What's The dVerse Deal? Who Cares? For You Figments Are Not Real!

So dVerse has gotten all philosophical at their place and that put a smile on my face. At first I was going to do the whole nothing is something or something is nothing lap, but sooo many nothings and somethings in one place would make you take a nap. But what do I care? As according to Solipsist theory it's just me at my lair. You are all a figment of my imagination and anything you say came from my brain each and every day.

You're so full of pink rainbows!
I changed the way your mind flows.
Oh take a nice long bath.
Sorry! Mind creations you will suffer my wrath.

I'm going to watch Due South.
See! I changed your mind, blabber mouth.
Stop making me jump up and down.
Why? Does it give you a frown?

I won't comment anymore.
You just did at my shore.
Go figure out the meaning of the universe.
See I won't even let you curse.

I am going to hurt not you.
Well whoopdi friggin doo.
My mind is my own.
Did I just change your tone?

No matter what you say,
It's just from my mind display.
A figment is all your are,
Those who come near and far.

Tell me this or that,
It was dreamed up by the cat.
If it is something I couldn't know,
It was pre-progammed in at my show.

And is now just showing itself,
Coming off my brain shelf.
You cannot win!
You figments are from my brain bin.

All is not lost,
I will let you talk at a cost.
For I need some company I guess.
The world would be quite a mess.

If  the cat was here all alone.
Hmm hold the phone.
It already is pretty much.
And as such.

All could blame the cat,
You figments better scat.
Even poor Pat.
The food he gives is making me fat.

Or is it all in my head.
Did you get what I said?
Of course you do.
As nothing but a figment are all of you.

You figments all gather around for now I ge all profound. Live as if you weren't a figment of my imagination at your bay and go back about your day. Isn't going all solipsist at my sea great? Since you are a figment you must be able to relate. Or maybe with this philosophical pass, I could, maybe, sorta be talking out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Whoopdi friggin doo ?
    Why am thinking Adam Sandler from the Wedding Singer?
    Oh that's just great, I've got Love Stinks stuck in my head now!

    Good post :-)

    1. LOL well you got songs stuck in me head
      So it's about time I gave you a little dread
      But Adam Sandler singing is probably worse
      At least you get to curse

  2. If I (and the way my life goes) am just a product of your imagination, how about if you start imagining some freakin' improvements over here, Charlie!!!

    1. Silver Im sure you are so real dear:)

    2. and this was a good one Silver:)

    3. LOL I don't take orders from figments though
      So you get what you get at your show
      Plus if it were to grow
      That more brain space I'd have to let go

      Gloria is sucking up too
      Damn these figments are interacting too much, it's true

    4. I love this interactive Pat (lol)

    5. An interactive Pat I can be
      Or cat whatever suits me

  3. 'I won't comment anymore. You just did at my shore.' There's that word again... shore. Or could it be that all of this is just a figment of my imagination which, in turn, is a figment of your imagination? I know... it's deep. But then again it's Sunday.

    1. Well I have to keep using it over and over
      Like some figment of rover
      So you will take the hint at some point
      And get us all to the bora bora joint..haha

    2. You've got so many comments, Pat, it's getting a bit obscene! :)

    3. Bah a bit obscene works for me
      Isn't it just such fun to see

  4. Replies
    1. An easy figment for me
      Same thing at my sea..haha

    2. lol... some things you can count on to be very consistent. :) It give some stability to your blog, Pat. haha.

    3. Well I guess since I'm off my rocker
      I wouldn't want there to be an R shocker..haha

    4. If R ever gives a full paragraph reply
      will all just bug our eyes out and die!
      You'd probably do a full post report
      on how he finally did retort.
      But R would probably say it's quality
      or quantity.
      Right, R? :)

    5. Yeah we'd prob peel over on the spot
      If R said a lot
      Even if R replied to you
      That would be something that came due..haha

    6. Maybe he'll say "Great comment!"

  5. i am just glad the cat has not forgotten to keep thinking of me, or my existence might leak away like pee, see maybe it was all a dream and when JR woke up a whole season would be gone, wait we are not in dallas any more, how do i know where your shore ends and the next begins, all this philosophy makes heads spin..(oh yeah and dont forget to sign in, at dverse) cause your is the opposite of worst, now think us all to the beach before your simulcrums start to screech

    1. Geez now you just spoiled the whole season for me
      Bad figment go climb a tree..lol
      Oh wait I must have already known
      So nothing has been blown
      Maybe my shore doesn't end
      And it's one every growing trend
      My head spins too
      But then you head spinning and my head spinning really distracts my view

  6. pink rainbows ... how do they look like ?
    i like the idea :p

    1. They look all grand
      Maybe I'll let them show up at your land

  7. My imagination plays tricks on me in a similar way Pat which I have to admit is extremely irritating haha!

    1. Yeah it does get weird thinking about such crap
      Especially when one wants to take a nap

  8. haha...think you and the cat would make a good philosophical team...what about calling it figmentism...? smiles

    1. haha making up my own word for it
      I think figmentism would be a hit
      Maybe that's why you said that
      For it was wanted by the cat

  9. I'm REAL!!! I swear, I'm a real person!!! Sigh...I think this cat needs a psychologist. hahahaha kidding!!!

    So you have another blabbermouth on your hands?

    And Pat is making you fat? It's not the food or Pat, you need to learn portion control. That will make you a healthy cat. Just very nicely eat HALF of what is served to you and then ask Pat to wrap the other half to go. See how helpful this NONfigment of your imagination is???? :)

    1. Hi Jax, Im so real too:)) we never know what this cat is really thinking!!!!!

    2. I think the cat need more excercise himself (lol)

    3. That's just what a figment would say
      To try and pretend they are real at my bay
      Too many blabbermouthes in my head
      They are all causing me dread
      And thanks for the jiminy cricket moment there figment about my fat
      That was all that was needed by the cat
      See you are such a helpful figment today
      Telling the cat what he secretely already knew but making it so it was out there to display
      Well done figment, well done
      You are such fun

      The cat is thinking what you are saying
      As you are a figment that only says what the cat wants to be displaying..haha

    4. Ok, let's be honest here. If we REALLY were figments, are Gloria and I what you would've created???? I think NOT! hahaha

      @Gloria....Excercise? Perfect!! Since the cat's so concerned, I say we sign him up for a subscription to Glamour Magazine. Plenty of tips in there ;) hahaha

    5. Yeah but that's why you make such good figments as you can fool me
      Figments I know about aren't able to trick me at bush number three
      But figments that think they aren't figments make for the best figments you see?
      And that glamour crack makes you a 75% once more and such a bad figment that I'll give you a flea

    6. 75%??? Phhh...Fine! You're at negative 200 points then. Sigh...

      A flea??? A FLEA?!?!?! I'm supposed to go shopping in 30 minutes and now I'm itchy!!! :(

      Just for that I'm going to go figment someone else now! Someone who appreciates me!! And doesn't wish disgusting little creatures that suck my blood and make me itch onto me!

    7. LOL well you can get some flea powder while you are out
      So don't pout or shout
      You figments are getting so worked up today
      I know what you will be shopping for down your way
      But I won't spoil it for you figment though
      There might be three fleas now on the go..haha

    8. Jax we are special and uniques nobody like us (ha,ha,ha)lol we are enough! and Pat you are unique and special too:)))

    9. unique nobodies you say
      Well I guess that must be quite the display

      And zombies too
      Scary are you

    10. We are UNIQUE. We are SOMEBODY!!!! You're right Gloria! Don't let that mean old cat try and tell you otherwise ;)

      I'm starting to FEEL like a damn figment.
      Maybe I shouldn't waste time making lunch for tomorrow.
      I mean, it's not like figment's get hungry!!!!

    11. One saying they are nobody and one saying they are somebody, you figments really need to get your act straight
      But them I'm crazy so I can relate
      Or create
      Which the case is with all around isn't that great?
      Figments get hungry because I allow them to get hungry so they don't know they are a figment
      And won't get bent
      So create your lunch
      And chow down with a munch and a crunch

  10. tagged you in over at dVerse...smiles

    1. Great tag it was too
      That cat thanks you
      Good figment for doing such a thing
      And letting the cats words fling

  11. Replies
    1. Well they could blame me
      But then it just be me blaming me for blaming me at my sea

  12. I think we are all figments of the CAT'S imagination. LOL.

    1. See now only a real figment would say that
      All figments must hail the cat

  13. If I'm just a thought, then why make times that I get distraught?

    1. You can't be happy all the time
      Then the cat would have nothing to use for rhyme

  14. Jump,Jump Im so real too!! (lol) I go to the shower everyday, work a lot, and posted and stopping by, here and others places and you dont visit me now:(

    take care,xx

    1. You do that because I don't want my figment to by dirty or broke
      Plus I don't want them to choke
      Good figment taking care
      I will visit your lair

    2. From his wording, I'm thinking he means "minions" and not "figments". He's being sneaky and trying to use brain control on us....

    3. Hmmmm figment don't go spoiling my plan
      Blabbermouthing my ideas doesn't make me a fan
      I'll make you stick your hand in a vending machine
      So be nice figment and not mean

    4. Yeah you imagined it because I imagined it
      Does that confuse you a bit

  15. seems like you're seriously trippin' today, Patzilla! Did you switch your pink pills for the blue ones again? :)

    1. They were red thank you very much
      I may have mixed them just a touch
      But hey a little bit of mixture is fun
      And it just had to be done

  16. A philosophical cat indeed, something Eliot should have considered for his book. Maybe Andrew Lloyd could look this up and write a nice ditty! A welcome addition to his road review. You have to watch out for those fat cats, I hear, since they be takin over not just Broadway but Main Street. But let's have a cheer for solipsism, which gets such short shrift these days in the Ivory Towet, the figment that I am wants to at least be heard, if only in the voice of a cat!

    1. haha a philosophical cat could be grand
      One that rhymes may get a hand
      And seem less bland
      Yeah those fat cats are all over the land
      And your figment voice was surely heard
      Now the cat must go find some figment bird
      And chow down
      In figment town

  17. Fun run with the philosophical gun. Being a figment is much better than being a fig-lol I think chloe's seeing figments her way, as she sleeps the catnip off, her eyes are closed but her paw is swatting at the air. But to stay on the philosophical slant, I'll ask you " how do you know we are but figments" then, to each response you give, I'll ask why's and how's until ted nugent's song begins to play, or perhaps you'll just send drazin my way, looking for some new footwear to display-lol Fun write, philosophy is one of the things I read at my bay, which can cause one to think, or at times, can cause one to wonder what in the world does this so and so think. Like the angle you took with the prompt, great job. Thanks

    1. Yeah you would argue anad I would argue back
      Then we'd get nowhere with our attack
      So I'd have to break out Drazin to come and stop you
      From arguing with me on cue
      Or maybe Tarsier man could come
      But he is rather dumb
      Like some of this philosphy things
      Better off saying cows have wings

  18. i like my thinking about you writing this post ... lol

    1. oh my! now i think i got a diff meaning ... gee!!!

      i meant "i like my thinking about you having written this post" ...

      (ok, english is not my mother tongue :-o)

    2. You are one confused figment today
      Thinking about thinking and thinking that at my bay
      But thinking it all wrong
      Time to go think about thinking a song?..haha

    3. haha, Birdie...that was funny!

  19. i'm so impress by all the great text you post each day !

    1. Each and every day
      I try and impress a bit at my bay

  20. You seem to like to use the line " whoopdi friggin doo." allot lol

    1. LOL using that is grand
      Here in rhyme time land

  21. The Solipsist philosophy is nothing more than mental masturbation, so silly really. "If you prick me do I not bleed", Shakespeare was more wise indeed And Descarte, oh what a fool. "I think therefor I am". It's the other way around "I am therefor I think". If you could change my clothes with but a thought, what am I wearing now?

    1. Hmmm mental masturbation
      Would that leave me in mental castration?
      That is a tad fun to say
      Good figment bringing forth such a display..lol
      That was a trick question as figments pick their owns clothes
      Do you notice my ever growing nose?
      LOL yeah it is a load of crap
      But such fun to give a lap

  22. I was waiting for your take on this philosophy prompt...
    and I see that you did take the bite on the imagination bit...
    The thing is we are all figment of our imagination, specially
    in the blogger world when anything goes like the rhyming cat
    wearing a philosopher's hat ~

    1. Yeah true it may apply to blogger land way more
      As one can be anything they want at their shore
      From a butt sniffing mutt
      To a completely crazy rhyming nut..haha

  23. I do love your 'Well whoopdi friggin doo'...I must try to remember that and incorporate it into my everyday speech somehow. I love it when your cat goes all philosophical, nothing beats a smart ass cat or two ;)

    1. haha yes a smart ass cat is great
      Glad you can relate
      And I have started using whoopdi friggin doo in real life more
      Althought sometimes I take away the friggin or switch it with another f word at my shore..haha

  24. I'm imagining... a guy who makes a rhyme, every single time he writes, and he fights with a cat...imagine that!

    1. Wow quite the imagination you have there
      I seem to recall coming across that type of blog lair

  25. If I was just a figment of your imagination it would mean you have a really boring imagination. :|

    1. LOL I guess me and my imagination will have to have a chat
      Or we'll just blame it on Pat

  26. you have a real gift, to match words with a riff

  27. Glad my gift that riff and lift
    And not leave one miffed

  28. So you just imagined us all
    boy, I bet you had a ball!
    Thanks for making me sweet and dear
    I would want to be mean, I fear...
    Or yappy for that matter
    That would be badder.
    I wouldn't have thought badder was a word
    but if gladder is, then badder is just as absurd.
    I see some of your neat and germ ocd's
    seeped over when your brain thought of me.
    Your favorite color, too.
    Now what am I to do!
    I'm glad you didn't share your taste in food
    at least I can enjoy chocolate, too. lol.

    1. "Badder" may be used by you,
      Cuz it's a word like "gladder," too!

    2. thanks, Silver! Now I know
      Badder and gladder will make the show!

      So, what about gooder?

    3. LOL yeah badder works just like gladder
      Unlikes something like tadder
      You just reminded me if this is the case
      Then I created Flappy too at my place
      Ohhhh the shame
      I only have myself to blame..lol
      Maybe that is why I have no taste in food
      Is I spread it around too much and myself find it a tad crude
      I have to spread the germs and ocd about
      So no one will get sick and pout

    4. You know, I don't really like "badder,"
      Using "worse" will make me much gladder.
      And if "gooder" is not a counterfeit,
      I just don't even want to know of it!

    5. Yeah I'd use worse over badder anyday
      Slip up and bladder could go on display..haha

    6. You mean, like an empty bladder
      is a gladder bladder
      and a fuller one is badder
      and not at all gooder?

  29. Replies
    1. See you get the deal
      All a figment but with time you'll heal and feel real

  30. What does whoopdi friggin doo means?

    1. Means I don't give a shit
      Just a nicer way of going about it..haha

  31. I love your imagination. Smiled all the way through

    1. Glad I can get a smile
      As I go the rhyming mile

  32. How can a rainbow be pink? Doesn't it have to be multiple colors...?

    1. Don't questions me figment..lol
      You'll make the cat get bent

  33. I gotta ask, do you use a rhyming dictionary ?

    1. Nope not at all
      Just comes out naturally at my hall
      Had to look at bit for orange a long while back
      But other than that all mine as I go on the rhyme attack


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