With a Tag Along Or Two I Tracked Down Tarsier Man's Theme Song For All To View!

I interrupt this post for a special news bulletin from bush number three. "Brian is a slow pokey!" Just waiting on you, Mr. Email ignoring person, for a post to come due. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming and enough with the Mr. Email ignoring person slamming.

The title may be a bit of a lie. For yeah Miss Priss and I did end up running into that Drazin guy, who wanted to make Tarsier Man fry. I guess Drazin wasn't over those popping bug eyes. But I never really found the theme song prize. It found us and I think Tarsier Man has moved ahead of Drazin on the short bus.


"Tonight's top story, a masked hero with a suit of bark, called the Tarsier Man, saves girl from fire. Tune in at eleven for all the latest on this and our other top stories, like how one man made the largest bed ever. He simply slept outdoors."

Miss Priss and I saw this the first ten times it aired and had to see how this Tarsier Man really faired. So off we went to the scene and it seems Drazin also saw the news plug on his TV screen. Or maybe the so called god just knew. Yeah, he yapped about it, said his name fifty times and proved he still has a loose screw.

"Drazin is here to make that thing pay. Those eyes are going to pop once and for all. So stay out of Drazin's way fleabags. Drazin still needs a nifty hat to go with Drazin's cat fur slippers."

Drazin marched off toward the charcoal house, as the fire fighters were giving the flames one last dose. I saw cameras flashing and reporters yapping. It wasn't long before I heard Tarsier Man flapping. He pointed to the girl he saved and got an applause. In the mean while Miss Priss had asked the owner what was the cause.

Turns out Tarsier Man caught the owner smoking outdoors and ran over on all fours. He then slapped the lighter out of the guys hand and in the grass he made it land. It caught fire and things turned dire as it spread to his home. So in other words Tarsier Man, the little bug eyed gnome, started the fiasco once more. I began hoping Drazin would make his eyes pop in their encore.

Miss Priss noted how the owner seemed reluctant to name the girl. You'd also think he'd want to be with his daughter are such a fire whirl. So I went over to check and when I tried to take the blanket off her, my claw nicked her just a speck. She started to whistle at me and before long she was as flat as can be. We quickly got why he was reluctant to share the truth, for she was a charming inflatable Betty he named Ruth.

Of course the cameras didn't see as Drazin waited in the shadows for them to flee. I guess the so called god was camera shy or maybe he didn't want the kiddies to see their hero die. It was after another quick point that some Hercules looking muses got my nose out of joint. For he brought them out to sing his theme song. Some things are just so wrong.

Tarsier Man With The Plan

He's the man with the plan.
He's Tarsier man.
When you're in danger,
Don't be a stranger.

Send up a flare,
For any scare.
Bad guys beware,
And say a prayer.

Tarsier man is here.
Everyone give a cheer.
He'll save your bank,
Fill your gas tank.

Stop any old thief,
From causing you grief.
Even spank your brother,
With the okay of your mother.

If you go down a dark alley,
Don't dilly dally.
Tarsier Man will shine a light,
On anything that gives a fright.

He'll help a little old lady,
Take care of the shady.
Feed the needy,
Punish the greedy.

Right every wrong,
Doing it with a song.
In no time flat,
The bad guys will scat.

He only has eyes for you.
As his wins accrue.
For when they pop,
The bad guys will stop.

No need to call a cop,
Just give a name drop.
Tarsier Man will dash,
And be there in a flash.

So don't delay.
Make the criminals pay.
Tarsier Man paves the way,
Stopping crime today.

The news lapped up every second of the thing and finally ran off to cover some political fling, like that's big news these days. It's already been told every which ways. But it provided Drazin the chance he was waiting for and with his typical third person roar, he grabbed Tarsier Man by the throat. I swear his eyes started to float.

They popped from his skull like Drazin said he was going to do and then zoomed about trying to strike the three of us as they flew. Miss Priss and I batted them away, I guess our claws caused them dismay. Drazin yelled and as he opened his yap, an eye ball went right in his trap. It bounced around in his mouth a bit. He was having a real fit.

He let go of Tarsier Man and began trying to bit the eye, yet he missed with each try and missed Tarsier Man darting off down the street. His eyes finally chased after his feet and I guess are now back in his head. It was so funny how much he caused Drazin dread.

"I guess finally that mouth of yours will have to be washed out with soap?"

"Shut up fleabag! You mention this to anyone and Drazin will pluck out your eyes and use them on Drazin's slippers."

Drazin continued spitting as he went out of view and Miss Priss had fun once again letting him have it on cue. We strutted off for home but my thoughts continued to roam. One day this Tarsier Man would have to be stopped or at least his so called super stature dropped. But I'm sure we'll get to that, as I know he'll be back to bother the cat.


So there was another tale and now you can repeat Tarsier Man's theme without fail. Even though he is so full of strat but you don't have to be a cat to know that. So just remember if he offers his services to you take a pass, trust my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. 


  1. Tarsier Man may need a plastic surgeon for them bug eyes.

    1. Yeah we may have to start a fund for the guy
      And get him some plastic surgery for at least one eye

  2. Tarsier Man could do with some music to go with the rhymes and become a No.1 hit.....

    1. I suppose music I could do
      Like the theme for me that flew
      But then again who knows
      Depends on which way the wind blows

  3. Got it! Stay away from Trasier man. I think.

    1. Yes stay far far away
      As they eyes can see you night or day

  4. i don't know Pat ... i still like him ... and on the full moon sleepless nights i still dream about his big bug eyes ... haha
    ps: and today i also noticed he has a very lovely ears :-))

    1. LOL you dream about the guy
      Oh that has to be a lie
      Or just a plain nightmare
      Pop a pill and take care
      Seeing such a thing must be scary
      But at least he's not too hairy
      And lovery ears
      Oh you strike fears..haha

  5. Don't want to meet Tarsier man in my dreams. LOL. Have a great day, Pat.

    1. lol at Mary ... i don't mind though ;-)

    2. hahaha see you have the right attitude
      For dreaming of him would be crude

      You don't mind at all
      Wait until he gives his Tarsier Man call

  6. ah Here is this Trasier man! you really love it:)

    1. The cat tells each tale
      But the creepy thing gets no love from my wail

  7. Tarsier man is definitely my favorite "insert random word" man, just beats out Batman.

    1. He beats Batman too
      Wow he's really gotten to you..haha

  8. You actually see I actually saw a tarsier a few days back. the poor fellow was crawling up a telephone pole. (I live pretty close to the jungle)

    1. So you can welcome people to the jungle then
      When they come to visit your den..lol
      Must be interesting to see all the critters too
      As they come into your view

  9. I can't decide if that thing is adorable or creepy.

    1. Creepy, yep very creepy indeed
      Those eyes surely plant the creepy seed

  10. Not sure if those eyes
    Mezmerize, hypnotize
    or just creep me out.

    1. The later is the best
      Beats all the rest
      For that little pest
      Sure passes the creepy test

  11. I've been missing our cute tarsier, I'm thinking of granting him political asylym here if the cat is nasty to him.

    1. You have the power to do that
      Dez, who have you been sucking up to at your mat?

    2. Pat, don't ask such questions,
      just send him Tarsier without hesitation!

    3. But I really want to know
      Unless things are taken literally then I'll just let Tarsier go

    4. well, duh, of course I have that power, Patzilla,
      me is the rightful Elven emperor (a title higher than the one those trivial kings have, like that Lemur King Julian who thinks he is ruling over my penguins... but he isn't)
      And Betsy is a wise one, you should listen to her more often. After all. my latest reports say she's ruling the underground scene in one of USA biggest cities....

    5. I think you got your wires crossed a bit
      Maybe popped a scary zit
      That sent you into crazy town
      Of their I'm sure you hold the crown
      The Lemur King can't touch you
      Unless maybe he flings the penguins poo..haha

  12. Replies
    1. Nice post
      From a friendly ghost?

    2. This response made me laugh out loud. Just thought you guys should know.

    3. Casper would like knowing that
      And so does Pat..haha

  13. An inflatable Betty name Ruth?! I cracked up when I read that!!!

    You know I am staring at the computer all oggly eyed saying "awwww" at that adorable Filippino monkey!!!! (I just read a comment above about someone seeing one climbing up a telephone pole. Do I have permission to annoy your follower into getting me one??? Kidding...maybe...lol)

    I vote that you record yourself singing the song and play it for all of us to hear! It's not officially a song until it's sung!!!!! :)

    1. hahaha well at least your favorite little guy
      Can save an inflatable girl and not let her fry
      Go ahead and annoy
      Maybe you'll get one to enjoy
      As those bug eyes wake you up at night
      I also saw one take flight
      In a movie I watched a bit ago
      They are cuter when their bug eyes aren't so close you know
      Me, sing?
      Pffft I would scare everyone away with such a thing.

    2. Look at you responding individually!!

      What movie?! Close or far, I will love my Tarsier the same!! He'll always be adorable. :)

      and, yes, sing!! When all else fails just hang your pants loose, rock a hat, and go all Vanilla Ice on the song! Ok, now that is something I reaaalllyy want to see. LOL!

    3. Yeah I finally broke down
      And decided to stop making people count in my town
      The movie was Duma about a wild cat
      And the kid got a Tarsier that crawled over him like a rat
      Ohhhhh that is such a scary thought
      Maybe I should add to the idea at my lot
      Instead of me
      I want to see
      All of you to that
      Starting with you for that cat..lol

    4. You should start a contest with your readers...who make the best music vid for your theme song!!

      I will not be participating.

      Just think of me as the creative director...LOL!

    5. LOL but you came up with such a good stance
      Don't you want to prance
      With your pants hanging loose
      Shaking your caboose....hahaha

    6. Hey now, no one said anything about caboose shaking. See you practicually have the entire thing choreographed. Think of all the hits you'll get??? We're talking VIRAL here!

    7. So if there is caboose shaking are you in?
      That would be a win
      Go viral for sure with that
      Unfortanetly it won't be done by the cat
      People would say he is showing them a full moon
      And might get mad at this loon..lol

    8. What would I get out of caboose shaking that would make me want to do the video??? LOL!! I'd just get a tired rear! hahahaha

      Unfortunatley, I can't rap or sing.

      Poor Tarsier man, he's has a theme song that can't be sung. :(

    9. LOL well some like to shake their caboose
      Acting like a silly goose
      I can't do either one
      So I guess we'd both make people run
      I could get it sung
      Just need the right tune to be flung

  14. I think more than the creepy eyes
    it's his hands that make the eebie jeebies fly
    Get a quiver up my back
    looking at those fingers, Pat.

    1. Those fingers could give a could massage though
      Wouldn't you want him to let them flow?..lol
      Might get rid of any neck pain
      Although with him he'd surely pop a vein

    2. You go first with those fingers on your neck
      and let me know if it's worth that trek.

    3. No way hosa
      That would mess with my ocd and cause dismay..haha

    4. well, what about mine?
      That would NOT feel sublime.
      Could cause a permanant glitch
      that would make us twitch.

    5. i'm just 'LOL' at you two :-))

    6. Or wherever he touched would itch
      That would cause a stitch
      Or maybe a glitch
      Leaving him a rich bitch
      So we'll table that plan
      As neither of us seem to be a fan

      Got an LOL from you
      Such fun to do

    7. What a great idea. We'll just send him on to Jax.
      Since she thinks he's cute and wants a pet attack.

    8. Sounds like a plan indeed
      We'll even throw in some feed

    9. Leave the feed behind!! My Tarsier will be a vegetarian!!

    10. I think they are anyway
      So I'll just send some hay

    11. They eats bats, birds, and bugs. They kill birds MIDAIR. I already did my research the first time around.

      But mine can eat hay. Perfect :) lol!!

    12. Wow never would have guessed that from such small things
      Poor birds, having bug eyes it their wings
      Bugs wouldn't be so bad
      When you see a spider you'll sure be glad

    13. LMAO No more candle light fires from using a bottle of Raid, bleach, and hair spray.

      Poor little Tarsier's hair may thin from lack of birds though. A loose canary flying around to feed my pet is where I draw the line. hahaha

    14. haha there you go
      And no more ghostly figures will show
      Win win all around
      Plus if vampires that change into bats are found
      He could rid you of those too
      As far as birds go though
      I can get the cat to catch one or two and send them down to your show
      Might be kind of smelly
      But I'm sure they'll fill Tarsier's belly

    15. They eat bats and birds?
      That's not vegetarian.
      Yuck to the hay, too, actually.


    16. Please do not ship me any birds. I'm afraid of them alive, let alone dead!!!

      @Betsy...I know. That's why mine would be trained to eat nice salads and grapes! lol :)

    17. hahaha hay beats bugs and birds
      Maybe in not so many words
      But all are nasty to me
      Even if I wasn't picky

      LOL afraid of birds too
      I remember that about you
      But at least if they are dead
      They can't dive at your head

  15. And Brian ~ geesh, what's wrong with you?
    get your rear in gear, and your typing fingers, too~

    1. Yeah Brian is Mr. Slowpokey it seems with that
      Can't even answer a simple, nutty, question for the cat..haha

    2. Have no fear
      I see he got his rear in gear.

    3. It seems so
      Will have to check the email at the facts show

  16. Poor Brian getting a public burial. Guess he should um, hurryal? Freaky eyes too, could see that giving me chills if I met it in public.

    1. Yeah slow emailing back guy
      Got a bit of mud in his eye
      But he can take it with ease
      And those freaky eyes surely don't please

  17. I had to check the comments to see if Brian responding to your "feedback." I'll have to check back when he does--maybe with some popcorn.

    1. Brian was a tad slow today
      But he has a display
      And with an it
      Said he will get on that shit..haha

  18. Replies
    1. Sorry the cat sorta ate the rats yesterday
      So no music they could play

  19. darn it, i am sorry, dont worry i will get right on it, no need to go monkey and throw sh-- oops almost said --it

    1. hahahaha saying it is fine
      At least under my sign
      Sure you will get on it
      Now that you've been woken up a bit

  20. Tarsier Man needs sunglasses. Those eyes are creepy!

    1. Yeah that might do the trick
      But they would have to be thick

  21. How Tarsier Man is my kind of hero! I love his theme song! Especially the line: In no time flat, The bad guys will scat.


    1. i think that all every body woud love this theme song :D

    2. A hero and not a zero you say
      Oh that causes the cat dismay
      But will have to do a kiddie book on him maybe too
      Sometime at my zoo

      haha I may have to set it to a tune
      This damn Tarsier loon
      Is becoming a hit
      Bit by bit

  22. Nice theme song, and I thought it would be something like Tarsier Man, oh Tarsier man, does whatever a tarsier can…lol But that little guy sure does know how to save the day, and he does it in three easy steps, in each and every way, 1, start a problem, 2. solve the problem and 3. Take credit for the solution alone. Very good plan that little buggy eye guy has there. Drazin adventures never get old, especially when they have good old tarsier there in the fold.

    1. haha nope no spiderman copy cat
      Might get sued for that
      LOL yeah he sure knows how to save the day
      After causing all the dismay
      Damn buggy eyed creep
      Drazin is going to bury him good and deep

  23. Tarsier Man needs a tv show for that theme. It might surpass the classic Spiderman one!

    1. Tarsier Man with his own show
      That would surely makes ones eyes go
      As those bug eyes stared back at us
      And it would prove he belongs on the short bus

  24. That's an awesome poem lol man with da plan

    1. He's the man with da plan
      Of which many seem to be a fan

  25. I shall take heed, thanks for the warning.

    1. Glad you took my warning to heart
      And watch out the bug eyed creep can surely fart

  26. You put that picture in the perfect place! LOL! There I was smiling about the poem--then wham! That picture always kills me :0)

    There are so many awesome lines in this :) Like this one:
    "Feed the needy,
    Punish the greedy."

    1. LOL that cracks me up
      That I could give a hiccup
      And make your smile
      Turn all vile
      Seeing that bug eyed creep
      Staring at you so deep

  27. Even spank your brother,
    With the okay of your mother.
    ...brilliant lol

    1. LOL yeah he doesn't want any parents rights groups coming after him you see
      So he needs permission to bend them over his knee

  28. i love this tough cat character. camera shy or not watching the heroes die. excellent stuff, as usual.

    1. All kinds of character abound
      Not sure some should be found
      But glad you like
      So some I won't tell to take a hike

  29. he...he...had fun reading your posts and the comments. he sure is a character ~

    btw...how come I can see that you can comment on the replies? how do you enable this feature? are you using the updated blogger interface? because i can't see it on my blog :-(

    1. Yeah that the bug eyed creep surely is
      With is saving biz
      In the comment settings of your dashboard there is different ways to set up how people comment at your show
      If you set it up just down below like mine then the replies are there to continue the comment flow

  30. Let us pray that Tarsier Man never needs glasses.

    1. Yes him needing glasses
      Might not appeal to the masses

  31. Yeah, if I ever encounter Tarsier Man in a dark alley I'm just going to evacuate my bowels and then run away.

    1. Well at least the bowel evacuation would occupy him
      So you can get away as he is quite dim

  32. Love the song lyrics. Kinda scary. Whe the H** is Tarsier Man? I think I'm living under a rock.


    1. Tarsier man sure can shock
      So you are better off living under that rock

  33. Tarsier man... you'll look so beautiful when I go blind!

    1. haha I second that with my little rhyming behind
      Even then I hope no bug eyes are near for me to find


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