kick to the crotch

  38. Everything is programmed to fail. Reminds me of when i wanted to sign up to Itunes, they wanted to keep my credit card details online forever, regardless of if i used them or not. Ebay is a rip off, organised business is worse than organised crime. I read somewhere that the shy business of the mafia offers better rates than banks lol. Great poem the taxing yard sales is coming i fear.

    1. Yeah they can't make it work forever
      Then no one would buy their new endeavor
      So has to fail over and over
      So they'll fetch a new one like rover
      LOL those rates doesn't surprise me much
      As banks have gone overboard a touch
      And yeah trying to store my credit card has come up a time or two
      But that did not come due


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