The Cat Has Run Out. Now Now Don't Pout!

Hasn't it been fun? With each rhyme that has been spun. But sadly the cat is through. This blog stuff's end has come due. I must go back to being a normal cat and scratching up the mat. For I have just run out of rhyme and no longer feel sublime. But I will leave you with one last go. So you get some final facts at my show.

Too much time,
It takes to rhyme.
The whole fifteen minutes I cannot do,
So I must leave all of you.

The cat has a bum to lick,
Some fleas to pick,
A new roll of tp to tear up,
And has to knock over Pat's cup.

It's scary when they smash,
As I make a quick dash.
But I like to make them crash,
So I must end this bash.

Time has flown by,
I must now chase a fly.
It has be such fun,
But now I am done.

See you all in another life,
Hope there isn't any strife.
Now don't cry,
Or sit there and sigh.

Everything must end,
It is just the normal trend.
So don't be blue,
As this last one comes due.

Remember all the fun,
That has been spun.
And give a smile,
As sadly it's time to turn the dial.

So I bid adieu to all of you!

NOT! April Fools! I fooled you, the cat rules! Aren't I the worst? What it's only March first? Damn it! Pat is such a twit. He changed the calendar ahead an extra month before this post. And I thought I was being a clever host. But did I trick you? Should be interesting to see what comments come due. Sorry, for the dread for no matter what was said. The cat will have plenty of more rhymes come to pass but this was such fun to do by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I'm not kidding Pat, that post until I read the fooled bit scared the hell out of me, for some reason I was sure you were genuinely serious and were now finished with Blogger, especially when you said it would be the last round of the face it facts! Glad to hear it was all a prank and you're staying.

    Too much time,
    It takes to rhyme.
    The whole fifteen minutes I cannot do,
    So I must leave all of you.

    "The whole fifteen minutes I cannot do," bit made me chuckle so hard, I'm still laughing thinking about it haha! Cheering up a dreary morning for me for sure buddy, thanks for that man.

    1. hahahahaha that just makes it all worth while
      Going a fake rhyming mile
      The cat will never be through
      Until maybe death comes due
      But I'll still haunt
      And rhyme taunt
      Glad I could spread some cheer
      Sorry for the fear..hahahaha

  2. You had me going with maybe a new blog with a dog!

    1. hahaha never let a mutt best me
      The cat will always remain at his sea

  3. You didn't get me at all! I knew you'd never leave us. You're a for lifer... hahahaha Although it was a clever APD trick :)

    Fleas again??!! I'm going to get you a pet flea. Then will you be happy?! I knew you would never quit blogging to go chase a damn fly! I'm willing to bet that you even secretly hate flies. LOL

    But, you forgot that today's a very important holiday. It's National Pig Day. I think to make it up to all the pigs you should post about National Pig Day on April Fools Day!

    1. LOL yeah you and Betsy I knew I couldn't fool
      Prob Fox too but I got some so I still rule..hahaha
      If I actually did it on APD no one would fall for it
      So I had to come up with a way of using APD at my pit
      And this came due
      Stupid Pat changing the calendar ahead in my view..haha

      hahaha cats can have fleas
      None was sent to your knees
      LOL that may be a safe bet
      But they never outrun this pet
      And they are tortured and eaten by that cat
      Like some rat

      National Pig Day?
      Well of course you'd know that at your bay
      Do you like your humping piggies up all nice and neat
      And give each one a treat?..hahahaha
      Should have warned me of the day
      And then I could have put in on display
      Next year I will remember it
      And give it a hit
      As AFD is already taken at my sea
      Always 30 posts ahead at bush number

    2. You're right. If you did it on the actual day, you wouldn't have fooled squat. LOL Such a sneaky cat...

      LOL Aww my little piggies that are nice enough to serve you salt and pepper. hahaha At least I won't have to worry about you not being festive and eating ham! But, are you wearing pink?!

    3. hahaha yep wouldn't have fooled squat
      Liked that word a lot..hahahaha

      Hmmm looking looking nope
      No pink on Pat, thank God, he still has some hope..haha
      Nope you never have to worry about me
      One this day of the year or any other at my sea
      For I don't eat ham on bit
      And the bacon is the turkey kind at my pit
      So the piggies that serve salt and pepper can be glad
      And not mistakenly poison this lad..haha

    4. turkey bacon? This is mysterious!
      Pat eats this? Are you serious?
      This wasn't on the list you gave me
      of foods that fill you with glee.
      Do you wrap it around your nuggets of chicken
      to make something fancy for a special occasion?

    5. You would like squat! Oh boy, what did I start...hahaha

      Bleh! I never eat pig. They are way to cute to even think about eating!! You get bonus points for the turkey bacon. lol But just one point.

      Have you ever heard of micro pigs? I want one!! I don't think they are legal in NY yet tho.

      Oh, my salt and pepper pigs would never poison you. They love that you have a shout of them in your side bar every day. It makes them smile :) hahaha

    6. haha oops guess I forgot that one
      When I gave the list a run
      I eat it with the nuggets too
      But no wrapping comes due..haha

      LOL you didn't start squat
      Maybe I should make Squat the robot
      That might delight as people come to squat
      Squat as caught on at my spot..haha

      Yeah I never eat it either at my sea
      Just not something that tastes good to me
      And bonus points yippeee
      Even if only one fills me with glee
      Doesn't take much I
      Here at my show

      I heard of them before
      Never seen any though at my shore
      I'm sure the cat would have quite make quite the display
      If a micropig came his way
      He's illegal in NY too
      Last I gave a view
      So I guess he can relate to the pig
      Plus they are clean and don't dig
      So a pet they could be
      Still not sure what I'd think of a pet pig though at my sea..haha

      LOL well that is good to know
      The cat is glad he gave them a shout at his show
      Now he can use them for spice
      When he eats some mice..haha

    7. Squat the robot? You're making so many characters out of our nonsense you're going to make a characters tab to keep track of them all!!!!!

      I didn't say you could use my little piggies. To be honest, they are empty!!! I feel too bad filling them up. They get uncomfortable around food b/c everyone always wants to turn them to ham!

    8. LOL I think I'm going to have to
      As I alreay have quite a few
      And now adding so many more
      Thanks to the nonsense we explore
      Squat the robot you know
      That would make a good kiddie book with it's rhyming flow
      Hmmm I actually think I'll do that one
      And give it a run

      hahahaha I suppose they don't want to help people eat
      When some consider them a tasty treat
      So they just hump away
      Each and every day

  4. I didn't believe you one bit! With all the rhyming you like to spit.
    I knew that this was not the end. Not in the prime of your rhyming trend.

    1. haha damn I was hoping to fool the worqueendan
      I guess you're too much of a fan
      And figured out my little ploy
      Plus as you say all the rhymes I spit I so much enjoy

  5. I smell monkey business here.

    1. hahaha you got that monkey business part
      Hitting the bullseye like a dart

  6. Man you almost had me believing I had skipped a month.
    Damn I must be really tired right now.

    1. LOL yes you really need to go back to bed
      And rest your head
      If you think April has come to pass
      I really got you with my tricky little rhyming ass..haha

  7. you had me like what, no more rhyming butt, and twisted my gut, and now i want to say shut up, what would i do without my rhyming cat, probably eat a lot of donuts and get fat

    1. LOL telling the cat to shut up
      I wouldn't want you to suck back things from your cup
      And chow down all day long though
      So I will continue my rhyming show

  8. Pat, you scared me there for a moment or three. Glad I scrolled down further. I've come to enjoy your 'rhyming ass.' And my morning poetry read wouldn't be the same without the Cat!

    1. hahaha so fun to get a scare
      Here at my lair
      But never fear to much
      My rhyming ass will never be out of touch
      And here on display
      For the most part each and every day

  9. "The cat has a bum to lick"
    your own I presume :)

    1. Yes Dez, only you would need to presume that
      Others know well enough about the cat..LOL

    2. well, I gotta ask, maybe your boss is in a bad mood and you have to do some bum...

    3. LOL my boss isn't here
      He's off at meeting that aren't near
      So no ass kissing needed today
      Not that it is ever done at Pat's work bay..haha

  10. Pat you really $&&$#%$#%$!!! have a nice day:)

    1. Pat, I believe Gloria just said something very naughty under $&&$#%$#%$! :)

    2. hahahaha I think you are right
      She is swearing with all her might
      LMAO so fun to see
      Cause the cat such $%$$^$&$& glee..hahaha

    3. yep, Gloriacita swears like a lumberjack :) we can hear her all the way from Chile :)

    4. Yeah and in between she's chopping away at the wood
      Such anger cannot be good..hahaha

    5. Geez even more
      Next she'll start to roar

    6. Gloria's over here swearing like a sailor
      that top row of keys comes in handy for your anger
      but she's laughing as she swears
      she loves to tease you at your lair!

    7. hahaha swearing like a sailor
      Do they swear as well as a tailor
      Lumberjack's too
      Geez she swears like a whole human zoo..haha

    8. Gloria lost her avatar with the shades
      which I loved, a movie star look she gave!

    9. I guess all the swearing made her face curl up
      And they fell off in her coffee cup

  11. You didn't fool me.

    I know the cat would never show up absentee.

    1. hahaha one more who I could not fool
      Maybe instead of a monkey I should have showed a swimming pool

  12. Oh that tricky cat, I knew he was onto something. I have to say, the April Fool's joke in March is brilliant. When April 1st rolls around and a ton of bloggers say, "I'm quitting blogging!" it kind of loses its 'surprise.'

    1. Yeah that's what I was trying to do
      As on the actual AFD no one will believe anything is true
      Makes it kind of pointless and dumb
      So I created a work around with my little rhyming bum

  13. Well, you had me fooled, but I am gullible like that - and, well, yes, I admit, it took a brief moment (or two) to think, is it April? - no wait, it's March.....see what being unemployed has done to my brain? I gotta find a job!

    Well played, dear sir, well played indeed!

    1. hahaha yeah I know the feeling of not knowing the day
      Because one is just sitting home at their bay
      So fun to trick too
      But at least you got I was trying to do..haha

    2. Yes, today I did understand
      although it took a tick of the clock's hand.
      If I don't find employ real soon,
      I fear a dog will compete with you 'round noon
      for I cannot have a cat rule this here realm,
      It is dogs that need to overwhelm!


    3. hahaha bring on the mutt
      Just don't let it sniff my butt
      Or the cat might chase the dog from his hut
      With a whack to the gut
      Maybe you need to act like a rhyming loon
      And then you will find employ soon..haha

  14. Nope. Didn't buy it for a minute. But if it'll make you feel better, I didn't catch the April first tie-in... for obvious reasons, though!

    You're not really playing fair with your poor readers lately, cat!

    1. hahaha the cat never plays fair
      It just looks that way sometimes at my rhyming lair
      And knew I wouldn't trick you
      But at least the April tie-in came due

  15. Nice try
    saying goodbye
    I lauged and said "Yeah, right"
    you and the blog are too tight
    Besides, you'd miss me and the rest
    maybe this was just a test
    seeing who would cry tears
    as you confirmed all of their fears.

    Speaking of endings, I thought our followers lists would die today
    but they are still standing at our bays
    wonder what is up with that
    any clues from the cat?

    1. hahaha well you brought forth the idea for this cheer
      So I knew you wouldn't buy the goodbye of my little rhyming rear
      As last year on April 1st you were surprised that cat didn't do anything
      So I kept this idea in my minds wing
      For a full 11 months after that
      And decided to be a dirty cat..haha
      Works well as a test too
      To see what comments ensue..haha

      They aren't supposed to die
      It's just now if someone with a non-blogger blog gives following a try
      Or you try to follow one like that
      It isn't supposed to work anymore at your mat
      Least that is how it was supposed to be
      Maybe Blogger grew a brain and left it alone at every sea

    2. Oh, now I get the blame
      or credit, you claim.
      Well, I'll take that
      since you're a clever cat.
      Glad I can be your muse
      for so many posts that come due.

      So the boss is away
      and the cat can play!
      Not only that, it's the end of the work week
      for you, which you think is neat!

    3. haha I give credit where it is due
      And many have came from you
      From this to the traps
      To some porta pottie yaps..hahaha
      Yep he's away
      Many of the higher ups are at my bay
      So can do whatever
      As if I that isn't the case always with my work endeavor..haha

    4. yes, you are the lurking King
      as you keep your desk so clean!

    5. haha yep desk is spick and span
      Many people are not a fan
      Guess it makes them look
      Slobby in their work nook..haha

  16. White Rabbits!!
    We say that in England on the first of April.
    So i would say grey rabbits, or etihw stibbar
    except it is not backwards,
    just a month ahead, so i should type fast rabbits, that are over eager.
    wh...i..t e..damn this rabbit is fa....

    1. haha took me a second to clue in to the etihw stibbar you gave
      But I got it at my cave
      And I suppose your are correct
      Since I wasn't slow and made the white rabbit suffer neglect
      It has to go really fast to keep up
      Seems faster than a pup

  17. cats rule no.1 fully extended claws and completely bared fangs are signs that playtime is over, lol

    1. haha unless the human wants to be clawed to bits
      And take many many hits

  18. Well, you'll find out quick enough who doesn't read the "liner notes"-lol what fun you spun here, with you pre-april fool's day steer. I had a feeling the cat was playing games, not once did I think oh what a shame, I knew this had to be a game, the cat has too much fun to let it go, and heck, even if he did, tarsier, flappy or drazin would surely drive him back for another row. Kinda like the Godfather, you know, that famous line from Pacino.

    1. hahaha yeah that's why I made it big and bold just in case
      So it would be right in front of their face
      LOL just when I get out
      They pull me back in with their shout
      Which those clowns probably would too
      Although thankfully it is untrue

  19. This scared the crap out of me!!!! Pat! Thank God it was just a joke ;)

    1. hahaha sorry if I made you choke
      For it was all a joke
      From this bloke
      Giving AFD an early poke

  20. HA! I knew you weren't goin anywhere, Pat. You have many, many rhymes that the blogoverse needs to hear. :-)

    1. Yes there will be many many more
      Before I am done at my shore
      1000 will surely have to come due
      Before I am through

  21. Oh wow, you almost had me there. I also took a double take, for a split second thought it was April.

    Man, I really need more sleep if I'm that easily fooled.

    1. hahaha never fear
      You weren't the only one fooled by my little rhyming rear
      Plus I know your sleep isn't the best
      So I will give you a break unlike the rest..haha

  22. almost managed to fool me...almost...glad you're rhyming on...smiles

    1. haha well at least I almost did
      Glad you knew I kid
      As many more rhymes will come
      From my little rhyming bum

  23. LOL
    Now I feel like an idiot.

  24. You have one cruel kitty taking pokes and innocent blokes. Making people believe the rhyming was at it's end, but then one should know he couldn't be at the end of his trend.

    1. haha yeah one should know
      I would never run away from my rhyming show
      But it's so fun to make blokes choke
      And give them a little funny poke..haha

  25. I would have believed it . . . except I remembered your comment on my blog about continuing for ten more years and then seeing where things were. Surely the cat must have more to say! :)

    1. Damn! The cat had to go and opeh his big mouth at your sea
      And yeah the cat is a busy bee
      Will have plenty more to say
      At least for another 9 years at my bay

  26. Bad cat! How dare he mess with my head. I'm going to remember this!

    1. hahaha maybe your kids will make you forget it
      And then you won't try to get the cat back one bit..haha

  27. LOL!!! Yes, you got me... had to come read & see... could this possibly be true? Pat has no rhymes for me or you?!

    Well, honestly I knew you HAD more rhymes, but thought possibly you were silly enough to ditch the blog for your books. :) I'm glad it was just an early April Fool's joke. :)

    1. hahaha I got you
      hahaha at least you knew more rhymes could come due
      The blog helps the book nook
      Making people look
      So that will never come to pass
      Plus the cat likes to shake his little rhyming ass

  28. SNEAKY. I did not see that one coming. I figured since you're like an inhuman author/movie/trivia buff you just no longer had time for this blog....little did I know it was an early April Fools, in March. haha

    1. haha oh I always make time to increase my vast movie knowledge at my lair
      But I still have time to rhyme and write in my typical flare
      And glad I got you too
      More fun came due

  29. Yeah, you got me for sure
    and made me insecure.
    Of that there's no doubt.
    But, now that I see
    you we're fooling me.
    For joy, I shall shout.
    Epilogue: That "licking the bum" sounds like a neat trick.

    1. I got the man on the can
      Who may need a tan
      That is such fun
      Makes me want to run
      And yeah it is a neat trick
      I know your jealous you can't lick

  30. You got me!! Damn your good! (I always try to pull april fools jokes in may after april so no one suspects them! I never thought of anyone doing it before!!!

    1. hahaha doing it before
      Worked so well at my shore
      I employed the calendar trick
      And with a little bum lick
      Away the cat went
      And made some get bent..haha

  31. Hahah man you got me, but there can be no end for the cat!

    1. Yeah there will be no end
      To my rhyming trend
      And hahaha I got you
      Also such fun to do

  32. Even though it's a month early.. I saw it coming. You wouldn't!

    1. hahaha nope I would not
      As I like to rhyme a lot
      And can't do that anywhere else but my sea
      So I guess all are stuck with me

  33. Nope...I didn't want to believe it...Are you kidding me, you are addicted to blogging and me..ha..ha...

    Your blog is one of my fav stop Pat....Never think of leaving us in a lurch.....Have a good night ~

    1. Yeah it's sad but true
      I am addicted to all of you
      And will be here for quite a while
      Glad it's a fav stop as they go the blogging mile
      And I won't leave you in a lurch
      I'll always be on my wordly perch

  34. Tears were forming in my eyes
    and I sure was a bit surprised
    to learn that further rhymes you lack.
    Mean trick, Pat. Now watch your back!

    PS I'm glad it was a joke.

    1. LOL ewww payback on the cat
      Should be fun to see if the cat falls flat
      Made you teary eyed too
      hahahaha such fun that it came due

  35. Dude, you had me crying harder than when I heard that Davy Jones died. Don't do that to me......sheesh!

    1. LOL I made you cry
      Hmmm in Hell the cat could fry
      For doing that
      Still was such fun to the cat..hahaha

  36. Oh you! I actually began to think of how much I'll miss your rhymes and such. Why, you cheeky feline, I believe you've crossed the line!

    1. LOL cheeky feline made me laugh pretty good
      Use that I should
      Bah I just moved the line a little to the right
      It will move back some night

  37. I used to follow a blogger named Pat Hatt, who didn't rhyme. It was a cool blog with lots of intriguing insights. And suddenly, he just stopped posting. Then I found this blog. Hmm . .

    We all change and grow - even if only in our fondest fantasies. Good you did the April Fools a month early as I plan to take a blogger break during April.


    1. That Pat Hatt guy could not last
      His boredom was vast
      So the cat took control
      And now we're on a roll
      A blogger break you say
      I guess it's good I did do it early at my bay

  38. that was a messed up prank :<

    1. haha I could not help but give the prank
      A good yank

  39. Hoho, very clever... That being said, you really did have me going there. ><

    1. hahaha got you going
      So fun to here with my AFD early showing


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