Your Brain Might Fill Today At My Hill!

The cat saw these and knew your brain would unravel. So I figured I'd use them as I rhyme and travel. Speaking of which, you know you want to go to Char­gogagogmanchargogagog­charbuna­gungamog to scratch your travel itch. That has to be a fun place to absquatulate to. I heard dendrochronology can be studied there but not sure if it is true.
I know my rhymes are so evancalous to you all. Those Antitransubstantiationalist really might get offended by my cat call. Such a frisson they would get, thinking this was a gormless fit. They just don't get I like to be jocoserious at my sea. But latrinalia also isn't above bush number three.

You can't say I have monomania at least, unless you include being a rhyming beast. Also if you're from Gorsafawdda­chaidraigodanheddogleddolonpenrhynareurdraethceredigion I'll cut you some slack. For that name just makes my feet go all obdormition at my shack.

The cat is quite glad that I need no Hepatico­cholangiocholecystenterostomies task. I truly find no pulchritude glaring at a surgeon's mask. Yeah, I become pusillanimous at the sight of the vet. But it beats becoming a sanguinary pet.

I continually tantalolagnia you all at my place and you never whinge, at least to my face. Maybe you are one of those omphalopsychite guys or use napiform for your disguise. That lowers your Honorificabilitudinitatibus in my eyes. It's as bad as telling lies or emitting mundungus into the air. I could be being a bit mordant today at my lair.

If I pull a legerdemain will you notice it? Or just be insouciant either way and take the hit? I bet those claiming Anti­dis­establish­ment­arianism will catch on. How can they not after spurting such a long word at their lawn. I just hope they don't jugulate me, thinking I'm floccinaucinihilipilification and bring no glee.

Does your head hurt yet? Are all these words real? You bet! At least as far as I can tell. I know you are waiting for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at my well. Maybe a little Snavofebudusehagostratnugotion too. The facts on that last one you view was made up by the cat, in case you didn't know that.

All I have left to say is if you live near Gorsafawdda­chaidraigodanheddogleddolonpenrhynareurdraethceredigion NEVER send a postcard my way. That thing would cause a postal impasse and just be way too heavy for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. You are of munificence
    I get querulous in my qualms
    Splenetic in slight mayhem
    I could only feel a lot hauteur
    Much nonpareil in the real sense


  2. Wow..wee! never believed I'm first! Whew!


  3. it did fall :P
    pretty badly I guess :D

  4. I feel like I am reading a Twitter Trend the way those words are ran together.
    Good job there Pat Poppins !

  5. It does hurt...thanks...where's the paracetamol?

  6. Wow. The words today were amazing.

  7. So nice -- and surprising -- to see you mention my local lake, Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg! Your source for the word misspelled it, however. (There's only one "R.") But then again, so did one of the official "Welcome to Webster" signs, so there ya go...

    1. So, you live near it,
      but can you pronouce it?
      And do you say the "r"
      or give it an 'ahh'?

  8. lol man this post should be imortalized :)

  9. Wow! Those words were.....big! My brain is still trying to process it. I can't even come up with a simple rhyme for a comment like I normally do.

    1. cat what the heck, i need a dictionary to realy big hairy words like mind is blown, my head now hurt at you super sylla ble rhyming spurts.

    2. LOL sorry for the headache
      As I gave a big word earthquake
      It had to be done
      As once in a while the spurting of big words just needs to be given a rhyming run

  10. You did this post, I see
    just to upset the Turkey?
    As if yesterday wasn't enough
    you had to rub it in, and stuff.
    I prefer simple words like 'sweet'
    and 'neat'.
    and "persevere".
    And maybe an occasional 'strat'.
    to say at your mat.

  11. Of course I can pronounce it -- correctly -- and can even spell it without cheating.

    1. 'correctly' is all in the interpretation, though, correct? Whether you're from the midwest, south or new england...heck, even if you're from nova scotia, eh? :)

  12. I usually scratch my travel itch by going to the nearby supermarket and buying me some chips and pepsi :)))

  13. Replies
    1. gloria, don't even try to translate those big words! You will get a headache for sure!

    2. Betsy I have so maybe this dont make more bad than I feel:(

    3. ha...don't read any more! Come over to my blog where there are simple words like 'pear' and 'belly button'. LOL!!! :)

  14. Whoa. I seriously need to consult my dictionary on a few of those words! Good job!

  15. I generally give natives the edge when it comes to pronouncing their own towns, landmarks, and other proper names. There are always exceptions.

  16. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!! This is my favorite!!!

  17. I am busy Googling some of these words to see if you are pulling our legs. Not caught you yet--despite having to read about gall bladder surgeries...

  18. Thank you for switching up the bain work out today. Just when my brain reads through your post with ease, BAM, you switch it up. Word is that's the best way to keep in shape. Bye, bye Blueberries!!! (I'm kidding. Blueberries fight alzheimers!!!)

    P.S. I googled "Gorsafawdda­chaidraigodanheddogleddolonpenrhynareurdraethceredigion". That's a real stinkin place?!?!?!?!?! First fowl, now this??? My poor brain...

    1. and by bain work out, I mean BRAIN work out.

      See, you tired the poor thing out. Sigh...

  19. I see what you've done here man after a good while and I love it. Awesome stuff Pat, this is the best exercise my brain's had in a long time buddy, haha!

  20. Now you made me look some up
    Is that payback for my little hiccup
    Splenetic just sounds fun
    Even though I guess leaving some bad tempered might cause me to run

    First once more here at my shore
    Have a nact or that as you take the tour

    LOL bah we all fail once in a while
    Plus big words can be vile

    Pat Poppins you say
    Can I fly with an umbrella up up and away?
    That would save on air travel fees
    I'd just need a good breeze

    Sorry for the fever pitch
    I hope you get some paracetamol to cure that bitch..haha

    Amazing and loony at the same time
    Plus with a little bit of rhyme

    Never knew it was your local haunt
    I could have made up a taunt
    I guess us Canadian's just roll our r's one too many times
    Or the source I stole it from did the grammar crimes
    At least I'm in good company though
    As Welcome to Webster screwed up just like my show

    Now we can track down the Fox
    Look for the lake by the docks
    Then search the apartments for a go away mat
    And poof we've found his flat
    Or a car with a dent or two
    Either would do

    Great post
    From your host

    Imortalized your say
    Do I get a statue like Zeus at my bay?..haha

    LOL I made you unable to rhyme
    That has to be a crime
    Damn big words messing you up
    Sorry for the little hiccup..haha

    Actually had this one done before Turkey
    But figured since he was so jerky
    It would make a good next one
    So had to be done
    I prefer simple words too
    But sweet curls my feet between me and you
    Although strat is grand
    For the cat in rhyming land

    I can spell mississippi without being a cheat
    Isn't that

    I hate that eh
    Never used at my bay,,haha

    LOL wow that must be some itch
    How do you handle it when it reaches fever pitch

    Gloria did I confuse
    Sorry if I word abuse..haha

    Yeah go visit the belly button fruit
    Poke it and it may even give a toot

    LOL good luck with that
    May be a while looking them all up at your mat

    Yeah usually the natives have the right way
    With how they say
    But once in a while they butcher it up too
    Sad but true

    LOL I can't say I blame you
    Alot to get when the big words come due

    Even if the sound of it so atrotcious
    I guess you always want to sound precosious

    LOL soory about the gall bladder surgery read
    I'm sure that was something you didn't want to see on your feed
    But yep no leg pulling today
    As all are real at my bay

    hahaha can't let that "bain" get all mushy
    So the big words get a little gushy
    Have to throw a switch up here and there
    To keep you hopping at my lair
    Blueberries I do not eat
    Not even for a treat
    But work my brain
    So I don't pop a vein
    LOL I wondered if anyone would look up that place
    Must have been an interesting look on your face
    When you found it was real
    And wasn't some fake deal

    LOL I hope I don't make you mess up the numbers for the Japanese
    Then they may ship you overseas
    For some training
    Then you'd have to suffer through more knowledge gaining..haha

    LOL you would take a while to see
    All the big words that came out at bush number three
    Glad I gave you brain a go
    And could help at my show

  21. Char­gogagogmanchargogagog­charbuna­gungamog... can you repeat this...? can you repeat this twice within a quarter of a second...? and could you translate it into german please...? smiles

  22. LOL I don't think I could say it once
    Without sounding like a dunce
    Twice I'd have no tongue left at all
    As I'd probably bite it off giving this thing a call..haha

  23. Nice and great post. LOve that blog. Following :)

  24. Okay, I want you to do a vlog and read this post. I'm dying to hear you pronounce those super long words (which remind me of Finnish with the multitude of case endings added to the end of the original word). :D

  25. Glad there is love
    As the cat eats a poor dove

    LOL that's why the cat types it out
    Prouncing it would make him pout
    Doesn't have the first clue
    And after saying those would probably turn blue

  26. You've never had a blueberry?? I don't like them either, but you do what you gotta do to avoid living a real life version of The Notebook!!! Eat the blueberries! Change your shampoo!! Sigh...You're making me nervous... hahahaha

  27. haha me and berries don't mix
    Then again me and most foods have the same licks
    As I eat the same thing day in day out at my show
    Been that way for the last 15 years or so
    Sure that will give some swerves
    And get on your
    And a movie reference too
    Look at you

  28. Where did I put that dictionary . . .

  29. You found Mount Aenos, didn't you? D=<

  30. sorry i think i'm here by mistake ... lol ...

  31. You eat the same thing EVERY single day?? Legit?? Is it full of antioxidents at least? This is worse than I thought...Your poor, poor head of hair.

  32. You even got me with most of these. Knowing only some makes me feel rather dumb, that's okay, I'm sure I'll cross them over in one of my dictionaries one day and say to myself," oh, yeah I know that one" lol I'm always a proponent of big word use so you can continue to confuse, and heck, perhaps one day you'll be able to use and give poor drazin some linguistic abuse. Thanks

  33. Geez you can't even remember that
    I'm such a pain in the butt cat

    Found and climbed to the top
    Yeah I lie there, don't call a cop

    LOL well it's an easy mistake to make
    So no offense I will take

    Yep it is legit as legit can be
    Not sure about antioxidents at my sea
    You really have a thing for hair
    If mine falls out at my lair
    I'll let you know you were right
    Stating my hairless plight

    haha I even got you
    That is so fun to do
    Sure you will come across them at some point
    As you peruse at your joint
    And yeah spouting them off to Drazin would be fun
    May have to give that a run

  34. My brain is drunk.

  35. I'm with Stina. I want the vlog, too!

  36. Nevermind; my head hurts now . . .


  37. I once learned how to say this:
    Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch LOLOL And thought I was the bees knees because I could. It's a Welsh village and has one of the longest names in the world. I learned it because I was once stationed near Anglesey during training. Yes, it's real:
    Welsh Village
    Now, I need a couple of headache pills ;)

  38. I pulled my legerdermain,
    but heard footsteps outside.
    No longer alone, I remained.
    "Hey, I'm in here!!!" I cried.

  39. I keep re-reading this post to help study for my GRE's

  40. Patzilla, if you don't start using the reply button I swear I will organize riots and we will trash your place. It's impossible to find your answers to comments in the sea of your rhymes!

  41. Who can speak welsh anyway, you need two mouths. I like what is going on under the surface here, you toss us clues of course. Great work as ever, kind of wish i had a library like your back ground.

  42. Replies
    1. he is, he is an evil Patzilla who tortures us with these rows of 10 comment answers with no names and numbers.... Pure evil, I say, pure evil!

    2. I just want to keep your math skills up
      Or make you take another hit of coffee from your cup

  43. wow, i had to actually look up a few words there x.x

  44. I was in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch last year...great pub.

  45. Sorry for the funk
    Hopefully there is no hang over from the drunk

    LOL sorry all the cat can do is meow
    I don't think you could understand it some how

    A hurt head
    Oh the dread

    You mean you thought you were the bees knees
    But not the mutts nuts, did the mutt have
    I wouldn't know the first thing about saying that
    So On that you beat the cat

    What a trick to be had
    Trying to bring others to your pad
    if your cry was heard
    maybe you sounded like tweety bird

    Glad I could with learning
    And make your mind start turning

    Takes too damn long for that
    Easier to do one long rant for Pat
    Not impossible if you look
    You just want it easy, not gonna let you off the hook..haha

    Under the surface there is some
    Added in from my rhyming bum
    A library that size would help
    Could make many a brain not yelp

    I promise not to destroy chinatown
    Or NY and make many frown

    Made you look up a few
    Such fun to o

    Have to be drunk to come up with such a name
    As it sure doesn't sound tame

  46. drunk were you when you wrote this...or
    was the cat paws just punching here and there ~

    You know who really has long names ? Sri Lankan peeps..

  47. And there's always Taumata­whakatangihanga­koauau­o­tamatea­turi­pukakapiki­maunga­horo­nuku­pokai­whenua­kitanatahu.

  48. Nope not drunk at all
    The cat just let his fingers fall
    Not sure I know any Sri Lankan peeps
    Hopefully there names don't cause tv bleeps

    LOL look at the sign on that sucker
    Reading it woud really make your eyes pucker

  49. Ok, my head does hurt a little after that one. Can you even pronouce those words? lol

  50. I can prounce some
    But those town names not a chance they can be prounced by my little rhyming bum

  51. Is that a place in Africa lol

  52. LOL nope not over there
    In some other country's lair

    Dig the dictionary out
    And don't pout

    Mundungus does look and sound fun
    So I had to give it a run

  53. I thought I was dyslexic
    You're pretty clever
    I thought it was a trick
    These are the longest words ever!

    Rhyming is not good.
    I prefer Haiku to it.
    Great post, as always.

  54. 14 69 78 23 33 46 - or something like that...I do tend to be a little lysdexic :o)

  55. I have to teach some of these words to my kids lol

  56. haha nope not a trick
    Although one may want to hit me with a brick
    After such long words in their eyes
    At least with them I can pretend to be wise
    Your rhyming is fine
    And well in line

    haha well I guess that is proof
    Of your goof
    Can't even get dyslexic right
    Must be a grammar fright

    hahaha good luck with that
    Although I'm sure in no time they'll be using them at your mat

  57. I do want to go to Char­gogagogmanchargogagog­charbuna­gungamog...

  58. 'They just don't get I like to be jocoserious at my sea.' Those who don't get THAT won't get much, I'm sure, Pat. (Hey, am I rhyming?)

  59. haha good luck there
    I'll stay at my lair

    Rhyming too
    Look at you
    Yeah you'd think they'd get that
    Maybe I need to plaster in on a door mat


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