Belittle The Skittle A Little!

Newflash of the day. The cat is off on some adventure at his bay and Pat gets to be a runner at his work sea. Don't ask as it doesn't fill him with glee. But never fear for that cat's minion is here. You will get rhymed back too in the comments below and oh this should be such a fun show.

The backstory came from another lair. Maybe someone obsessed with hair? But that is neither here nor there for this knowledge is quite rare. It seems that through a rather odd affair the fact that trolls like skittles came to bear. Even if they throw them back they still supposedly like skittles no matter if they are under attack. I never knew this. I guess I just do not know what cause trolls bliss. Now we have to find out why for it could be a lie.

Give a troll a little,
Give a troll a lot.
As long as it's a skittle,
And nothing pokadot.

No, not peanut brittle.
No, not hot sauce.
If you want an acquittal,
Forget the reindeer moss.

It doesn't matter how.
It doesn't matter who.
No milk from a cow,
It looks too much like glue.

Lose the fancy bag,
Lose the clever grin.
He might start to gag,
When you bring the skittles in.

You need to color code,
You need to keep track,
Take an extra load,
And hide them behind your back.

Put them in his hand,
Put them in his shoe,
Forget nose land,
You'll just make him go achoo.

Do not stay to chat,
Do not run away,
He'll give you a head pat,
If you give the right display.

He's not in the bed,
He's not in the loo,
Remember what I said,
As here's your final clue.

Turn left just a little,
Turn right just a lot,
Now take each skittle,
To his comfy closet cot.

I told you not to grin,
I told you not to talk.
We'll consider this a win,
Next time you better knock.

Now you know the who,
Now you know the why.
Welcome to the crew,
Let's give it another try.

Okay, that went totally in a different path with my rhyming wrath than I intended it too. But damn a pretty catchy one came due. I might have to make that into a book here at my nook. All that from a troll and some skittle sass, sometimes I even impress my own little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Sigh...Do I have to rhyme in my comment too? That's just way to much rhyming!! hahahaha I'll do my best to be a good minion :)

    Let the troll rhyming begin! Enjoy your running!! lol

    1. hahaha oh this should be grand
      The troll rhyming here at my land
      This will be the only reply from me
      All the rest will be from thee
      Good luck and watch out for some
      As they may get in a kerfluffle and use their picket signs to whack you in the bum
      I'll take over tonight if you like
      But you'll have plenty to take the rhyming hike

    2. Grand Job from Pat and the cat
      Truly outdid yourself today at my rhyming mat!

    3. I'm so glad!! I had a lot of fun doing it, but I can't say that I wasn't relieved to come home to your rhyming. hahahaha I wasn't sure if my job was done ;)

    4. hahaha I didn't know if you wanted to complete the job to satisfy your ocd or not
      But you rhymed a whole lot
      So you deserve a rest
      As you surely passed with flying colors the rhyming test.

    5. I was going to complete the job, but my chemical hair straightening was tonight. It took a little longer than expected. As much fun as I had, I will gladly hand you back the rhyming torch. LOL!!! It feels good to blab without the constraints of a rhyme. hahahaha

    6. haha yeah unless you do it all the time
      You can get pretty constrained by rhyme
      But it becomes secon nature when you do it long enough
      Which I'm sure you would not find too tough
      But I will take the torch back
      Until the next time you feel the need to give a rhyme comment attack..haha

  2. The trolls come to play
    at everyone's bay
    and feed them not
    or they will stay
    and slay your post.

    Okay Pat, I'm not sure if I got this right, but I went with it anyway. And I'm gonna miss that Cat today!

    1. I really hope that trolls don't play at my bay!
      They aren't welcome no matter what they say.
      I wont feed them, so they can go ahead and slay this post,
      just as long as they don't find today's guest host!!

      I'm sure Pat and his Cat misses you too,
      but after that rhyme, no one misses them more than I do!

    2. You're so much prettier than Pat is. And you're doing a great job as guest hostess on his blog. My question is this? What are you going to do when Dez and his penguins arrive?

    3. Prettier than Pat?
      I like that!
      Just don't tell the cat what you say,
      Or he may make me rhyme more than today!

      When the penguins arrive
      I will have no choice but to hide...
      Don't tell them I'm here!
      Birds are something I fear!!

  3. Class rhymes as always Pat, love the new profile photo too buddy.

    1. I, too, like the pic of your buddy!
      I think it's because he's all scruffy...

  4. I'm dizzy with all of that turning
    I feel like instead I am squirming
    And I feel like booting that troll
    Right down into a skittle hole
    because I do not care to chat
    with anyone less than the Cat!
    Happy spring.

    1. I'm all for you booting that troll!
      Word is he has no soul.
      The cat and pat are out today.
      They'll be back with just a minor delay.
      Until then, I'll rhyme to you,
      just as the cat says I must do!

  5. Class aas usual but I'm overflowing with bemusal....

    1. Don't overflow too high!
      The cat isn't get to get you down from the sky.

  6. Seeing skittle in title I expected Florida case in the rhyme, anyway this is cool too. Your party needs lot ofnskittles instead of beer?

    1. The cat's party didn't have any beer,
      just a whole lot of troll fear!
      But, next time I promise to bring a 6 pack
      so maybe that troll will be more relaxed.

  7. What this time, skittles and a troll?
    And it's all rhymed, Pat's wicked rock'n'roll!
    Yup, I tried :P
    I think that there is something wrong with rythm though...

    1. Skittles is all that troll will eat!
      They love that sugary treat.

  8. For maximum impact & pleausure, I find it is best not to protect your words too much. Going the different path is often the most scenic & entertaining approach.

    1. I will pass on to the cat your advice on impact & pleasure!
      He is sure to find your wisdom a real great treausre.


  9. Pat, I wrote you a kind word on my blog in response to your comment...just wanted to make sure you didn't miss it. I'll be back in a bit...

    1. Pat will be back later tonight to see.
      Until then, your rhyming guest host is me!
      He's doing some crazy work run.
      He'll return as soon as he's done.

  10. Awesome rhyme as usual, now you have made me wants some skittles!

    1. Who wouldn't want to taste the rainbow?
      Go ahead! I won't let the troll know.

  11. "Give a troll a little,
    Give a troll a lot."
    I think that's what gets some people and cats horny :) Give, don't give, give, don't give and they go crazy about you...

    1. Anne warned me about you your penguins!
      I was going to hide, but decided to hang in.
      The cat has asked me to host,
      Nothing can scare me away, not you, penguins, or a rhyming ghost!

      A troll eating skittles doesn't do it for me,
      but I'll heed your warning about getting horny!

    2. And here he is!! It is better to receive than to give is my motto in the boudoir.

    3. Perfect word because Pat is trying to be a better French.
      Except with those French cheeses that leave a stench!

    4. are the two of you ladies really sure that Cat the naughty Pat is really out on some business or is he really giving or getting some somewhere? :)

    5. Oh am I positive!
      Poor pat ain't out being pervocative!
      He wouldn't make me rhyme in vain,
      Unless it's the Cat playing a game...

    6. well if his whiskers and his tail are straight as arrow when he comes back we shall know the truth :)

    7. Pfft you will never know
      What truly went on behind the curtains today at my show

  12. Replies
    1. I guess the title is ok.
      I'll let the cat know what you say!

    2. Oh Jax, you get to deal with R today!! Pat's title is amazing today, but what about his post?

    3. It seems that R has severe ADD.
      To read past the title would contribue to it's delinquincy!

    4. I'm loving the exclamation mark in the end of the comment, ladies! It sings joy and happiness to me :)

    5. I love that punctuation marks sing to you.
      Exclamation points are my favorite thing to do!!!!!!!

  13. Trolls have no moles, but they do have buttholes!
    They do have warts, and they love to snort.
    Some hide under bridges.. having sex with their bitches.

    Okay I am going to stop right there and say, Mommy look at what I made so far!

    Good post cat dude :-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The day I see a troll snort,
      Is the day I hide behind a fort.
      Him and his warts will never find me.
      Or I'll pass him along the fleas on my knees!

  14. What nice Jax comment (lol) ehy and where is Pat, send kisses, Jax:)

    1. Tell Pat I love his new pic, ha,ha (I told him 3 times) lol

    2. Pat is busy being a runner at work.
      Or maybe he's faking and reading these w/ an evil smirk!

      You can never give too many compliments!
      If he gets mad, I'll be in astonishment.

      The cat does has a day off.
      Perhaps he has an awful cough!

    3. Your welcome buttercup!
      Hope the cat didn't get eaten by a pup...

    4. Just want to say
      Will never get mad at my bay
      And aren't you just full of compliments today
      To Jax and Pat with the rhyme play

  15. No Pat? but nothing rhymes with Jax!

    Great rhyme scheme and awesome subject matter! I enjoyed it! Good luck with the rhyming replies!

    One question for your reply, whats the meaning of life? (in rhyme please...)

    1. Plenty of things rhyme with Jax,
      including one of my favorite things, Snacks!

      Sigh...and Pat warned me that I couldn't cheat!
      Before reading my answer you might want to take a seat.
      There is no meaning to life.
      Just enjoy it, settle down, and find a wife.
      Make your life into whatever you want it to be.
      Just keeping smiling and always be free!

    2. Wow! You are truly a rhyming master! That was great!

    3. So you think I'm a master?!
      If that cat hear's that there will be a diaster...

  16. Impressive Pat. When my parents were ridding me of the binky as a child, I would have preferred a skittle to the Tabasco Sauce that they used.

    Go Jax! Though tabasco may be a poor rhyming word...

    1. Ew, I really, really hate tobasco sauce!
      Couldn't they have lined your binky with a tastier gloss?
      I guess that's one way to ween you off.
      After all, your parents are the boss!

      Thanks for the cheer.
      How much more rhyming until I'm in the clear?

  17. Trolls are so dangerous
    trolls are so cool
    i think they're hideous
    and stink of stool.
    Tried my best. Anyways.. I love your rhyming approach!

    1. Anything that stinks like stool,
      and is apparently real cruel,
      should not be friends with the cat!
      You can tell him Jax said that!!

  18. funny just the other day fred had skittles at his bay, but wanted to drink beer with them i fear and i thought this rather odd and would give a fruity nod but then again it had a bit different meaning than the rainbow of taste people like to put in their face...i def agree on the trolls that is how they roll and we must cut them to the quick before they make us enjoy your running sea its off to another for me

    1. I agree on cutting the troll back on the sweets.
      A troll with a sugar high is not one I want to meet!

  19. this could totally be a rap! why, i love peanut brittles and hot sauce. :)


    1. I don't like things spicy, but I prefer sweet!
      Apparently the troll agrees since skittles is his treat.
      Peanut brittle
      Has nothing on a skittle.

  20. My kid, like most
    LOVES skittles on toast.

    Where IS the cat?
    Off to hunt and get fat?


    1. The is taking a much needed break.
      He left me hear to rhyme and burn at the stake.
      Skittles on toast?
      I think the cat would prefer chicken or a roast.

  21. Replies
    1. A sing-a-long must be a sight!
      I bet it will fill the cat with delight!

  22. Trolls are mean, trolls can be green, but blue they can be too, sometimes they need to rhyme, sometimes they need to chime a skittle line, trolls can be scary, trolls can be very, under the bridge, near the ridge but what many confuse, is ogres and trolls, for the two are very different, so thanks for giving the trolls song a stroll. Great guest hosting, great guest rhyme, they cat will be pleased with your guesting shine.

    1. Thank you for the compliments!
      When it came to rhyming I was hesitant.
      You seem to know your trolls inside out.
      That deserves a shout!

  23. oohhh.. never knew that Pat and Jax both can rhyme so well :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I did not know my rhyming capabilities,
      I figured it was a small probability.
      Turns out, I can hold my own.
      The cat may get overthrown!

    3. You're still at it Jax!! You'll have to write a post telling us how hard this was and Pat is going to have to write a post that shoots fireworks out of it to thank you.

    4. I will support this Cat overthrowing business. How many of my penguin troops do you need?

    5. U certainly deserve fireworks, Anne!
      Especially since my rhymes weren't bland.
      Make sure pat sees this one
      After his long run.

      Penguin troops seem very intimidating!
      You have my teeth vibrating.
      I hope the cat doesn't get mad at the threat.
      Pat may need to find a new rhyming pet.

    6. The Cat is toast
      of that you may boast.
      For Jax was here
      and did not miss
      a rhyme, a beat, a song.

    7. The cat truly is impressed in every way
      And it does not cause him dismay
      For he brought out a talent she never knew
      And that can easily be seen by each comment retort at my zoo
      So the cat will take credit for that
      And so enjoyed reading what came due at his mat

    8. we did leave you a nice little poop at your mat, Cat you absent Pat :)

    9. You left poop?
      While I'm going to wrap it around your head like a hula hoop

    10. you will first have to tackle the penguin troop!

    11. That will be easy as can be
      As I'll just bring fish with me


    1. Well fine
      If you want to ruin the grand design
      And keep smashing into spring
      Letting the parts fling

  25. Nice rhyming--as always, of course!

  26. Ahhh peace of mind, no more destroyed printers!

    1. At least until next winter
      Where maybe instead I'll yap about a splinter

  27. A runner with a microphone
    hope he didn't die of germs and let out a groan.
    You've made a great substitute, Jax
    as you go on the reply attack!
    I was gone all day, too
    working at an auction, it's true!

    1. you was gone too? Hm, me penguins smell something fishy here :) We shall launch an official investigation on the simultaneous disappearance of Cat and Betsy

    2. Is it a party yet? Is the Cat back in his litterbox? I brought the booze, who's got the food?

    3. I'll bring an antipasto!! hahaha
      I've been relieved from the rhyme ;)

    4. Yes she made a grand substitute at my sea
      She impressed thee and me
      And you rhyme here all the time as well
      So sure she'll like the great compliments that we tell
      And yucky port a pottie auctions you can keep
      I hated the germs as they were oh so deep..haha

      Keep your penguns at bay
      Or I will cause them dismay
      And have some penguin fillet
      Before the end of the day

      The cat is back
      On the rhyme attack
      Here at his shack
      I was just waiting to see if Jax came back to the pack
      As I wouldn't want to disrupt her ocd
      Of having to answer all at my sea..haha

  28. Hello Pat, hello Jax, I thought I saw a pussy cat, I mean I thought I saw Simon Cowell. Nice profile pic Mr Hatt.

    1. That pic gets lots of love
      Fits me like a glove
      Simon Cowell you say
      Uggg American Idol and that other one needs to go away

  29. Like the new line ~ Experience spring, have a fling.

    Hi Pat or Ms. Jax, You are doing a good job
    replying with rhyming verses, which I am lazy
    to do at my bay. thanks, I will
    rather have a toast any day ~

    Happy spring day to you ~

    1. Yes she did quite the great job at my sea
      Fills me with glee
      A little lazy are you
      While that is okay to come due..haha

  30. The world needs more troll hunters

    1. Bring on the troll hunters I agree
      Just keep them all away from bush number 3

  31. The printer has relief at last. Ah, spring!

    1. Yep had to give it some relief
      For three season it will get no grief

  32. Trolls and skittles lol. I especially love that last stanza. That spring bit is hilarious ;)

    1. haha that spring bit will last
      Until it is in the past

  33. I didn't know trolls like skittles. I'll have to tell my son. Maybe he can convince the grumpy old troll to let him cross his bridge if he gives him a few skittles.

    1. There you go
      Now he'll know
      And beat the troll
      Going on a stroll

  34. Man, now I have a craving for Skittles.

    Yes, SherryE, all the Scandinavian folktales mention how much trolls love Skittles. I mean, what folklore creature wouldn't love those colorful candies????

    1. LOL see I was right on
      Here at my lawn
      Giving the folklore shout
      I guess the cat does know what he is talking about..haha

  35. I liked it. I could taste the rainbow :)


  36. Replies
    1. Are you a troll
      Or maybe a skittle loving mole?

  37. I was just about to smash a printer right there, but then i saw what you wrote haha. Btw, good job on the book with besercules man! It was awesome!

    1. LOL yep changed it up for spring
      Glad you like the kiddie book and thanks for tell me so at my wing

  38. I think this would make a great book!
    Definitely worth adding to your knook. :)

    1. Yeah I will make it come to pass
      Hopefully one day with my little rhyming ass


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