As We Stride Side By Side!

Let's see what the cat can do today by restraining himself to one picture at his bay. I know that is a feat in and of itself when the cat sees such things on the dVerse shelf. But let's prove the theory of one picture can say a thousand words before the cat goes to chase down those birds.

A path's design created through each step.
The stationed trees serving as prep.
Marking the blind with a nudge,
There to show and not to judge.

Discernible meaning lost to all,
Caught in their own thought squall.
Yet as the trees stand as a pair,
Two shadows distinguish their flare.

Seemingly alone they walk,
Worlds apart and taking stock.
The breeze of a slight detection,
The water's same yet different reflection.

Wandering minds weigh the depth below,
Confined to wondering over the glow.
Forgetting what goes on above,
Finally ready to leap and love?

To pass through trunks and take the leap,
Forever wading in the deep.
Or turn back and never know,
Rippling away the reflection below.

The dawning of the poles light,
Does not beckon into the night.
It's presence not known,
Leaving you to set the tone.

The mist rises and surrounds,
Daring two to test their bounds.
Before it encroaches upon each,
Both no longer in the others reach.

Leaves changing with the coming season,
Giving forth another reason.
For they can wither with the snow,
But will return to grow.

Such luxury escapes the pairing,
Do or die or continue staring.
Left to nothing but their own daring,
Whether to wither or grow their caring.

Unprepared for life's curve,
Biting on their final nerve,
Wrestling loose any strife,
The barren path now void of life.

The mist fully assuming control,
For all but a certain pole.
A light shines as if sent from above,
Took the chance to leap and love?

Well that was not exactly one thousand words from the cat but he will surely make up for that the next time The Gawker comes to his mat. For now that is what came out and I leave it a bit to your own mind so don't shout. Now the cat is through being all lovey dovey and nice he has to go work on zombie feet to add some spice. So for this month that was my profound pass and now we'll go back to the regularly scheduled programming of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Got the nice today
      And first too at my bay

    2. you're ever so nice, Patsy, you really is :)

    3. I really is
      Grammar Nazi also might not like that biz..haha

    4. me knows, me was always the leader of anti Nazi resistance :)

    5. I think you even scared grammar nazi away
      With your bad grammar display..haha

    6. I think GN couldn't bear to read the grammar tainted
      and fell over after he fainted! lol.

    7. He can send Dez the bill
      Sure that would give him a thrill

  2. I love the picture and I love the rhymes. This stuff makes for damn good times!

    1. Glad it always does
      As I rhyme the buzz and fuzz

  3. I like to write but one I realize is that rhyming is very difficult. howevs, u make it seem so effortless & nice, bravo!

    1. The difficulty is not found for this lad or cat
      It just flows out with ease each day at my mat

  4. It's been rather misty here for the past week so this was very poignant

    1. Psychic powers at play once more
      Knowing what is going on at your shore

  5. hey...i think i'm ready to leap and love...smiles...a different voice from you sir..but heck..i like..

    1. I guess the cat's voice can change when he sees fit
      And doesn't want to be a nitwit..haha
      Just stretching his skill once more
      Before some zombie feet gore..haha

  6. at least there is balance in the universe, lovey dovey and zombie feet and all that, i was going to point out the warm rhyme of the cat, well done love one, now just be careful that first steps a doosy!

    1. hey did not see you in the linky, do sign in to others can see cause your verse is not stinky....ha

    2. Yes there is a balance to be had
      For which the cat is glad
      Being all nice all the time
      Would just be a crime
      That first step could drown a cat
      If water is surrounding his mat..haha

      I will sign in as easy as can be
      Just sometimes the cat sleeps in later than when the post is up to see..haha

  7. Pat, I do think this is one of my favorites of yours! A love story, with or without a happy ending, is always nice. I concur with what Claudia said....a different voice from you! Smile!

    1. A favorite you say
      Hmph I really need to go back to the dismay..haha
      But yeah it just came out
      As I went about my shout
      Ending isn't clear cut
      And I am after all a voice changing nut..haha

  8. This is one of my favorites too of yours. You command of the mood and tone remains thruout and you plumb some weighty thoughts that gather in strength as the poem gains its ending. The ending is optimistic, though darkness has tried to take control.

    1. Another favorite too
      Whatever will I do
      This one just popped out as well
      Maybe less thought makes them swell
      Not that much goes into it to begin with at my sea
      And that darkness may try but it will never get me

  9. A different voice today Pat
    I like the choices you set in the mat
    Whether to wither or grow their caring
    Take a chance to leap and loving ~

    Happy Sunday to you ~

    1. The cat just added another voice
      Now he has no choice
      But to admit there are a dozen in his head
      Some alive some dead
      Oh wait that is Pat
      He can have that

  10. Sounds like the cat has been doing some thinking!
    Better to leap and know
    than wonder why you never gave it a go!

    1. The cat's brain never shuts off
      Always flowing and over filling the trough
      A curse it can be
      But what the heck works well for my sea

  11. A chance to love and then to leap
    Take your chance & do a sweep
    The Cat's at its best this time
    A rhyming verse's here, what a gem!


    1. The cat is at his best
      I guess I pass the dVerse test
      Before I go all bad
      With the zombie feet of some lad..haha

  12. Pat,
    So pleased you penned this wicked rhyme
    So pleased to think the endless time
    I spent in crouched and patient wait
    Led to a poem quite so great.
    Thanks, James

    1. Glad I could make the crouching even more worth while
      As I went the rhyming mile
      After the shoot spurred this one
      And it simply had to be done

  13. This is one of my favorites so far subtle love!

    1. Subtle seems to get a good rise
      Just as the cats usual in your face disguise
      Maybe he should mix and match more
      At his shore

  14. Take that leap
    and love will grow
    and fun will come
    to stay at your bay.

    Take the leap Pat, take the leap.

    1. Pffft my bay will always be fun
      If not then it is just done
      As for the rest
      I guess one may have to put that to the test

  15. "The breeze of a slight detection,
    The water's same yet different reflection."

    we Elven people approve of this, Cat, we might proclaim you the main bard of our Everelven forests!

    1. Does the cat get any perks for such a job
      Just remember the ocd so no touching from any Elven mob

    2. your perk is getting Elven protection from those nasty Orcs.

    3. Hmm I suppose that will do
      As those Orcs like to make kitty stew

  16. That's very deep for a cat! Is there any limit to what the cat can do...Very nicely written! :)

    1. A cat that is snip snip too
      That makes it all the harder to do..hahahaha
      Nope anything the cat is given the cat can rhyme about
      Does not matter what the shout
      And Pat can write the book with ease
      So when can do whatever but only one can give fleas to knees..hahaha

  17. I never believed a picture can say a thousand words

    the most I ever got was 692 words from a photo

    so I hope the cat enjoys his birds

    I hear they have some nice ones in Kyoto

    1. That cat will travel near and far
      For a bird at his bar
      Even in a death trap plane
      Through snow sleet and rain

  18. Damnit stop being so awesome! On second thought, don't stop.

    1. I just can help myself
      So it will continue at my shelf

  19. Your post is better than toast made by ned yost

    1. haha least I know where I stand
      And it seems grand

  20. I try to rhyme as well as you
    but that is awfully hard to do.
    So, instead I'll just have to say
    that photo's "AJ Squared Away"!

    NOTE: "AJ Squared Away" was an expression we used in the Navy to express approval.

    1. Thanks for the note
      Glad it has your vote
      And you saved me a google trip
      With your underwear one you sure let rhymes flow from the ummm hip

  21. always enjoy your rhymes
    whenever I’ve got time
    the picture gives much to chew
    so I chose it for my website too

    when studying poetry in college
    rhyme was out of favor, I acknowledge
    but really it is so much fun
    I’ve begun to use it a ton

    (but not on this one)

    1. Yeah it is out of favor amongst most
      But those aren't cared about by this host
      Have seen one or two
      Come here and it turned them blue
      But it was still fun
      To watch them moan and run..haha
      There sure was lots to chew
      With this one that came due

  22. As usual, Pat: a delight
    You and the cat got it right.

    1. Pat and the cat are on today
      As all seem to like such a display

  23. Replies
    1. That is does
      Just because
      At my sea
      Tomorrow you get zombie

  24. I didn't know cat had it in him to be so profound!

    1. The cat can be quite profound
      He just would rather leave that to a hound

  25. Replies
    1. The cat can do such a thing every once in a while
      But all this nicey nice stuff make him need to do something

  26. Love the direction you went here. This is a pretty cool photo, saw it at Claudia's but was busy and couldn't participate in the D'verse Saturday. Once in a while the cat changes gears, and shows the world he's truly diverse, from fun and games, movies, stories and the like, to a poetic hike. Cool piece. Thanks

    1. Yeah the photo was grand
      Could go any way with it in my land
      But that is what came out
      As I gave it a shout
      Movies will come once more
      Next month at my shore
      The stories too
      And everything in between for one to view

  27. I am such a jv commenter here. My rhyming always crashes to a halt when I have some wonderful observation involving purple or something.

    1. haha well purple can be rhymed with ease
      Making up words is a breeze
      Just do that
      And you can rhyme like the cat

  28. The picture is beautiful... liked you poem too, however i still feel that picture is more beautiful then your poem :P

    1. Yeah the pic was grand
      And had to be used in my land

  29. I don't think my girlfriend would approve of me having a fling, stop suggesting it :<

    1. hahaha just don't get caught
      Or have a whole lot

  30. This is deep and beautiful. I'm impressed!

    1. I can impress and go deep
      Wow who know I could do that at my keep

  31. I've missed the show far to many times,

    so I'll post on some long old lines.

    Great prose as always this time,

    at your sea and the way you rhyme.

    1. A miss here and there
      Is no prob with internet issues at your lair
      Come when you can to my sea
      For we will always be here with glee


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